11 Signs That You Are Obsessed With Christmas

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The season of Christmas is filled with joy and festivities. It’s the end of the year when everyone is in a mood to celebrate and blow off steam. Christmas is not about just the gifts, cake and wine but it’s so much more. The festive lights around the house, decked up Christmas tree, gingerbread cookies, exchanging gifts with your loved ones, and spending quality time with friends and family make this a one-of-a-kind holiday. If you are someone who waits for the holiday season all year, you might just be obsessed with Christmas. Here are 11 signs that you cannot hold your horses when it comes to Christmas:


1. “Is It Christmas Yet?”

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You find yourself asking this question often throughout the year. As soon as Halloween strikes, you start feeling the spirit of Christmas. You don’t care if there are two months to go for December, and you don’t care if people judge you for it. You love Christmas and are not afraid to show it.

2. Shopping Shopping Shopping

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We are not talking about shopping for clothes. You spend time and money buying Christmas decor, and you are not ashamed. You have dozens of decorations in your attic for every Christmas need, but you compulsively shop during Christmas.

3. “How Much Is Too Much?”

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There is no such thing as too much decoration when it comes to Christmas! You beautify every corner, wall, and doorway in your house during the festive season. No corner is left unturned when it comes to your Christmas decorating skills, not even your bathroom!

4. Countdown Begins

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You know you’re obsessed with Christmas when you begin counting down the days from July. By your logic, half the year is done, and it’s time for Christmas! You don’t care if others are not on board. You have the energy and enthusiasm of a classroom full of kids who are trick or treating.

5. Red, White, And Everything Nice

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You have a ton of Christmas apparel and wear them every chance you get! You own sweaters, jackets, socks, and beanies that have reindeer, Santa, and wreaths on them. Whether it is to the grocery store, supermarket, or to walk your dog, you put on your Christmas apparel and walk around feeling festive.

6. Not A Silent Night

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You play Christmas carols 24/7 in the background. You might be cooking, cleaning, or taking a shower, but your Christmas music plays nonstop, and you love it. Different bands, different versions, but the same classic songs, and you cannot get enough.

7. Winter Is Coming

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The phrase “winter is coming” only brings you joy because ‘tis the season to be jolly! You love everything about it. Snuggling up with your loved ones, dressing up your furry baby, baking delicious cookies, and your favorite — Christmas!

8. Never Too Old For Santa

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Santa might not be real (or is he?), but you put out cookies and milk for him every year. You write letters with your kids addressed to him and check for presents under the Christmas tree every year. There is no stopping you from getting excited about Santa.

9. Wise Gift-giver

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Just like the three wise men who brought gifts for baby Jesus, you love gifting people goodies during Christmas, and you are darn good at it! You’re a pro when it comes to gifting, packing, and spreading the holiday cheer.

10. Movies That Make You Go Falalalala Lalalala

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Holiday movies are your favorite! You’ve watched them hundreds of times, and you probably know every line, but you cannot get enough of them. You make a list every year and end up watching way more than you plan.

11. Holiday Hangover

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You get sad every time the holiday season is over. You procrastinate taking down the decorations you put up for Christmas and spend days in bed when you finally do. You experience a Christmas hangover every year, and the only thing that can make you feel better is… well, you guessed it — Christmas!

If you could relate to every one of these signs, you are obsessed with Christmas. You hate that you gotta wait an entire year to celebrate it again. Don’t worry, we feel you! But guess what, it’s here! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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