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Diehard fans of sports are passionate. They personalize license plates, paint their bodies, and tailgate in sub-zero temperatures. But, can these fanatics name their children after their favorite sports or sports stars? Well, of course, they can. And, in many cases they have.

So, whether you’re a golf-aficionado or a fanatical football fan, you can pay tribute to your favorite sportsman by naming your baby after him or her. Fortunately for you, there is a wide array of sports baby names to choose from. Here are some suggestions.

Athletic Baby Names:

Athletic Boy Names:

1. Andre:

What could be better than naming your baby after the Canadian sprinter who is smashing the records? Andre de Grasse blasted past to win 100 and 200-meter events at the 2015 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Competition. The meaning of Andre is ‘manly’.

2. Ali:

Pay your tribute to the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali by naming your son after his last name. This name also nods to Muhammad Ali’s daughter Laila, who’s also a world champion boxer, just like her father.

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3. Dempsey:

Do you find Jack too tame for your son? Then Dempsey could make a fresher pick of you. Jack Dempsey, also known as ‘Kid Blackie,’ was an American, professional boxer and a cultural icon of the 1920s.

4. Jenner:

Jenner is the American sports hero who won a gold medal in the decathlon at the Summer Olympics in the year 1976.

5. Rafael:

This Spanish tennis champion spells a distinguished Hebrew name in a Spanish way, which gives it a cool, European flair.

6. Usain:

It would be very difficult to beat the name of the fastest man in the world. As a name, Usain is excellent and means ‘beautiful’.

7. Rory:

If you are on a lookout for a traditional Irish name that is a little less common than Liam and is easier to pronounce than Fiachra, Rory can be considered. Rory (McIlroy) is also the name of a celebrated golfer.

Athletic Girl Names:

1. Maria:

From Marian Rainer to Ave Maria, to the tennis champion Maria Sharapova, this moniker will never go out of style.

2. Misty:

Misty Trenor is the winner of the 3 Olympic gold medals and 113 individual championships in beach volleyball. Future surely holds plenty of other treasures for Miss ‘Misty’.

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3. Nadia:

Many people of our generation are aware of the name Nadia because of the famous Romanian gymnast. Being not hugely popular, the name Nadia will be a perfect blend of uncommon and familiar.

4. Marina:

Marina Navratilova is one of the greatest tennis players of all time. But, what is surprising is that it this beautiful and feminine baby name means ‘warlike’. It’s an ideal name for parents looking for a feminine name with a kickass meaning.

5. Kallie:

This baby name nods to the female Canadian Olympian, Kallie Humphries. She did not just defend her bobsleigh title, but was also the first woman to lead a mixed-gender team. Kallie is a Gaelic name and means ‘from the forest’.

6. Ronda:

There was a time when Ronda sounded too old-fashioned. But when the martial artist Ronda Rousey started making headlines, the name started leaping up the charts. We think that Ronda is a total kickass name and would sound great on your daughter.

7. Dara:

Dara is the name of one of our favorite Olympic swimmers. You can also try its Irish spelling ‘Darragh’.

8. Lolo:

If you want to give your offspring a fun and unique name, use Lori ‘Loro’ Jone’s name for inspiration. This bobsleighs and track star athlete competes for both summer and winter sports. And she has won a fair share of gold medals too!

9. Annika:

Do you love the name Anne, but are worried about it being too common? Then opt for Annika, the Dutch version of this baby name. It also belongs to Anna Sorenstam, the world famous golfer.

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10. Gabrielle:

We bet each one of you fell in love with the flexible gymnast Gabrielle during the 2012 Olympics for her performance. But you have to agree that she has an equally lovely name.

Soccer Baby Names:

Soccer Boy Names:

1. Carson:

Carson Palmer, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, won the Heisman trophy in the year 2002. His given name has a Wild-West kind of persona. And the surname Palmer has a double reference- as an athlete and the executive of the “Mad Men”.

2. Colt:

Colt is a perfect football inspired name. It is associated both, with Cleveland Browns quarterback, Colt McCoy, and an entire football team. This fine, power boy name that parents are using too much these days, has actually been around 1980s.

3. Landon:

If you a soccer mom-to-be, you might want to consider the moniker of the United States soccer superstar, Landon Donovan. He can be held solely responsible for making Landon one of the fastest rising surnames in America.

4. Peyton:

Peyton Manning, the Indiana Colts star holds the record for the most MVP awards in the NFL. His powerful image has given this name a masculine edge, as Peyton was, for long considered a baby girl name.

5. Achille:

Achille Emana is a Cameroonian soccer player playing for Gimmnastic de Tarragona, the Spanish club. Achille is the French spin on Achilles, the name of the great Homeric hero with a vulnerable heel.

6. Danilo:

Danilo Elvis Turcios Funez is the Honduran midfielder, currently playing for UPNFM. Danilo is the Ukrainian version of Daniel and means ‘God is my judge’. This variation has made a Biblical favorite attractive.

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7. Josh:

Josh Caleb Gordon is the wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League. Americans often use Josh as a nickname for Joshua, but in Britain, it’s common as a stand alone name.

