50 Best 'Simon Says' Ideas For Kids (And How To Play)

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What if you have a group of boisterous children on a rainy or snowy day? How do you keep them engaged? We’ll tell you how. Play the Simon Says game and keep them occupied. We are sure you had played this classic game when you were a child. Relive your childhood by playing the game with your children.

Plan a session of Simon Says for kids to unwind. Moreover, Simon Says is a great group game to get your children to do things you want them to do while enjoying themselves.

The game is quite straightforward, yet exciting, just right for an afternoon of fun and laughter. Let’s first learn how Simon Says is played.

How To Play Simon Says?

Almost everyone knows how to play Simon Says. But if you are one of the few who haven’t heard about this game, here are the rules of the game. It is extremely straightforward, and you and your children will be playing it like a pro in no time.

  • Choose a leader to be Simon. If you have a group of children, you could be Simon.
  • Simon decides what the other players must do.
  • The leader, Simon, gives commands, such as, “Simon says, touch your head,” or “Simon says, look to your left.” Simon could even shout out commands without saying, “Simon says …”.
  • Whenever Simon issues a command, the other children must complete the task. When the leader does not say “Simon says” and only gives a command, the other children should not do anything.
  • Children who fail to perform a task that begins with “Simon says…” are out of the game.
  • Also, children who do a task when the leader doesn’t say the phrase, “Simon says…” are out of the game.
  • The last player standing is the winner. They can become Simon for the next round.

50 Ideas For The Simon Says Game

Here is a list of ideas for playing Simon Says. Do not forget to mix things up and say, “Simon says…” only occasionally. You can alter the speed with which you announce the tasks. You can also change the complexity of the tasks according to the age group of the children.

  1. Touch your nose
  1. Stand on one foot
  1. Jump on one foot
  1. Touch your head (or any body part)
  1. Turn to page 30 and memorize the title of the chapter
  1. Trumpet like an elephant
  1. Jump like a monkey
  1. Hop up and down
  1. Hug yourself
  1. Lick your elbows
  1. Touch your right knee with your left hand
  1. Cry like a baby
  1. Moo like a cow
  1. Flap your hands like a bird
  1. Crawl like a baby
  1. Tap your head and rub your tummy at the same time
  1. Walk like a penguin
  1. Drink a glass of water
  1. Mew like a cat
  1. Bark like a dog
  1. Jump like a kangaroo
  1. Dance for ten seconds
  1. Touch your left shoulder with your right hand
  1. Do three push-ups
  1. Run in a circle
  1. Sit and stand
  1. Roll on the ground
  1. Spin in a circle with your arms out
  1. Jump up and down ten times
  1. Clap five times in a row
  1. Pick your red car
  1. Brush your teeth
  1. Do a silly dance
  1. Freeze
  1. Hug a friend
  1. Laugh like Santa
  1. Reach for the sky
  1. Run on the spot
  1. Draw with your feet
  1. Lift your feet sideways
  1. Sing your favorite song
  1. Call out the name of each person in the room
  1. Wink with your left eye
  1. Walk backward
  1. Kiss your tummy
  1. Tickle your left foot
  1. Make a funny face
  1. Do the rain clap
  1. Blink five times and then say your name
  1. Touch each of your toes with every finger

Benefits Of The Simon Says Game For Your Child

Although, Simon Says might seem like a simple game, it is a great way to improve your child’s motor and lateral thinking skills and develop their creativity.

Simon Says has been played traditionally to bring some discipline in the proceedings when the children get restless. It is also played to improve children’s memory and concentration. They have to memorize what Simon says and perform the task as expected. This involves brainpower and muscle power, as they have to interpret a command and move their body parts to finish the task. This game is a great way to pull your children away from screens and add a little physical activity to their day. It is also easy to do with children of mixed ages.

The possibilities of the tasks for Simon Says are endless. You can even get chores done this way. They will enjoy the process and ask for more. So, get ready to have some great laughs!

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