19 Beautiful Smile Quotes For Your Children

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A smile can be as powerful as a sword. To make your children understand the importance of a smile, share some smile quotes for children we have compiled in this post.

A smile can help lighten someone’s burden and can turn their day around. It also uplifts your mood and keeps you feeling positive for the entire day. So, here is a list of smile quotes that you can use to teach your children the power of a genuine smile.

How Did World Smile Day Come Into Existence?

World Smile Day is celebrated on the first Friday of October every year to honor Harvey Ball. Wondering who is Harvey Bell? Harvey Ball was the artist who created the smiley face graphic in 1963. The image went on to become of the most recognizable symbols of cheer and happiness.

As the years went by, Harvey became concerned about the commercialization of his symbol. Out of this concern cropped the idea of the World Smile Day. Harvey believed that there should be at least one day devoted to the act of kindness. So he declared that the first Friday in October to be the World Smile Day. After the death of Harvey, the “Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation” was created to honor him. The Foundation is the official sponsor of the World Smile Day.

World Smile Day Quotations

The power of the smile has been documented by activists, singers, and authors since time immemorial. So today, we have gathered 30 of the most beautiful kids smile quotes from eminent personalities. Read them below!

Quote 1:

Do you know how puppies express joy? They just wag their tails and fall over. Yes, that’s their way of smiling!

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Quote 2:

Never stop smiling, even if you have no reason to smile.

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Quote 3:

Never underestimate the power of a smile. It could be the only brightness of someone’s day.

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Quote 4:

People will not notice your old or worn out clothes if you wear a big smile on your face.

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Quote 5:

A robbed victim, who smiles about his loss, is superior to the thief who stole from him.

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Quote 6:

A smile is most genuine when it is not trying to impress anyone.

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Quote 7:

A smile gives you friends while scowl gets you wrinkles.

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Quote 8:

People who smile in distress are the strongest. They gain strength merely by seeing their reflection in the mirror.

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Quote 9:

Life is not a bed of roses. Problems and stresses are bound to happen. But whenever you are feeling, try to smile. Your mood will change for better.

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Quote 10:

An angry face contains the curves of a smile that just waits to be released.

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Quote 11:

Joy is often considered the source of a smile. But what many people do not realize is that their smile can be the source of someone else’s happiness too!

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Quote 12:

Tough times do not last, but tough people surely do. And it’s the smile that conceals their toughness.

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Quote 13:

Just the act of putting a smile on the face can give you feeling of happiness and joy, no matter how grouchy you are feeling.

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Quote 14:

Smiling not just makes you, but even other happy. Even studies have shown that seeing someone smile activates the muscles in the face, making the same, even when you are not aware of it. Isn’t that crazy?

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Quote 15:

A smile is contagious. Give it to the world and the world will give back to you. You can brighten the days of people around just by smiling.

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Quote 16:

Smiling make an enormous difference in the life of a person. Just smile at yourself every day in the mirror and see what difference it makes in your life.

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Quote 17:

People who are kind hearted and ever smiling radiate gladness and happiness. Their unending stream of joy pours over to everything that comes close it.

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Quote 18:

Doesn’t it feel amazing when the baby flickers a smile while sleeping? Rabindranath Tagore has described it beautifully in this quotation.

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Quote 19:

Couldn’t agree more with this quotation. Inner peace can be found the moment we reach for a smile.

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A smile can express feelings that words cannot. The power of a smile cannot be underestimated. It can make someone’s day or give a ray of hope in times of distress. So, you should encourage your children to develop the habit of smiling and being cheerful. The lovely smile quotes for children enlisted here are worth sharing. Their enlightening words and deep meaning will help children know the importance of a smile and motivate them to develop this wonderful habit.

Infographic: Beautiful Quotes On Smiling For Children

Smiling takes the least effort and benefits everyone. Educating your child on the importance of smiling can go a long way in building their character, nurturing their emotional well-being, and developing positive traits. Scroll through the infographic below for inspiring quotes on smiling. Save and share it with your child.

heart touching smiling quotes for your child [infographic]
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