35 Good Sports Movies For Children To Watch

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While some children enjoy watching cartoons and superhero movies, others are fans of sports movies. If your child likes the latter, we bring you a list of sports movies for kids that they can enjoy and learn valuable lessons such as determination, perseverance, and hardships. The real-life episodes of athletes could charge them to never give up on something they believe in. Also, these movies are so light-hearted and fun that even you would like to watch them with your little ones. Read on our list that includes Bugs Bunny’s games, biopics of famous athletes, and more.

35 Sports Movies For Kids

1. Kicking and Screaming

Will Ferrell brings a classic comedy in this 2005 family hit. Phil decides to turn a coach for his son’s soccer team but old nightmares evoke as he needs to compete against his invariably competitive father’s team.

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2. McFarland USA

McFarland USA sports movie for kids

Based on a true story, Disney film McFarland USA shows how determination and perseverance win above all. Jim White brings together a group of extraordinary runners that would become one of the best cross country runners, against all odds.

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3. The Sandlot

Considered by many as one of the best films for kids, the sandlot shows the story of a young boy, Scott, in a new neighborhood. Scott joins the baseball team and embarks on a rollercoaster of adventures with his new friends.

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4. Hoosiers

Hoosiers sports movie for kids

Hoosiers, starring Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper, is a 1986 classic. A coach with a troubled past and an alcoholic trainer brings a basketball team to the Indiana State finals rising above expectations.

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5. The Natural

Nominee of four Academy Awards, The Natural is one of those films about success and failures. It is a story of a man who mysteriously appears with his lightning struck bat to save a drowning team of baseball players.

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6. Rudy

Rudy sports movie for kids

Arguably one of the best sports biographical films, Rudy is a true story of the life of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger played by Sean Astin. Amidst people saying he is too small for football, Rudy dribbles his way to Notre Dame and makes his football dreams come true.

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7. Miracle

Based on the true story of Herb Brooks, Miracle is about the driving force behind the US ice hockey team’s victory over the Russian team. Watch this movie, starring Kurt Russell, to relive the moment when history was made.

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8. The Rookie

The Rookie sports movie for kids

The Rookie is a Disney sports film based on the life of Jim Morris, starring Dennis Quaid and Rachel Griffiths. This movie is filled with thrilling and exciting moments, as we watch Jim with his high school baseball team, making their way to the major league.

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9. A League Of Their Own

This movie resonates girl power. Starring Tom Hanks, Geena Davis and Madonna, a league of their own relays the real-life story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was founded during World War II.

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10. Air Bud

Air Bud sports movie for kids

Air bud is an all-time favorite of most children and adults too. This movie shows the friendship between a boy and a stray dog who is surprisingly, gifted with amazing basketball skills.

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11. Karate Kid

Karate kid is one of those films that we cannot get enough of. An all-time favorite of both children and adults, this movie talks about a teenage boy who learns karate from martial arts master Mr. Miyagi to defend himself against bullies.

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12. Remember The Titans

Remember The Titans sports movie for kids

This Disney classic breaks the racial barriers. Denzel Washington plays Herman Boone, an African American coach of the T. C. Williams High School’s first racially unified football team.

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13. Back Of The Net

This 2019 sports movie follows the journey of an American teenager in her newly joined soccer academy on her way to the national tournament.

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14. Space Jam

Space Jam sports movie for kids

Although straight out of a child’s imagination, Space Jam managed to be one of the most famous animated sports movies. If your child enjoys basketball and cartoons, this movie is a whole package starring Michael Jordan as himself- the legendary basketball player, Bill Murray and the looney tunes.

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15. The Blind Side

The Blind Side is a movie of compassion and love starring Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron and Lily Collins. It takes us through the life of a homeless African American boy accepted into a Caucasian family who nurtures him to excel in his football career.

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16. Cars

Cars sports movie for kids

A Disney classic and an all-time favorite for most race enthusiasts, cars is a movie about a race car, Lightning McQueen, who learns the different aspects of friendship and family on his way to the Piston Cup Championship. Characters are played by Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, Paul Newman, and Bonnie Hunt.

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17. Cloud 9

A Disney original film starring Dove Cameron as Kayla Morgan and Luke Benward as Will Cloud, who work on their differences with each other towards a common goal, snowboarding.

