60+ Magical Songs About Liking And Crushing On Someone

Being in love is a magical feeling that we have all experienced at some point, and having a crush is a special feeling. You may share meaningful songs for someone you like to express your feelings. The butterflies in your stomach and your excitement never die down. When you like someone, music may help you convey your feelings for them better than words can.

Here are some songs to tell someone you like them and help manage your emotions when you like someone you can’t have.

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62 Songs About Liking Someone

Some emotions can’t be put into words, such as when you have feelings for someone. So play or send these love songs to tell someone you like them, melt their heart, or discover their soft side.

1. Fallin’ for you, Colbie Caillat

In this song, Colbie shares her feelings about a guy. He’s constantly on her mind, and she’s starting to fall for him, but she’s too scared to tell him how she feels. As she dances with him and holds his hand, she’s unsure how to express herself.

Another love song by the same name is Fallingforyou by The 1975. Kelli Misenheimer, a college student, music enthusiast, and blogger, says, ”I think ‘Fallingforyou’ is a song that provides you with that nostalgic feeling. From the way it is produced all the way down to words. It reminds me of those feelings you get when you are falling for someone, but you have no idea if they feel the same way (i).”

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2. Smile, Uncle Kracker

This melody perfectly describes how your special someone makes you feel: you wake up smiling as you think about them, and everything you see throughout the day reminds you of them. The lyrics talk about someone who is in love and can’t help but smile whenever he is with her or thinks about her.

3. I want to hold your hand, The Beatles

This sweet song expresses the desire to be in a romantic relationship with a woman the singer loves. He is certain of his feelings for her and how she makes him feel, so he is ready to take her hand and go the distance with her.

4. So into you, Atlanta Rhythm Section

It’s gonna be good, don’t you know/From your head to your toe/Me into you, you into me, me into you” these verses clearly show how captivated the singer is from the moment he sets eyes on this special woman. He is obsessed with her, and how she consumes his mind drives him insane. This song is a great addition to a jazz playlist.

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5. The way you make me feel, Michael Jackson

In this song, the King of Pop tries to convey to a special woman how crazy in love he has become because of her. He uses emotive language and enthusiasm to win the girl over and show how much he cares about her.

6. Enchanted, Taylor Swift

In this beautifully romantic song, Taylor Swift describes how she felt when she met someone she had an instant connection with. The song begins with the first time their eyes meet, and she then wonders if they have a chance. The ballad is most likely about Adam Young, whom she met in New York and had a huge crush on at the time.

7. Enchanted, Owl City

Adam Young responds to Taylor Swift in this cover version of her song that made all Swifties go wild. In response to Taylor’s line, “I was enchanted to meet you,” Adam sings, “I was enchanted to meet you, too” in his version. He admits that he had felt the same way about her and was wonderstruck by her.

8. Can’t help falling in love, Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley expresses his feelings for a girl he is madly in love with in one of the greatest romantic songs in music history. The King of Rock admits his feelings to his lover and tries to convince her that they are meant to be together. He pleads with the girl to take his hand so that they can begin their life together.

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9. Crazy for you, Madonna

This classic is possibly one of Madonna’s best works. Its lovely and touching lyrics are relatable to those in love and looking to confess how they feel. Crazy for You won Madonna her first Grammy Award nomination and marked the beginning of a new musical era for her. Picture this beautiful tune softly playing as you daydream, in which you sway in a slow dance with your crush.

10. Can’t fight this feeling, REO Speedwagon

This song is about a man who falls in love with a girl he has known for long. He’s gathering up the courage to admit it to himself and express his feelings to her because he can’t hold it in any longer.

11. There’s nothing holdin’ me back, Shawn Mendes

This Shawn Mendes melody has him confessing his love for a girl. He loves her so much that he is ready to let her control him, even if it’s detrimental to him. The singer confessed that the song was written for a fictional character, though the feelings that come through this song are all realistic.


