31+ Apology Letters To Girlfriend For Hurting Her Feelings

Apologizing for mistakes strengthens relationships and fosters trust. So, if you have said or done something that has hurt your girlfriend, don’t hesitate to say sorry. But, if words are your enemy, take inspiration from the sample sorry/apology letter to girlfriend shared in this post.

Scroll down if you are looking for various ways to express your regret and apologize to the one you love. With the help of these apology messages for her, you can draft a personalized letter to let your girlfriend express how sorry you are. Besides, expressing your regret and emotions will open a communication channel that may help you woo her.

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31+ Sample Sorry/Apology Letters To Your Girlfriend

Take a look at these ideas about sending sorry messages to your girlfriend below, and try to write something similar to tell your loved one that you are truly sorry.

1. My baby,

I know I am not perfect. But I also know that I love you more than anyone ever will. And this love for you in my heart feels heavy when you are not around to receive it.

Please forgive me for what I did. I wish I could go back in time and change my actions. Please give me a chance to make it up to you. Come back, baby. I promise to never behave in the same way again.

I love you

(Your Name)

2. My sweet [Name],

I admit I was wrong in not listening to you. I’m sorry for failing you. Trust me, baby, I’m trying hard to be the one to protect you and working toward being the best version of myself. I want you to be proud of me.

Please accept my apology. And if I ever happen to hurt you, fight with me but don’t ever shut me out of your life. It’s unbearable.

Your love,


3. Darling,

Darling, Apology letter to Girlfriend

Image: IStock

I’m sorry I ignored you each time you reached out to me. I’m sorry I shut myself off from you. I’m sorry I took the easy way out instead of facing the problem and talking it out with you. I realize my mistake, and I regret being so difficult for you to deal with.

I admit I acted like a coward, but now, I have decided to fight for us and resolve our problems. Please give me a chance to do the right thing.

(Your Name)

4. Dear [Name],

I thought I would come to your house and talk to you, but I was afraid you might shut the door on my face after what happened, so I’ve decided to write you a letter.

I can’t express how much I regret my actions. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me, you have always shown me kindness and compassion, yet I took you for granted.

I know I’ve hurt you. I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. I shouldn’t have behaved the way I did. I want you to know that I love you and will do anything for you to forgive me and allow me back into your life.

(Your Name)

5. Sweet [Name],

The thought of you hating me and not wanting to see me again pains my heart immensely. I cannot tell you how much I miss you and want to hear you say that everything will be alright. I’m sorry, baby. I know I have hurt you deeply this time, and your anger is justified. I deserve to be ignored.

You are the only woman in my life, and there is no way anyone can ever take your place. I loved you the very first moment I saw you, and I will love you for as long as time exists. I hope, someday, this bitterness fades away, and you find the heart to forgive me.

Forever yours,

(Your Name)

6. My lovely [Name],

My lovely, Apology letter for Girlfriend

Image: IStock

I tried calling you, but you never answered. I texted you, but you never replied. So, I’m doing it the old-school way and writing this letter to you. I am sorry for everything I did that day. I know I make mistakes, and sometimes, the same mistakes repeatedly. And you have every right to hate me.

Please know that you mean the world to me, and without you, my life feels empty. And I know that you love me too. You may be angry with me now, but I know that when the anger subsides, you will miss me.I know you’re angry right now, but when the anger subsides, I hope you’ll remember the deep love we share. Just know that I am waiting right here with my arms open to hug you and never let you go again.
I miss you,

I miss you,

(Your Name)

7. Dear [Name],

From the time we started dating, I understood that you are the most wonderful woman I have ever met, and only you could fill the void in my heart with your love. But the selfish guy that I am, I kept accepting your love and never gave you anything in return. You have put up with all my crazy antics and never once complained.

I feel deep sorrow because hurting an amazing woman like you is the cruelest thing I’ve ever done. And I regret it with every single breath that I take. I’m sorry, my love; I really am. I can’t believe I said those hurtful words to you. You can be as angry as you want, but please do not cut me off from your life. Please give me a chance for atonement.


(Your Name)

8. Dearest [Name],

I knew you were the one for me from the moment I set eyes on you. I never imagined there would come such a time when we wouldn’t talk to each other. Sadly, my lack of control over my bad habits has brought us to this place where we have gone for days without exchanging words between us.

This is a letter of penitence, I want to tell you that I am extremely sorry for breaking my promise and letting you down yet again. Baby, I try my best to stay away from my vices, but sometimes, I falter, and I need you to hold my hand and help me stand up again. I cannot do it alone. I need you, my love. Please forgive me.

