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Do you wonder about the little outgrowth of extra skin on your child’s neck, armpit or groin? Do you ignore it as it is not painful? It might be a skin tag! What are skin tags? Do they affect your child? Read our post and learn all about skin tags in children here.

What Is A Skin Tag?

A skin tag is nothing but additional skin that usually bulges at the end. Skin tags are not by birth. They form when there is a friction between the skin surfaces. The most interesting fact about skin tags is that they can affects people of any age group, including children.

The main areas where skin tags occur are areas that rub together, or where the skin forms a crease. The armpits, the neck and the groin are most common areas. A skin tags is not painful, but sometimes it can be irritable, and bleed. If your child is experiencing these symptoms, it is the time to take him to a skin specialist. Skin tags are more common in female children than in a male child (1).

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What Causes Skin Tags In Children:

Skin Tags are said to affect 46% of the population and are more common in females than males. They are often associated with:

  • Brit-Hogg-Dube Syndrome: A hereditary or genetic disorder that is susceptible to kidney cancer and is also said to affect the skin and lungs (2).
  • Acromegaly: A condition in which anterior pituitary gland is said to produce excess growth hormone (3).
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: PCOS as it is known is a syndrome causing hormonal imbalance in women. This is a combination of environmental and genetic factors (4).

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Treating Skin Tags In Kids:

Since skin tags are benign, treatment is not necessary. Only when the tags start to irritate, the specialist decides to remove them through Cryosurgery, excision, cauterization and surgical litigation.

Laser Removal: It is the last line of treatment, and is slightly expensive than the other procedures. Laser removal might also require repeated sessions.

There are several home remedies mentioned on a virtual forum, which can also be tried. One of them is tying the tag with dental floss, and allowing it to fall during the course of time.

Another method of removal is freezing, which causes the tag to fall off over a period of 10-14 days. Often this might require a second session and then it is called a double freeze-thaw (5).

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Post Treatment Care:

Children might develop blisters on the skin after the treatment. Though the treatment these days are not painful, it takes ten days to heal. It is important not to expose them to the sun, and keep them indoors for a few days after treatment.

If you are trying a home remedy for removing skin tags on children’s skin, keep the doctor informed. It is important not to let it spread any further. Reports say that skin tags can be removed from parts they are apparent, one can also opt for homeopathy treatment. Homeopathy can help remove the skin tag, but it takes time. Parents need to be patient and let their children know that they are still the most beautiful beings. Children often get annoyed and irritable with something that is evident. Though there is nothing to worry when children have skin tags, it is important that it does not influence their self-confidence.

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If you have any other information on skin tags on kids, or you know of someone who has had skin tags, do share the experience here. It would help other readers get a better idea about the topic. Leave your comments below.

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