13 Best Skateboards For Kids To Stay Active In 2022

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Skateboarding is a fun sport that teaches precision and balance. It also encourages your kids to be active and socialize with others. You may want to look at some of the best skateboards for kids. Skateboarding enhances coordination, reflexes, flexibility, and stamina in the hands, eyes, legs, and feet (1).

Get your child started with a beginner’s skateboard that can help them learn to balance on their tiny feet. Skating is also recognized to help with mental health and resilience (2). This post includes a list of some of the top skateboards for kids currently available on the market. Check them out and buy the most suitable one.

Safety Measures To Take When Skateboarding

Before we move on to the list of the best skateboards for kids, here are a few safety features you must be aware of.

  • Whether your child is a beginner or advanced skater, wearing a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads is a must when they skate. The protective gear prevents injuries in case of accidents and makes the rides safer.
  • The bearings of the skateboard must be checked before every ride. They must also be replaced regularly.
  • You must also ensure that the trucks of the boards are tight before every ride. Loose trucks could lead to difficulty in maneuvering and cause falls.

Types Of Skateboards

There are four types of skateboards you can choose from.

  1. Longboard: Any skateboard that is 33in or longer is classified as a longboard. It is suitable for regular riding and not built for performing tricks. It can be ridden on a downhill, smooth roads, and even cover long distances comfortably.
  2. Cruiser: It is shorter than longboards and offers easy movements. The cruiser board is suitable for children above nine years of age. It can be ridden on smooth surfaces.
  3. Mini-cruiser: This is smaller than a cruiser, is lightweight and portable. It is suitable for beginners and can be used downhill, skate parks, and other smooth terrains.
  4. Double-kick: It has lifted edges and a lowered center and is ideal for performing tricks. The double-kick skateboard is suitable for any age.

13 Best Skateboards For Kids

1. Best Assymetric Kick-Tailed Skateboard: Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard


If you’re in search of a durable deck, this 27.5in Magneto mini-cruiser skateboard with double-kick trails can be a good choice. It has beginner-friendly features to help your child learn the general tricks such as flips, ollies, and mannies with high control. With a grip tape feature for easy stopping, this mini skateboard for kids stands out from the rest.


Lightweight and portable
Asymmetric kick tails for changing direction
Unique graphics and a sand-grit Canadian maple finish
Trucks made of high-quality cast aluminum
Wheels and bushings are made of SHR polyurethane


Wheels might stick out slightly

2. Best Fully Assembled Skateboard: Retrospec Quip Skateboard

Retrospec Quip Skateboard


For a flexible board to enable free movement, consider the plastic skateboard from Retrospec. Due to its molded pattern and six-inch deck width, this retro-styled skateboard offers style, control, and maneuverability. Your child can carry in their backpack to school or the park as it is portable and lightweight.


  • Contains ABEC-7 bearings for precise control
  • Weighs only 4lb
  • Five-inch trucks attached to polyurethane wheels
  • Injection-molded style
  • Fully assembled
  • Can hold weight up to 220lb
  • Available in lengths of 22.5 inches and 27 inches


  • Might require some adjustments for optimal performance
  • May feel small to some

3. Best Beginner-Friendly Skateboard: Apollo Longboards

Apollo Longboards


If you’re looking for a board that provides smooth and stable performance on any surface, this kids’ skateboard from Apollo is what you need. With 38in length and 9in deck width, this board can be a good pick for beginners. Built with accuracy, the lightweight cruiser board can provide a great start to your child’s longboarding journey.


  • Made from Canadian maple wood
  • Firm traction provided by sandblasted grip tape
  • Features 7 inches aluminum trucks
  • Has HR78A purple wheels for smooth rides
  • T-tool can be used to customize rides


  • Paint might start to peel off with time
  • May make creaking noises

4. Best Durable Skateboard: WhiteFang Skateboards

WhiteFang Skateboards


The 31.75in WhiteFang longboard with precise bearings offers high spin speed and can be used by your child for commuting or skateboarding on ramps or in the skate parks. Its durable and concave design and portability feature let your child master new tricks effortlessly.


  • Sand papered surface locks the feet
  • Made from seven-layered maple deck
  • Can support a maximum weight capacity of 330lb
  • Wheels are made of polyurethane with ABEC-9 bearings and 95A PU bushings


  • Deck might be slightly warped

5. Best Uniquely-Designed Skateboard: Meketec Skateboards

Meketec Skateboards


Weighing only 3.8lb and measuring 22.5in in length, this plastic board from Meketec can serve as a compact and portable commuting option for both children and adults. Your child can roll on any terrain with its sturdy polyurethane deck material without compromising on safety. As it is suitable for beginners, this cruise board would make a good gift for your children.


