200 Sinh Rashi Baby Names For Boys And Girls, With Meanings

Simha Rashi names for boys and girls can help you find a unique one for your little one. The Simha Rashi is represented by fire and the animal lion. It falls fifth among the Vedic astrological signs and is closely related to Western astrology’s Leo zodiac sign.

People born with Simha Rashi are suggested to have “”Ma”” or “”Ta”” as the first syllables of their name. Scroll through for a collection of interesting Simha Rashi names with their meanings.

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100 Sinh/Simha Rashi Names For Boys, With Meanings

1. Maahir

The name Maahir refers to a skilled individual or an expert at doing something.

2. Maanvir

A unique name, Maanvir, means “one with a brave heart and a fearless mind.”

3. Maayan

The name Maayan means “something fresh as a spring of water.”

4. Madhav

One of the many names of Lord Krishna, Madhav, means “one who is as sweet as honey.”

5. Madhavan

Another name for Lord Shiva, the name Madhavan, has its origin from the word “Madhu,” which means sweet or honey.

6. Mahasvin

The name Mahasvin means “something splendid and glorious.”

7. Mahendra

One of the many names of Lord Indra, Mahendra, means “Lord of the sky.”

8. Mahesh

A name with a religious origin, Mahesh (or Maheshwar), is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. The name Mahesh also means “one who is supreme.”

9. Mahidher

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Mahidher, means “a protector of the Earth.”

10. Mainak

The name Mainak has a locational origin, deriving its name from a Himalayan peak. The name Mainak also means “son of Himalaya.”

11. Mairav

The name Mairav means “one who is born of Mount Meru.” The name Mairav also means friendly.

12. Mairava

The name Mairava means “he who rules a kingdom.”

13. Malay

The name Malay has a locational origin, deriving its name from a mountain range situated in the southern part of India and known for its spices. The name Malay also means “Chandan” or “Sandalwood.”

14. Malhar

The name Malhar has its origin from a Raga in Indian classical music.

15. Mallikarjun

A unique name, Mallikarjun, is one of the names of Lord Shiva. Mallikarjun also means “the Lord of the mountains.”

16. Manas

The name Manas means “one who is intelligent and clever.” Some of the other meanings of the name Manas include “spiritual thinking” and “brilliance.”

17. Manasvin

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Manasvin, means “a knowledgeable, wise, and intelligent person.”

18. Manav

The name Manav means a “Man.” The name Manav also means “youth” or “pearl.”

19. Mandar

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Mandar, means a flower. The name Mandar also means celestial or divine.

20. Maneet

The name Maneet means “a highly revered individual” or “one who wins the heart.”

21. Manik

The name Manik refers to the gemstone “Ruby.” The name Manik also means “to honor.”

22. Manikandan

Another name for Lord Ayyappa, Manikandan, refers to “one with a bell around his neck.”

23. Manish

The name Manish means “the lord or conqueror of minds.” The name Manish also means “one who thinks deeply.”

protip_icon Trivia
Indian international cricketer Manish Pandey and renowned Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra are popular namesakes.

24. Manishankar

Another name for Lord Shiva, Manishankar, means “he who confers happiness and good fortune.” The name also means “auspicious.”

25. Manith

A unique name, Manith, means “the one chosen.” The name Manith also means “honored.”

26. Manjunath

Another name for Lord Shiva, Manjunath, means “one whose beauty is comparable to the dewdrops.” The name Manjunath also means snow.

27. Mannan

The name Mannan means “meditation” or “thought.”

28. Manoj

The name Manoj means “one who is born of mind.” Manoj also means “love.”

29. Manraj

The name Manraj refers to “the ruler of the heart.”

30. Manthan

Manthan means “to churn.” The name Manthan also means “reflection through study.”

31. Manvik

The name Manvik means one who is “kind-hearted.” The name Manvik also means “intelligence.”

32. Manyu

The name Manyu means “to think.” The name Manyu also means “mind and wisdom.”

33. Marmik

The name Marmik means “poignant” or “touching.” Marmik also means “intelligent” or “perceptive.”

34. Mauktik

The name Mauktik means “an individual as handsome as a pearl.”

35. Maulik

The name Maulik means “someone priceless, incomparable, and precious.”

36. Mayank

A unique and modern name, Mayank, means “the Moon.” The name Mayank also means “calm and serene.”

37. Mayuk

A unique and modern name, Mayuk means “an individual full of brilliance and splendor.”

38. Mayur

Mayur, a popular Simha rashi name for boys

Image: Shutterstock

The name Mayur means “a peacock.”

