Sinus During Pregnancy - 3 Causes, 3 Symptoms & 6 Treatments You Should Be Aware Of

Sinus During Pregnancy

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Do you frequently suffer from sinus problems? And worried whether it is safe during your pregnancy? It is true that some people are more susceptible to sinus problems. If you are one of those, you probably are anxious to know about sinusitis during pregnancy. First things first, you must be extra careful not to get infections while you are pregnantas these increases several health issues for you and your growing baby. For your ease we present a detailed and informative piece for you to understand what is sinus and how to deal with it during your special nine months.

What Is Sinus?

Sinuses are air pockets lined with mucous membranes that surround your cheek, forehead and eyes. The common symptom of sinusitis is a runny nose. You may feel tenderness around your face due to internal swelling. Sinusitis is an infection in which sinuses swell due to lack of mucus draining properly. It’s a tricky situation, because the symptoms shown by you are hard to diagnose whether they are caused by sinus infection or just because of hormonal changes.

Sinus Symptoms:

Here are the symptoms associated with sinus:

  • You may experience greenish color discharge from your nose and may also experience trouble breathing through your nose.
  • You may face a bad cough, feel pain and pressure around your nose due to swelling of the mucus.
  • During pregnancy, you may also encounter other symptoms such as headache, fatigue, ear ache and loss of sensation to some extent.

Causes Of Sinus During Pregnancy:

Sinusitis is nothing but an infection caused due to improper drainage of mucus at intervals. They become inflamed and causes blockage. Following are the typical causes of this ailment when you are carrying:

  • Swelling Blood Vessels:Pregnancy creates pressure on the walls of your blood vessels due to which it swells and shows the symptoms of sinusitis leading to infection.
  • Swelling Mucus Membranes: Due to failure of mucus drainage, the membranes inside your nostrils end up swelling, showing signs of sinusitis infection.
  • Changes In Hormones:Progesterone, which is known as the pregnancy hormone, is said to be the cause of sinusitis in pregnancy.

Treatment Of Sinusitis In Pregnancy:

In most cases, hormonal changes trigger sinus during pregnancy. Although sinusitis is a tedious infection, but things can get difficult for you if experienced during pregnancy. Below are some treatment options which can ease your pain and help you lead a better pregnancy.

1. Vitamin C Supplements:

You need to take Vitamin C supplements in order to boost your immunity and prevent sinusitis. Cutting down dairy products to prevent sinus may lead to insufficient calcium storage in the body.

2. Acupuncture:

This ancient Chinese treatment, involving sanitized and painless needle tip therapy, It may help you to stimulate your internal energies and solve muscular problems which may affect mucus drainage.

3. Antibiotics:

You must avoid medications, especially during your first trimester, when the majority of your fetal development takes place. It is advised to take antibiotics under obstetrician’s guidance.

4. Water:

Water is the safest weapon to be used to treat sinus problem during pregnancy. You must take adequate water in order to keep yourself hydrated. Avoid cold water.

5. Steam:

This is a very effective way of loosening of mucus and easing its drainage. Pooling of mucus is a breeding ground for bacteria’s increasing infections.

6. Eucalyptus Oil:

You can add 2 drops of eucalyptus oil to your tissue and sniff it to clear your nasal congestion. You can even add this oil to a bowl of hot water for taking steam with a towel on your head. Nasal congestion leads to lack of oxygen supply to you and your child.

Your child won’t get affected directly, but breeding micro-organisms will increase the chance of preterm labor. It is very important to treat sinusitis during your pregnancy because untreated infections can spread.

Tell us what you do to treat sinusitis.

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