133 Notably Beautiful Singaporean Names For Baby Girls And Boys

Notably Beautiful Singaporean Names For Baby Girls And Boys

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Singapore, or ‘Singapura’ as it was earlier called, was founded in 1819. Singapore has a vast influence of South Asia, East Asia, Malay, and Eurasian cultures and this influence is seen in its names too. Most of the Singaporean first names have English origins and their last names have Chinese origins.

MomJunction brings you the best compilation of Singaporean baby names for boys and girls.

Singaporean Names For Baby Boys:

1. Adrian:

Adrian is derived from the Latin word ‘Adrianus’ (man of Adria). It means ‘dark richness’. Ady, Adri, and Ade can be its nicknames. American actors Adrian Grenier and Adrian Pasdar are famous namesakes.

2. Adriel:

Adriel has varied meanings in different languages. It originates from Hebrew and means ‘flock of God’. The other variants are Adriyel, Adrielle, and Edriel.

3. Aiden:

This is one of the most popular names. In 2016, this name was in the 16th position in the US. It means ‘little and fiery’ in Irish.

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4. Alex:

Alex is a classic name of all time and means ‘defending men’. It’s a unisex name, but more popular among boys.

5. Andre:

Andre comes from France, and means ‘manly, sexy, or brave’. Andy, Dre, and Onny can be fun nicknames. We have quite a few famous personalities with the former tennis player Andre Agassi being the most famous. American musician Andre Benjamin and French author Andre Malraux are other famous people.

6. Asher:

Asher is one of the fastest rising names in recent years, ranking at 71 in 2016 in the US. Originated from Hebrew, this name means ‘fortunate, blessed, or happy’. Asher was the eighth son of Jacob as per the Old Testament.

7. Benjamin:

Benjamin in Hebrew means, ‘son of the right hand’. It’s a biblical name that is traditional, classic, and popular. ‘Ben’ is its cute nickname and Benjamin goes along perfectly with most surnames. The famous namesake is founding father of the US Benjamin Franklin.

8. Bryan:

Bryan is generally believed to be of Celtic origin. It means ‘high, virtuous, or noble’. Another variant of Bryan, Brian is equally popular. Canadian rockstar Bryan Adams and English footballer Bryan Robson are famous namesakes.

9. Caleb:

It’s pronounced as ‘Kay-Lev’ or ‘Cale-eb’. Caleb means ‘faithful, bold, or loyal’ and also means ‘dog’ — the man’s best friend. Cae, Cale, Cub, and Cabe are some fun nickname.

10. Cheng:

Cheng is a variant of Zheng. It has Chinese origins and means, ‘accomplish, succeed, or sincere’.

11. Dalton:

This English name means ‘settlement in the valley’. It was originally introduced in the 13th century as d’Alton.

12. Daniel:

Having its origins in Hebrew, Daniel is an evergreen name which is appealing and stylish. It means ‘God is my judge’. Its variants are Danilo, Danijel, and Taniel.

13. Darryl:

Darryl is one of the most popular names. This name originated from old French word ‘Airelle’. It means ‘darling’ and Dee, Deelo, and D-Love can be cute nicknames.

14. Dale:

Dale means ‘valley’ in German. It was originally a last name that meant, ‘someone who lives in a valley’. The noted namesake is writer Dale Carnegie.

15. Daylen:

Daylen is a unique boy name that has its origins in English. Its rhyming variant is ‘Waylon’, which means ‘blacksmith with supernatural powers’.

16. Dylan:

Dylan is an unusual Welsh name for boys. It means, ‘son of the sea or born near the sea’. The famous namesakes are Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Nicknames for Dylan include Dill, Dylana, Laney, and Dillie.

17. Desmond:

Desmond was initially an Irish surname from the place Deas-Mhumhna. It means ‘From South Munster’. Its namesake is famous anthropologist Desmond Morris.