39. Mayuresh

A name with a religious origin, Mayuresh, is another name for Lord Karthikeyan, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The name Mayuresh also means “Lord of the peacock.”

40. Medant

The name Medant means “one who destroys all evils.”

41. Medhansh

It is derived from the word “Medha,” meaning “intelligence.” The name Medhansh means “one who is born with intelligence.”

42. Megh

The name Megh means “clouds.”

43. Meghadri

A unique name, Meghadri, refers to “a hill made of clouds.”

44. Mehul

A unique and modern name, Mehul, has its origin from “Meh,” a Sanskrit word meaning “rain” or “clouds.”

45. Mihit

A name with a religious origin, Mihit, is another name for the Sun God.

46. Mikin

A unique name, Mikin, refers to “an individual with incredible strength and power.”

47. Milan

The name Milan means “union.” The name Milan also means “a kind and gracious person.”

48. Milind

One of the many names of Lord Krishna, Milind, refers to a “honey bee.”

49. Minhal

A unique name, Minhal, means “a kind, generous, and honorable person.”

50. Miransh

A unique name, Miransh, means “a small part of the ocean.”

51. Mirat

The name Mirat means “a mirror” or “a reflection.”

52. Mishay

A unique and modern name, Mishay, means “one who carries God’s message.”

53. Mishkat

A unique name, Mishkat, refers to someone who is special or belongs to an important niche.

54. Mishrit

A unique name, Mishrit, means “to mix something.”

55. Mithil

The name Mithil means a “kingdom” or a “grand place.”

56. Mithlesh

The name Mithlesh has its origin in Ramayana, referring to Janak, who was the King of Mithila, and the father of Goddess Sita.

57. Mithran

Another name for the Sun, Mithran, means “Lord of light and truth.”

58. Mithun

The name Mithun means “a union of people.”

59. Mitin

The name Mitin means “a governor.” The name Mitin also means a “moment in time.”

60. Mitul

It means “moderate” or “balanced.” It also refers to someone faithful.

61. Mivaan

A unique name for Simha Rashi boys, Mivaan, means “the bright rays of the sun.”

62. Mohan

Another name for Lord Krishna, Mohan, means “a charming person.” The name Mohan also means “a gift from God.”

63. Mohanish

Another name for Lord Krishna, Mohanish, means “the dusk.”

64. Mohit

The name Mohit means “to enchant” or “attract someone.”

protip_icon Did you know?
Mohit is another name of Lord Krishna. “Sammohit” is a variant, which means “one who attracts and one who gets attracted.”

65. Mohnish

Another name for Lord Krishna, Mohnish refers to someone attractive and good-looking.

66. Mokshith

The name has its origin from the word “Moksh,” meaning “liberation.” The name Mokshith means “one who wants to attain liberation.”

67. Monit

A unique name, Monit means “a very knowledgeable and learned individual.”

68. Monojit

The name Monojit means “one who wins over one’s heart and mind.”

69. Mridul

The name Mridul means “water.” Mridul also means “soft,” “gentle,” and “tender.”

70. Mrigasya

It is one of the several names or an epithet of Lord Shiva.

71. Mrinank

A unique name, Mrinank, means “the calm and serene moon.”

72. Mrityuanjaya

Another name for Lord Shiva, Mrityuanjaya, means “one who wins over or conquers death.”

73. Mudit

The name Mudit means “to be happy and satisfied.”

74. Mukesh

A name with a religious origin, Mukesh is another name for Lord Shiva.

75. Mukul

A unique name for Simha Rashi boys, Mukul means “first bloom” or “bud.”

76. Mukund

One of the many names of Lord Vishnu, Mukund, means “one who gives freedom.”

77. Munish

One of the many names of Lord Buddha, Munish, means “chief of the sages.”

78. Murali

Another name for Lord Krishna, Murali, refers to “a flute.”

79. Taksh

The name Taksh means “one who has eyes like a pigeon.” Taksh was also the name of King Bharat’s son.

80. Tanay

The name Tanay means “of the family.” The name Tanay also means “son.”

81. Taneesh

A unique name, Taneesh, means “one who is ambitious.”

82. Tanmay

The name Tanmay means “to concentrate.” The name Tanmay also means “calm, absorbed, and engrossed.”

83. Tanuj

The name Tanuj means “son.”

84. Tanveer/Tanvir

The name Tanveer refers to “one who is enlightened.” The name Tanveer also means “rays of light.”

85. Tapan

The name Tapan means “the bright and radiant sun.” The name Tapan also refers to “summer.”

86. Tapas

The name Tapas means “penance.” The name Tapas also means “austerity.”

