23+ Beautiful Short Soulmate Poems To Express Your Love

Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you get excited about the idea of finding a soulmate and lingering in their fondness and devotion for you? Then you would want to read some soulmate poems and keep your hopes alive. A soulmate is a compatible partner chosen by destiny to light up your life with harmony, intimacy, and passion. Here we have compiled several poems on soulmate that you can relate to. You can recite or send one to your dear ones to make them revel in the magic and tenderness of love and togetherness.

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Poem About Soulmates

Since the day you looked deep into those eyes, you never thought about someone else. Here are some poems that you may find relatable.

1. A Soulmate Poem For Her

Relationship is just a word,
a cold technical word,
and when you want to talk about
the relationship
it is like a slap in the face—
the relationship?

Don’t you see, I love you!
I’ve cast my soul into you.
Can’t you feel it?
I feel yours trying to escape,
yet you hold it back
behind all those words
that are never yours—
your mother’s,
your father’s,
your friends’—
they all hold you back from me.

Just let go and trust me, darling!
There is no relationship,
there is only you and me,
soulmates, forever true,
waiting to be united.

So throw it all away
and just come to me.
Love me, melt into me,
and let the rest fall to dust
while we hold each other
naked in the night—
there is no relationship
just you and I,
soulmates, forever true.

—Mark Madrigal

2. You’re My Soulmate

You’re my soulmate poem

Image: Shutterstock

I told her,
What you need is a course in love,
that way you’ll find an angel
that’ll settle on you from far above,
but just be careful they’ve no angle,
for you see, even angels,
sometimes have their angles.

But she said,
love is pure and thus it’s simple
and she believed in the possibility
of a partner perfect
meant just for her—
she said it’d be magnetic,
and that already should could feel the pull
but just not see the face.

I told her,
we’ve all got an empty space,
that’s what keeps us going.
And then I said, a soulmate
would be a kind of death—
if I found my own,
I’d surely have to run,
and I’d run and I’d run and I’d run
just as faraway as I could
from that soulmate,
yes, I would.

But she said,
there’s all kinds of deaths,
and some are sweet. That sure we die,
but then we live again
in the arms of our true love.

Well, what are you going to do
with a girl like that—
I kissed her good, I did,
and then she leaned back
and she said,
well, I suppose, at least for now
you’ll do.

And that was that—
I’d found my soulmate true.

—Mason Monody

3. The Soulmate Love

It’s an unbearable norm.
It’s an unwritten promise.
It’s an undeclared wish.
It’s a phantasmagoria
of dreams within dreams.

It’s you waiting for me, my love,
throughout all these years.
And it’s me waiting for you, my love,
throughout all these troubles.

And now here we are
gazing into one another’s eyes
after all the waiting—
so scared,
so petrified of each other’s touch—
Oh, just a little touch
of our fingertips,
and then our hands,
and then our bodies
in an unending embrace.

The heat of your chest
as you press up against me—
your heart beats true,
it’s the rhythm of our souls
as we both sink into each other,
soulmate to soulmate
finally together
and one.

—Ivy Idyll

4. The Path To My Soulmate

I step out onto the path.
It’s my path
not yours, not his, not anyone’s
but mine,
my path—
and no matter where I turn,
now matter how the winds blow,
no matter how many times the path branches,
it always leads me back to you,
because you are my inescapable destiny—

Oh, love is a word, a nice word,
but how can it convey what I feel for you.
Everything leads me to you.
Everything I do is for you.

If you were not there,
I would have nothing.

You are my inspiration,
always one step away—
some day you’ll give in
and then I suppose
I’ll let go of this mad obsession
and face the reality
that we sometimes get
just what we want.

But hear this,
I will be true to you,
always and forever,
because this I know:
you are my soulmate beau—

—Valery Verselet

5. A Soulmate Sonnet

Ten years ago I met my soulmate;
Such love as we had was surely mad;
Work took us hither, and we couldn’t date;
Oh, the way it made us feel so bad.

If only you could know how it felt so cold
To have grasped the very hand of fate,
But then to watch it slip as I lost its hold;
I shook to know you were my soulmate.

So scared was I, I jumped into a married life;
And in two short years there were two children;
And yet all I felt for myself was a bitter strife;
Because I knew some day, I’d play the villain.

You’re back, and I’m going to be with you;
It’s the lie that it’ll take for my heart to be true.

—Penelope Poesy

6. The True Soulmate

The true soulmate, short poem

Image: Shutterstock

You call me dysfunctional
and that’s just fine.
I’m complicated and frustrating
that much is true,
but don’t you know
it’s all because I see you through.