(Your Name)

9. Dear [Name],

I can see the disappointment in your eyes

Image: IStock

In the last few years that we have been together, I have realized that whenever you are cheerful, I feel happy too. And whenever you are upset, my life feels gloomy too. This time, I am the reason you feel so low, and I cannot tell you how awful I feel about it.

I never intended to hurt you. I know you are trying to act normal with me, but I can see the disappointment in your eyes, and it pricks my heart. Please reprimand me for my actions, but do not hide your feelings. I promise never to be inconsiderate to you again. Remember that I love you more than anything.


(Your Name)

10. My Sweet Pea,

Now that I have had time to reflect on what I had done yesterday, I realize the pain I must have caused you. I know it won’t be easy for you to forgive me but I request you give me another chance. Let’s sit down and have an open conversation about what happened, and sort through it to ensure a better future. Please, grant me one more opportunity to set things right, I promise to never act this way again.

I’m anxiously awaiting your response.


11. My Darling,

I am pouring my heart on this piece of paper just so you know how much I love you. I want you to know that I am utterly disappointed with myself for the harsh words I used last week. I am extremely sorry for that. I could not get a hold of my emotions and lashed out at you, which I realize is unfair to you.

I promise I will work on managing my anger better. I seek your forgiveness with utmost honesty. My days and nights are incomplete and dull without talking to you and this last week has been very hard for me. Please come back to me, I promise to make everything right for you.

In anticipation,

(Your Name)

12. My love,

The first time we met, you told me that I was the kindest person you have ever come across. I am still the same person. I know I acted foolishly the other day, and I wish I could take back the words I never meant to say to you. But I can’t do that, so I will try my best to make it up to you in a conciliatory manner.

I am sorry, sweetheart. To make it up to you, I wish to spend some time with you at any vacation place of your choice. Let’s resolve this misunderstanding as soon as possible and get to know each other a little better. I promise this will be the vacation of a lifetime. Just give me one chance to work on our relationship.

Your love,


13. Dear [Name],

We both know that things have become strained between us lately. And I admit it is my fault that our relationship is suffering. I have been unable to balance my work and personal life, and I see how much you have been struggling to save our relationship.

I am sorry, darling, for causing you so much distress. I am sorry for not sharing responsibilities. You were right; I am indeed an idiot — but an idiot who loves you beyond measure. I want to go back to our ‘sweet love’ phase. Please accept my apology and give me a chance to get my act together. I hope you are not regretting your decision to be with me because I promise to work on myself and be the man you fell in love with.

Love you always!

(Your name)

14. My love,

My love, Apology letter

Image: IStock

I can bear every pain in this world but not the pain of separation from you. I haven’t been myself lately, and it is because I miss you so much. Your absence has made me realize your importance in my life, and I can no longer deny the fact that life feels meaningless without you.

I know my addictions bother you, and you are right in chastising me for it. I know you do it out of love and concern.

Sometimes, I am not in the right state of mind to hear you out, so I take snap decisions. I am extremely sorry for my behavior. Please do not hate me for my imperfections. You are my reason to smile, and I cannot lose you for anything. Please listen to my plea.

I miss you.

(Your Name)

15. Dear [Name],

I am sorry for acting the way I did the other day. The past year has been challenging for both of us. And, sometimes, the struggle gets so frustrating that it slips out as rude and hurtful remarks.

I admit my reaction was uncalled for, and I accept my mistake. I promise it will never happen again. Please continue to love me the way you always do. I believe in us and that our love will help us overcome every difficult phase.

I love you,

(Your Name)

16. My Dearest [Name],

I am sorry for yelling at you yesterday. I deeply regret my actions and want to apologize from the bottom of my heart. I know I caused you pain and made you cry. There are no excuses for my behavior, and I take full responsibility. But I want you to know you mean the world to me. Since yesterday, I was not talking to you, not because I was angry, but because I was too ashamed to face you. Now, also, I cannot look into your eyes because of how rashly I behaved with you. I hope you can forgive me and give me a chance to rectify my mistake. I love you so much.

Your’s Honey who is deeply apologizing

17. Dearest [Name],

On our first Valentine’s day together, we had both promised to love and cherish each other. We had promised to always resolve differences quickly and never hold grudges. But it looks like we have both forgotten our promises as we continue to ignore each other for another week.

But I now wish to humble myself, wave the white flag and call off our cold war. I am really sorry for not giving you a chance to speak and walking out of the room. Baby, let’s kiss and make up. I love you. See you in the evening.

(Your Name)

18. Dear [Name],

I won’t disappoint you this time, Apology letter

Image: IStock

I can give up anything in life, but I can never give up on us. Know why? Because I have never loved anyone the way I love you. Your love can take the place of blood in my veins, and I will still live happily.

