6 Simple Ways To Induce Labor Naturally

Induce Labor Naturally

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Congratulations! You are now in the last few weeks of your pregnancy and set to deliver your baby anytime!!

You are now done with the hospital bookings, your bag is ready with all your essentials and you have also decided on the name for your baby. Surprisingly, you don’t quite feel ‘the action’ happening – your baby just doesn’t seem to be in the hurry to arrive anytime sooner.

No contractions, no twinges-nothing! While good things do come to those who wait, you don’t exactly want to be overdue and face the stress of having an induced labor. There are some fantastic ways that may help you out with such a situation.

Ways On How to Induce Labour Naturally:

By using the following natural stimulation methods, you can now make sure you progress into your labor with ease, and sure enough, you’ll be holding a beautiful little baby in your arms. The best part is that these methods do not have any side effects.

1. Nipple Stimulation:

This one may sound crazy, but has proven to be effective in lot of cases. Gently stimulating the nipple is thought to induce uterine contractions which help your body progress into labor and get ready for childbirth.

If you have enjoyed a normal pregnancy with no complication whatsoever, this could be a great way to stimulate labor naturally. Studies have found how 37% women who tried this method went into labor within just 72 hours- so you must give it a try.

2. Acupressure:

Acupressure is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which uses stimulation of certain points on your body to heal and/or bring changes. It is believed that acupressure could be a good way to naturally induce labor without any side effects associated with it.

While there are limited studies to suggest the credibility of its use, many women have experienced the efficacy of this one. Make sure you have a trained acupressure therapist perform this method on you.

3. Castor Oil:

Castor oil may be used for many different purposes, but its ability to induce labor is time tested and known since long. Ancient Egyptians used this oil to bring about uterine contractions and promote labor. Castor oil is basically nothing but a powerful laxative that stimulates both your gut and uterus, which in turn induces labor.

Castor oil however has a bad reputation for bringing about nausea and diarrhoea which could leave you feeling dehydrated. Make sure you seek medical advice before using it as a labor promoting mechanism.

4. Sex:

Surprised? Don’t be. Sex is a good way to get started into labor, and is thought to work in three ways. First, by stimulating contractions during an orgasm, secondly by triggering the release of oxytocin (the contraction hormone) and third, by allowing the semen, which has a high concentration of prostaglandins that help soften the cervix and allow it to progress into labor.

Important Those experiencing vaginal bleeding or having a low lying placenta or having their waters broken should avoid trying sex as a method to induce labor.

5. Pineapple:

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that is packed with many important vitamins and minerals. Pineapple is believed to be another great natural food that induces labor. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain which is believed to soften the cervix and start the labor instantly.

Fresh pineapple is believed to be packed with the enzyme bromelain, so make sure you consume the fruit in its ripe, fresh state. It is always a good idea to have your doctor’s word for this one.

6. Spicy Foods:

Consuming spicy foods is yet another good way to induce labor naturally. While there is no credible evidence to back up as to how this works or if it is really effective, it is believed that spicy foods gently irritate the intestines and cause your uterine muscles to contract.

A lot of women have tried and tested this option and have experienced good results- so if your doctor is okay with it, you can give it a try.

These are some safe options on how to induce labour naturally before considering the clinical inducement. Different women react differently in labor so you have to understand what suits you the best.

Had a similar experience in labor? Do share the same with our other moms.

Happy Motherhood!

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