55+ Most Beautiful And Popular Songs About Parenting

Being a parent is a roller-coaster ride, but it’s worthwhile. At times, you may feel that words are not enough to capture the emotions you feel and want to express about this journey you’re undertaking. Songs about parenting can help do the job well in such instances. Several lyricists and musicians have made beautiful songs on parenting that pay tribute to their parents or share their experiences of becoming a parent.

If you’re looking for some heart-touching songs on parenting, whether to use as the background track of a video or a touching tribute song at your child’s birthday or parents’ anniversary, look no further. Read this post for some songs that express the adventure that is parenting.

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Songs About Parenting

Becoming a parent is one of the best blessings. Through these songs, various artists express their happiness and other emotions they feel for their children. 

1. Lions and Tigers by Sleater-Kinney 

The lyrics of this song go, “I’d like to show you a million things,  I’d like to make the world for you a better place.” This song explores various aspects of life that parents teach their children as they grow up and give good wishes for their future. 

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You can play the parenting song on car rides with your teenage children. It’ll help you gently reinforce your bond with them.
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2. Watch You Be A Mother by Jonny Diaz 

Jonny Diaz’s anthem about motherly love tells us about the lovely relationship that a mother shares with her children and the sacrifices she makes to bring up her children. “Ten years in and two young kids

You wear so many hats”—these lines perfectly describe how a mother steps into different shoes to bring up her children.

3. Becoming Me by Matthew West

In this song, Matthew West talks about his mother and wife. He feels grateful that they are a part of his life. He also thanks them for sacrificing many things in their lives, supporting him through thick and thin, and encouraging him to achieve great heights.

4. Song for Dad by Keith Urban

Keith talks about a great relationship he had shared with his dad and how much he misses his father. Through this song, he expresses his gratitude for his father.

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5. Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder wrote this ditty celebrating his daughter, Aisha’s birth. Through this song, he lovingly and excitedly tells about his daughter and what she means to him. This particular melody features his daughter’s voice during her bath time.

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Adult children about to get married can dedicate one of these heartfelt songs to their parents at the wedding reception.

6. The Mother by Brandi Carlile

The beautiful song about motherhood is a dedication to her lovely daughter Evangeline. Brandi also describes how unknowingly she changed herself after becoming a mother. The small number of sacrifices made a tremendous difference in Evangeline’s life.

7. I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack

Written by Tia Sillers and Mark Sanders and recorded by Lee Ann Womack, the song was a chart-topper in the early 2000s. It has an uplifting message that tells about a mother who wishes that her children step out and embrace their lives and give a chance to faith and love.

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Use the song to liven up the atmosphere on weekends with your children while doing morning chores.

8. Lullaby by The Dixie Chicks

The song asks children how long they want to be loved and if being loved forever is enough. He also tells his children that he will be beside them as a father and encourages them to brighten their future without giving up.

9. Daughter by Loudon Wainwright

Daughter is a cover of a tune by Peter Blegvad. It is played in the background of the movie Knocked Up. Loudon Wainwright has written several songs about parenthood, out of which “Daughter” is famous. The song describes Loudon’s stressed relationship with his children and how he was not there when most needed.

10. Slipping Through My Fingers by Meryl Streep

The song talks about a mother’s regret on how fast her daughter is growing up, how little time they have spent together, and how much she misses her little one as she starts going to school. She is also happy to have an angel in her life. Meryl feels the precious time she has with her daughter is slipping out of her hands fast.

11. Child Of Mine by Carole King

In this song, Carole King says to her daughter that she is grateful to have a wonderful daughter even though they are different. She talks about several life lessons that she learned from her daughter and is glad that she sees the world through her daughter’s eyes.

12. The Sweetest Gift by Sade

According to Sade, the song was written for her daughter and is dedicated to all the lovely children. It also describes the light they bring along after their birth.