87. Tarak

The name Tarak means “star.” Another meaning of the name is “protector.”

88. Taranga

Taranga, a Simha rashi boy name

Image: Shutterstock

A unique name, Taranga, means “a wave.”

89. Taranjot

A unique name for Simha Rashi boys, Taranjot means “star.”

90. Tarun

The name means “young and gentle.” It also refers to someone who is ageless.

91. Tarundeep

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Tarundeep, means “light of the sun.” The name also means “youthful.”

92. Tashwin

A unique name, Tashwin, means “one who is born to win.” The name also means “to be independent.”

93. Tathagata

One of the many names of Lord Buddha, Tathagata, means “he who has thus attained.”

94. Tathvik

A unique and modern name for Simha Rashi boys, Tathvik means “philosophy.”

95. Tatya

A name with a religious origin, Tatya, is another name for Lord Shiva. The name Tatya also means “a fact” or “a truth.”

96. Tejaswi

The name Tejaswini means “bright and intelligent.” The name also means “brave and energetic.”

97. Tirthankar

A name with a religious origin, Tirthankar, refers to one of the many names of Lord Vishnu.

98. Toshan

A unique and modern name, Toshan means “satisfaction.”

99. Trishan

The name Trishan refers to a king who ruled the Surya Dynasty

100. Tuhin

A unique name for Simha Rashi boys, Tuhin, means “snowflakes” or “snow.”

100 Sinh/Simha Rashi Names For Girls, With Meanings

101. Maahi

A unique name, Maahi, means “the Earth and Heaven conjoined.” The name Maahi also means “love.”

102. Maalini

One of the many names of Goddess Durga, Maalini, means “one who makes garlands.” The name Maalini also means “sweet fragrance.”

103. Maanvi

The name Maanvi refers to “a girl with great humanity.” Maanvi also refers to “an individual who possesses all the good qualities.”

104. Maanya

The name Maanya means “a person worthy of honor and respect.” Maanya also means “one who is calm.”

105. Maanyata

The name Maanyata means “assumptions” or “principles.”

106. Madhavi

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Madhavi, means “springtime.” The name Madhavi also refers to “a creeper with beautiful flowers.”

107. Madhu

The name Madhu means “honey.”

108. Madhumita

The name Madhumita means “one who is sweet.”

109. Madhuparna

A beautiful name, Madhupana, refers to “the leaves of the Tulsi plant.”

110. Madhurima

The name Madhurima means “one who is sweet and charming.”

111. Magadhi

The name Magadhi refers to “something as pure and aromatic as Jasmine flower.

112. Mahek

It means “sweet fragrance” or “one who smells sweet.”

113. Maheswari

A name of religious origin, Maheswari is one of the many names of Goddess Durga. The name means “consort of Maheshwar or Lord Shiva.”

114. Mahima

The name Mahima refers to the “nobleness and splendor of a character.” Mahima also means “power, eminence, and dignity.”

115. Mahira

The name Mahira refers to “a highly knowledgeable, skilled, and expert person.” The name Mahira also means “powerful and quick.”

116. Mahua

The name Mahua refers to flower with a charming and intoxicating fragrance.

117. Mainavi

A unique name, Mainavi, means “a singing bird.” The name Mainavi also refers to an intellectual person.

118. Maithili

The name Maithili refers to Goddess Sita, daughter of King Janak of Mithila.

119. Maitri

The name Maitri means “friendship.” Maitri also means “goodwill and kindness.”

120. Maliha

The name Maliha refers to someone strong and beautiful. The name Maliha also means “a clever or quick-quitted person.”

121. Mallika

Mallika also means a queen

Image: Shutterstock

The name Mallika means “a queen” or “a garland.” The name Mallika also means “Jasmine.”

122. Malvika

A name with a locational origin, Malvika, refers to an individual hailing from a place called Malva.

protip_icon Trivia
Malavika is an alternate spelling, predominantly used in southern states of India.

123. Mamta

The name Mamta means “motherly love.”

124. Manali

A beautiful name, Manali means “one who is like a bird.”

125. Manasvi

The name Manasvi refers to an “intelligent, self-controlled, and self-respecting person.”

126. Mandarika

A unique name, Mandarika, refers to “the Coral tree.”

127. Mandira

A name with an interesting meaning, Mandira refers to “the melodious sound produced by cymbals.” Mandira also means “sacred” or “temple.”

128. Manisha

The name Manisha means an “intelligent, wise, and knowledgeable person.” Manisha also means “Goddess of mind.”

129. Manishika

The name Manishika refers to a person with great intelligence. Manishika also means “consideration.”

