5 Simple Tips To Handle Your Sleep Problems During Pregnancy


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Can sleeping problems cause harm to pregnancy? Yes it does!

From sleepless nights to the constant urge to pee, you’re tackling the highs and lows of pregnancy patiently, and you’re doing it beautifully. While it may already be hard to cope with the fluctuating hormonal levels and body changes during pregnancy, you may now be facing problems catching enough ‘shut eye action’, which may leave you feeling exhausted and tired.

Remember that your body is working hard to make the baby, and you need some extra sleep during this crucial period to make sure your body gets enough rest and gears up for its work. Facing sleeping problems during pregnancy is tough, and that’s exactly what we’re here to decode.

Common Sleep Problems During Pregnancy:

There may be many reasons why you could be finding it difficult to sleep properly during your pregnancy, but let’s look at the most common reasons:

  •  Your body is undergoing changes, and as your baby grows bigger, you may be finding it hard to find a comfortable position to sleep.
  • During pregnancy, your heart rate increases, this may make it difficult for you to sleep.
  •  Your urine output also increases during the pregnancy period, which may cause you to rush to the washroom often, which may be responsible for sleep disturbances.
  •  Your baby is going to be taking up a lot of space in your tummy, which may often result in shortness of breath, which may create sleep disturbances.
  •  Pain in the legs thanks to the extra weight you may have piled up will also cause you to have sleeping problem during pregnancy.
  •  Yet another major cause of insomnia among pregnant women is heartburn, which is common during pregnancy, which occurs due to the slowing down of the digestive system.
  • To add to that, as a new to-be-mom, you may be under a lot of stress, which may affect your sleep.

Tips to Handle Your Sleep Problems:

Now that you know how sleep problems are an inseparable part of pregnancy, it’s time to look at how you can deal with it. Here we bring you the best tips and tricks to handle your sleep problems during pregnancy:

1. Extra Pillows:

To support your tummy and back could help you get into a good position to sleep. Choose specific types of pillows like wedge-shaped pillows or full-body length pillow for maximum comfort.

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2. Relaxation Techniques:

Like yoga, meditation, massage and deep breathing could be wonderfully effective in helping your mind and body relax and sleep better.

3. Exercise:

Yes, you read that right. Exercise does a lot of more to your body than just burning fat. Regular exercise could promote physical and mental health and could help you sleep deeply.

4. Nutrition:

Good food could actually help you sleep better. A glass of warm milk would help you get a good night’s sleep, and is also good for your baby. It is believed that foods rich in carbohydrates could raise blood sugar levels and help promote sleep. And snacks high in protein will get you all active and less likely to sleep. So watch what you eat just before you go to bed!

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5. OTC Drugs:

should be your last way out. ideally, you must give all of the above tips and tricks a try before you start taking over the counter medications and pills to handle your sleep problems. Never take any medication without the consent of your doctor, especially during the crucial pregnancy stage.

It is best to speak to your doctor about the sleep troubles you’re facing, and seek expert opinion whenever you require- after all, it’s all about the health of your baby. Do share your experiences with pregnancy sleeping problems in the comment section below:

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