13. A New Day Has Come by CélineDion

Through this song, Celine Dion tells us about the difficult phases of her life before her child’s birth and the wonderful days she had after giving birth to her son. She believes that her baby boy is a blessing in disguise in her life.

14. There Goes My Life by Kenny Chesney

The song talks about a man who faces an unplanned pregnancy with his girl. He talks about going through the phases from where his daughter is born until she leaves for college and how she became the center of his life.

15. Father and Daughter by Paul Simon

The composition father and daughter is an ode from Paul Simon to his daughter. Through this song and lyrics, he shares his good wishes for his daughter as she grows up.

16. Father Daughter Dance by Craig Cardiff

Craig Cardiff says that his daughter is perfect in his eyes and loves her. He is so proud to be a daddy for his angel.

17. The Early Days by Old Man Luedecke

This significant song tells us about the journey of two people who thought that they would never become parents and then suddenly were expecting twins. He also talks about how fast his babies are growing up.

18. Slow Down by Nichole Nordeman

Nichole wrote the song for her son when he was young. In this song, she laments how they cannot slow down the process of children growing up and not spending more time together.

19. Speechless by Alicia Keys

Becoming a parent inspired Alicia to write the song. Through this paean, she pays tribute to her baby with touching lyrics. In this song, she calls her baby the sweetest little part of her destiny with whom there is no comparison.

20. Hourglass by Mindy Gledhill

In this song, Mindy Gledhill tells us about her journey as a mother to a beautiful boy she can’t stop loving. She even explains how she cherishes the time spent with him. She compares her life to an hourglass and says that every grain of sand becomes a memory.

21. Blue by Beyoncé

Beyoncé talks about how blessed and alive she feels because of her daughter Ivy Blue Carter in this ballad. She describes how alive she feels when she holds her baby girl in her arms for the first time. She says that each day with her baby is a blessing from heaven.

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22. Gracie by Ben Folds

Ben Folds wrote this song in 1999 when his daughter was born. He describes his feelings for his daughter beautifully through this song. Ben says that every moment spent with his little girl is precious for him.

23. Sweetest Devotion by Adele

According to Adele, this song is all about her child. Adele says that her baby is a guiding light of her life. She is hit with an explosion of love with the sweetest devotion that she has for her daughter and calls the love she has for her daughter ‘a sweet devotion.’

24. Too Hard by Kurt Vile

In this song, Vile, as a father, takes a pledge of responsibility for his baby girl, such as not to smoke and not to party, although he confesses that it’s ‘too hard’ for him. Moreover, he assures his little daughter that, as a father, he will try to do the best for her, and one day, she will believe her father.

25. Stay Up Late

Stay Up Late unfolds a paradoxical story, delving into the struggles faced by parents as they strive to harmonize their duties and personal wishes. At first, the song seems to be a playful tribute to a child’s wish for their parents to stay awake for amusement. Yet, beneath the cheerful tune lies a more profound meaning.

Songs About Broken Relationships With Parents

These songs express the pain that the parents and children go through when their relationship gets terrible. A few songs deal with various issues children face due to alcoholism and physical abuse.

26. We Exist by Arcade Fire

The song reflects deep homophobia and is looked at in a different light. It is sung for a father figure and reflects a troubled parent-child relationship.

27. I’m OK by Christina Aguilera

In this song, Christiana talks about the troubled and strained relation she had with her father. Though she feels guilty, she recounts the fear and emotional scarring she felt as a child.

28. Crazy World by MNEK

The singer talks about a son surviving in the harsh world that rejects him for his color and then falling in love with a man. He questions the world that if a father doesn’t care for his child, then which place would be safe for the child?

29. For the Love of a Daughter by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s personal experiences are shared in this song. She talks about how alcoholism destroys relationships between father and daughter. Through this song, she expresses her pain and questions her father.

30. Papa Was a Rolling Stone by The Temptations

The song describes a selfish man who doesn’t care for his family and goes about philandering. The singer also expresses how much he misses his father while growing up and the pain and humiliation that he and his mother went through because of his father.