18. Derrik:

Derrik is an unusual name for boys. It means ‘gifted ruler or people’s ruler’. The name has its origins in German. The variants are Deryk, Darrick, Darriq, and Derik.

19. Don:

If you want a name that is impressive, choose Don, a Scottish name. Don is originally derived from Donald. It means ‘proud chief’.

20. Felix:

A Dutch name, Felix means ‘happy, lucky, or blessed’. Many saints and four Popes had the name Felix. It has several nicknames such as Flick, Flex, Flicker, Lex, and Fox.

21. Hayden:

Hayden sounds more like a last name, as in Diana Hayden. It can be used for both boys and girls. This English name means ‘fire’. The other variant is Hadyn. Hyden ranked at #169 in 2016 in the US.

22. Elliot:

Elliot is derived from the Greek word ‘Elijah’. It means ‘Jehovah is God’, or ‘my God is the Lord’. Its nicknames are Eli, El, and Lotte. American singer Elliott Smith, and American actor Elliott Gould are famous namesakes.

23. Ethan:

Ethan is derived from the Hebrew name ‘Eitan’. Ethan means, ‘strong, safe, and firm’. Ethan is the name of one of the characters in Pokemon. The famous namesakes are American actor Ethan Hawke and American filmmaker Ethan Coen.

24. Eric:

Eric is a super-cool name with a great meaning. It means ‘ever powerful or one who rules forever’. It has its origins in Old Norse and Eric Clapton, musician and Eric Dane, American actor are famous namesakes. The variants of this name are Erick, Erik, and Aric. The famous bearers of this name are musician Eric Clapton and American actor Eric Dane.

25. Enzo:

Enzo, an Italian name, means ‘ruler of the house’. Its nicknames are Enz, En, Zo, and Zeeo. The popular namesakes are Ferrari race car driver and founder of Ferrari car manufacturer Enzo Anselmo Ferrai.

26. Eugene:

Eugene is a rare name derived from the Latin word ‘Eugenius’, meaning ‘wellborn or noble’. The nicknames for Eugene are Gene, Geno, and Eug. The famous namesakes are American actor Eugene Kelly and American politician Eugene Joseph McCarthy,

27. Gordon:

Gordon is a cool and elegant name for boys. This Scottish name means ‘great hill’.

28. Harold:

Harold is originally derived from the the Old English word ‘Hereweald’, which is now obsolete. ‘Here’ means ‘army’ and ‘weald’ means ‘ruler’. Harold means ‘army commander or army ruler’ with its origins in Scandinavian. The proud bearers of this name were King Harold I and Harold II of England.

29. Ivan:

Ivan means ‘God is gracious, or ‘Gift from God’. It has its origins in Russian. The nicknames for Ivan are Iva and Ivy.

30. Jason:

Jason is quite a classic and popular name for boys. There was a craze for ‘Jason’ in the 70’s. Nicknames for Jason are Jacey, Jacky, Jay, Jase, and Jace. The famous namesakes are American actor Jason Alexander and American singer Jason Mraz.

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31. Jarius:

It’s a combination of ‘J’ with the Latin suffix ‘arius’. With Hebrew origins, this name and means ‘whom God enlightens’.

32. Jayden:

Jayden sounds modern and cool and means ‘God has heard’. The nicknames include Jade, Jaybo, and JD. The famous namesakes are Jayden James son of Britney Spears and Jason Smith son of Will Smith.

33. Javier:

Pronounced as ‘hah-vyee-air’ is a Spanish name meaning ‘new house or bright’. Xavier is another variant of Javier.

34. Joseph:

Joseph is a classic Hebrew name, meaning ‘Jehovah increases’. Joe and Joey are the cute nicknames. The famous namesake is the father of Michael and Janet Jackson Joseph Jackson,

35. Joshua:

Joshua is a name that is good for both boys and girls and means ‘a saviour’.

