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As your child begins to move, crawl, walk and eventually run, getting hurt is a natural phenomenon. No matter what precautions you take to avoid them, they happen. Of course, you cannot run with a cushion around your kids, or could you? Getting hurt often leaves your child with scars, which you can surely deal with. Injuries are gone, but scars remain for a long time.

While in most cases the scar will lighten after some time, there may be some that do not fade away. Scar removal for kids is essential lest they become permanent.

How The Scar Is Formed?

He scar is formed when your skin repairs itself with the help of a protein called collagen.

  • Collagen helps recover the damaged tissue.
  • After the skin heals, an impermanent dry crust, called scab, is formed on the wound.
  • The scab dries and falls off, leaving behind the scar or repaired skin.
  • Usually, scars on kids disappear without any treatment, but could remain if the wound is deep.

Keloid Scars:

A keloid is a type of scar that is tough to heal.

  • These are formed due to burns, chicken pox, acne, ear piercing, scratches, surgical cuts or on vaccination sites.
  • Keloids do not require medical attention in most cases.
  • If there is any growth, it may be a sign of cancer, but this is very rare in case of children.

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How To Treat A Kid Scar?

Ordinary scars can be treated by applying scar removal cream. But keloid scars need any one of the following advanced scarring treatments. Remember that these can be performed only under complete medical supervision.

Scar treatment for kids include:

  • Steroid treatment involving triamcinolone vaccine.
  • Scar removal by surgery.
  • Cryotherapy that involves freezing the scar tissue.
  • Laser treatment.
  • Interferon therapy is effective only with steroid therapy.
  • Cytotoxic medicines namely, 5-fluorouracil and bleomycin, injected on the scar will decelerate tissue growth. It will cause pain as a side effect.
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Sticking silicone sheet to the skin.
  • Compressive treatment that involves pressure garment.

How To Prevent Scars In Children?

The collagen layers and skin are damaged when they are burnt or deeply cut.

  • Use pressure garments on the wounded area of your kid’s skin to prevent hypertrophic scars and to retain the softness of the scar tissue.
  • Scar tissue is very active during its initial stages of formation, so it is important to cover with pressure garments to suppress the growth.
  • Vitamin C rich food like oranges will accelerate skin recovery.

Wound Care:

Follow these steps to take care of your child’s wound:

  1. Give a gentle wash to the wound with clean and cool water. Do not use soap, iodine, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol for cleaning cuts as they slow down the healing process.
  2. Apply an antibiotic cream and cover the wound with band-aid or pressure cloth in case of a big wound.
  3. Do not pick the scab. It will open the wound and make it large, forming a big scar.

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Tips To Reduce Scars In Children:

Though scars cannot be removed completely, they can often be made less visible. Treating a scar when it is new is the best way to achieve good results.

1. Do Not Pick Scabs:

When a wound starts healing, there forms a scab to protect it. But kids deliberately pick the scab, thus delaying the healing process. The scar will turn wider and thicker. Apply a good quality moisturizer. Honey and petroleum jelly act as good moisturizers and they are antibiotic in nature.

2. Vitamin E Oil Or Cocoa Butter:

Vitamin E oil is the most effective remedy for treating scars. It is natural, inexpensive and contains ingredients that cure scars. You can apply it on your kid’s scar once or twice a day.

Cocoa butter is another effective remedy for treating scars. Also, protecting your child from sunlight helps to fade the scar away.

3. Over-the-Counter Skin Treatments:

As there are various scar removal creams available, you should find out the one which can effectively treat scars on kids. Mederma® and DermeffaceFX7 are well known commercial creams recommended by experts. They have the ability to remove both surface and deep scars. If you feel natural remedies are working slowly, then you can opt for these OTC treatments.

Scar Removal Creams For Children:

Scar removal creams contain well-formulated ingredients that can be easily tolerated by children. However, kids should be careful not to rub the cream on their eyes, open wounds and mucous membranes.

Mederma For Kids:

Mederma® (1) is the number one pediatrician recommended skin product for kids’ scar removal. The gel is purple in color, has a grape aroma and rub in clear. It works for acne and surgery scars, scars from cuts, burns, and any other injuries. It is clinically proven to soften and smoothen the scars.

In one study, parents who used Mederma® for their kids found a significant improvement in overall texture, color, appearance and softness of scars.


  • Mederma® is not recommended for children below two years. It is suitable for children between two and 12 years. You need to apply it thrice a day.
  • If the scars are new, you should use the cream for eight weeks. For existing scars, you should use for three to six months.


  • Do not use on puncture or deep wounds, broken or damaged skin, severe burns and animal bites.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • If the scars worsen or persist for more than seven days, check with your child’s doctor.
  • Keep out of reach of children. If your child happens to swallow it accidentally, get medical help or check with a Poison Control Center right away.

Side Effects:

If your child experiences any scar discoloration, swelling or severe itching, discontinue it immediately.

It is not possible to prevent scars on children altogether, but you should try and keep your children away from accidents as much as possible. Educate them about the consequences, so that they’ll be careful while playing and otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I Have To Worry About Kid Scars?

There is no need to worry about the scars as it will not affect your kid’s health. These days, medical facilities are much advanced and you can get removal treatments at a low cost for childhood scars.
The scar on your child’s skin heals faster and better than it does on you. There are many good pediatric hospitals that can help you remove keloid scars.

2. Which is the best treatment for forehead scar?

Topical therapy works in the first place. You should ensure that the area is properly moisturized for optimal healing. You can apply sunscreen every day on your kids’ scar and reapply it every two hours when you take him outside.

If the scar does appear concerning, you can wait until he grows into a teen and then consider any invasive options.

3. Is Mederma for Kids suitable for all age groups?

Mederma for Kids is safe for usage in children between two and 12 years. If your child shows symptoms like scar discoloration, swelling or itching, you should stop using it immediately. It is better you contact your child’s doctor.

4. Does Mederma for Kids help scars disappear?

No topical treatment can completely dissolve a scar. Mederma for kids turns scars smoother, softer and less visible. It can only improve your child’s appearance.

5. Which is the best remedy for chicken pox scar removal?

Dermefface FX7 is the best solution for chicken pox scar removal. This cream speeds up the healing process by working on every layer of the skin to produce more collagen. It, therefore, promotes regrowth of normal and healthy skin.

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