5 Spring Activities For Kids That The Pandemic Hasn’t Ruined

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The harsh winter in conjunction with the pandemic had prompted most of us this year to choose to stay indoors for the most part. However, with spring comes hope for a new beginning. Flowers are blooming, and there is greenery everywhere you see as nature comes back to its full glory. With the sun staying up way past 5 p.m., it offers you a reason to step out and feel the warmth again, granted it might only be for brief masked periods of time.

With the pandemic still in progress, this is definitely not the spring that any of us hoped for. However, there is still reason to rejoice and do the best we can to help our children celebrate the season while being as safe as possible. Below we have listed a few fun ways that kids can make the best of this season and have a great time.

1. Create A Play Garden For Your Kids To Explore

Create A Play Garden For Your Kids To Explore

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You could nurture your child’s passion for nature by creating a small garden space for them where they can grow plants and learn gardening on their own. This way, you could encourage them to stay off their computers and video games and engage with the world outside. Let your kids grow the plants and flowers of their choice, which will help them have a sense of connection with these plants. They could also have a small sensory section with herbs such as lavender, rosemary, and mint. Also, make sure you get them a few gardening tools such as a pair of gloves, a small watering can, and a mini-fork.

2. Decorate The Windows With Spring Themed Murals

Decorate The Windows With Spring Themed Murals

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Your children could celebrate the spirit of this beautiful season by creating something from their own imagination. They would have so much fun cutting colorful foam sheets to resemble different objects associated with spring. This could be anything from trees and flowers to birds, butterflies, and rainbows. They could also use a marker or a paintbrush to add extra details. And since it is a foam sheet, your kids can easily stick it to the window by dipping them in water. And since the foam sheets will stick to each other when wet, they could add layers by sticking one on top of the other. Creating colorful spring murals will foster the creativity of your child while serving as a fun-filled activity.

3. Grow Bean Sprouts On Cotton Balls

Grow Bean Sprouts On Cotton Balls

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We all remember having done this when we were kids. Now it is time to teach your kids the same. Growing beans on cotton balls is a great way for your kids to learn how plants grow while having fun at the same time. It is also a really easy experiment that requires a glass jar, some cotton balls, and a bean. Let your kids do the experiment themselves under your guidance. First, keep the cotton balls in the jar and place the bean on the side of the jar. You could use any bean of your choice. Now add water into the jar so that it is damp but not soaked. Finally, you can place the jar on the window or somewhere where there is enough sunlight available. The bean will start to sprout within 2-3 days. After the bean has grown into a steady plant, help your child remove it from the glass jar and replant it into the soil.

4. Painting Pots

Painting Pots

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Wake up the artist inside your kid by letting them paint a few flower pots in the garden. This is a fun activity that will help your kid get fond of the outdoors. All you will need for this is a pearlized acrylic paint set and a few broad brushes. These are easy for kids to use. So let them get wild while decorating the pots. This will help them have a new appreciation for art and nature.

5. Baking Cupcakes In Mini Flower Pots

Baking Cupcakes In Mini Flower Pots

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This is a wonderful activity for young bakers in your house. You will need a handful of mini terracotta flower pots for this. Place a cupcake case inside the flower pot and pour your favorite cupcake mixture into it. Now bake them for 30-35 minutes at a temperature of 180°C. Next, spread some chocolate frosting on top of the cupcake for soil. Cut green straws for stems and insert them into the cupcake. Let your child pick a few flowers of their choice and then place them into the straws. And voila! Your delicious flower pot is ready.

Just like the rest of us, this lockdown has been hard on our children too. So it is imperative to help them find new hobbies and activities that they can find solace in this spring season. Let us know about some of the other ways you helped your kids have a great time during the pandemic.

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