36. Joel:

It means ‘the Lord is God’. Joel is the central character in the ‘Last of Us’ game. The other variants of this name are Julio, Jolie, Julia, and Julie.

37. Justin:

It’s derived from the Latin word Justinus and means ‘upright and righteous’. The famous namesakes are Canadian pop star and Calvin Klein model Justin Bieber.

38. Kenneth:

Kenneth means a ‘handsome boy’. This Gaelic name can use nicknames such as Ken, Kenny, and Kent.

39. Kevin:

The name Kevin has its roots in Gaelic. It means ‘gentle, lovable, or handsome’. American actor Kevin Costner is the famous namesake.

40. Lucas:

The name ‘Lucas’ means ‘illumination, a man from Lucania, or man who brings light’. The other famous variant is Luke, the author of the third gospel of the New Testament.

41. Lim:

Lim means ‘forest, woods, or gem’. This is a Chinese name.

42. Marcus:

Marcus, has its roots in Latin. It gets its name from ‘Mark’ and means warlike. The other variants are Martyn, Marque, and Marq. Its nicknames are Marc, Mark, Macky, and Mac.

43. Malcolm:

Malcolm means ‘a dove’, and comes from Latin. The name Malcolm has been used by William Shakespeare in his play ‘Macbeth’.

44. Melvyn:

Melvyn is quite a stylish, cool name with a noble meaning. It means ‘an honourable man’.

45. Merlin:

Merlin means ‘sea fortress’. It has its origins in Welsh. The famous bearer of this name is football star turned actor Merlin Olsen.

46. Nicholas:

Nicholas has its origins in Greek, it means ‘people of victory’. The nicknames are Nick, Nicky, Nic, Cole, and Colin. The famous namesake is American actor Nicholas Cage.

47. Raphael:

Raphael is a stylish Hebrew name meaning ‘God is Healer’ or ‘God has healed’. Its variants are Rafael and Raffael.

48. Raymond:

This German name is quite a decent name for boys. It means ‘wise protector’.

49. Reza:

Reza means ‘contentment or satisfaction’. It’s of Arabic origin.

50. Ripley:

Ripley means, ‘separate or uncultivated land’. The popular namesake is the famous cartoonist and the creator of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” Robert Ripley.

51. Ryan:

Ryan is a Gaelic name for ‘little king or descendant of the king’. The famous bearers of this name are actors Ryan Gosling and Ryan O’Neal.

52. Sean:

‘Sean’ is an Irish name. It’s an Irish variant of John which means, ‘God is gracious, or ‘gift from God’.

53. Shehan:

The name is of Arabic and Shehan origins and means ‘bright’. Another variant is Sheehan.

54. Tian:

The name Tian has its origins in Chinese. Tian means ‘heaven or princess’.

55. Torrence:

Torrence means ‘little hills’ and is of Irish and Gaelic origins.

56. Timothy:

Timothy is an ancient name, meaning ‘to honour or fear God’ with Greek origins.

57. Tyler:

Tyler is derived from Old French ‘tieulier’, which means ’tile maker’. It’s of English origin.

58. Yannik:

Yannick is a Hebrew name meaning ‘God is gracious’.

59. Vincent:

It’s derived from the French word Vincere meaning ‘to conquer’. The nicknames are Vince, Vinnie, and Vinny. The other variants are Vicente, Vincente, and Vincenzo. Vincent was once a popular name especially among the French people and Roman Catholics.

60. Wayne:

It’s derived from the occupational surname meaning ‘wagon maker’. Wayne has its origins in English and means ‘wagoner’.

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61. Wesley:

Wesley sounds like a typical boyish name, meaning ‘Western meadow’. It has its origins in English.

62. Wong:

As is quite obvious, the name has Chinese origin. Wong means ‘successful life’.

63. Yannik:

It means ‘God is gracious’. It has its origins in Hebrew and French.

64. Zul:

If you want a short, sweet, and unique name for your boy, go for ‘Zul’, meaning ‘Leader of Battles’.

