25 Strong Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

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Are you pondering over the question of ’how to know if someone thinks about you? Then, we have the answer. It always feels good to know that someone is thinking about you. And if that person holds a special place in your heart, then your happiness and excitement would know no bounds.

Now imagine if you had psychic abilities with the help of which you could know what others are thinking about. Wouldn’t that be exciting! Well, what if we told you that your psychic energies could let you know when someone thinks about you.

Our bodies continuously emit signals to communicate with us, and all we need to do is understand them. So read on as we tell you about a few psychic signs that tell you when a person is thinking about you.

25 Psychic Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

Here are 25 common psychic signs someone is thinking about you. Note that these are anecdotal and need not necessarily be true.

1. Unexpected emotions

You are out and about with your friends and having a good time — cracking jokes and laughing hysterically —  and right in the middle of this, you might experience an unexplained gush of sadness that cannot be put into words. You are probably crossing someone’s mind, and perhaps your mind is filled with thoughts of that person too.

2. Eye twitching

A sudden itch or twitch in the eye might suggest you crossed someone’s mind. That energy gets translated into uncontrollable movement of the eye. However, if you have a specific eye illness or allergy, you can most certainly pass this as a sign.

It might be hard to believe, but depending on which eye twitches or itches, you can determine if positive or negative thoughts about you inhabit their mind, and it is different for both men and women. For instance, if a man experiences a right eye twitch, they can be sure that they are being thought of as a nice guy, and if it is the left eye,  the other person’s impression of them is all negative.

3. White feather sign

If you come across a white feather, your special someone might be thinking about you

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A white feather is an emotive symbol. If you come across a white feather, it might be possible that your special someone has been thinking about you. It is also believed that a white feather indicates your angel is watching over you and wants to see you happy.

4. Dreams about them

If you often see the same person in your dreams, perhaps that person is constantly thinking about you. You could document your dreams in a dream journal. Write about your dream the moment you wake up before it starts retreating from your mind. After a few days, you will be able to draw patterns and decode what they are thinking. It could also give you a peek into your life’s current situation.

Point to consider
You may dream of this person because they are on your mind quite often and it’s a wake up call for you to reconnect with them. You may visit them in person or have a call or facetime. Perhaps, they are also waiting to talk to you!

5. Goosebumps

Getting goosebumps is a physical sensation that reflects you are in someone’s thoughts. As much as it is physical, it surely has a strong emotional connection too. Sometimes, we all get goosebumps; they could be triggered by an old memory, some exciting piece of news, or a much anticipated moment. If you get goosebumps for no apparent reason, you are probably in someone’s thought process, and their energies might be transferring to you.

6. A butterfly perches on you

If a butterfly perches on you, it may signal an active telepathic connection

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Butterflies are known to have a connection with the spiritual world. In several cultures, they are known to be energy transmitters and respond favorably to positive energy. If a butterfly perches on you, it is not merely a coincidence; it may signal an active telepathic connection. It could be a psychic sign that someone is thinking about you.

7. Your cheeks flush

This one can be reckoned as a subtle psychic signal. If your cheeks flush without fever or when you aren’t in an awkward social situation, you are being criticized by someone somewhere. It also might signify someone is backbiting and gossiping about you.

8. Mid-meal discomfort

If right in the middle of your meal, you begin to choke, cough, or have discomfort gulping down food through your throat, then be mindful that tension is being built up in your subconscious mind. It could be a sign that someone is thinking about you and is worried about you, and that tension is transferring to you.

9. Sudden bouts of sneezing

A sign that many people cling to is consecutive sneezes in succession out of the blue. It may signal that you are nested in someone’s thoughts and are being missed fondly. Of course, if you have any medical conditions, such as an allergy, you could discount this sign.

10. Random hiccups

Traditionally, hiccups are associated with someone thinking about you. While hiccups can occur due to natural reasons, such as eating or drinking too fast, nerve irritation, or certain medication, if you start getting hiccups for no plausible reasons, you could be running through someone’s mind.

11. Unexplained physical touch

Any non-physical touch you experience could be a powerful sign that you are being remembered by someone dearly. This type of contact is usually experienced when a person is deeply connected with you. The sensation offers a sense of calm and can be extremely reassuring. People who have lost a near and dear one unpredictably often report such sensations.