8. Arjen:

This name in inspired by Arjen Robben of the Netherlands. This name is a tad similar to Indian the name Arjun and means ‘bright and shining’. Another positive thing about this name is that it has appeared in three consecutive World Cups.

Soccer Baby Names For Girls:

1. Mia:

Mia is one of the most famous United States soccer stars, and her name is the sixth most popular baby name for the year 2014. If you find Mia too hip for your daughter, you can opt for her given name, Mariel.

2. Christine:

Christine Sinclair is the name of national women’s soccer team captain. While her first name is indeed breathtaking, her last name also has a scope of becoming the first name.

3. Abby:

Abby Wambach, the US Soccer Athlete of the Year, has scored more international goals than any other female soccer player.

4. Michelle:

Michelle is the forward and midfielder of the United States women’s national soccer team. She’s also the winner of the Golden Boot in the Women’s World Cup.

5. Birgit:

Birgit Prinz, the three-time FIFA World Player of the year, is the most capped non-American soccer player. She won three Olympic bronze medals for her team.

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6. Homare:

The moniker Homare belongs to the one of the greatest female midfielders. She even captained Japan to an Olympic silver medal in the year 2012.

7. Lotta:

This fun and whimsical moniker belongs to one of the top female soccer players in the world. Charlotta Eva “Lotta” Schelin, the Swedish footballer, has been playing for her team since the year 2004 as a striker. You can use Lotta as a nickname if you daughter’s name in Charlotte.

Football Baby Names:

Football Baby Names For Boys:

1. Thierry:

Thierry Henry is a French footballer playing for the New York Red Bulls in the Major Soccer League. Thierry, pronounced as Terry, is a great way to add exotic and foreign touch to a whimsical name. Thierry Mugler is another famous bearer of this name.

2. Cristiano:

Name your child after the best footballer (arguably) in the world currently, Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano is a Latin name and translates to ‘Christian’. This name is quite popular in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian speaking countries.

3. Jerry:

The name Jerry may have declined in popularity in the last few years, but we think it’s time it made a comeback. The name is also shared by one of the greatest football players of all time.

4. Beckham:

This guy needs no introduction. The last name of the David Beckham sounds much cooler than the first name (no offense to those named David).

5. Lionel:

The rival of Ronaldo, Messi’s first name is a strong contender in the baby name game. It means ‘young lion,’ which would be a good complement if you have someone named Leo in the family.

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6. Cameron:

Cameron is the moniker of not one, but two football players. It belongs to Cameron Jordon and Cameron Newton. Cameron is very popular with parents of Scottish and English origins. This name has been quite steady in terms of popularity. It was the 53rd most used name in the year 2014.

7. Alex:

The name Alex belongs to Alex Carrington and Alex Smith, two of the most prominent NFL players. Small, yet powerful, the name Alex means ‘defender of men’. We hope by naming your baby boy Alex, even he’ll get some defensive skills.

8. Chris:

Chris, the short form of Christopher, is now mostly used as a standalone name. In the year 1966, Chris was the 55th most common baby name in the United States. In the football world, the name belongs to Chris Ivory, the famous NFL player.

Football Baby Names For Girls:

1. Shannon:

The original bearer of this name, Shannon Sharpe is a man, but this name would suit girls more.

2. Rosey:

Rosey Brown, from the New York Giants, has a moniker that would sound much sweeter on a baby girl. And we’re quite sure, even your little daughter will be very sporty.

3. Nadine:

Nadine Angerer is the goalkeeper and captain of the German National Team. Previously, she had played for Australia, Sweden and across five different teams.

4. Sun:

Sun Wen, the recipient of the FIFA Player of the Century Award, is the forward player of China women’s national football team. She even led China to win the Women’s Asian Cup three times in a row.

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5. Marta:

Marta is the forward player of the Brazil Women’s National Team. She has won the FIFA World Player of the Year award more than five times. That’s more than any other soccer player in the history.

6. Steph:

If you think that Aleksandar Kolarov is the best left back of Manchester City, you probably have not seen the Steph Houghton play.

7. Cecilia:

Cecilia Santiago is the goalkeeper for the Mexico women’s national team. At the age of 16, she is the youngest goalie to appear in the world cup.

8. Almuth:

If you want a German name for your little daughter, we’d suggest you go for Almuth, the German footballer.

Basketball Baby Names:

Basketball Baby Names For Boys:

1. Bryant:

Bryant is the surname of Kobe Bryant and means ‘strong’. So by naming your son Bryant, you would be honoring one of the greatest basketball players of all time. You never know, even he could have his own ‘Like Mike’ moment.

2. Barkley:

Whether you love him or hate him, you cannot deny that Charles Barkley was an outstanding basketball player.

3. Jordan:

What better way to show your love for basketball than by naming your child after the second name of the greatest basketball players of all time- Michael Jordan. And if you wish to keep it traditional, go with the first name.

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4. Duke:

This name is for all the North Carolina basketball fans. This moniker is enjoying a revival currently. It entered into the top 1000 baby name list in the year 2012.