31. Poppa Was A Playa by Nas

The song highlights the ups and downs faced by children whose parents are bound in an unhappy and abusive marriage. The singer tells us about the trauma he faced as a child.

32. A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash

The song is about a boy named Sue who is angry with his father for leaving his family to fend for themselves. It deals with the singer’s insecurities for growing up without his father and the leg-pulling that his name caused.

33. Cat’s In The Cradle by Harry Chapin

The heartbreaking song tells us about a father and son who do not see each other and drift apart owing to their circumstances. It also asks the parents to think again before putting their careers before their family.

Amanda Clark-Rudolph, a mother of two sons from Ocala, Florida, shares tearjerkers on parenthood and children growing up on her blog. For Cat’s in the Cradle, she says, “The end of the song, when his adult son says he’s too busy to get together, hits me hard. Cats and the Cradle serves as a reminder to not take these precious moments for granted — even though, I admit, like most parents, I still do. On more than one occasion, the following verse made me stop everything, reach for a baseball, and take my boys out to play (i).”

34. Papa Don’t Preach by Madonna

Talking about teenage pregnancy through this song, Madonna voices the concerns of a confused teenager who wants to look up and take advice from her father during the most challenging phase of her life.

35. World Of Chances by Demi Lovato

In this song, the singer Demi Lovato talks about her struggles after being separated from her child. Even though she has many problems, she wants to take her chances to come out of the situation.

36. Forever Young by Rod Stewart

The heartfelt song by Rod Stewart tells us how bad he feels for missing the precious years of his children growing up while he was away leading a hectic lifestyle. Now he regrets that fact and asks his children to forgive him for not being there for them.

Songs From Parents To Child

These songs represent the emotions, protectiveness, and expectations that parents maintain for their children.

37. My Little Girl by Tim Mcgraw

The song describes a father’s perception of his little girl. No matter how old she is, he wants to watch over her, take care of her, and cherish her.

 Tim Mcgraw
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38. My Wish by Rascal Flatts

This song tells us about parents who wish the best for their children, keep encouraging them during tough times, and hope their dreams come true.

39. Glory by Jay-Z (featuring Blue Ivy)

The song explores the new dad’s feeling and excitement as rapper Jay-Z holds his newborn daughter for the first time. He calls his daughter a child of destiny and a most incredible creation.

40. Just The Two Of Us by Will Smith

The song by Will Smith focuses on an exceptional relationship between a father and son. It describes the relationship from the moment the newborn was placed in his hands till the time he grew up into a handsome young man.

41. Here For You by Neil Young

The song by Neil Young talks about being there for your children through all times, at the same time, giving them the space to grow on their own. He tells his children that he will always be with them and will never let them feel alone.

42. The One Thing by Shakira

Shakira wrote this song for her boyfriend and son. She believed that these two boys were the destiny and purpose of her life. Hence, she was singing about them.

43. Ready, Set, Don’t Go by Billy Ray Cyrus

In this song, Billy Ray Cyrus expresses how he feels when his daughter Miley moved from home to a new place. It also tells us about how most parents miss their children but still wish them all the success.

44. ’Havin’A Baby by R. Kelly

Kelly and his partner are talking about welcoming a bundle of joy into their lives with open arms and about holding the little one for the first time. They believe that this baby is sent from heaven to brighten their lives.

45. All American Girl by Carrie Underwood

In this song, a man imagines having a son with whom he can share his common passions and dreams. But in the end, he is a bit disappointed to have a daughter, but he finally learns to love her and cherish her.

46. Baby Mine by Alison Kraus

This song relates to the parent’s feelings—how precious their little ones are to them and how close they are to their hearts.

47. Beautiful Boy by John Lennon

The soulful song was written and sung by John Lennon as a tribute to his second son, Sean. He asks his son not to fear anything as he will always be with his little boy.