Singaporean Names For Girls:

65. Adela:

Adela is of German origin, which means ‘noble’. The famous bearer of this name is the daughter of William the Conqueror. The other variants are Adele, Adelia, and Adella.

66. Adeline:

Adeline is an adorable name that is stylish, popular, and cool. It means ‘elegant’. The nicknames for Adeline are Addy, Addie, Addy, and Adela.

67. Ainsley:

This Scottish name means ‘my own meadow’. Ainslie is another variant of this name. The famous namesake is news reporter on Fox News Ainsley Earhardt. Ainsley ranked at #344 in 2016 in the US.

68. Alicia:

Alicia means ‘noble’. Another variant is Alycia. The nicknames for Alicia are Ali, Lisha, Arisu, Alise, Lisa, Ally, and Alia. American actress Alicia Silverstone is its popular namesake.

69. Amandaz:

Derived from the latin word ‘Amanda’ which means ‘lovable’ or ‘worthy to be loved’, Amandaz are Mandy, Manni, Andycan be cute nickname options.

70. Amelia:

Amelia is one of the most popular names that ranked at #11 in 2016 in the US. It means ‘ work’ or ‘industrious leader’. The name has Latin origins. It is originally from the name ‘Amalia’ which is derived from the German name ‘Amala’ – and means ‘work’.

71. Andrea:

It originates from the Greek word ‘andros’ meaning ‘manly’. The feminine version ‘Andreas’.

72. Aria:

This Italian name means ‘air’ or ‘lioness’. It’s ranked at #23 in 2016.

73. Averie:

This name is derived from Old English. It’s a stylish name with a unique meaning – ‘ruler of the elves’. Another variant is Avery.

74. Ava:

Ava is a Latin name meaning’life’. It’s ranked at #3 in 2016 in the US as per its Social Security Administration List. Hugh Jackman and Reese Whitherspoon named their daughters Ava.

75. Alexis:

This Greek name means ‘defender’ or ‘protector of mankind’. Alex can be a nickname option.

76. Ashley:

Ashley has its origins in English, meaning ‘lives in the ash tree grove, dweller near the ash tree’. Ashley is the male character in ‘Gone with the wind’ by Margaret Mitchell.

77. Alvin:

The name is derived from Old English and means ‘wise friend or friend of the elves’.

78. Bennett:

Originating from Latin, it means ‘blessed one’. Its medieval version is Benedict. Ben is its cute nickname.

79. Charyl:

Charyl comes from the French name Cherie. It means ‘darling’ or ‘beloved’ and has variants such as Sharyl, Sheryl, and Cheryle.

80. Charlotte:

This name has a flair of elegance and royalty to it, which is why many queens of England are named as ‘Charlotte’. This English origin name means ‘free’. It seems to be quite a popular name ranked at #7 in 2016 in the US.

81. Cherilyn:

It’s a combination of Cheryl and Lynn. It’s a modern version of Cheryl and it means ‘dear’.

82. Chermaine:

If you want a charming name for your girl, choose ‘Chermaine’ which means ‘charm’ in English, ‘bountiful orchard’ in French, and ‘delightful’ in Greek.

83. Claire:

It’s derived from the Latin word ‘clarus’, which means means ‘bright’ or ‘clear’.

84. Chevelle:

This is an uncommon girl name, which means ‘bold and beautiful’.

85. Debbie:

Originated from the Hebrew, it means ‘a bee’, or ‘a swarm of bees’. The variants of this name are Debi, Debee, and Debby.

86. Ellie:

This Greek name means ‘shining light’. It’s a shortened form of Eleanor or Ellen.

87. Emma:

It’s the most popular name of Latin origin meaning ‘universal’.

88. Esther:

The name comes from Latin and Greek, and means ‘star’. The famous namesake the Jewish second wife of Ahasuerus Queen Esther.

