10 Easy DIY Spray Painting Ideas For Kids (With Images)

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One of the most underrated but fun art ideas for kids is spray painting. Spray paint art helps children stimulate their imagination and creatively engage their senses. And you do not have to play by the rules.

When it comes to spray painting for kids, provide them with quality paints and materials. Water-based paint is one of the most kid-friendly spray paints you can use.

10 Easy DIY Spray Painting Ideas For Kids (With Images)

Here’s a peek into some of the best spray-painting ideas for kids to spark their creativity.

1. Paper spray painting

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One of the easiest spray-painting techniques for kids is painting with spray bottles. It is a fun and hassle-free way to acquaint the children with the basics. All you need is a bottle of child-friendly spray paint, a kids’ spray bottle, and a few blank sheets. Allow your child to go wild and spray the colors as per their fancy. You can then guide them on how to apply the right pressure on the spray nozzle to get different effects and even create basic shapes.

2. Nature spray painting

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How about indulging your children in some DIY nature spray painting art for kids? Using the spray bottle technique mentioned above, kids can create amazing art forms using material from nature. Gather fallen leaves and flowers of different shapes and sizes from your backyard, and place them over a white sheet. Using various colors of paint, spray over the leaves to cover the entire surface of the paper. Once done, carefully flip the leaves, and voila, your little one’s masterpiece is ready!

3. Bottle spray painting

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Another easy spray paint art idea for kids is to paint on old or discarded bottles. While it is ideal to use water-based paint or washable paint, this activity is best done using acrylic paint. Firstly, coat the bottle with a base paint of your choice. Then, spray over it using a spray bottle. Make sure the spray paint is in a contrasting hue for better effect. You can use the final art form as a décor piece or even as a pencil holder. You may also replace bottles with outdoor toys or a junked coffee table for a more immersive DIY project.

4. Toothbrush spray painting

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Learning to spray paint shouldn’t feel arduous for kids. You can teach them simple spray paint art lessons for kids using a toothbrush. Needless to say, you will need a toothbrush (used ones are okay too), different colors of paint, and a surface to create your art. Begin by dipping your toothbrush in water-based paint. Now, place your thumb against the bristles of the toothbrush and stroke gently by holding it above the art surface or sheet. Create multiple patterns and play with colors of your choice.

5. Vegetable spray painting

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Do you fancy teaching your kids about vegetables while painting? One of the easiest spray paint art projects for kids is painting with vegetable cut-outs. Get your child to spray over the cut-outs using a toothbrush. Stamp the cut-outs on a sheet of paper. Once done, label the vegetables by their names, and use it as a chart for further learning. 

6. Floral spray painting

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Spray art for kids becomes more fun when it involves floral and colorful designs! Similar to the spray-painting technique for kids used above, you can use flowers of different shapes and sizes to paint with. Using kid-safe spray paint or a toothbrush and water-based paint, color the floral stencils or cut-outs and stamp them on a large sheet. You can also place a kitchen strainer or basket on top of the sheet and spray over it for a gradient color effect. Next, label the flowers and retain the sheet for further learning. This is an ideal way to indulge children in nature spray painting while also learning on the go.

7. Sheet spray painting

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When it comes to outdoor projects, nothing beats sheet spray painting. For this, you will need a used sheet or curtain, food-coloring or washable paint, a kids’ spray bottle, and pegs. Fill the bottle with the paint, peg the sheet on washing lines or a rope, and let your children spray away to glory! This is a great activity to keep your kids engaged without getting the entire house into a mess. Once done, wash the sheet gently.

8. Splatter spray painting

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Spray painting art for kids is all about having some fun! And a great way to do that is with splatter spray. Stock up on chalkboard paint or some form of chalky paint and sheets of paper, and get ready to splatter. Randomly spill paint over the chosen canvas to create different patterns. This is a great way to teach spray painting art tips to kids and give wings to their imagination.

9. Alphabet spray painting

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Another easy spray paint art idea for kids is alphabet spray painting. You will need drawing paper, spray bottles, masking tape, and a pencil. Roughly create letters of the alphabet using masking tape on the sheet of paper. Fasten the tape in place. You can also use a pencil to sketch the letters. Now, spray over the tape to cover the entire piece of paper. Once the paint dries out, remove the masking tape, and you have the different letters ready!

10. Paintless spray painting

Spray painting for kids need not always be messy. You can skip the paints and have your kids enjoy just as much! Fill up a spray bottle with water and allow your child to splash and splatter everywhere – from the sidewalk to your plants. This is a fun outdoor project and will keep your child excited to paint with colors later. 

Safety Measures To Take While Spray Painting

When it comes to spray paint art projects for kids, safety is of utmost importance.

  • Remember to use child-friendly spray paint and non-toxic materials.
  • Avoid using VOC paints, glass paints, and other hazardous materials. Go for kid-friendly alternatives instead.
  • Additionally, when painting, keep a close eye on your children and do not leave them unattended.
  • Wash their hands and face once done to remove any traces of paint.

Spray painting for kids is an activity that offers a plethora of benefits. It can help improve their creative skills, develop their hand-eye coordination and mobility skills, improve focus, and develop their motor skills. Ensure to give them enough time to paint.

It’s time for some splitter-splatter fun with these exciting spray-painting ideas for kids!

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