  • Available in 27 color combinations
  • Supports maximum weight capacity of 200lb
  • Wheels are made of polyurethane with ABEC-7 bearings
  • Unique, pleasing design
  • Can be used for cruising and rolling in the skate park


  • Might not be suitable for advanced learners
  • Some might find it small

6. Best Skateboard With LED Wheels: Merkapa Skateboard For Beginners

Merkapa Skateboard For Beginners


The kids’ skateboard from Merkap is built with its LED wheels to make your child’s ride fun. These wheels auto-charge when they spin and don’t require any batteries or electric charge to function. With its six-inch deck width and durable deck material of polypropylene, this 22in single-kick cruiser deck would make a good present for your child.


  • Truck made of aluminum alloy
  • Large polyurethane 78A wheels with ABEC-7 bearings
  • Supports maximum weight capacity of 180lbs
  • Provides high abrasion resistance and firm grip


  • Might bend slightly due to weight
  • Wheels might not light up well over time

7. Best Durable Skateboard: Hikole Skateboard

Hikole Skateboard


The Hikole kids’ skateboard is made of high-quality materials and offers a comfortable ride to beginners. Due to its durable truck, your child can learn the basic tricks such as OL action and 360s without any difficulty. With a five-year warranty, this 31in cruise board with 8in width is an ideal purchase for growing children.


  • Made of seven-layered Canadian maple wood
  • Can withstand 220lb maximum weight
  • Wheels are made of polyurethane and have ABEC-7 bearings for precise control
  • Black grip tape provides traction


  • Might wear out with extensive use
  • Trucks may require frequent tightening

8. Best Versatile Skateboard: Metroller Skateboards

Metroller Skateboards


The 31in kid skateboard has a double kick concave body, suitable for beginners and skilled riders. Due to the support provided by its aluminum alloy trucks, your child can learn new skills or excel in the learned ones. Bring the joy of longboarding into the lives of your children with the Metroller’s cruiser board, known for its better safety and control.


  • Made of seven-layered Canadian maple wood
  • Supports 220lb maximum weight capacity
  • Shock-absorbent wheels made with 95A rebound polyurethane
  • ABEC-7 bearings with PU bushings for a smooth ride on all terrains
  • Sandpaper provides traction and anti-slip feature
  • Intricate and colorful prints


  • Might need some adjustments for optimal performance

9. Best Customizable Design Skateboard: Sangde Standard Skateboards

Sangde Standard Skateboards


If you’re looking for a longboard with colorful designs and a high-performance feature, you can opt for Sangde’s kid skateboard. It has a five-inch aluminum truck made of polyurethane to make your child’s ride comfortable. The safety of your child is assured with its water-resistant grip tape that provides traction. Due to its double warped support and a length of 31inches, this skateboard supports strength to make difficult tricks such as pivots and slides effortless.


  • Self-generating polyurethane flashing wheels
  • Made from natural wood
  • Can hold 220lb maximum weight capacity
  • Aluminum alloy wheels with ABEC-7 bearings
  • Offers customizable decoration


  • Might not be suitable for intermediate learners
  • Wheels may require frequent tightening

10. Best High Stability Skateboard: Geelife Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Geelife Mini Cruiser Skateboard


Encourage your child to skate with this colorful 22in mini cruiser board from Geelife. The aluminum alloy base plate with chromium steel bearings offer stability to both beginners and pro-riders. The lightweight and portable skateboard let your child commute, cruise, and roll at a skate park. With its webbed design available in multiple colors, this board can provide a great start to your child’s skateboarding journey.


  • Deck material is reinforced to provide stability
  • Can hold a maximum weight of 330lb
  • Self-charging illuminating wheels
  • Waterproof grip tape provides traction


  • Illumination might be a bit flackery

11. Best Threaded-Wheel Skateboard: Andrimax Skateboards

Andrimax Skateboards


The beginner-friendly kid skateboard from Andrimax is a comfortable and safe way to introduce your child to skating. It has threaded wheels that offer a smooth ride on any surface. With its non-slip and waterproof grip tape and 31in length, the board is easy to operate by children and supports advanced tricks such as sliding, pivoting, and sharp turns.


  • Made of seven-layered maple wood
  • Can hold 220lb weight
  • Rebound wheels made of 95A polyurethane with noise-free ABEC-11 bearings
  • Base truck is made of aluminum alloy
  • PU damping system in the base provides safety and comfort
  • Ideal for children above four years of age


  • Might be slightly challenging for beginners

12. Best Small-Sized Skateboard: Gonex Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Gonex Mini Cruiser Skateboard


The Gone Cruiser board is convenient for children to have a ride to the skate park or class. Made of high-quality components, this plastic skateboard offers resistance and control effortlessly. With only 22in in length, the board will fit right into your child’s backpack and lets them enjoy a safe skating session anytime they want to.