I see deep into you.
I know your heart is lonely, too.
I know you wish, just like me,
for a soulmate true—
but life is never perfect,
and truths are often less
than what we think they are—
but to you I would give my heart
and my honor, too.

Just lean back into my arms
and fall into my charms
and then you’ll see
what soulmates we will be.

—Brittany Beat

7. A Soulmate Villanelle

Love flows from me into my soulmate;
And then back again into me, sublime,
While time stands still in eternal fate.

One could say it is a heavy weight,
And how could it not be a crime
When love flows from me into my soulmate.

The moon rises, and the night grows late;
But what need have I for simple time,
While time stands still in eternal fate.

I’ll give it all, and give it now, to create
What anyone can see is a magnificent climb
As love flows from me into my soulmate.

You’d better stop and get this straight,
For we are two bells that in unison chime
While time stands still in eternal fate.

I knew it was a love that could never wait
Well beyond even the subtlest reason or rhyme,
For my love flows from me into my soulmate
While time stands still in eternal fate.

—Rhea Rime

8. My Soulmate

Who is My Soulmate?
How does one know when they’ve
found their

A Soulmate is…
the other half
who makes you whole-
the other side
to your soul-
the other piece
who makes you complete-
the other part
to your life you’ll want to repeat-
the other half
who is your best friend-
the other piece
of you, til the end-
the other part
til the ends of time-
the other side
who will always be mine-
the other half
to this special bond-
the other side
where I truly belong-
the other part
created for me to always love-
the other piece
God sent for me from above-
the other half
who fulfills your heart-
the other piece
you’ll never part-
the other side
we’ll be together by fate-
the other part
I’m gonna wait-

My Soulmate,
In this moment
of time,
day after day-
it’s so hard to find
the right one…
I know we’ll be together
one day!
Til then;
I’ll wait for you…
With all my love;
Your Soulmate!

—Sabrina Denise Healey

9. From My Soulmate

From my soulmate
Who I’m most vulnerable around
The one I open up to most
Let it all out
Hopes and
Everything inside feels free to come out
From my love
My heart my life my soulmate
You are not a boy.
Words uttered before
Coming out more and more over time
And I catch
Like my breath
Laying my head on his chest
And I catch
My tongue
And stop
Those thoughts I’ve always
Thoughts I’ve always thought
That took so long to realize
That I wasn’t up
That I wasn’t weird
That it’s great to be me and
Great to be he or she
Great to be
I feel
Is me.
And I stop
From my soulmate
It is weird
It is wrong
It is not
So I stop
I stop dressing as him
I stop remarks on myself
I stop
But sometimes
It slips
I can’t catch
I can’t catch my breath
I can’t catch my thoughts
I want to be everything
Everything he wants me to be
Everything and his soulmate
My soulmate
Says I am not a boy
So I try to believe
And suppress
Because I
Am not
A boy.


10. Letter To My Soulmate

Dear Soulmate
I’m pretty sure we’ve crossed paths before, just unassured of the spot
But I know you’ve already forgotten
How I look or how my name sounds like
Just another wallflower within your area of sight

Dear Soulmate
It’s pretty weird for me to have you here as well
A bit restless, I don’t know if you can tell
After being spun around the other way
By you who caught me in his arms and let me stay

Dear Soulmate
It almost feels like I have a debt to pay
Only to be fixed by paying attention to you
One burden I don’t find myself to be in dismay
For I know that somehow, you carry the same load too

Dear Soulmate,
I am not in love with you, let’s make that clear
I have learned not to after all these years
From many a chance encounter broken by this mere
Emotional “commitment” shrouded in unvoiced fear

See, I can not be caught in the teeth of romance
For it has bitten me once, let’s not give it another chance
to ruin something good, I know you’d understand
So let me keep my distance now, before it catches me with its glance

Dear Soulmate,
I hope you feel the same
As I write to you, it may sound insane
Let me explain, before things turn twisted
Why I can’t let you be one of them in the end

The problem is when my soul finds a mate, it feel dry
leaving it dependent for it to thrive
I see yours basking in freedom, a wonderful light
So I won’t say goodbye, but rather, goodnight.

—Lika Mizukoshi

11. I Believe In Soulmates

I believe in soulmates
There are plenty of soulmates
For each one of us
I clique with so many people
Someone who laughs with me
When no one else sees the humor
Thats a soulmate
Someone that shares my pain
The pain I keep hidden
Thats a soulmate
Someone that comforts me
When no one else can
Thats a soulmate
Someone who listens to me
While I listen back
Thats a soulmate
Someone that carries my secrets
While I carry theirs
That’s a soulmate
Anyone that touches my heart
While I take root in theirs
That’s a soulmate
It doesn’t matter the gender
It doesn’t matter the age
A soulmate is a soulmate
In a variety of ways
Lets not limit ourselves

—Deb Jones

12. What If?

Stand a little closer to me, soulmate poem

Image: Shutterstock

What if your soulmate was living on the other side of the world?
Singing songs in little venues
About girls nobody else knows.

