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Stretch marks occur when your body grows much faster than your skin anticipates. These marks are often associated with matured adults or pregnancy. But unlike what most people think, stretch marks don’t just occur to adults. It is quite common in teens too.

Don’t be surprised if your teenager comes up to you with stretch marks. These stretch marks on teens are quite natural and there is nothing to be worried about. Teenagers’ growth rate is quite rapid. When the skin grows beyond its capacity, you see stretch marks.

Nobody likes stretch marks on the body. With little care and prompt treatment, you can help your teenager resolve stretch mark issues very easily.Find out the causes and treatments of stretch marks on thighs, breasts, hips, knees, underarms, buttocks, legs, arms in teenagers.

How Do Stretch Marks Occur?

When your body grows faster, your skin happens to stretch expansively. If this stretching happens within a short period of time, it results into stretch marks.

This fast stretching actually causes your dermis, which is the middle layer of your skin, to sever in certain areas. As a result of this, your deeper skin layers start showing through. This deeper skin that shows is what is called stretch marks.

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Where Do Stretch Marks Appear On Teen’s Body?

  • Thighs
  • Breast lines
  • Lower back & Upper back
  • Upper arms & Under arms
  • Knees And Legs
  • Hips And Belly
  • Shoulders
  • Buttocks

Stretch Marks On Teenager’s Thighs And Breasts:

Stretch marks usually appear on the area that experiences rapid activity of muscle growth or fat loss such as thighs, abdomen, breasts etc. Depending on the different causes of stretch marks in teens, they can be pink white, red, or even purple streaks on the skin. During puberty, various body parts develop quite quickly. That growth in spurts can cause stretch marks on teenager’s thighs and breasts. Initially stretch marks will appear pink to purple raised lines that turn over the lateral upper thighs in long-term.

Stretch Marks Scars On Lower Back And Upper Back:

The way skin reacts to weight change may also cause stretch marks on lower back and upper back in teens. Teenagers who gain weight rapidly can develop stretch marks, and also losing weight fast after gaining weight might cause stretch marks on back of teenager.

Stretch Marks Lines On Under Arms And Upper Arms:

Stretching of skin for a short span can cause stretch marks on under and upper arms. They are very common in teens during growth spurts. In teen girls, these scars are common in upper arms and the in teen boys, on lower back.

Stretch Marks On Hips, Shoulders, Belly, Knees, Legs And Butts:

Stretch marks in teens can also be due to genetic factors. Also overuse of steroids and cortisone skin creams may cause stretch marks on the areas like hips, knees, shoulders, abdomen, legs, buttocks etc in teens.

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Treatment For Stretch Marks In Teenagers:

Stretch marks problem, which may seem simple to you, might look like a rock of problems to your teenager. The trick to dealing with stretch marks in teenagers is to treat it promptly. Here are the 5 effective ways on how to get rid of stretch marks in teenagers.

1. Exercise Regularly:

Regular stretching and exercising is one of the best ways of treating stretch marks in your teenager.

  • It prevents gaining weight and fat and hence controls stretch marks from developing further.
  • When your teenager engages in regular exercising, it helps tone his body and treats stretch marks automatically.

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2. Hydrate Properly:

The more water your teenager drinks, the more his skin will remain hydrated.

  • A well-hydrated skin makes stretch marks more supple and soft and it can fix stretch marks in much more easier way.
  • Your teenager must drink 8-12 glasses of water every day to keep his skin well-hydrated.

3. Healthy Food Choices:

When your teenager eats healthy foods which are high in Vitamin A and C, he stands a better chance of treating stretch marks.

  • Foods rich in Vitamin A and C help make more collagen and elastin in body.
  • These are extremely important for healing stretch marks. So try and include more oranges, grapefruits, milk, peaches and other fruits and vegetables that produce collagen and elastin in the body.

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4. Over-The-Counter Creams:

If you find stretch marks in your teenager are taking long to heal, you may also use certain Over-The-Counter stretch marks cream available in the market.

  • These have collagen and elastin and help tighten the skin a lot.
  • Most of these are dermatologically tested and are safe to use.
  • You must consult your family physician before buying or using any of these creams.

5. Vitamin E-Rich Massage Oil:

Regular massaging the area, with good Vitamin E-rich body oil, will help your teenager get rid of stretch marks.

  • You must act patiently when trying this method though.
  • Gently massage the affected area everyday with the oil and slowly you will see results.
  • You can also use a good moisturizer. It basically makes your skin more elastic so when the skin grows, it controls stretch marks lot better and prevents it too.


  • Teenagers feel embarrassed when they see stretch marks on their bodies.
  • It affects their self-confidence too. This holds true especially in today’s time when every teen desires to be perfect in appearance. So you must sit with your teenager and explain how this is a part of growing up.
  • If their stretch marks take time to heal, there is absolutely nothing to feel bad about.
  • Stretch marks are quite common in both teens and adults. Tell your teenager about how adults too get stretch marks and how they go away with time.

It is important for your teenager to understand that stretch marks cannot and should not affect their personality and self-confidence.

Tell us how did you treat stretch marks in your teenager? Do you have more effective tips to treat teenager stretch marks? Write to us by leaving your comments below.

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