89. Hannah:

It means ‘grace’ or ‘favor’, ‘grace of God’ in Hebrew. Anna is the Greek and Latin version. The popular television show Hannah Montana, has become a household name at one point.

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90. Hasim:

Hasim is an Arabic name meaning ‘fast considerations’. It means ‘decisive’ in Arabic.

91. Hazel:

Hazel gets its name from the name of the tree or the color. It has its roots in Old English. It was ranked at #52 in 2016 in the US. The famous actress Julia Roberts daughter’s name is Hazel. The other variants are Hazelle and Hazile.

92. Fiona:

Fiona is a popular name, meaning ‘white or fair’, and originates from Scottish.

93. Gina:

Gina means ‘garden’ and is an Italian name. Gina is the shorter version of Georgine, Virginia, Regina, or Eugenia. American actress Gina Rodriguez is the famous namesake.

94. Gladys:

Gladys is a ‘name of a country and territorial ruler’. Its of Welsh origin. The nicknames are Gladdy and Glad. African-American singer Gladys Knight and British actress Dame Gladys Cooper are the famous namesakes.

95. Grace:

Grace has its origins in Latin and means ‘goodness and generosity’. The famous namesake is American actress Grace Kelly.

96. Innusha:

This can be the perfect name for your little one. Innusha is a cute and sweet name for girls, and means ‘one who is innocent’. It is a Russian name and has variants such as Innya, Inna, and Innochka.

97. Isabelle:

Isabelle is a variation of Elisabeth. It means, ‘God is my oath’. The nicknames are Bell, Bella, and Belle.

98. Isla:

Isla is a cool and creative name, meaning ‘island’. This Scottish name is rising rapidly on the names chart in the US. The famous namesake is Scottish actress and singer Isla Cameron,.

99. Jasmine:

Jasmine is the name of an aromatic flower, which became popular after the release of Alladin by Disney in 1992 that has Princess Jasmine as the main character. A Persian name, it comes with variants such as Yasmine, Jessamine, and Jazmin.

100. Jia-Xin:

Jia-Xin is a unisex name, but sounds better for girls. It means, ‘reason or logic’. It has its origins in Chinese.

101. Joel:

Joel has its origins in Hebrew and means ‘Yahweh is God’.

102. Joyce:

Joyce means ‘rejoicing, merry, or happy’, and comes from Latin. The nicknames for Joyce are Joey, Joe, Jo, and Jocey.

103. Kimberly:

Kimberly is originally a place in South Africa. The nicknames include Kimy, Kimi, Kim, Kimel, and Mimi. The famous namesake is the television personality, Kim Kardashian.

104. Leia:

Leia pronounced as ‘LAY-ah’ and comes from Hebrew. It means ‘delicate or weary’. Its variant Leya the character of Princess in Star Wars films became popular.

105. Lou:

Lou is a unique name for girls. It’s a shorter version of ‘Louise’, and means a ‘renowned warrior’.

106. Lucy:

Lucy means ‘light’, and comes English. It is ranked at #55 in 2016 in the US.

107. Luna:

The name Luna has its origins in Latin and means ‘luna’ or ‘moon’. The name has become famous ever since the release of Harry Porter which has the characte, Luna.

108. Naomi:

Naomi has its origins in Hebrew, and means ‘pleasant, beautiful, or delightful’. The nicknames include Nomi, Omie, and Mimi. The famous namesake is the British supermodel Naomi Campbell.

109. Rebecca:

This Hebrew name means ‘servant of God, or bound to God’. Rebecca was the wife of Isaac. The nicknames are Becky and Becca.

110. Regina:

Regina means ‘queen’, it has its origins in Latin. The variants are Reina, Gina, Rina, Raina, Reyna, and Rejine.

111. Rachel:

Rachel is derived from Hebrew ‘ewe’ and means ‘female sheep’. The nicknames are Rachey, Rachie, Rach, and Chelly. The famous namesakes are American musician Rachel Taylor and Chef on the ‘Food Network’ Rachel Ray,

112. Sally:

This can just be the name you are looking for your girl. Sally means ‘princess’. The nicknames are Sal, Ally, Allie, and Aly.

