27 Heart-Touching Songs About Mothers To Express Your Love

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Mother, a single word brings about a lot of emotions in us. She means the world to us, yet sometimes, when it comes to telling her how much we love her and appreciate her, we may struggle to find the appropriate words to express our feelings. Music strikes a chord with us like nothing else. Countless musicians have paid tribute to their mothers through their lovely songs, lyrics, and music. If you are looking for songs about mothers, delve into our handpicked selection of mellifluous and heart-touching melodies that will multiply your love for your mom.

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27 Best Songs About Mother

1. ‘Coat of Many Colors’ by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton, considered the queen of country music, tells us a story about her childhood through this song. Though not a mother herself, she wrote this song in honor of her mother. In this sweet lyrical tale, she says that she grew up poor, and this song is about a coat that her mother stitched for her with rags that were lying around their house. This particular song is considered one of her many signature songs.

2. ‘Mother’ by Kacey Musgraves

At any given point in time and however old we are, we all need our mothers. This particular song by Kacey is one of the simplest and sweetest piano melodies. The country songstress sings this powerful song with a lot of emotion about missing one’s mother. It is a song celebrating maternal love.

3. Stay at Home Mother’ by Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow’s song ‘stay-at-home mother’ explores the finer nuances and shows the mother-daughter relationship in a different light. This number is about a working woman who is away for most of the time from her child. It stands apart from the other songs because it talks about some insecurities and trials that a mother has to face for not being there for her baby as much as she wants to. She talks about trying to strike a balance between working and managing a child. Motherly love is irreplaceable and this melodious song goes on to express the same.

4. ‘To Zion’ by Lauryn Hill

Being a mother is tough. The lyrics ‘Look at your career they said; Lauryn, baby, use your head’ talk about Lauryn’s decision to keep her unborn child even though her career was just about to start. She says that she listened to her heart about keeping her baby and found immense joy through this decision. The harmonious song’s lyrics are so powerful that it touches our hearts.

5. ‘Song For The Baby’ by Kelis

Song for the baby was featured on the electric pop album flesh tones. The particular album was recorded when she was expecting her son. Dedicated to all mothers, motherhood, and talking about life lessons and survival, this soulful album ends with ‘this letter’ to her child. This song can provide comfort to the tired soul.

6. ‘Sweetest Devotion’ by Adele

This song is considered Adele’s love song and an ode to motherhood. This beautiful song deserves a thundering ovation for its appeal and relatable lyrics. So many of us can relate to this sweet and simple song. Through this song, she talks about her son and her phase of motherhood. This beautiful rendition is bound to warm the cockles of your heart.

7. ‘The Wish’ by Bruce Springsteen

According to Bruce, he has written this song about his mother, Adele. In dulcet tones, he sings a pure, emotional, and heartfelt tribute to all moms for loving their children and sacrificing a lot to bring them up in an exemplary manner. This heartwarming song will bring a beautiful smile on your face.

8. ‘Mama Liked The Roses’ by Elvis Presley

The song is from Elvis Presley’s 1970 Christmas album ‘Mama liked the roses.’ It gives a glimpse of a mother’s life, how it revolves around her children, how she always prioritizes her kids in her life, and how she strives to provide them with the proper upbringing.

9. ‘A Song For Mama’ by BoyzII Men

Just like the title goes, the song by the American vocal group ‘Boyz II Men,’ is an ode to all the moms. The soulful and heart-touching lyrics will strike a chord with anyone. The song’s words express praise, gratitude and love to all the moms who dedicated their lives to their kids.

10. ‘Mom’ by Meghan Trainor

While most of the artists sang about their mothers, Meghan went ahead and included one of her chats with her mother in this song. This peppy and catchy song echoes all children’s feelings that their moms are the best ones around.