12. (Everything I do) I Do It For You, Bryan Adams

This classic by Bryan Adams talks about a girl he is in love with. He urges her to look into his eyes and see his love for her. It is a song about selfless and unconditional love where he promises that everything he does is for her. Though the song featured in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for Kevin Costner, it gained far more popularity as a standalone.


Songs for someone you like

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13. Just the way you are, Bruno Mars

Mars croons about his lady love’s features and how beautiful she is. He loves every aspect of her and laments that she doesn’t know how wonderful she is. Maybe she doesn’t think she is pretty or has a nice smile or face. But when a man loves her, there is no woman who is more beautiful than she is for him.


14. You’re beautiful, James Blunt

When the singer sees a beautiful girl on the subway, he thinks she is absolutely beautiful and falls in love with her at first sight. Although she is with another man, he just wants to be with her and bemoans seeing her in a crowded place. He is also a bit sad that he might never meet her again.


15. Dusk Till Dawn, Zayn

This former One Direction heartthrob sings about his lady love. He believes they can overcome all obstacles and be together forever. He promises to be with her from dusk until dawn and stick by her side no matter what. The sensuous vocals of Sia add another layer of beauty and melody to this song.


16. Perfect, Ed Sheeran

The British singer croons about how perfect his then-girlfriend and now-wife, Cherry Seaborn, is. He reminds her of the time when they fell in love with each other when they were children. He now hopes to share her home with her, while he wishes her to share his hopes and dreams.


17. Adore you, Harry Styles

The current British heartthrob (and former One Direction member) Harry Styles comes up with another emotional melody about admiring his love. He doesn’t have any expectations from her – he doesn’t even want her to say she likes him. He only wants her to be herself so that he can continue loving her.


18. Let Me Love You, DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber

This classic is about a deep and true love that transcends all boundaries. The lover in this video urges his partner never to give up on him, come what may. He promises to stand by her side always.


19. Emma, Imagine Dragons

Award-winning band, Imagine Dragons, is known for their boppy pop rock. This soft song is a standalone track from earlier in their career. The singer sings about his love for his beloved, Emma. He wonders about her innocence and beauty and wishes never to leave her.


20. Love Me, Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, the teenage sensation of his time, comes with this ballad that expresses his love for his girl. He declares that his friends might think him crazy for falling for her, but he lists all the reasons why he thinks she is the one for him.


Songs About Crushing On Someone

If you’re having a hard time putting to words how you feel about your crush, here are some songs about crushing on someone and expressing your feelings to them.

21. Crush, David Archuleta

This 2008 pop song features a guy who realizes he’s crushing hard. His sweetheart captivates him, and the thought of her thrills him so much that he suspects it is love or something equally powerful. He wonders if she feels the same way too.

22. Bad liar, Selena Gomez

You become a bad liar when you start having feelings for someone but aren’t willing to admit it. “I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’/Not to think about you/I’m tryin’, I’m tryin’ not to give in to you,” Gomez makes it clear that she is badly crushing on someone and that she can’t conceal her attraction.

23. Into you, Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande makes no bones about her feelings, which are “A little bit dangerous/A little bit scandalous” as she wants “A little less conversation and/A little more touch my body.” Ariana is crooning in this fun and flirtatious track about her desire for some risky, sexy love with her man, whom she is obsessing and crushing over hard.

24. Teardrops on my guitar, Taylor Swift

Taylor wrote this soulful song about a time in high school when she was in love with Drew, who was crushing on someone else and couldn’t stop talking about her. Taylor maintains a cheerful demeanor when Drew seeks her advice, but she is deeply hurt. Taylor would cry at night thinking about Drew, which is why she uses the line, “he’s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar.”

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25. Treat you better, Shawn Mendes

In this song, Shawn Mendes tries hard to persuade his love interest to give up her boyfriend and be with him. He believes he can love and care for her more than her current boyfriend. Mendes had feelings for Camila Cabello and drew inspiration from it for this song.