113. Thea:

Thea originates from Greek, it means ‘gift of God, goddess, godly’. In Greek, Thea is the Goddess of light and mother of moon and sun.

114. Mila:

Pronounced as ‘Mee-la’. Mila is the shorter version of Milena. It means ‘dear or pleasant’. The nicknames are Mimi, Milu, and Millie.

115. Michelle:

Michelle means ‘close to God or who is like God’. Its of Hebrew origin. The famous namesake is Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama.

116. Natalie:

Natalie is one of the popular names for boys, ranking at #31 in 2016 in the US. It’s derived from the natal day, Christmas. It means ‘born on Christmas or birthday of the Lord’. The famous namesake is the American actress Natalie Portman.

117. Nicole:

Nicole originates from Greek, it means ‘victory of the people’. The nicknames include Nikki, Nic, Nini, and Nico. American actress Nicole Kidman is the famous namesake.

118. Nora:

Nora means ‘light’. The name has its origins in Irish. It rhymes with Dora. The American singer Norah Jones is the famous namesake.

119. Nina:

Nina can be a pretty name for your pretty little girl. It’s a shortened version of the Spanish name ‘Antonia’, and Russian name ‘Anne’ which means ‘priceless one or full of grace’.

120. Olivia:

Olivia is one of the most popular names, ranking at #2 in 2016 in the US as per its Social Security Administration List. It has its origins in Latin, it means the ‘olive tree’. Its variants are Alivia and Olyvia.

121. Scarlett:

Scarlett is a popular name for girls, meaning ‘bright red’. It iss of English origin. The famous namesake is Scarlett O’Hara from the book ‘Gone With the Wind’.

122. Sarah:

This Hebrew name means ‘lady, princess, noblewoman’. The other variants are Sara and Sera. The nicknames include Sally, Sasha, Sasa, and Rya.

123. Sophia:

This Greek name sounds very sophisticated and stylish. It means ‘wisdom and wise’. The nicknames are Soph, Phi, and Phia.

124. Shasha:

Shasha is a cute and simple name meaning ‘moon’ and is of Indian origin.

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125. Sharon:

Sharon means ‘plain or a flat area’. The variants are Sharyn, Sharona, and Sharron. The nicknames are Shazz, Shari, Shan, and Shay. The famous namesake is the American actress Sharon Stone.

126. Sherilyn:

Sherilyn is a combination of Cheryl and Lynn. It means ‘pool below a waterfall’. Variants of Sherilyn are, Cherril, Sharel, and Sheryll.

127. Tarini:

Tarini means ‘the saving Goddess’, she who frees, or she who delivers from sin’. It’s of Indian origin.

128. Penelope:

Penelope is derived from the Greek mythology, where she is the wife of Odysseus. It means ‘duck and face of the weaver’. The famous namesake is Penelop Cruz, the Spanish actress.

129. Valerie:

Valerie means ‘strong, brave, strength or health’, it has its root in Latin. Its variants are Vallery and Vallerina.

130. Vanessa:

Vanessa is a beautiful name with a pretty meaning. It has its origins in Greek. It means ‘butterfly’. The nicknames are Ness, Van, Vanny, and Vani.

131. Violet:

Derived from the French word, ‘Violette’ and the Latin word ‘Viola’, Violet is a beautiul flower and a pretty color. It became popular after Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck chose the name for their daughter.

132. Xin:

Xin means ‘beautiful or elegant’. The name has its origins in Chinese.

133. Yvonne:

This French name means ‘archer’ or ‘yew wood’. The famous namesakes are the actress Yvonne De Carlo and the dancer and actress Yvonne Craig.

How do you like our collection of popular baby names? What was your favorite name? Let us know in the comments section below.

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