5. James:

LeBron James is the famous American basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA.

6. Blake:

Many of you think that Blake is just for girls, but we think it makes a better name for boys. And we love his last name Griffin too. We believe both can be considered.

7. Nolan:

Nolan Ryan, the moniker of the Baseball Hall of Famer, is a cheerful and friendly Irish baby name, meaning ‘champion’. The name reached its highest popularity at the 122nd spot in the year 2014.

Basketball Baby Names For Girls:

1. Diana:

This name does not just belong to the late British queen, Elizabeth Diana. It also belongs to one of the top 15 WNBA players of all time.

2. Sheryl:

Sheryl Swoopes is one of the greatest basketball names of all time. She is a retired American basketball player and the head coach of the Loyola University Chicago’s basketball team. The meaning of this S-version of Cheryl is ‘darling’.

3. Lisa:

Lisa Leslie is the former American women’s basketball player, who played in the WNBA. The moniker Lisa is a diminutive of Elizabeth and means ‘pledged to God’. This name shines even after so many years.

4. Tamika:

Tamika Catchings is the American basketball player, playing for the Indiana Fever and Turkish team Galatasaray.

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5. Chamique:

This one’s truly unique. This moniker belongs to the former basketball player in the Women’s National Basketball Association. The meaning of this endearing name is ‘song of joy’.

6. Dawn:

Dawn Staley, the three-time Olympian, is an American basketball coach and hall of fame player. Dawn is also one of our favorite nature-inspired baby names.

7. Cynthia:

Cynthia Cooper is a former American basketball play, considered by many one of the greatest women’s basketball players of all time. This beautiful name is an epithet of Artemis in the classical mythology. And it’s a favorite name of Elizabethan poets as well.

Baseball Baby Names:

Baseball Boy Names:

1. Jacoby:

The growing popularity of this surname can be attributed to this high profile Boston Red Sox center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury. There is not one, but two football stars named Jacoby, Jacoby Ford, and Jacoby Jones.

2. Bo:

If you want a short given name or nickname for your son, take inspiration from the name of Bo Jackson, the famous baseball and football star.

3. Hank:

Hank Aaron, the baseball player, is legendary, and your son will be too when he gets this name. If you want to make this name more modern and stylish, do not use it as a nickname for Henry. It sounds way better on its own.

4. Mickey:

Mickey is quite a tough name to sell, considering it’s associated mainly with the iconic cartoon character. But this name has plenty of other notable namesakes as well, including Mickey Mantle, the star basketball player.

5. Mitt:

The mitt is another term used for a baseball glove. More specifically, it’s the term used for the first basemen or catcher’s mitt as it is shaped like a mitten and does not have individual fingers like gloves. The name has already been made popular by the Mitt Romney, the presidential contender.

6. Camden:

The moniker Camden has been a lot in the news lately after three celebrities using it for their sons. But if you reside in the Baltimore area, you would know that we are referring to the Baltimore Orioles’ home field at Camden Yards.

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7. Satchel:

Satchel Paige was the first baseball player to have been inaugurated into the Baseball Hall of Fame based on his performance in the Negro league. His real name is Leroy, but he was nicknamed Satchel because of his works with bags.

8. Gehrig:

Lou Gehrig, best known for his farewell speech at the Yankee Stadium after being detected with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which is now called Lou Gehrig’s disease. This name’s association with a disease might repel some parents.

Baseball Inspired Baby Names For Girls:

1. Pepper:

Pepper is a term used for an exercise done in pre-game. The batter peppers the field with ground balls for the fielders to the field and then throw back to the batter, who then attempts to hit back the ball at them.

2. Annie:

Annie is a term baseball players call their groupies. In “Bull Durham”, the baseball movie, Susan Sarandon’s character was named Annie due to this reference. And as a name, Annie is one of the most optimistic variation of Ann. It means ‘grace’.

3. Dorothy:

Also nicknamed “The Human Vacuum Machine”, Dorothy Schroeder is considered the best fielder in the history of All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Dorothy is the Greek version of Dorothea and means ‘gift of God’. This moniker has been used in Britain since the 16th century.

4. Sophie:

In the year 1956, Sophie Kurys stole 201 bases, which is not just an AAGPBL record, but also a worldwide baseball record. Sophie is the cuter variation of Sophia. And it’s the top choice in the Netherlands.

5. Julie:

Julie Croteau is the first woman to play in the men’s NCCA as a baseman. Did you know that Julie Croteau sued her school for snatching her right to play baseball? If you find Juliet old-fashioned, you can try Juliana or Juliet.

6. Jean:

Jean Faut, in her nine years in the AAGPBL, was named an All-Star 4 times. She even won the Player of the Year award. Jean is the French variant of Johanna and means ‘God is gracious’.

7. Ila:

Ila Borders was the left-handed pitcher who went on to become the second woman to begin a men’s NCAA baseball game.

We hope you find our compilation helpful. Would you name your child after a sportsman? Share your picks with us by commenting below.

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