  • Made of high-quality polypropylene
  • Polyurethane wheels have ABEC-7 bearings
  • Aluminum alloy truck for grip
  • Supports 198 Lb maximum weight
  • Available in many patterns
  • Ideal for children above three years of age


  • Bearings might not be sturdy enough

13. Best With High-Rebound Wheels: GIEEU Colorful Skateboard

GIEEU Colorful Skateboard

Flaunt your colorful and lightning-fast wheels the next time you go skateboarding with this awesome board. It comes with an eight-inch deck width and is made from a sturdy combination of aluminum and maple, making it durable enough to withstand up to 220lbs. Ideal for experts and beginners alike, the skateboard features anti-shock and high-rebound wheels to give you a smooth, safe, and seamless ride. You can keep on boarding even in the dark as the wheels light up impressively bright, which makes them the coolest new skates in town.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Safe for all levels of riders
  • Ideal for all surfaces
  • Super-easy to stop and maneuver
  • Enough space for both feet


  • Non-skid material might peel off over time

How To Choose The Right Skateboard For Kids?

Now that you’ve read about the best skateboards for kids, you might have understood a bit more about their construction. Here are a few more features to consider.

  1. Style: A skateboard can be used for commuting or performing different tricks. You can opt for a longboard if you want your child trained in tricks or go for a cruise board that is only meant for riding around. Cruise boards have a higher deck width and offer smoother rides.
  1. Materials: Most skateboards either use plastic or natural wood as deck materials. Maple wood is usually used for construction and is piled in seven or nine layers for firmness. It is durable and promises strength. On the other hand, plastic deck material is used in the construction of cruisers. Though these models are inexpensive, they may not be long-lasting. Few manufacturers also construct the board using bamboo and fiberglass.
  1. Deck shape: This may vary based on your preference. A skateboard’s deck comes in the following shapes:
    • Drop through: These models are stable as they place the legs at a lower level to trucks. Due to their concave design, they provide a low center of gravity, ideal for cruisers.
    • Pintail: These models have a flat platform and slim tails to accommodate larger wheels. They provide high stability and are ideal for beginners.
    • Shortboard: These boards are small and suitable for skating on the streets. They are easy to perform tricks.
    • Cruiser: These boards have kicktails, offer high stability, and are suitable for just rolling around.
  1. Trucks: These parts attach the wheels to the deck. Aluminum trucks are usually sturdy and offer easy maneuverability. For any skater keen to perform tricks, the trucks should be made of metal to ensure safety and stability.
  1. Bushings: The tiny rubber pieces inside the trucks are called bushings. They are usually made of polyurethane and help in the effortless turning of the wheels in the prescribed directions.
  1. Wheels: These are made of hard polyurethane, which is firm and vibration-absorbent. They can be used in skate parks and on cracked roads as they are shock-resistant. On the other hand, large wheels, usually seen in cruise skateboards, are only suitable for riding on smooth surfaces.
  1. Bearings: These tools connect the wheels to the trucks. They help the wheels spin and have American Bearing Manufacturers Associations (ABEC) ratings given to them that determine their quality.
  • ABEC 1 is the inexpensive bearings but the least precise.
  • ABEC 3 bearings are usually found in low-quality skateboards. They may not offer a smooth ride.
  • ABEC 5 provides good speed and available at a reasonable price.
  • ABEC 7 bearings are of good quality and offer smooth performance. They are expensive but are suitable for committed skaters.
  • ABEC 9 bearings are suitable for fast riders. They are highly expensive.
  • ABEC 11 bearings are of a high standard and offer high tolerance. They are also expensive.
  1. Grip tape: The black part that is seen on top of the deck is called grip tape. It prevents your feet from slipping and provides traction while riding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my child need knee pads and a helmet when skateboarding?

Yes, anybody who skateboards needs knee pads, helmets, and other safety gear. Skating requires safety gear even after your child has mastered it. As accidents could happen anytime, it is better to be safe than sorry and prevent any unforeseen injuries.

2. When is my child ready to go to a skate park?

If your child can squat and knows how to balance the board well after training and gets up after a fall, they can skate at a park. The ideal age is between the age of six and ten years. Falling right to prevent severe injuries is one of the essential tricks of skateboarding. If your child has mastered this art, they are ready to go to a skate park.

3. How long will a skateboard last?

The skateboard decks may not last very long when regularly used as they are made of plastic or wood and prone to breakage during tricks. To avoid any excess costs, you can purchase several decks and replace them when broken, rather than get a whole new skateboard instead.

Gifting your child a skateboard can encourage them to explore an exciting new outdoor activity while getting sufficient exercise and fresh air. To select the best skateboard for kids, you must consider factors such as quality, durability, weight, portability, and safety. The above list provides ample options for the top skateboards available online with information about specifications such as maximum weight capacity, wheel material, body material, and traction. However, before purchasing a skateboard, ensure its style and size suit your child.


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