5 Simple Positions To Ease Labor Pain (With Photos)

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The thought of being in labor freaks out every expecting mother. How will the experience be? How long will the pain last? What if they shift to C-section in the last minute? How will I deal with the torment of contractions? The constant uproar of questions can be quite exhausting.

Do you imagine yourself on the delivery bed lying on your back, with your legs spread apart? Well, that is the typical position hospitals advocate. But lying on the back compresses blood vessels, depriving the baby of oxygen supply and also making the mother uneasy.

Plus, when a woman in acute labor is reclining back, the baby’s head puts pressure on her pelvic nerve. This is often the reason for unbearable pain.

So how can you correct it?

Sitting upright and bending slightly forward eases pressure on the pelvic nerve. It also allows the baby’s head to exert downward pressure on the cervix, which helps in dilation.

Here’s a quick glance at the five positions you can practice when you get into labor to ensure the pain is minimum. Though they are safe, don’t forget to consult your doctor before trying out these positions. They are proven to reduce the discomfort of contractions.

Try these five labor-easing positions. Your body will tell you which one works the best:

Image: FitPregnancy

1. Swaying

Do a slow dance with your partner. All you have to do is wrap your arms around your companion’s neck and move slowly. This will ease the labor pain and calm your nerve too. This is considered to be a perfect position for a soothing backrub.

Image: FitPregnancy

2. Lunging

Place one foot on an elevated surface, a chair or a low stool, while the other foot is firm on the floor. Now lean forward, as much as possible. You will notice an instant ease in pain.

Image: FitPregnancy

3. Squatting

Get in a comfortable squat. Rest your back on a solid chair (so that it doesn’t move when you apply pressure) and squat by fixing the grip with both hands. The chair can be placed against the wall or you can ask your partner to sit on it. You can also squat with the support of your partner’s legs as shown in this picture.

Image: FitPregnancy

4. Rocking

This is a great position when you are on an epidural. Sit on the edge of a bed or a chair and gently rock your body. A birthing ball can also be used for rocking.

Image: FitPregnancy

5. On all fours

Get on your knees and place your palms on the floor. Try to keep your back parallel to the ceiling. This position could be practiced on a yoga mat.

With these effective postures, you will be amazed to see how quickly the labor pain lessens. The best part is, your partner is actively involved in the process. Remember to breathe deeply while you practice these positions. And keep sipping water if you feel exhausted.

You could start with these slow exercises as soon as your contractions start. As you continue, you will realize the dilation process speeds up and the stress levels come down. What is important is to focus and prepare for the big moment in all its glory.

So all you mommies to be – make a mental note of these pictures and put them to use at the right time. Your dearly awaited birthing experience is going to be beautiful and memorable. Just keep calm and get that beautiful baby out.

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