26. Call me maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen

Call Me Maybe talks about developing instant feelings for someone you just met. Jepsen confesses not knowing the guy well enough but is willing to take a chance.

27. I like me better, Lauv

Lauv, who is deeply in love with his girlfriend, expresses how much he values her presence in his life. He believes that he is a better person when he is in her company. The song was inspired by Lauv’s relocation to New York City and subsequent relationship.

28. Crush, Dave Matthews Band

This song is thought to have been inspired by Ashley, Dave’s then-girlfriend and future wife. Crush digs deeper into the narrator’s feelings for his romantic interest. The lines, “Lovely lady, I am at your feet/Oh God, I want you so badly,” convey his strong desire to stay with her regardless of their circumstances.

29. Things I’ll never say, Avril Lavigne

“If I could say what I want to say/ I’d say I want to blow you away,” sings Avril, who has a crush on a guy but gets nervous when she sees him. She can’t seem to find the words to say that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

30. One thing, One Direction

This song is the epitome of young love. The singer describes how intensely he adores his beloved for one reason, but he cannot figure out that reason. He cannot be composed or control his feelings around her because she makes his heart race. But, he laments that she never seems to notice him. A cute song that aptly describes the excitement and longing that comes with falling in love.


31. All I want for Christmas is you, Mariah Carey

This Christmas favorite might seem an unlikely addition to this list. But if you look at it, it is the singer expressing her desire to be with the person she likes for Christmas. This peppy song is great for the festive season while also being a love song.


32. What makes you beautiful, One Direction

Another worthy One Direction addition to this list. This song is about a person who notices the beauty of his crush. He is awed by the way she lights up the world for him. But he thinks she doesn’t know her own beauty, and he wants to be the person to tell her.


33. A sky full of stars, Coldplay

Isn’t it the biggest compliment to be compared to a sky full of stars? That is what Coldplay, the British band, encourages you to do. The song compares a person someone likes to a sky full of stars and thinks they will give them their heart because they are heavenly. A simple yet classic song with a catchy beat and an ethereal meaning.


34. As long as you love me, Backstreet Boys

What if you are an introvert and lonely in life but have a crush on someone? Backstreet Boys captured this emotion perfectly in this song. The singer says that he is ready to leave his life in his crush’s hands even though he has just had a glance at her. Love’s craziness comes through perfectly through this song.


35. Never gonna give you up, Rick Astley

This classic has seen a sudden surge in recent years due to the popular meme of rickrolling. But this song, actually released in 1987, well before social media, has the singer declaring his unending love for his crush. He says they have known each other long and thinks she loves him back, too. This love ballad is perfect for the ones thinking of baring your hearts to your crush.


36. Let me love you, Mario

This song is about a person who watches his crush being with someone who is not right for her. The pain he feels is unspeakable. He wants to save her from this toxic relationship and begs her to let him love her the right way.


37. Beautiful girls, Sean Kingston

This song is about a secret admirer who is crushing on a beautiful girl. But he thinks she is beautiful, and so they will not last together. He says he would be devastated if she ever said it was over. Maybe that is why he is afraid of going forward. Who can say?


38. Waiting for love, Avicii

Are you waiting for a miracle to happen and for romantic love to expand the horizons of your life? Then, this song should be on your playlist. It is energetic and encourages you to take the first step to find your love. If you have a crush, you can build the courage to tell her about your feelings.


39. Don’t let me down, The Chainsmokers

This American electronic duo has come up with a poignant song for people who have crushes on their friends, particularly someone who is not that trustworthy. The person tells their crush/friend how much they need them and asks them not to let them down. Daya’s sharp vocals lend much-needed excitement to this song.


40. Can’t get you out of my head, Kylie Minogue

Australian singer, Kylie Minogue, came up with this peppy number to describe how the crush occupies all the space in her head. She is not complaining, though. If anything, she is happy about thinking of him and his love. She asks him to stay forever with her, which will, of course, be a happy ending.