12. Synchronistic encounters

Have you ever run into someone you have been thinking about but haven’t seen for a long time? Or have you received a call or text from them randomly? These meetings, calls, or texts do not happen accidentally and are intuitive. So, the next time it happens with you, it could be because you have been occupying their mind for a while.

13. Energetic and optimistic feeling

You feel charged up with a sudden bout of energy

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When someone thinks about you positively, that vibe may get transmitted to you in various ways, and you feel charged up with a sudden bout of energy. This energy burst can make you feel optimistic and cheerful.

14. Natural desire to get together

You have an intrinsic desire to be with the person who is cozying up in your mind and thoughts. You must be wondering, why? The reason could be the natural magnetic force or deep connection that is pulling you together in the same direction. You are actively thinking about each other, forging  a close bond.

15. Locking eyes in a crowded room

You enter a crowded room, and the first person that catches your attention is this person. You lock eyes instantly, and you both feel a deep bond and are happy to be in one environment. It is a strong sign that you are meant to be together.

16. Ceaseless thoughts about them

You can’t get them out of your mind no matter what you do. You might be at work, shopping in a mall, or walking in a park, but all you do is think of them. It could be because they are thinking about you too.

17. Smiling subconsciously without knowing

There are times when you chuckle at really inappropriate moments without any reason. You try to resist the urge to smile, but you smile from ear to ear. These sweet smiles happen when the mind experiences a sudden surge of positivity. Maybe someone is thinking about you and is trying to connect on a subconscious level.

18. You can hear and feel them

When you forge an emotional, almost spiritual bond with someone, that bond will go above and beyond space and time. This might sound amusing to some, but you will hear and feel them around you when they are not near you. When you experience this, be confident that you have each other in your thoughts.

Did you know?
A burning sensation in your cheeks and ears is another sign that someone is thinking about you.

19. Thinking the same thoughts

Since there could be a kind of telepathic connection between intertwined souls, you think similarly

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When you converse both offline and online, you instantly say, “That was what I was thinking about too!” Does this ring a bell? Both of you think the same thought at the same time. Since there could be a kind of telepathic connection between intertwined souls, you think similarly.

20. Unfocused hyperactivity

At times, you just can’t seem to focus on anything you do. Your thoughts are all over the place, and you struggle to get anything done. This could be because someone out there is thinking of you subconsciously, and you feel the distractions from their thoughts.

21. Out-of-the-blue contact

When someone contacts you out of the blue, it may seem like a random act to you, but the reality could be that they have been thinking about you.

22. Name starts appearing

When someone thinks of you often, they are trying to send you signals and messages. If you are receptive enough, you may see the signals very clearly. That person’s name may start appearing in the most unlikely places, such as newspapers, magazines, or billboards.

23. Heightened senses

You need not communicate the sense of urgency through words as there is a psychic connection

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When you are in danger or trouble, and someone reaches out to you, it may signify a deep connection. You need not communicate the sense of urgency through words as there is a psychic connection.

24. They know your location

You may be anywhere in the world, but they will always know where you are. When you have a deep connection with someone, an inbuilt radar gets activated, telling them where you are, and telling you where they are.

25. Sympathy pains

When you are in pain, and they experience the same pain as you do, it could be a sign that there is a strong telepathic link. They feel so much for you that they experience every state you go through.

Once you understand how to know if someone thinks about you, you will be able to interpret the psychic signs better. For example, an eye twitch, sudden cough while having food, or hiccups for no apparent reason can happen when you are on someone’s mind. These telepathic connections can make you suddenly run into the very person or receive an unexpected text or call. Them thinking about you can make you smile without realizing, flush, or have recurrent thoughts and dreams about that person. If possible, once you pick up the signs, try reaching out to the ones thinking about you.

Infographic: Reasons They May Be Thinking About You

The feeling of being on someone’s mind is flattering. But could it always mean they have romantic feelings for you? Or is it simply because of a recent meeting? It could be either and many other reasons. If you’re curious, explore them below and find out how to respond if you feel the above signs.

reasons they may be thinking about you [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Thoughts are hidden in plain sight, making them difficult to interpret. But a few psychic signs may indicate that a person is thinking about you.
  • When a person thinks of you often, you may see them in your dreams or have optimistic feelings.
  • Psychic signs are anecdotal and should not be counted upon for reliable answers.

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