I am sorry I hurt you. I know you deserve better, and so, I promise to work on improving myself. I cannot envision my life without you because there’s no point in living a life with no purpose. My purpose is to make you happy, for which I need you in my life. Please do not give up on me. Give me another chance, and I won’t disappoint you this time.

(Your Name)

19. My dear love,

I am really sorry for yelling at you and offending your feelings. I am fully aware of how horribly insulting my remarks were. I understand that it may appear as though I don’t respect you or take you seriously, but I want you to trust me when I tell you that my remarks yesterday were motivated by rage over an incident at work.

I promise not to let my actions hurt you again since you mean the world to me. Please, if you can, find it in your heart to forgive me.


(Your Name)

20. My angel,

I’m willing to confess that yesterday’s acts were impulsive, and if time could be turned back, I’d quickly undo whatever took place. Unfortunately, I have no control over that. I can only apologize to you from the bottom of my heart, though. You are the most amazing lady I’ve ever had the honor to know, my soul mate, and the love of my life.

I’m determined to make sure I never hurt you again. Please accept my sincere apologies.

Your love,

(Your Name)

21. Dear [Name],

I’m writing this letter hoping that you will pardon me because I am embarrassed by how I feel today, speechless, and unable to face you. Whatever occurred yesterday was wrong, and I am very sorry for it. I should have dealt with the situation head-on instead of venting my annoyance at you.

Please give me a chance to make amends and do what’s right. I will never allow myself to behave like this ever again. I am so sorry.


(Your Name)

22. My sweetie pie,

I can feel your annoyance with me even from a distance. Why won’t you be? After all, I made a big mistake by missing your birthday. Give me a chance to explain. I booked a flight so I could surprise you by coming to your house. I was requested to work on a presentation that I needed to present in two days while also attending a crucial meeting.

I am sending a present to the most significant person in my life along with this letter since I am aware that my actions do not justify what I did. I apologize, and I assure you that we will celebrate your birthday next week.

Your one and only,

(Your Name)

23. My sweetheart,

I was unable to receive your numerous calls today. It was completely unintentional, as I was fully engrossed in my work. I understand that your numerous calls suggest that it was something urgent, and I hate I wasn’t there for you when you needed me.

I’m ready to do anything you wish to make up for my mistake. I hope you find it in you to forgive me. I love you.

Your love,

(Your Name)

24. My baby angel,

I understand that trust, once shattered, can never be rebuilt. And despite knowing this, I have lied to you several times. I can sense the pain they have caused you, and that is hurting my soul. Today, I have mustered all my courage to write you this letter of apology for all the times I have lied to you.

The last thing I can see in the world is see you hurt. Please give me another chance so I can be a better boyfriend to you.

Your love,

(Your Name)

25. My love,

I realize that I should have wholeheartedly listened to you last evening. Your intention was simply to open up and share your concerns with me, with the hope of resolving them together. Unfortunately, my mind was preoccupied with other matters, and I failed to prioritize you as I should have.

I now see how selfish I was and assure you that if I ever repeat such behavior, please fight me, but please don’t consider leaving me. The thought of losing you is unbearable, and I hope you can forgive me.

Your love,

(Your Name)

26. My princess,

I can see why you might be upset that I didn’t pick up the phone when you called. I apologize for not responding sooner. I didn’t want to communicate because I was in a very depressed state. I withdrew rather than addressing my emotions. I’m aware that it was impolite, and I won’t repeat it. My love, I sincerely apologize. I long to embrace you tightly!

Genuinely yours,

(Your Name)

27. Honey, listen!

I know you’re angry with me, and if I were in your position, I wouldn’t want to chat right now. I know it shouldn’t always be about me, but I’m hoping you’ll let me say what’s on my mind. You’re 100% correct, and I didn’t give a damn about how you were feeling. I’m determined to get better in that area.  Currently, I don’t feel okay without you, and I kindly ask you to come home. We can work through this together. Whenever you’re ready, please reach out.


(Your Name)

28. Dearest [Name],

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have someone as amazing as you in my life, almost like a goddess.  However, I now understand that I made a mistake and compromised my friendship with the most exceptional person I know. I’ve come to terms with how terrible my error was, and I’m ready to atone and win your affection once more.

I’ve learned how much I love you because of your absence, and if you decide to come back into my life, I promise to cherish you dearly. Please think about bringing me back.

(Your Name)

29. Hi sweetie,

Since you’ve known me for a while, you are aware that despite my best efforts, I might not always be able to express my regrets in the most effective manner. So, if I don’t say it right, please accept my apology.

My love for you is boundless, and I can’t bear the thought of living without you by my side. Please forgive me.