41. Damn I wish I was your lover, Sophie B. Hawkins

The love of an admirer watching her crush from afar often cannot be put into words. Sophie Hawkins came up with this amazing love ballad back in 2009, which articulates some of the angst a lover might feel. She desires to be his beloved and lists all the things she will do for him.


Songs About Liking Someone You Can’t Have

These songs about liking someone you can’t have can serve as the best companion to deal with the frustration of unrequited love.

42. Somebody that I used to know, Gotye

Liking someone you can’t have can be emotionally devastating. Gotye croons this song after a bad breakup and reflects on his previous relationship. While his girlfriend was invested in the relationship, Gotye was not, although he was “addicted” to it. In the song, he laments how they now act like strangers.

43. Can I be him, James Arthur

In this song, James Arthur wishes to switch places with the man in the life of a girl he is crushing on. He believes that man does not deserve her and vows, “I’d never let anyone hurt you.” However, the girl does not appear to share his feelings.

44. Love yourself, Justin Bieber

Like Gotye, Justin Bieber reflects on a previous relationship with a girl who is so self-absorbed that she neglects the man who loves her. He abandons her once he realizes she is no good. This song was presumably written after his breakup with Selena Gomez.

45. It’s a heartache, Bonnie Tyler

When it was released in 1977, this was Tyler’s signature song and one of her best-selling singles of all time. Tyler agonizes over falling in love with someone who did not reciprocate her feelings and the heartbreak that followed. She sings about how love becomes “a fool’s game” when you fall in love with someone, only to discover that it would have never worked out.

46. Moving on and getting over, John Mayer

This song is among the first John Mayer wrote for his album “The Search For Everything” in Spring 2014. The verse has an unusual hook in the form of Mayer haltingly singing, “I still can’t seem to get you off my mind.” This ditty was inspired by his breakup with Katy Perry, but he’s moved on since, so it’s a happy ending.

47. Grenade, Bruno Mars

Liking someone you can’t have can make anyone feel worthless. Bruno Mars sings about being so in love with a girl that he would catch a grenade, take a shot in the head, or jump in front of a train to demonstrate his love. But he knows that this girl would never do the same for him.

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48. You don’t know my name, Alicia Keys

Liking someone you can’t have is bad enough, but what if your crush doesn’t even know about your existence? In the song, Alicia Keys describes her fantasies regarding what a first date and kiss would be like with her crush if only he noticed her.

49. What it takes, Aerosmith

This song talks about a difficult relationship where the girl leaves the guy though he loves her deeply. The lyrics highlight the pain of ending the relationship, and the singer asks what it takes to leave behind someone you loved dearly.

50. All I ask, Adele

Adele begs her boyfriend to grant her one final wish on their last evening together. She is aware that they will be splitting up, but they spend the last night in blithe comfort and self-delusion, enjoying each other’s company one last time.

51. Crush, Mandy Moore

When Mandy Moore sings the lines, “Ooh, I’ve got a crush on you/I hope you feel the way I do,” she admits to being on a rollercoaster as she envisions how wonderful life would be with him beside her. Though he has a girlfriend, she can’t hide away her feelings; whenever she sees him, she loses her mind.

52. You belong with me, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift sings passionately to her crush as if pleading her case that they belong together and that she is the one for him. On the other hand, her crush has a girlfriend who treats him like an object. She sings about how different she is from the girlfriend but they would make more sense together.


53. I want it that way, Backstreet Boys

This classic was released in 1999 and has been on the playlists of most lovelorn lovers ever since. The lover croons about how much he desires his beloved. But he says they are worlds apart and cannot reach her heart. He laments about his heartache and never wants his love to want it that way.


54. I wanna be your lover, Prince

This poignant song is about an admirer who likes a woman but, instead, is put off by the men she hangs around with. Even though they let her down, she still likes them and never notices his love for her. He entreats her to be with him throughout the song.