11. ‘Somebody’s Hero’ by Jamie O’Neal

Somebody’s Hero, a three-minute country number, with its realistic lyrics, is one of the big hits of 2005. Through this song, Jamie feels blessed for having a wonderful mother and salutes all the mothers in the world for their sacrifices to raise their daughters. It describes a mother’s emotional moment of letting her daughter go after her wedding.

12. Oh Mother’ by Christina Aguilera

Exploring another territory, this song from Christiana deals with her memories about growing up with an abusive father and how her mother stood up for both of them and walked out of the marriage. It talks about her mother’s strength, how she raised and nurtured her, and the strong mother-daughter bond they shared.

13. ‘Mama Said’ by The Shirelles

This particular song is an ode to the best guide, sounding board, and the pillar of strength in the whole planet, in short, it’s about mother. It talks about how a mother always backed us during all times with her wise words of wisdom. The sweet and simple lyrics will definitely touch your heart.

14. ‘Like My Mother Does’ by Lauren Alaina

There are many similarities you share with your mother owing to the fact that we came out of her. It is a song of adoration. This song is about how she has taught you to face life through all the situations with grit and determination. It is about a mother who, despite all the challenges, becomes an angel to her child.

15. This Angel’ by Jennifer Nettles

The song was written after Jennifer gave birth to her son. She talks about the transformation a woman undergoes when she becomes a mother. A tribute to mother who creates another living being who becomes her anchor in life.

16. ‘Mother Popcorn’ by James Brown

This James Brown classic, funky dance crazy hit song makes a great Mother’s day song for all the moms out there. In this song, the godfather of the soul looks up from his busy dancing to see lots of outstanding, brave, and sweet mothers out there who will do anything for their kids.

17.  ‘Let It Be’ by The Beatles

As the Paul McCartney line goes, ‘When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom Let it be,’ this song has several religious connotations. However, if the lyrics are tweaked a bit, then this song becomes the perfect ode for a mother.

18. ‘The Best Day’ by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s‘The Best Day’ is considered one of the memorable and pleasant reminders about all the days you have spent with your mother. It also talks about why we will always cherish the memories spent with our mother.

19. ‘Mother’ by Sugarland

One of the country songs by Sugarland, Mother, is a splendid tribute to all the mothers worldwide. The lyrics say that a mother is the biggest blessing, teacher, and champion in our life. It describes how a mom showers her children with all the love she has in her heart.

20. ‘Mama’s Song’ by Carrie Underwood

Through this sweet and heart-touching song, Carrie thanks her mother for raising her well under all the circumstances. She also expresses gratitude towards her mother for assuring her that she will be marrying the right guy who will always protect and take care of her. This emotional number can also add up as a dance song.

21. ‘Dear Mama’ by Tupac Shakur

As an ode to his mother, Afeni Shakur, Tupac has written this beautiful song. The words ‘Ain’t a woman alive that could take my mama’s place!’ will make you emotional. The singer walks us through the fantastic relationship that he shared with his mother.

22. ‘Hey Mama’ by Kanye West

The 2005 song by Kanye West is written for his late mother, Donda West. Dedicating this song to his mother, West says that he owes a lot to her. He tells us how she worked hard to fend for him under trying circumstances as a single mother. This song is a salute not only to his mother but also to all the unbreakable and brave mothers out there.

23. ‘In My Daughter’s Eyes’ by Martina McBride

Through these beautiful and soulful lyrics, tell your mother that she is a hero for you. The 2003 country song describes the good qualities that both mothers and daughters find in each other. In their mothers, the daughters see a strong woman who accepts everything with poise and grace, whereas in their daughters, the mother sees her own reflection.

24. ‘Mama Tried’ by Merle Haggard

This particular song highlights another side of struggles. The singer says that mothers try to see the best in their children, yet, they get blamed for the child’s misbehavior and wrong choices. Through this 1968 country song, he says that all his bad decisions are not her fault and she is the best thing that ever happened to him.

