30 Spiritual Boy Names That Are Full Of Positive Energy

Spiritual Boy Names

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Spirituality does not necessarily mean believing in God. If you’re someone who believes in spiritually and not religion or God, you’d know that they are very different from one another. Spirituality helps you understand your inner self. If you want your baby to be spiritual as well, and wish to give him a spiritual name, you’ve come to the right place.

MomJunction has compiled a list of spiritual boy names, which will make you feel at peace.These beautiful names come with meanings, helping you understand and choose them better.

Spiritual Baby Boy Names With Meanings:

1. Abram:

A beautiful Hebrew name, Abram means ‘high father or exalted father’. It is a great option if you are looking for a short but deeply spiritual name.

2. Shaya:

An uncommon name, Shaya means ‘god’s gift’. It has Hebrew origins and can be used for both girls and boys.

3. Zion:

Here’s a name that is fast becoming popular around the world. It means ‘holy land’ and comes from the rich and beautiful Hebrew language.

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4. Arel:

What a beautiful and unique name! Arel means ‘sprit’ in Hebrew.

5. Alo:

Looking for a short name? It doesn’t get shorter than this! Alo is a Native American name and means ‘spirit guide.

6. Abhideya:

A beautiful name, straight from the heart of Hinduism, Abhideya means ‘the chief function of the living entity’.

7. Micah:

The name Micah means ‘one who resembles the Lord’. It is a wonderful name and will be perfect for your special boy.

8. Pax:

Pax is a simple name, but with a profound meaning. It means ‘peace’. It was originally a feminine name, but both boys and girls use it today.

9. Shiloh:

Your son is a gift from God. Name him Shiloh, which means ‘his gift’ in Hebrew.

10. Bodhi:

The beautiful name Bodhi means ‘enlightenment or ‘awakening’ in Sanskrit. It is also used to refer to the Buddha.

11. Elijah:

A biblical name, Elijah refers to the only prophet in the Bible who reached heaven alive.

12. Advay:

Advay – the name has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? It is a Sanskrit name and means ‘union of soul and God’.

13. Chanann:

The Hebrew name Channan means ‘cloud’. It also means ‘spiritual light’ – a wonderfully unique name for a special baby!

14. Divayam:

A beautiful Sanskrit name, Divyam means ‘divine or unique’. It is an amazing name without many religious trappings.

15. Dvita:

Dvita is a Sanskrit name and means ‘existing in two forms’. It reflects the duality of life and is a deeply spiritual name.

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16. Ishwa:

A cute little name, Ishwa should surely be a part of your shortlist. It means ‘spiritual teacher’ in Sanskrit.

17. Ganeve:

A common Sikh name, Ganeve means ‘priceless wealth’. The name does not sound religious and can work for any family.

18. Moksha:

The very essence of Hinduism and Buddhism, Moksha means ‘freedom from the cycle of life and death’. It is a beautiful name that is fast becoming popular around the world, especially India.

19. Ruhan:

Ruhan is fast becoming popular not just in India,but also around the world. It means ‘spiritual’ and will be a good fit for your family.

20. Turya:

Turya is a Sanskrit name and means ‘spiritual power.’ It is a name with universal appeal. So no matter your nationality, this name can be a good option.

21. Cullan:

Cullan means ‘spirit of God’ as well as ‘handsome’ in the Gaelic language. It is a popular baby name in the west and is worth a consideration.

22. Omaja:

An interesting name, Omaja means ‘result of spiritual unity’. It is a Sanskrit name but has universal appeal.

23. Ulick:

A unique name with Irish and Norse roots, Ulick means ‘heart, mind, or the spirit’. It does have a difficult spelling, but if you want something ‘different’, this will be a good choice.

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24. Silas:

A very popular name, Silas means ‘man of the woods’ in Latin. It is a biblical name and will be perfect for Christian families.

25. Hoyt:

A very uncommon name, Hoyt means ‘’descended from the mind or spirit’ in the Norse language.

26. Dusan:

A popular Croatian name, Dusan means ‘spirit or soul’. If you are not averse to going out of your comfort zone, Dusan will be a good option for you.

27. Zen:

Not a commonly used name, the name Zen does have its virtue. If you want a spiritual name, you cannot find a better one! Zen means ‘absorption, meditative state, calm or tranquility’.

28. Veda:

You don’t have to be a Hindu to appreciate this deeply spiritual boy name. Veda, in Sanskrit, means ‘knowledge or wisdom’.

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29. Om:

The word Om today has transcended physical and religious boundaries. It is a beautiful Sanskrit names and means ‘creation’.

30. Calum:

A beautifully different name, Calum means ‘disciple of Saint Columbus, purity or Holy Spirit’.

Spiritual names are an instant hit with people who like to delve into inner peace without following a lot of methods and procedures, which come with religion. Tell us your favorite pick from among the names we’ve given, and also if you know of more religious names.

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