55. One day, Tate McRae

If you are hurting from your crush never noticing you, this moving song should be on your playlist. The secret admirer in this song believes the girl he loves is in love with another man. She is so shy that she cannot even build the courage to talk to this man, but our lover sees no chances for himself. The two are, however, pining for each other this whole time.


56. Can’t hide love, Earth, Wind & Fire

When you know your crush returns your feelings, but denies them nevertheless, it breaks your heart. This song by Earth, Wind & Fire captures just this conflicted feeling. The singer requests his lover to listen to his words but to no avail.


57. Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying, Sabrina Carpenter

Are you trying to impress your crush but know that they will never notice you no matter what you do? This song by Sabrina Carpenter shares this exact feeling. Of course, you will keep trying, but will your crush ever notice? That is the question no one can answer.


58. Beautiful soul, Jesse McCartney

In this touching song, the singer tells his crush that he doesn’t want someone else, no matter how pretty. He wants only her, and he admires her beautiful soul. He is willing to give her some time, but every moment they are not together hurts him.


59. Someone You Loved, Lewis Capaldi

This haunting love ballad, which talks about lost love and not having the person you love with you, will bring tears to your eyes. Whether you have loved and lost or know you cannot be with the person you like, this song must be at the top of your playlist.


60. Good thing, Sam Smith

When you dream about someone for so long they become a part of your life in your thoughts. But some people never come close in real life even though they might be your best friend. Sam Smith documents this broken heart perfectly in this song. When someone you meet and talk to everyday cannot be yours, the pain hits differently.


61. Take This Longing, Leonard Cohen

This song speaks volumes about longing in love. Leonard Cohen was enamored with singer Nico. But she was not interested in reciprocating his feelings. This heartbreak led to the creation of this beautiful song. Leonard Cohen has bared his heart to his lost love.


62. Loser, Charlie Puth

One of the lesser-known songs from Charlie Puth that captures heartbreak and longing perfectly. This song talks about lost love and the period of failure that comes after a breakup. Though this song is better suited to someone who has had a breakup, several lines in this song also talk about never getting to be together with the person you love.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does a guy send you a song?

There might be many reasons a guy refers to or sends a song to you. Some of them include:

  • They like you
  • They want to share their liked songs with you
  • They relate to the song’s emotions and would like to share them with you

2. What does it mean when a guy asks you to listen to a song?

It could be that the guy wants to share how he feels with you through that song and expects that you would feel and reciprocate in the same way as well. However, a guy may also send you a song because he likes it and wants you to also enjoy it. Eventually, it depends on the nature of the relationship you share with him.

3. How can I impress my crush with a song?

Impressing your crush by singing a song for them can be a thoughtful and romantic gesture. Select a song with lyrics or a melody that resonates with your feelings for your crush. If you’re not proficient in singing or playing an instrument, devote some time to practice and hone your musical abilities. Consider the ideal location and timing to perform the song, stay calm and confident, and focus on delivering the song with sincerity and genuine emotions.

4. Is it OK to send my crush a song?

Sending a song to your crush can be a creative way to express your feelings or to convey a message. However, it is essential to consider the dynamics of your relationship with your crush and the context in which you intend to send the song.

For centuries, music and songs have played an essential role in romantic relationships. Songs can, at times, unravel feelings that you were unaware you were experiencing. Moreover, they can also help convey your emotions to your crush. Send the lyrics of one of these songs over text or an audio message or sing it for your crush to give it a personalized romantic touch. In addition, you could keep this list of songs handy and surprise your crush by putting up a performance during a karaoke night.

Infographic: Songs That Capture This Wonderful Feeling

Are you crushing on someone and wondering how to convey your feelings to them? Take help from these lovely songs from our infographic to give them a hint. Save these songs in your playlist to listen to and cherish the incredible feeling of love, or share them with your special someone to bring a smile to their face.

songs that capture wonderfull feeling (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Crushing on someone is not always delightful. Sometimes, you may feel heartbreak. This song by Adele perfectly conveys feelings of not being able to be with the one you like.

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