Is It Safe To Do Sit-Ups During Pregnancy?

Sit-Ups During Pregnancy

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Are you a gym buff? Are you worried that you might have to stop working out and even pile on pounds now that you are pregnant? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a must!

is the most exciting and alluring experience for a mother. It is also the most awaited time in the life of a woman. Eating right and regularly exercising during pregnancy are a must if you want to have a healthy baby in your arms soon! Want to know if practicing sit-ups during pregnancy is a safe bet or not? Go ahead and give this post a read!

Is It Safe To Do Sit Ups While Pregnant?

Well, exercising during pregnancy totally depends on the fitness level you enjoyed before and during pregnancy. If you were a regular at the gym, then you can continue to follow a mild fitness regime during these crucial nine months. But if you are facing any health complication during pregnancy you should avoid any physical strain, especially sit-ups. Practicing prenatal exercises does not only prepare your body for a smooth labor but will also help you beat the blues! Sit-ups help strengthen your abdominal muscles and improve your chances of undergoing a normal delivery. However, it is advisable that before you start exercising during pregnancy, you seek a go-ahead from your gynecologist.

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Things To Remember While Doing Sit-Ups During Pregnancy:

Here are a few important things you should keep in mind while performing sit-ups when pregnant:

  • When practicing sit-ups, it is important to stay hydrated to avoid painful muscle cramps.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and avoid exposing yourself too much to the sun.
  • Remember, it is not important to maintain a strict exercise regime during pregnancy. Do not try to peak your fitness level during this delicate period by sweating it out in the gym. (1)
  • During pregnancy, it is important to avoid raising the body temperature too high. Therefore, a strenuous workout is a strict no-no while you are pregnant.
  • It is advisable to quit exercising if you suffer from an illness or complication during your pregnancy.
  • Most importantly listen to your body, if you don’t feel like working out on a particular day- DON’T. Also, avoid doing the sit-ups when you are feeling ill or weak.
  • Do not try sit-ups if you are pregnant with twins or more.
  •  Do not perform more than 20 sit-ups at a stretch. Take a short break and then start the next set.

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When To Stop Doing Sit-Ups During Pregnancy?

Here are a few situations that indicate that you should immediately stop doing sit-ups:

  • If you experience any abdominal pain or discomfort
  • If there is an episode of vaginal bleeding or discharge
  • If you experience dizziness
  • If you are facing any difficulty in breathing
  • If you are suffering from a headache or contractions

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The Risks Associated With Doing Sit-Ups during Pregnancy:

Working on the lower back while doing sit-ups in the first trimester will do wonders to your pregnancy. However, it is not advisable to lie on your back when your second trimester starts as it will increase the stress on your uterus and adversely affect the blood circulation and oxygen supply to the fetus.

Sit-ups also involve the risk of losing balance and suffering a fall. Therefore, you should practice sit-ups in pregnancy only under the supervision of a fitness trainer.

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It is a good idea to join prenatal exercise classes that will help you work out safely as per the changing needs of your body during pregnancy. Remember, walking is the safest form of exercise while expecting. If you are wary of doing sit-ups go for regular walks instead to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

Did you perform sit-ups while you were expecting? How did it benefit you? Please share your experience and advice with other moms here.

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