Mom Speaks: How I Soothe And De-stress My Little One

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I had always wanted to be a mother. For many years my husband and I kept trying to conceive. Eventually, we gave up all hope of becoming parents. When I suddenly got pregnant, it was the best surprise ever. Then and there I vowed that I would be the best mommy on earth. Finally, my dreams of becoming a mother were coming through. Zara was born a premature baby. At the time of delivery, I was warned by my doctor that there was a fifty percent chance Zara would not make it. And when she did, our joy had no bounds. When I finally got to hold her a few days later, I vowed that I would always protect Zara from any discomfort and unhappiness. This vow was one I had found very hard to keep up in the upcoming days.

When My Baby Was Inconsolable

Settling into a routine was harder than I imagined. It took Zara a while to latch. She cried often and would wake up multiple times at night worrying. This meant that I never got any sleep. Every night I would feel so helpless as Zara’s cries echoed through the house. Utterly exhausted and exasperated, I approached my pediatrician and asked her what to do. She explained to me the reason my little one was crying was that she was experiencing some discomfort. Since she was always well-fed, my doctor said she must be experiencing some tension in her muscles and that her skin must be dry due to the cold season. She recommended that I try giving my baby a warm bath before bed. She warned me to use only natural products as my baby’s skin was still tender, and I did not want to disrupt the pH balance of her skin. After loads of research, I stumbled upon Himalaya’s Baby Care Products. These products are made from ingredients that are extremely mild and soothing. They are full of elements that enrich the skin and I immediately incorporated them into a nightly bath-time routine.

The Solution That Changed My Life

I usually start my little one’s nighttime bath routine by bathing her with warm water. I always use the Himalaya Baby Care Extra Moisturizing Baby Wash. The reason I use this product is that aside from it being natural, it is also full of soothing and moisturizing properties. It is made from Indian aloe, olive oil, almond oil, Indian lotus, and milk. The Indian aloe and milk soothe and moisturize my baby’s skin while the almond oil and Indian lotus help keep it soft and supple. Olive oil used to create this product is full of Vitamin E, which nourishes, protects, and keeps my baby’s skin from chaffing. An excellent alternative to this product is its Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap. Made using similar ingredients, both these products worked well in our relaxed bath routine.

After drying off my little one, I gently apply the Himalaya Baby Care Baby Cream on her body. I like to massage her skin and muscles using this cream. It protects her against dry, chaffed skin and calms her too. Made from country mallow, licorice, and olive oil, this product is precisely what it is described to be— A loving layer of protection. The conditioning and anti-oxidant properties ensure my baby always has healthy, soft skin. The quality, mild fragrance and affordable pricing of Himalaya products makes it my personal favorite!

These two products have totally revamped my life. The soothing property of the wash relaxes my baby, and rubbing her gently with the cream not only calms her down but adds to the bond we share. It also removes all the tension from her muscles. As soon as I switched to using these products in her nighttime routine, I began seeing a difference. Zara only wakes up in the night during feeding times. I am no longer exhausted and sleep-deprived. This means that I am now in a better frame of mind to deal with the changes of motherhood as well as enjoy them. Her skin is always so soft and well hydrated. So she never feels the need to scratch at her skin. This means that she faces little to no discomfort and is such a happy baby.

Apart from this, using Himalaya Baby Care products gives me the peace of mind that I am sticking to my vow and only giving the best to my little one. For every new mom out there, I highly recommend these products. They are affordable and completely natural, and hence, you can rest assured that your little one is getting nothing but the best.

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