How To Treat Spider Bites In Children?

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Does your child complain of an insect bite? Does he have a red sore and a bluish or purple tinge that looks like a spider bite? If you nodded along, you might want to read our post. Here, we talk about spider bites on children’s skin and how can they affect.

Symptoms Of A Spider Bite On A Child:

Unlike any other insect bite, spider bites are less common and harmful. Spider bites lead to local and non serious reactions, however, you shouldn’t neglect any wound that is troubling your kid. Here are some common spider bites symptoms in children that you will observe:

  • Redness, swelling and pain in the wounded area of the skin.
  • The centre becomes either bluish or purple in colour in Brown recluse spider bite patients.
  • Skin gets damaged in rare cases.

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First Aid For A Spider Bite:

Following are the steps that you can follow to provide first aid for spider bites in kids:

  • Wash the wound properly with water and soap.
  • Apply some ice cubes on the affected area for around 10-20 minutes.
  • Do not rub the area or heat it as it will increase the pain instead of reducing it.

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When To Call The Doctor?

Though spider bites in children are harmless, however, there are some varieties of spiders that are venomous and thus harmful viz. Brown Recluse Spider, Black Widow spider, etc. Thus, if you witness a spider bite by any of these spiders, then please do not take things lightly and call the doctor immediately.

If your child begins exhibiting these symptoms, you might need to seek immediate medical aid:

  • Bite starts looking purplish or bluish.
  • Bite pain lasts for more than two days.
  • Your child starts looking weak and sick.
  • Black widow spider bite leads to vomiting, fever, chills and muscle pain.
  • If your kid is bitten by brown recluse spider, then the symptoms will include blisters on the skin surface and changes in skin color.
  • Abdominal pain, muscle cramps and chest tightness are some other symptoms that should not be ignored.

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How To Treat A Spider Bite On Children:

Here are some ways of treating spider bites on kids skin:

  • Spider bites are painful. Thus, you can give your kid an acetaminophen or ibuprofen to reduce the pain.
  • Skin grafting is important in cases of extreme skin damage due to a bite. However, such cases are quite rare.

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Preventing A Spider Bite In Kids:

It is always better to reduce the risk of such a bite than offer a cure for it. Here are certain things you can do to protect your sweetie from that nasty spider sting of the spider!

  • Using insect repellant is the easiest and safest bet to prevent infections due to any unavoidable insect or spider bite. So, all you mommies; get that tube of insect repellent out and rub a good amount on your little one’s skin before she sits down to play with her dollhouse.
  • I f you are sure that your super energetic kid will meet a spider or two in the long bushes where he hides while playing, and then, ensure that she wears her socks and gloves. Keeping the skin surface covered is another very good way of avoiding spider bite.

Please drop a comment below if you found the above post meaningful and informative. Also, do share your experience of how you treated your kid after the spider bite. Remember, that your valuable inputs will educate other parents as well, and they will be better able to treat their little darling. So, tell us below.

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