130. Manjiri

A name with an interesting meaning, Manjiri, refers to the small flowers of the Tulsi plant.

131. Manjula

The name Manjula refers to “one who is beautiful and loveable like the spring.” The name Manjula also means “melodious.”

132. Manushri

A name with a religious origin, Manushri, is another name for Goddess Lakshmi. The name means “consort of Lord Vishnu (Manu).”

133. Manvita

The name Manvita refers to a highly respectable person.

134. Marichika

A unique name, Marichika, means “mirage” or a “ray of light.”

135. Marushika

The name Marushika has an interesting meaning and refers to “an individual born with the blessings of Lord Shiva.”

136. Maukshi

The name Maukshi means “energy” or “spirited.”

137. Mauli

The name Mauli is one of the several names of Lord Shiva.

138. Mavisha

The name Mavisha refers to “a woman who is the blessing of life.”

139. Maya

The name Maya is an epithet of Goddess Lakshmi. Maya also means “illusion.”

140. Mayanshi

It is one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi.

141. Mayra

A unique and modern name, Mayra means “a girl loved and admired by all.” The name Mayra also means “favorable” or “marvelous.”

142. Mayukha

A unique name, Mayukha means “a bright ray of light.”

143. Mayuri

It is derived from the name “Mayur,” which means peacock. The name Mayuri, means “one who is like a peacock.”

144. Medha

A name with a great significance, Medha, is another name for Goddess Saraswati, who is the Goddess of learning and intelligence.”

145. Medhasvi

It is one of the many names of Goddess Saraswati. Medhasvi also means “knowledge and wisdom” or “intelligence or prudence.”

146. Meenakshi

It is derived from the word “Meen,” which means “fish.” The name Meenakshi, refers to a woman with beautiful, fish-like eyes.

147. Megha

It means “cloud” or “rain-bringing clouds.”

148. Meghal

Meghal is one of the many names of the river Ganga or Ganges.

149. Meghana

The name Meghana means “a woman of the clouds.” Meghana is also another name for the River Ganga or Ganges.

150. Meher

The name Meher means “one who is benevolent.”

151. Mekala

A unique name, Mekala, means “one who is very talented.” The name Mekala also refers to the Myrtle plant.


The name Manishka means “she who has intelligence and wisdom.”

153. Menal

A unique name with an interesting meaning, Menal, refers to “special flowers or blossoms from heaven or paradise.”

154. Meshva

A name with a religious origin, Meshva is one of the many names of Goddess Parvati.

155. Mihika

The name Mihika means “mist” or “fog.”

156. Mihira

A unique name, Mihira, means “the Sun.”

157. Mili

The name Mili means “to find something” or “a meeting.”

158. Miraya

A variant of the name Meera, Miraya, means “a devotee of Lord Krishna.”

159. Mirunalini

Mirunalini is the name of Goddess Lakshmi

Image: Shutterstock

A beautiful and unique name, Mirunalini, is one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi. The name Mirunalini also refers to “a stack of lotuses” or “lotus plants.”

160. Misha

A unique name, Misha, means “one who bears the message from God.” The name Misha also means “a person happy for entire life.”

161. Mishika

The name Mishika means “a girl sweet as sugar.” Mishika also means “one who is loved by God.”

162. Mishita

One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, Mishita, means “a good-natured and sweet person.”

163. Misty/Mishti

A unique name, Misty/Mishti, means “a sweet and adorable person.”

164. Mitakshi

A name with a religious origin, Mitakshi, is another name for Goddess Durga. The name Mitakshi also means a “concise,” “defined,” or “moderate.”

165. Mitali

The name Mitali refers to one who is “friendly and lovable.”

166. Mithusha

A unique name, Mithusha, means “a brilliant girl.”

167. Mitika

The name Mitika refers to “a soft-spoken and calm person.”

168. Mohna

The name Mohna refers to “an opening of the river. The name also means “enchanting and attractive.”

169. Mokshitha

The name Mokshitha means “one who is free and liberated.”

170. Monika

The name Monika means “to advise” or “to counsel.” The name Monika also means ‘solitary.”

171. Moumita

The name Moumita means “a sweet friend.”

172. Mridini

A name with a religious origin, Mridini, is another name for Goddess Parvati.

173. Mrigakshi

A unique name, Mrigakshi, means “one who has beautiful deer-like eyes.”

174. Mritsa

A unique and modern name for Simha Rashi girls, Mritsa, refers to the Mother Earth.

175. Mrunmayee

One of the many names of Goddess Sita, Mrunmayee, means “one who is made of earth or clay.”

176. Mudrika

A unique name, Mudrika means a “ring.”

