20 Must-Have Skateboards, And Roller, Inline, Ice Skates For Kids

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As schools tend to shut down and weekends get boring, most kids end up spending more and more time in front of gadgets and screens, which does little for good health. So, an excellent way to encourage your kids to be more active and get involved in something that will help their overall health and stamina is to introduce them to skating.

And, if you have a little skater at home who wants his own skateboard, or is keen on a pair of skates, inline or otherwise, consider reading this post.

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Top 5 Best Skateboards For Kids:

Here is our recommendation of the ten best skateboards that your kids can use:

1. Nivia Skateboard:


  • The skateboard from the brand Nivia measures 31 X 8 inches.
  • It comes with high-quality ball-bearings that help the ride to be smooth.
  • It is lightweight, weighing only 500 gm and is also perfect for beginners.

2. Strauss Bronx BW Skateboard (Anti-Skid):

  • The skateboard from the brand Strauss measures 31 X 8 inches.
  • It comes with very good quality ball bearings that help the ride to be smooth.
  • The wheels are of a very high quality and will help your kid move easily on any surface.
  • The base is made of firm wood that helps prevent any accidental skidding.
  • Your kid will love the colorful graphics that are bright and visually appealing.

3. Kamachi Skateboard L:

  • The skateboard from the brand Kamachi comes with a special cover and measures 31 X 8 inches.
  • The wheels are made of hardened fiber and provide a solid grip for your kid.
  • The skateboard can hold a weight of up to 90 kg.

4. BLT Neo Printed Skateboard:

  • This a good skateboard for kids from the brand BLT and is made of very high-quality material.
  • It comes with heavy duty wheels and has a beautiful graphic design.

5. Oxelo Mid Tattoo Skateboard:

  • The skateboard from the brand Oxelo will be suitable for slightly older kids who have already done some skateboarding in the past.
  • It has ABEC-5 bearings and the wheels measure 54 mm in diameter. The wheels are made of the material that comes with polyurethane 92A hardness.
  • The skateboard is relatively easy to handle.
  • It measures 31 X 775 inches and is made of truck rubber which is again made of 92A polyurethane.
  • The skateboard uses a 7 ply wooden glue-laminated board which is 50 percent Canadian maple aluminum trucks.

Top 5 Best Roller Skates For Kids:

Here is our recommendation of some of the best roller skates that your kids can use:

1. Cosco Tenacity Super Roller Skate Junior:

  • The brand Cosco brings this high quality pair of roller skates that will be perfect for your kid.
  • The wheels are made of broad rubber which will provide a strong grip.
  • It comes with the option of adjustable size which will help your kid use it through the years.
  • The laces can be tied in the front to make the fit firmer.

2. Jonex Tenacity Roller Skates:

  • The sturdy roller skates come from the brand of Jonex and are plated with zinc.
  • The tenacity wheels measure 55 mm in diameter and are fitted with brakes to help your kid maintain control.
  • It also comes with synthetic straps and flaps.
  • The size is expandable and measures 3 to 10 as per the US size label.
  • It is good for kids who are six or above.

3. Vicky Rolling Skates Jupiter With Brakes:

  • The rolling skates are from the brand Vicky and it comes with big wheels.
  • The skates are power coated and have PU flaps and straps.
  • It comes with adjustable straps and is best suited for kids who are six years or older.

4. Roller Derby Laser 7.9 Speed Roller Skates:


  • The roller skates from the brand Roller Derby come with a comfort fit boot and a heel stabilizer.
  • It has a padded collar, laces as well as a Velcro power strap.
  • It also has pro speed clear urethane wheels with pro core, which measure 54 mm.
  • It comes with Tru-Trac chassis as well as ABEC-7 speed rated bearings.
  • The skates measure 15.50 inches in length as well as 5.50 inches in height. It weighs 3.2 kg.

5. Chicago Girls Sidewalk Skate:


  • The roller skates from the brand Chicago Skates are specially imported from the USA.
  • It weighs 2.2 kg and is ideal for your little girl.
  • It has a ¾athletic design and comes with padded ankles that will provide extra comfort and support.
  • It also comes with a high impact and double adjustable chassis and truck, which will make it easier for your daughter to turn and keep control.
  • The wheels are oversized and the bearings are semi-precision, to help the rolling movement smoother.
  • It comes with a lace closure and a self-adhesive power strap that makes sure the roller skates will fit properly.

Top 5 Best Inline Skates For Kids:

Here is our recommendation of some of the best inline skates that your kids can use:

1. Nivia Super Inline Skates:

  • The inline skates from the brand Nivia come with aluminum frames which can be adjusted for length.
  • The wheels are made of polyurethane and measure 72 mm in size.
  • The steel bearings are made of Abec 5 carbon and are especially sturdy to give a long-lasting durability.
  • It comes with built-in brakes that are present at the rear end of the skates.

2. Kamachi Aluminum Body High Quality Inline Skates:

  • The inline skates from the brand Kamachi are made of 100 percent cotton jersey material.
  • The padded support will make sure your kid can easily skate without the risk of any injury.