What if your soulmate was sitting in a coffee shop 30,000 miles away?
Writing words into that old journal
About guys she’s too shy to talk to.

What if your soulmate walked right by you, in a sea of people on a busy street?
Running for a bus to take to his mothers
Eyes never meeting.

But what if your soulmate met you.
And talked with you.
For seemingly endless hours.
But only for two days.

What if your soulmate had to stay in her boring town life.
What if your soulmate had yet another flight to catch.

What then?
What if soulmates exist?

I don’t want us to have any what if’s?

So stand a little closer to me.
And kiss me how you would if you knew this was the beginning of forever.


13. Depression Is My Soulmate

Depression is my soulmate
He fell in love with me
He couldn’t wait
Depression lays in bed with me at night
Follows me in my dreams
Holds me back from the light
He wants me all to himself
He whispers sweet nothings in my ear
Convincing me I can’t survive by myself
I try to get away
but he holds so tight
He says I have to stay
He pulls me close, slow dances with me
When I’m with him , he recites every bad memory of the day
I start to believe this is all my life will be
I want to think it isn’t true
but is it?
it might be?
I have no clue
Depression doesn’t like when I have a friend
He gets jealous of happiness
He makes a big fuss and that’s usually the end
When they leave, he reminds me that hes here to stay
I lay in bed crying
He comes in, holds me till I’m okay
I know I should get away, find help
But not even my mother believes me … whelp
Depression meet my parents without my knowing
He made them think when I’m free from him, the real me isn’t showing
I guess he’s my better half
The side of me that makes them laugh
But I can’t get away, its too late
I lost the key to freedom’s gate
Apparently this is my fate
Depression is my soulmate

—Lost Soul

14. Dear Soulmate

No we haven’t met
At least not yet
For all I know you could be a princess,
with a golden tiara and attendants
Or the daughter of a peasant,
uncouth and ill-bred in the sight others, but to me, nothing short of pleasant
No we haven’t met
At least not yet

Dear soulmate
Last night I dreamt of you again,
a thousand dragons for you I had slain
On my heart you placed your hand,
beaming with joy, oh my fair lady was I glad!
Oh my fair lady was I glad!,
when to the beating of our hearts all night we danced
Fell on our backs and at the stars we gazed,
Oh! their resemblance to your eyes left me amazed
No, we haven’t met
At least not yet

Dear soulmate
Beautiful becomes meaningless for it cannot describe you
Perfect ceases to exist for it fails to define you
The universe must have been the one that birthed you
Or an angel from heaven must have sent you
From porcelain clay God must have made you
With his own breathe, life, must have gave you

In my dreams I stare in your eyes
In your eyes I witness the sun rise
As the sun sets I picture you walking down the aisle
Oh daughter of a goddess, in your soul I would love to set sail
Oh daughter of a goddess, without fail, by your side i would love to grow old and frail
No, we haven’t met
At least not yet

Dear soulmate
No, we haven’t met
At least not yet

—Tylor Tate

Short Soulmate Poems

Choose to say everything that is in your heart that is longing to experience the bliss of eternity with these short and simple soulmate poems.

15. Soulmate

A soulmate is a lover first
and then perhaps a friend
and then at times maybe a stranger
and or at other times an enemy,
but then again a friend,
and always there, family,
if not in blood, then in soul,
always by your side.

—Emily Eclogue

16. My Soulmate

My soulmate lives
but distantly and faraway;
and we can never touch
or ever even be in that way,
and I cannot say
that we are much alike—
but when our hearts lay open,
the other understands
and shame is never there,
it is all,
to the little last bit of it,
an unending consent
that not without
I could ever live.

—Cecil Cinquain

17. Lost Soulmate

Dream girl by my side, soulmate poem

Image: Shutterstock

Oh, it was a hollywood movie
come to life,
the dream girl by my side.
Oh, she loved me true and fair
and I could not imagine life without her.
But then she had to leave so suddenly—

Oh, but she didn’t have to leave
and so now I ask but why
for I thought she was my soulmate true,
but now I’ve had to see her through.

—Ralph Rune

18. A Red, Red Rose

O my Luve’s like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June;
O my Luve’s like the melodie
That’s sweetly played in tune.

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in luve am I;
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
Till a’ the seas gang dry:

Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi’ the sun;
I will luve thee still, my dear,
While the sands o’ life shall run.
And fare thee weel, my only Luve,
And fare thee weel awhile!
And I will come again, my Luve,
Tho’ it ware ten thousand mile.

