5 Simple Tips To Make Your Kids Overcome Shyness

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Babies are a bundle of joy and activity! You love the prospect of watching your baby grow up into a naughty little toddler and gradually a child who is all enthusiastic about school and friends. While this is possible, it is also possible that your kid turns not so outgoing after all and is more inclined towards being on his own, away from social gatherings.

Many children tend to be by shy and introvert. If your kid shows signs of being one, it isn’t something you need to be too worried about. A little understanding and acceptance is all it needs to tactfully handle the situation.

7 Tips On How To Help A Shy Child:

Here are some simple tips and tricks for helping kids overcome shyness easily.  .

It is important to understand that shyness is a personality trait and not a fault. The good part is that your kid might tend to get over it with time. Nevertheless, you can always help your shy child develop confidence and be more social.

1. Have A Talk:

A lot of kids tend to develop shyness owing to some deep rooted problems. While most of these tend to arise from family issues, it may not be the same in case of older kids.

  • Check with your kid’s class teacher to note how he is at school and if he interacts with others.
  • Sexual abuse, divorce, fights and verbal abuse tend to make kids submissive and shy. Make sure your kid is protected against all these potential triggers.
  • If your kid has faced some major trauma during the initial stages of his life, you may need to seek professional help to deal with the condition.

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2. Empathize:

There’s a difference between sympathy and empathy, so make sure you don’t go the wrong way with this one. Sympathizing with your kid will make him feel more ashamed of himself. This will make him even more submissive and shy.

  • Avoid demonstrating judgmental behavior at all costs.
  • Empathize with him and explain that he is a wonderful human being.
  • Tell him he doesn’t need to feel bad about himself.
  • Encourage him for his achievements.
  • Constantly tell him why you feel he is the best kid in the world for you.

3. Discover His Strengths:

A lot of kids tend to be shy because they lack motivation and confidence on themselves.

  • Help him uncover his strengths as an individual.
  • Point out the good things and qualities he has.
  • This will encourage him to build his own identity.
  • Every kid is inclined towards a particular activity that he is most likely to be comfortable with. Find out what your kid enjoys and encourage him towards it.

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4. Encourage Interaction:

One of the best ways to help your kid open up and speak his mind is to encourage him to interact with kids of his age.

  • Invite a few of his kindergarten friends, classmates or even cousins. Try to put them together in situations where your kid is more likely to be in control and authority.
  • This will help your kid learn to play his own part as an individual and help him open up and interact with others.

5. Don’t Label Him:

Probably the worst mistake while dealing with your child is to label him in any manner.’ This is particularly in case of social gatherings. Labelling your kid as ‘shy’ will make him lose confidence in himself.

  • Look for situations he has handled himself.
  • Explain to him how proud you were of having him face the situation himself.
  • Encourage such behavior without being pushy.
  • Following these tips will help you develop your child’s self-confidence. It will help your kid interact with other kids and enjoy some of the most beautiful years of his life at the fullest.

Get more involved in your kid’s activities, which is undoubtedly one of the best ways to overcome kids shyness and will also build a healthy mother-child relationship.

Share your tips to overcome shyness in kids with us.

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