John Lennon
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48. The Best by Ray LaMontagne

In this song, the singer says that his baby is the best thing in his life and expresses his happiness. He loves it when his thoughts and emotions revolve around the baby.

49. Forever Young by Bob Dylan

Taken from Bob Dylan’s 14th album, ‘Planet Waves,’ the adorable love song talks about the dreams, hopes, and aspirations he has for his child. He hopes that his child stays young forever and be showered with blessings on each step of his life.

50. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

The song talks about the relation between parents and daughter. The parents are worried about their daughters, often wondering what would they become in their lives.

51. To Zionby Lauryn Hill

The song reflects Lauryn’s decision to have a baby despite many problems and advice given to her against it. She hopes that her son will one day understand that her whole world revolves around her baby, Zion and she is so overwhelmed to have him in her life.

52. In My Daughter’s Eyes by Martina McBride

Martina McBride’s ballad tells us about the beautiful relation between mother and daughter and what they mean to each other.

53. Remember me by Coco

It is a heartfelt song from a father who is abandoning her daughter to go on a tour. He tells her to remember him as she would be far away from him.

54. Precious by Depeche Mode

The song deals with a divorce between a couple and its impact on him and his children. The parents regret the fact that their child is suffering the consequences of a damaged relationship between them.

55. Only One by Kanye West (featuring Paul McCartney)

The song is a tribute to Kanye West’s daughter North and shows his mother’s perception. According to Kanye, he feels that it is his mother singing the song for his daughter.

56. A Little Soul by Pulp

The song shows an estranged father’s emotions and feelings, telling his child not to grow up the way he did and wishing him the best. He hopes that he had set an excellent example for his son, but now it is too late to do so.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What lessons can parents learn from songs about parenting?

Songs about parenting can teach parents to let children enjoy their childhood, embrace a gentle parenting style, not force decisions on children, and spend time with children to strengthen the bond.

2. How do songs about parenting capture the emotions of parenting?

Songs about parenting often include emotions about parents’ sacrifices, the joy and happiness children provide to their parents, and the agony of losing a child.

3. How does music about parenting impact society?

Music about parenting can provide a sense of relatability, comfort, and validation, fostering a sense of community and understanding among parents. Parenting-themed music can encourage self-reflection and introspection for both parents and non-parents. In addition, it can serve as a platform to raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, and spark conversations about parenting styles, gender roles, work-life balance, and societal expectations placed on parents.

4. What themes are commonly explored in songs about parenting?

The themes in such songs focus on the happiness and emotions parents feel toward their children. These songs also highlight the pain both parents and children go through in a troubled parent-child relationship. Another theme explored in these songs is the expectations parents have of their children.

5. What impact do songs about parenting have on the lives of children?

Songs about parenting can have a positive impact on children’s lives by fostering emotional connection and bonding with parents. These songs can also impart essential values and lessons and contribute to their sense of cultural identity and belonging.

6. How do songs about parenting help parents cope with their emotions?

Songs about parenting provide validation, empathy, and a sense of connection with the shared experiences and challenges of raising children. They also help parents find solace, understanding, and support through the power of music.

Parenting is a challenging yet most rewarding task. But often, people fall short of words to tell how parenthood has changed them for good. These songs about parenting are a great way to express your feelings and emotions associated with parenthood. You can share these songs with your parents to thank them for their efforts to raise you or share your experiences with your children. Whatever way you want to use them, these songs are a beautiful way to rejoice and celebrate this worthwhile journey called parenthood.

Infographic: Classic-To-Trendy Songs That Capture Parenthood

Among love, friendship, and other popular themes to write a song on, many beautifully present the sacred relationship between children and their parents. Check out the infographic below for some of the best and most popular songs about various aspects of parenting.

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Mothers are truly wonderful humans who raise their kids to be the best versions of themselves. This song by Brandi Carlile pays tribute to a selfless woman, i.e. a mother.

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