25. ‘Mama Said’ by Metallica

Through the beautiful words, A mother cautions her rebel son that the brightest flames burn quickly, but the son revolts, and she needs to let him go to explore the outside world. He wants to go out in the world and make a name for himself, and his mother should loosen her hold on him so that he can stand on his feet. The singer also tells us that he will always come back into his mother’s warm embrace.

Another great song, from the mother’s point of view, is ‘Slipping through my fingers’ from the movie Mamma Mia with Meryl Streep and Mel Gibson. The song is about a mother’s feelings as she experiences her child growing up and the time passing by. Debolina Raja, a mother, shares her experience of first watching the song. She says, “I remember how I cried as I watched Meryl Streep sing out loud the exact emotions of every mother as she realizes suddenly that the little girl who had arrived in her arms just yesterday is now all grown up, about to get married and begin her own life, a life away from her mother (i).

26. ‘Mother’ by Pink Floyd

‘Mother’ is a track from Pink Floyd’s 1979 album The Wall. Written by Roger Waters, the song explores themes of overprotective parenting and alienation. It delves into the protagonist’s relationship with his mother. With emotive lyrics and Pink Floyd’s distinctive singing, It is an excellent song about mothers and the struggles of parenting.

27. ‘Mama I’m Coming Home’ by Ozzy Osbourne

Unlike some of Ozzy’s darker and heavier works, this song is an emotional piece. The lyrics convey a sense of longing and the desire to return home to a loved one. It’s often interpreted as the struggles of a touring musician in personal relationships. The title and chorus, “Mama, I’m coming home,” suggest a return to a place of comfort and love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can music heal the bond between a mother and her child?

Research shows that music can reduce anxiety and pain (1). Therefore, music may promote positive emotions and help communicate better. Music may also become a medium to create shared memories between two persons. Hence, music may effectively heal the bond between a mother and her child.

2. What is music’s power in conveying our emotions and love for our mothers?

Songs are a great way to express love and warmth. Soft melodies and rhythms create warm connections, and thoughtful lyrics help express our gratitude and deep emotions for our mothers.

3. How do songs about mothers differ from other types of songs?

Songs about mothers highlight the bond between them and their children while often drawing inspiration from a personal experience. These songs have a distinct sense of intimacy and vulnerability and create a nurturing atmosphere.

4. Can you recommend a song about a mother’s sacrifice and selflessness?

Songs like ‘The Wish’ by Bruce Springsteen and ‘Somebody’s Hero’ by Jamie O’Neal are some examples of songs that highlight the selflessness of a mother.

5. What are some famous mother-themed songs from the 80s and 90s?

‘A Song for Mama’ by Boyz II Men, ‘Dear Mama’ by Tupac, ‘Mama’ by Spice Girls, ‘The Wish’ by Bruce Springsteen, and ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’ by ABBA are some of the best and most popular mother-themed songs from the 80s and 90s.

6. Which song celebrates the unique bond between a mother and daughter?

Songs like ‘I Hope You Dance’ by Lee Ann Womack, ‘Never Grow Up’ by Taylor Swift, ‘Like My Mother Does’ by Lauren Alaina, and ‘Rockabye’ by Clean Bandit are a few of the many songs that celebrate the mother and daughter bond.

Mothers are one of God’s blessings in our lives. It might seem like there are not enough words to express the love you share for your mother. But this list of songs about mothers has beautifully captured the love and respect a person feels for their moms. Each song is a masterpiece and reminds you of a mother’s unconditional love. So, anytime you wish to cherish your memories or share your gratitude, you may send one of these songs. Let your mother know how much you adore her and value her presence and guidance in your life with these beautiful verses.

Infographic Heartfelt Songs That Pay An Ode To A Mother’s Love

Songs are a great way to express your emotions and feelings, whether you want to express them to yourself or others. So, scroll through the infographic below for some beautiful songs about ‘Mothers,’ describing her love and care for her children. Send these songs to your mother to express your gratitude to her for showering you with unconditional love.

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