3. Yonker Inline Skates:

  • The inline skates from the brand name Yonker are good for kids who have done some form of skating earlier.
  • It comes with an aluminum chassis and PU wheels.
  • The size of the shoe can be adjusted for up to four sizes, which means your kid can use it for a long time.
  • It comes with a precision bearing.

4. Jonex Inline Skates:

  • The inline skates from the brand Jonex come with PU wheels that will make skating safer and easier for your kid.
  • It also has a brake in the rear end of the skates, to help your kid maintain control.
  • The shoes are imported and soft, and the size can be adjusted.

5. Iris Inline Skates:

  • The inline skates from the brand Iris come with a full aluminum chassis.
  • It also has ABEC 7 bearing and front wheel lights.

Top 5 Best Ice Skates For Kids:

Here is our recommendation of some of the best inline skates that your kids can use:

1. Dixon Shoe Skate Ice Skates:

  • The ice skates from the brand Dixon come with a toe brake and have laces for closure.
  • It is adjustable in size, which means your kid can use it for a long time.
  • The wheels are made of rubber and the boot is made of leather.

2. Yonker Ice Skates:

  • The ice skates from the brand Yonker are perfect if your kid has done some ice skating in the past.
  • The frame and chassis are of carbon blade and the shoe size is adjustable, which means your kid can use it for a long time.

3. Lake Placid Star Glide Girl’s Double Runner Figure Ice Skate:


  • The ice skates from the brand Lake Placid are imported from the USA.
  • They measure 10 inches in length and width and four inches in height.

4. Tour Hockey 58TA-09 Senior FB-225 Ice Hockey Skate:


  • The ice skates are from the brand Tour Hockey and will be perfect for kids who are already trained in the same.
  • It comes with a reinforced support at the ankle.
  • It also has a deluxe EVA comfort padding which will prevent any injuries to your kid.
  • The chrome bearings are BEVO silver-5 race rated while the control wheels are Tour Force Speed Formula.

5. Frozen Glitter Convertible Ice Skate:


  • The ice skates from the brand Play Wheels will be a perfect skating companion for your little girl.
  • The product dimensions are 29.5 X 9 X 23.5 cm and weighs 2.2 kg.

Skateboarding Safety Tips To Keep In Mind For Kids:

Before you start your kid on skateboarding, here are some important safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Buy The Right Type Of Skates:

There are various types of skateboards available in the market which will work for different types of skating sports. Understand the specific type of skating that your kid will take part in and buy the skates accordingly. Also, depending on where your kid will skate, the type of skates can vary. For instance, some skates that are smaller than the rest will work best at a park.

2. Check For Quality:

Before you buy the skates, check them properly to look for any damaged parts. Watch out for any sharp edges, any damage to the wheels or any loose parts that could potentially hurt your kid while skating.

3. Look For Safety Standards On The Helmet:

It is very important that your kid wear all the required safety gear while skateboarding. Buy a helmet that is specifically recommended for skateboarding instead of picking up any type of helmet that fits. The helmet which is meant for skateboarding will have some form of labeling inside which mentions that it meets the ASTM F1492 skateboard helmet standard.

4. Get Proper Gear:

Make sure your kid wears proper closed shoes made of suede or leather. The shoes should fit well and the soles should be sturdy, not slippery. In addition, your kid must wear knee and elbow pads, as well as wrist guards. Hip pads, padded jackets and skateboard gloves are some other riding gear that your kid should wear to avoid any form of injury.

5. Skate Only In Specified Areas:

To avoid any sort of injury, make sure that your kid only skates in areas that are specifically meant for the same. Also, your kid should obey and follow all rules to avoid any injury or accident.

6. Health In Good Shape:

If your kid is unwell, it is better to avoid skating for the time being. Also, make sure that each time before skating your kid or you check the skates for any signs of damage.

What Is The Right Age To Start Ice Skating?

Most ice skating experts recommend that your kid can start learning ice skating by the age of four. Here are a few things you will have to keep in mind:

  • Your kid should be able to pay attention to the class and understand what the trainers say.
  • It is not possible for you to be around while your kid is learning the sport, so your little one should be comfortable staying away from you for the duration of the class.
  • Many skating rinks do not allow kids under the age of four to practice, so it is the earliest age that trainers recommend.

What Is The Right Age To Start Skateboarding:

As per the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the minimum age to start skateboarding is five years old. In addition, children who are between the ages of six and ten should always be accompanied by an adult while skateboarding.

Is Skating Good For Kids?

Here are a few ways in which skating can benefit your kids:

  • It increases muscular strength as well as cardiorespiratory endurance.
  • Can help keep weight in check and prevent obesity.
  • Is a great form of aerobic exercise.
  • Will help to improve balance, flexibility, coordination and agility.
  • Helps reduce body fat and improves strength in legs.

Skating is not only a fun sport but also a great way to help your kids exercise. Once your kids learn the basics you can help them move on to the next level. Make sure your kids always follow all safety procedures and skating tips and that you or some other trusted adult is always around for supervision.

Moms, have you enrolled your kids in any form of skating? If yes, do share your reviews and experiences on the same so that other mommies can enroll their kids in the right type of skating class as well.

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