15 Signs To Tell If Someone Is Jealous Of You

15 Signs To Tell If Someone Is Jealous Of You

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Jealousy can make one’s eyes go green. It is one of those human emotions that can bring out the worst in anyone. If you have been at the receiving end of someone’s jealousy, you probably know how it feels. They pass snide remarks and are rude to you for no apparent reason.

These are some of the open and clear indications that someone’s jealous of you. However, there are many hidden ways through which people who are jealous of you can cause you trouble. And it is important you stay away from such toxic people. Here are some signs to tell someone is jealous of you.

15 Signs To Tell Someone Is Jealous Of You

Jealousy does not come with a signboard, but some of these signs can probably help you understand if a person might feel jealous of you.

1. Fakes happiness for your success

This person may be your competitor, but when you win something, they clap the loudest for you and look elated as if they have won a prize. They will praise you and congratulate you, but only when people are around. Once alone with other people, they will ensure everyone knows how undeserving you are. They will speak ill of you behind your back and in such a way that listeners are convinced they are right.

2. Undermines your achievements

A jealous person hates seeing you happy and enjoys raining on your parade. For instance, you tell them that someone complimented your new dress, and they will act as though it is no big deal and that they have bought better dresses at a much cheaper rate. They want to ensure that you do not enjoy other people’s attention, which they probably crave and cannot earn it themselves.

3. Overestimates their own achievements

Jealous people are often insecure. They do not have the qualities of an admirable person, so they tend to blow their own trumpet to force people to notice and recognize their achievement. You may share your achievement with them, but they will instead start talking about their past achievement. Their achievement may not be a big one, but they want to ensure they look superior to you.

4. Remains absent during your success

Someone who is jealous of you can’t stand it when you are being celebrated and can’t listen to others praising you. For instance, you throw an engagement party for friends and invite the person. They will most probably give the party a miss as they cannot see you happy. However, if you happen to break up with your fiancé, be sure that the jealous person will be around you, pretending to console you but secretly taking pleasure in your miserable condition.

5. Misguides you

Whenever you go to this jealous person for some guidance or advice, they will either be uncooperative or give you the wrong advice because they do not want you to benefit from their experience. For instance, you ask for the number of their hairstylist because you liked their hair color. They will be not only reluctant to share the number with you but also bad mouth the good hairdresser and deliberately recommend you a lousy hairstylist.

6. Makes you uncomfortable with questions

When you meet someone new, it is natural for them to ask questions about you. A jealous person will also ask you questions but with a different intention. They might ask you about your past experiences and achievements and scrutinize every bit of information you share. They will constantly try to plant a seed of self-doubt in your mind and keep asking you questions that will eventually make you uncomfortable.

7. Competes with you all the time

You may be happy pursuing your hobbies and interest, oblivious to the fact that the jealous person tracks your movements to outdo you in anything possible. Their logic behind this is simple; they want what you have, and so, they will get it by being like you and better than you. For instance, they may never have worn makeup in their entire life, but when they notice you experimenting with your look, they will purchase all kinds of makeup available to look better than you.

8. Bad mouths you at any given opportunity

When someone comes to you and tells you that another person spoke ill of you, remember that this person too has bad-mouthed you to be able to know what others are talking about you. A jealous person will pretend to be your well-wisher and a bestie, but they keep you close only to spread gossip and false rumors about you. They will not spare any opportunity to complain about you to others and might even exaggerate details to tarnish your name.

9. Humiliates you in front of others

Let’s suppose you and the jealous person are with a third person. As you three speak, the third person starts pulling your leg in jest, which you don’t mind. But the jealous person joins the third person and begins teasing and insulting you in the garb of a joke. They fully intend to embarrass and humiliate you in front of the third person. If confronted, they will brush it off and say they were only joking and that you need not take it seriously.

10. Secretly enjoys your failures

You may not even be aware of it, but the person jealous of you felt an immense joy when you told them how your boss rebuked you for a mistake you made. A jealous person enjoys your setbacks and failures, and if given a chance, they will even spread the news around, ensuring that people know of your mistakes. They want everyone to know you are flawed and that there is no point in admiring a person like you.

11. Overly critical of you

No matter what you do and how well you do it, the person jealous of you will never have anything nice to say about it. Everyone around you might appreciate your good work, but the jealous person will find some flaw and fixate on it, ignoring the rest of the work. They will try to sabotage your proud moment so that you start seeing yourself as an imperfect person.

12. Hates you for no apparent reason

A jealous person may be a great friend to other people, but they will not be nice to you. And if they see you as a threat to their popularity, they will be even ruder to you. You may be nice to them and may even try to help them if needed, but they will not accept you. As the two opposite poles of a magnet, you might never be able to coexist as regular friends or even acquaintances harmoniously.

13. Steals credit for your work

A jealous person will often want you and people around to believe that they have played some role in your achievement. For instance, when you win something, they will say, “I’m glad you followed my advice or else you wouldn’t have won this” or “Next time, come sooner to me.” You may have heard this from your other friends too, but with this person, you just feel it deep inside that they are only trying to take credit for your work and create stress.

14. Demotivates you

You tell them how you plan to achieve something, and they will try their best to dissuade you from pursuing it. They may pretend to encourage you but will slyly create doubts in your mind. For instance, they may say something like this, “Wow! It’s good you are planning to relocate. But are you sure you will be able to do it? Because you know living in that city is so scary. I would never live there.” You may have done thorough research and made your decision, but their words of doubt make you unsure of yourself and cause self-doubt.

15. Passes snide remarks

A jealous person will never show their insecurity openly, but they need to get the negative energy building inside of them out. Their negativity comes out through unwarranted snide remarks. Their comments will be indirect, sarcastic, and motivated by pent up negativity. Their comments may not always be for you only but even for other people because there is no limit to their jealousy.

When jealousy takes over a person’s mind and dominates their thoughts, it does not take much time for them to be filled with negative energy. You may not be able to avoid a jealous person altogether, but you can try to stay away from them as much as possible unless you know how to deal with negativity and difficult people. They may try their best to steal your thunder and put you down, but do not fall for their tricks and instead keep shining in ways true to you.

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