Is It Safe To Eat Star Fruit During Pregnancy?

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Now that you are expecting and craving for some star fruit, you may want to know whether is it safe to eat star fruit during pregnancy. If you are facing a dilemma whether you should eat star fruit or not while expecting, let’s solve your dilemma below. Here, we talk about star fruit, its health benefits and how safe it is to eat the fruit during pregnancy. Scroll down to learn all about star fruit for pregnancy.

What Is Star Fruit?

Star fruit, also popular as Carambola, is a five-angled, waxy yellow-green fruit. The sweet and sour cool fruit grows on a tree popular as Averrhoa carambola, and it’s native to Sri Lanka. As a matter of fact, the star fruit is rich in several nutrients, such as carbohydrates, vitamins, carotenoid compounds, organic acids, minerals, and other crucial nutrients, that are highly beneficial during pregnancy (1).

Is It Safe To Eat Star Fruit During Pregnancy?

Yes! You can enjoy eating star fruit during pregnancy. Its high nutritional content helps you to enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Minerals, vitamins, folic acid, and other nutrients in the fruit provide you the stamina that you need during pregnancy. Drinking fresh star fruit juice prevents and cures throat and mouth infection effectively while expecting. Also, the fruit helps you keep several health troubles at bay. Have a word with your doctor before eating star fruit and for its appropriate consumption while expecting (2).

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Health Benefits Of Eating Star Fruit During Pregnancy

High nutritional content in the start fruit offers your several health benefits while you are expecting. Health benefits include:

1. Immunity Booster:

One of the key health benefits of eating star fruit during pregnancy is that it helps increase your endurance and immunity. The consumption of the fruit helps your immune system to combat several harmful bacteria and viruses. Also, its high vitamin C content helps provide a sufficient intake of antiokasidan during pregnancy. The antiokasidan effectively inhibits oxidation and prevents the production of free radicals in your body. Also, the high antioxidant content in the fruit minimizes free-radical damage (3).

2. Promotes Eye Health:

Star fruit is an excellent natural source of vitamin A, a vital vitamin to maintain good eye health. So, eating vitamin A during pregnancy nourishes your eyes and safeguards them from infections and disorders effectively. Also, the fruit helps enhance your power of vision to a great extent. Star fruit is an effective remedy to treat sore eyes while expecting (4).

3. Treats Digestive Disorders:

Problems in the digestive tract can interfere with your pregnancy. Eating star fruit while you are expecting helps cure several digestive disorders effectively. Consumption of the nutritious fruit helps treat diarrhea, stomach disorders, and constipation. Consult your doctor about the right amount of star fruit (5).

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4. Reduces High Blood Pressure:

Potassium content in the star fruit is highly beneficial for lowering high blood pressure during your pregnancy. Hypertension can lead to heart attack or stroke. Eating star fruit helps minimize high blood pressure significantly and prevents the risk of stroke or heart-related problems (6)..

5. Prevents Cancer:

The high antioxidant content in the star fruit is highly effective in protecting you against the development of cancerous cells during pregnancy (7)..

6. Promotes Smooth Urination:

Starfruit acts as a diuretic from ancient times. Adding a dash of honey to the juice of star fruit and drinking it promotes the smooth functioning of your urinary processes while you are expecting (8).

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7. Reduces Cholesterol:

Regular consumption of star fruit helps minimize levels of bad cholesterol in your blood during pregnancy. It prevents the risk of development of health problems due to high levels of cholesterol (9).

Did you eat star fruit while expecting? Is star fruit safe during pregnancy? Share your experience with other moms-to-be. Leave a comment below.

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