177. Muskan

The name Muskan means “smile” or “happiness.”

178. Taani

The name Taani means “to encourage” or “faith and trust.”

179. Taania

The name Taania means “one who is born of the body.”

180. Taara

The name Taara means a “star” or a “meteor.” The name also refers to the pupil of the eye.

181. Taarika

The name Taarika means “something divine.” Taarika also means “a small star.”

182. Taashi

A unique name for Simha Rashi girls, Taashi means “prosperity.”

183. Tamanna

The name Tamanna means “a wish” or “a desire.”

184. Tamasvini

A beautiful name, Tamasvini, means the “night.”

185. Tanisha

The name Tanisha means a “fairy queen.” Tanisha also means “ambition.”

186. Tanmaya

The name Tanmaya means “to absorb.”

187. Tanu

The name Tanu means “slender”. Tanu also means “delicate” or “minute.”

188. Tanushri

The name Tanushri means “one who has a divine body.” Tanushri also means “beautiful.”

189. Tanvi

A beautiful name, Tanvi, means “delicate.”

190. Tapati

The name Tapati means “one who has undergone penance.” The name Tapati also refers to the Sun God’s daughter.

191. Taruna

The name Taruna means “a small girl.”

192. Tashvi

The name Tashvi means “charming.” The name also means “composed.

193. Tejashri

Tejashri means “one with grace and divine power.” The name also means “radiant.”

194. Tejaswini/Tejasvini

The name means “energetic,” “lustrous,” or “someone gifted.”

195. Tesha

A unique name, Tesha, means “happiness.” The name also means a “survivor.”

196. Tiara

Tiara, a modern Simha rashi name for girls

Image: Shutterstock

A modern name, Tiara, means the crown.

197. Tilottama

A unique name, Tilottama, means “a celestial or divine maiden.”

198. Tishna

The name Tishna means “thirst.”

199. Tiya

The name Tiya means “a bird.” Tiya also means “God’s gift.”

200. Toshani

A name with a religious origin, Toshani, is one of the many names of Goddess Durga.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What meanings or qualities do Simha Rashi names usually carry?

According to astrology, babies with names in the Simha Rashi are naturally stable and radiate power and vigor. Moreover, it also represents bravery and leadership.

2. Are there any traditional rituals associated with selecting a Simha Rashi name?

In Hindu mythology, the baby’s name is chosen in line with the date and day of birth. Hindu astrology, or “shastra,” is centered on the baby’s birth time, date, and location. The baby’s personality is thought to be strongly influenced by the Rashi (moon position) and nakshatras (stars or constellations) at the moment of birth. As a result, the parents decide on the baby’s name depending on the moon and stars’ positions at the time of the baby’s birth.

3. Do Simha Rashi names have any impact on the life of the individual?

In astrology, it is believed that naming a child according to Simha Rashi can align with the personality traits, characteristics, and potential destiny of the person. However, the impact of a name on an individual’s life is subjective, and it is important to consider multiple factors beyond just the zodiac sign for a complete understanding.

4. Can you recommend some Simha Rashi names that are gender-neutral?

Mali, Makok, Tisa, and Tully, are some unisex Simha rashi names.

5. How do parents typically choose Simha Rashi names for their babies?

When choosing a Simha Rashi name, parents usually consult an astrologer, exploring names associated with that Rashi. They look for names that resonate with the desired qualities or characteristics believed to be associated with Simha Rashi. Parents may also consider cultural, familial, and personal preferences while finalizing a suitable name for their baby.

Some parents want to name their baby after their zodiac sign as a way to stay connected with their personality traits and sun sign. So if you are one of those and your baby is a Leo or Simha Rashi baby, then this diverse collection of unique and common Simha Rashi names for boys and girls can come in handy. Pick a name from the list above that would best reflect your baby’s strong, bold, and courageous personality and complement their kind, positive, and confident nature.

Infographic: Sinh/Simha Rashi Baby Names

If you would like to keep their baby’s name inspired by the zodiac under which they are born, we bring you a list of names for babies born under the Sinh/Simha Rashi (Leo). In the infographic below, we included names for both boys and girls. So, read on and take your pick.

names for your baby born in sinh rashi (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Sinh Rashi is a Vedic astrological sign corresponding to the Leo zodiac sign.
  • Babies born under this astrological sign are usually suggested to have names starting with ‘Ma’ or ‘Ta.’
  • Names such as Madhav, Maneet, and Miransh are some beautiful names for the Sinh Rashi boys.
  • Names such as Maalini, Mamta, and Taarika are some adorable names for the Sinh Rashi girls.
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