— Robert Burns

19. A Soulmate Poem For Him

I am a lock.
I am bound up hard,
a gordian knot,
a tangled ball of thread,
a stomach so tense,
it is ready
to tear me apart
from the inside out.

You are the key,
slipping into me,
cutting the knot,
untangling the thread,
releasing the butterflies
so that I melt
into the arms of you,
my soulmate,
forever true.

—Claire Clerihew

20. You’re My Soulmate

Pulled towards soulmate poem

Image: Shutterstock

There’s nothing I can do,
to ease a heartache like this,
for no matter what I do,
I’m always pulled toward you.

I’ve lost so much already
but please don’t take
my other half from me
when I thought I was so lucky.

Love of my life
don’t let us be
another cliché
but come back to me.

Don’t you see just how long I’ll wait
because I know you are my soulmate.

—Vergil Virelay

21. Soulmate

Her soul was clenched in the hands of distress
The feeble screams were reverberating in the dungeon
Not even the faintest light were allowed to entertain her
Till her soul regained the power to scream
Only her soulmate in distant land could hear it
As everyone was oblivious of her agony and suffering
Defying all odds, the soulmate reclaimed his Love.

—Amitav Radiance

22. My Soulmate, My Attraction

Could this man be my soulmate?
He made me laugh,
without trying.
He let me talk
without defying.

Could I find attraction in him?
The way we fell in step
and the way it was so simple.
We may begin to ebb
or we could grow, begin to kindle.

Could he be my soulmate?
Maybe he’s the stepping stone
leading me to my match.
For now I won’t be alone
waiting for the flame to catch.

—Cassie Mae

23. My Soulmate

I don’t know what a soulmate is
But I feel you are a part of my existence
Even when you are not with me
I feel you
You are always in my spirits
I guess, that is what a soulmate is.


24. The Soulmate

Life has run away from me as I play this game of chance.
One at a time you have fallen before me, you fabled soulmates.
The scars run deep, my heart crusted over with the soles of those
who have so carelessly trod on my lifeblood.

You who have made me, could you not have shown me the danger of a love untrue?
I have been chained to the players of hearts throughout all time.
You have been quiet for too long. Can you not hear my call?
Why do you keep silent in my time of need? Why do I not hear your comfort, your voice?

My soul calls out to find a love that binds with more than a gilded ring,
created from a spirit so true, intertwining with mine and becoming my own.
I’ve searched my whole life through for such a love;
one who is drawn to the life and soul of the me within.

—Vicki Kralapp

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do soulmates break up?

Sometimes you find a special someone, and it blossoms into a beautiful friendship and eventual relationship that lasts a lifetime. Eventually, you may develop a surreal soulmate connection with that person. But when things go wrong, and the relationship goes downhill, even soulmates tend to part ways and break up. It’s difficult to let go of someone so special, but sometimes it’s for the best.

2. What are the four types of soulmates?

Soul connections can be with a friend, confidante, therapist, romantic partner, or even whom you trust with all your heart. The four types of soulmates include- karmic, healing, past-life, and twin flame.

3. What is soulmate poetry?

Soulmate poetry is unique and talks about the strong love and connection between two soulmates. It often mentions things, including fate, feeling connected on a deeper level, and their special bond.

4. How do I write a poem about my soulmate?

To write a poem about your soulmate, reflect on your feelings and experiences with them. Use descriptive language, metaphors, and heartfelt expressions to convey the deep connection, love, and unique qualities that make them your soulmate.

5. What are some common themes in soulmate poems?

Common themes in soulmate poems include destiny, eternal love, soul connection, completing one another, understanding, and finding a perfect match or missing piece.

6. Can soulmate poems be used as wedding vows?

Yes, soulmate poems can be used as special promises and expressions of love during a wedding. They help show the deep love and connection between the couple and make the ceremony even more meaningful and beautiful.

7. What makes a soulmate poem special?

A soulmate poem is special because it captures the profound connection and unique love shared between two destined individuals, evoking deep emotions and celebrating the beauty of finding a soulmate.

Poetry is one of the most romantic ways of expressing true feelings of love, affection, and adoration. So these heartfelt and thoughtful soulmate poems can help you convey your emotions to your soulmate. Your special one or soulmate is the one who shows admiration, understanding, love, and loyalty to you through thick and thin. So express your appreciation and love using poetry. Go ahead and pick one that conveys your feelings the best, or play around with words to add a verse of your own and customize it to make it more personal.

Want to convey your fathomless love and affection for your soulmate? Listen to the poem in this video and pen a great love poem.

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