With remorse,

(Your Name)

30. My dearest [Name],

I made a mistake, and I’m aware that it’ll take some time for the wounds to mend. I made careless, inconsiderate decisions that marred our relationship. If you’re not ready to talk to me, I entirely understand, and I’m willing to be patient while you work through this.

Please understand that my love for you endures and that I’m committed to keep you around even while you recover. I’ve learned from my mistakes and am committed to treating you with the appreciation and love you deserve.


(Your Name)

31. Hey you,

I’m aware we had plans, but I apologize because I forgot and had other obligations. I realize it can appear that I give other things more priority than our goals and don’t prioritize them, but please believe me when I say that nobody is more important to me than you in my life. I’m genuinely sorry that our plans didn’t work out. Maybe we can share calendars to plan everything together? This will ensure I never forget important dates again. Could we schedule another date so I can make things right?

Hope to hear from you soon.

(Your Name)

32.To the sweetest girlfriend in the world,

I hate that I forgot our anniversary.  I’m sorry I was so careless; you are the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m determined to do everything in my power to be the best partner, boyfriend, and man I can be for you. Give me a chance to make things right, please. Tonight, just you and I, let’s go on a date to see your favorite movie. I’ll make sure the evening is memorable.

I love you forever, and I will always cherish the day you became mine.

Forever yours,

(Your Name)

33. My dearest [Name],

I want to sincerely apologize for being unable to make it to your parents’ anniversary celebration. I recognize the significance of it to you and your family. I ought to have been there to encourage you and take part in this happy occasion with you. Please know that I truly care about you and your family, and missing this event is an unforgivable mistake on my part. I promise to make it up to you and your parents in any way I can.

Once again, I’m really sorry for my absence, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Yours forever,

(Your Name)

34. My world,

I recognize that you’re furious and don’t want to chat right now. You obviously need some space right now; that much is obvious. I apologize for not completely appreciating your feelings in the past and admit that if the roles were reversed, I probably would feel the same way. You’re 100% right; at this point, it should be about your feelings, not mine.

I understand I should put your well-being first and be sensitive to others’ feelings. But right now, without you, I feel so empty. I’m hoping we can come up with a solution to our problems so that we can tackle them together as a team.

Allow yourself as much time as necessary to digest your emotions before reaching out.


(Your Name)

An apology letter becomes meaningful only when it comes from the heart. You do not need to have great writing skills to write an apology letter. The sincere regret and feelings of true remorse in your heart will make the words flow automatically onto the paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I show my girlfriend that I am committed to making things right through an apology letter?

Begin your sorry letter with a heartfelt apology for the pain you caused her. Own up to your mistake without offering excuses or justifications. Instead, express your remorse and willingness to make amends. Reassure her of your commitment to change and avoid repeating the same mistake. Be sincere in your words and actions, and do not write anything that you do not mean just because you want to win her over again.

2. How to apologize to my girlfriend with a letter to start a conversation and rebuild trust with my girlfriend?

An apology can effectively repair your relationship with your girlfriend and win her trust back. For that, start by apologizing for your actions that broke her trust. Then, give your girlfriend time to process her emotions without putting her under undue pressure to forgive you. Remember, rebuilding trust takes time and effort. So, give her ample time she needs and be sincere in your apology.

3. What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing an apology letter to my girlfriend?

Avoid making excuses and passing the blame on others. Do not be defensive or argumentative, and refrain from making unrealistic promises. Ignoring your girlfriend’s feelings and playing the victim in the situation are a few other things that may make your apology letter look insincere, insensitive, and fake.

4. How can I take responsibility for my actions and apologize to my girlfriend in a letter?

Discuss what happened and how things went out of hand. Acknowledge your mistake and apologize. Show your commitment to working on yourself and ask your girlfriend for suggestions that she may think can help you be a good companion or partner.

If you’ve made a mistake or hurt your girlfriend somehow, you should apologize to her to console her and strengthen your relationship. In recent years, people have gone digital with their apologies and prefer to do it over text or email. However, if you wish to make your apology unique and meaningful, write an apology letter to your girlfriend. If you have never written a letter and are apprehensive about it, reading the letters provided above will help. Choose the one that will melt your girlfriend’s heart and personalize it by adding your own emotions. Your girlfriend will surely appreciate the extra effort and accept your apology.

Infographic: Points To Remember While Writing An Apology Letter

There are several essential points one needs to keep in mind and be aware of while writing an apology letter to ensure that the message is passed on sincerely and correctly. Thus, to help you with these details, we have prepared an infographic that will come in handy while writing a letter of apology.

tips on writing an apology letter (infographic)

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