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18. Double Teamed

Double Teamed sports movie for kids

This is based on the real-life story of twins Heidi and Heather Burge and how they become world-renowned basketball players after transferring to a new high school.

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19. Ice Princess

Torn between her mother’s academic expectations and her passion for ice skating, Casey, with the help of her coach, takes secret lessons to conquer the figure skating championship.

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20. The Game Plan

The Game Plan sports movie for kids

The “Rock”, Dwayne Johnson plays a self absorbent soccer player whose world is turned upside down by the sudden appearance of his eight-year-old daughter, played by Madison Pettis.

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21. Like Mike

It is a story about a young boy, Calvin, who dreams of becoming an NBA basketball team player. After gaining mysterious basketball skills with a pair of M.J. engraved magical shoes, he is all set to become an NBA star.

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22. Most Valuable Primate (MVP)

Most Valuable Primate sports movie for kids

An ice hockey prodigy, Jack the chimpanzee, has won the hearts of many with his extraordinary skills in the hockey team. But the labs want him all to themselves. What happens next, find out!

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23. Rookie Of The Year

To a 12-year-old Henry, his tragic accident came as a blessing in disguise as he magically gains super pitching powers leading him to play among the pro players of the Chicago cubs.

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24. Space Jam: A new legacy

Space Jam: A new legacy sports movie for kids

The tables have turned in this one, as, the looney tunes help the basketball legend LeBron James with a basketball match to find his son. Starring in this movie are LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Zendaya.

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25. Searching for Bobby Fischer

Oscar-winner movie, Searching for Bobby Fischer, is about a boy named Josh with extraordinary chess skills, who steps into a chess competition with the help of his not-average coach.

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26. The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty Ducks sports movie for kids

The Mighty Ducks is a movie about an attorney assigned a case way out of his comfort zone coaching a team of child hockey players.

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27. Little Giants

With no experience in football, Dany O’Shea and his daughter form a team of football players and compete against the team of his brother Kevin, A football star.

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28. Angels In The Outfield

Angels In The Outfield sports movie for kids

Roger is a foster kid, who gets the chance to have a family when his favorite losing baseball team begins to rise beyond expectations with the help of his secret angels.

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29. Million Aollar Arm

To save his career and his new found company, sports agent J.B. Bernstein, brings players from India to play in a major baseball league. Now there is just one problem- they are cricket players.

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30. Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings sports movie for kids

Inspired by a true story, Cool Runnings teaches us important life lessons through the story of a Jamaican sprinter who coaches a team of four Jamaican bobsledders to become the first Jamaican bobsleigh team of the Winter Olympics 1988.

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31. The Express

The inspiring true story follows Ernie Davis journey, from the college football ground to becoming the first African American to win the Heisman Trophy.

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32. Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer sports movie for kids

The true story of perseverance and determination, Soul Surfer is about Bethany Hamilton played by AnnaSophia Robb. Losing an arm to a shark attack didn’t stop Bethany from surfing her away to becoming a surf champion.

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33. Chariots of Fire

Academy award winner, Chariots of fire, is the story of Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams. One running to glorify God and another to challenge class discrimintion, take part in the 1924 Paris Olympics.

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34. Underdogs

Underdogs sports movie for kids

This animated movie is about a shy foosball player, Jake sets out to save his town from the renowned soccer player named Ace, with the help of his foosball table figures who magically come to life.

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35. Surf’s up

This Oscar nominee animated film is about a penguin who participates in the World Surfing Championship and gives us a peek at what goes on behind the scenes. Famous characters are played by Jon Heder, Shia LaBeouf, and Diedrich Bader.

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Keep your children engaged with these fun, inspiring movies that would teach them valuable lessons of life and history and also boost their imagination. Kids sports movies also motivate your children to pursue their dreams and passion.

Key Pointers

  • McFarland USA highlights the importance of perseverance and determination through a group of runners who fight all odds to become the best cross country athletes.
  • Sandlot is the story of a young boy Scott who joins the baseball team and sets on an adventurous ride with his new friends.
  • Hoosiers, The Natural, Rudy, Miracle, and many other thrilling sports movies are listed here.

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