25+ Best Games To Remote Play With Friends On Steam

Steam games of different genres are out there. Every year we see the launch of multiple games with attractive features, various themes, and power-packed graphics to allow you and your friends to have an immersive gaming experience. However, you are spoilt for choice with so many steam game varieties available. There are battle-themed, sci-fi-themed, war-themed, and several other themes of games. To help you have an enjoyable gaming experience, we bring you the best fun steam games to play with friends.

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An online multiplayer game study showed that socio-emotional messages outnumbered task-oriented ones, and most messages sent while playing this game were utilized to engage with others positively (1).

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25+ Best Fun Steam Games To Play With Friends

1. Raft

Raft is a survival game wherein you are stranded in the sea and must build a raft to survive. Devising new survival equipment and finding resources from the islands and sea, you can have fun battling the challenges that come with it. Dodging the man-eating sharks and other hurdles, you fight for your survival.

This multiplayer game allows you to team up with your friends and scavenge through the deadly sea to find the resources to survive. There is a lot of exploration and strategies involved, which makes this game a social and fun team play.

Raft SteamGame To Play With Friends

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2. Terraria

Terraria is a sandbox game released in 2011 which is popular for its unique gaming experience. You fight for survival, glory, and fortune as you roam stranded in a dangerous habitat. You fight monsters, dangerous creatures, discover crafting equipment and treasure, and build your home to furnish it against all odds. You play to survive in the game and accomplish the milestones of discovering more than 3000 items.

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One of the most valuable objects in Terraria is the magnificent Magic Mirror, with which you can achieve the same result by using Recall Potions.

Terraria could be particularly fun since it allows you to explore a virtual world of mysteries for hours at a stretch as you find new things revealing themselves each time you play. Its unpredictability is what makes it so enjoyable.
Terraria SteamGame To Play With Friends

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3. World Of Warships

The gunboat action war game is a 3D multiplayer game involving naval warfare with 200 warships for the players to unlock as they unite to shoot as a team, build their fleet, and destroy their enemies. You would have an intense lifelike experience playing this game as you could command the navy war machines strategically.

It features realistic sailing graphics and allows you to play against enemies in the real-world Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. Enjoy warships, combats, and third-person shooters. You might enjoy this game which allows multiple arenas of warfare on the high sea or offshore with many levels to unlock, many wars to fight, and several missions to accomplish.

World Of Warships SteamGame To Play With Friends

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4. Garry’s Mod

The physics-based sandbox game of 2006 is a unique game that allows players to experiment and do anything in the physics world. It features various modes and popularly a Prop Hunt that enables you to disguise as props and hide from the hunter. There is also a ‘Trouble In Terrorist Town’ mode wherein players play against each other to find a traitor while the killer is tasked to kill.

There are no predefined goals in this game, and one is free to play the way they want once the tools are given. This especially makes this game creative and fun-filled as you can play with your friends with a strategy against other players and enjoy the game thoroughly.

Garry's Mod SteamGame To Play With Friends

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5. Stardew Valley

The plot of this multiplayer, role-playing game is that you have inherited your grandfather’s farm plot located in Stardew Valley and are required to set it up with your friends. With a few tools and coins, you are required to start a new life on the farm and restore the plot to its original state. It features activities such as raising animals, fishing, growing crops to transform the land into a lively green farm. It has more than 30 residents to make friends with and 12 town residents to start a family with.

Exploring treasures underground and facing danger, this game offers many characters to choose from. This game allows you to have a great time with your friends as you play designated roles in the game and work together.

Stardew Valley SteamGame To Play With Friends

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6. War Thunder

War Thunder is an aviation game that is an extensive free-to-play, cross-platform, MMO military game with naval vessels and vehicles. To fight and escape realistic combat battles, you could choose your war vehicle from 2000 options and play in unique combat situations throughout the game. Protecting your teammates on the ground from anti-aircraft guns and shooting down enemy aircraft with rocket launchers while also sinking a warship with a torpedo, you could experience real war-like situations in the game.

There are several configurations to allow a unique gaming experience each time to multiple players at a time. Besides, the naval battles, aircraft battles, and ground wars give you and your friends a spectacular gaming experience.

War Thunder SteamGame To Play With Friends

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7. Into The Breach

Into the Breach is a turn-based sci-fi strategy game with rocket launchers and mechs. It is chess but not chess, and the rules are quite simple. There are giant alien enemies that move one square, attach a skyscraper, or spit bile in your direction. You could strategize moves to defeat the enemies and slot the puzzle pieces in place. There are eight mech squads with different specialties which could be unlocked. The Blitzkrieg are lightning specialists, the Steel Judoka have raw physical strength, and the Frozen Titans use ice.

Each encounter takes in one 8×8 block grid, which would be your battlefield. The mechs stop the aliens from spreading across the buildings and outposts. There are endless possibilities to play the game and strategize the moves. You could have immense fun defeating the enemies and playing a twist of chess. It is an intelligent game with many levels and features.

Into The Breach SteamGame To Play With Friends

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8. Rocket League

The high-powered hybrid of arcade-style soccer allows you to customize your car and compete in one of the best sports of all time – soccer. The players in vehicles compete in a fast-paced game of high-speed soccer on various maps. Haunted Hallows, frosty fest, and different modes and arenas allow a thrilling game experience.

When playing with friends in a competitive mode, this game allows one-versus-one matchups and team play with two teams of four players each. It offers an interactive competitive gaming experience for you to have a fun-filled night with your friends while playing this game.

Another interesting game is Trine 2. Imagine a cool game where you control three characters with special powers. You can play by yourself or team up with friends (up to three players) for more fun. A blogger who goes by the name Skylar-Mei shares their experience of playing this game. They say, “Trine 2 made this list due to the crazy amount of fun I had playing it with WesleyWhale and ModerateWaz using Steam’s Remote Play Together. Part way through we discovered that 2 planks and a lot of jumping could enable us to fly; not only was this hilarious, but it was actually incredibly broken as it was useful in a vast amount of situations, sometimes skipping the intended puzzles altogether (i).”

protip_icon Trivia
Psyonix’s battle-themed arena game, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (also known as “SARPBC” or “Battle-Cars”), was the predecessor to Rocket League. It was released for the PlayStation 3 on October 9, 2008.
Rocket League SteamGame To Play With Friends

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9. Conqueror’s Blade

The warlords from across the globe fight in the Conqueror’s blade, and you could experience realistic ancient battles with many soldiers on the battlefield. Fighting for honor, you could play this game online with multiplayer and real-time tactics. This game offers a smart battle strategy, and each new season brings fresh areas of the map to explore and battle in.

Set in the Middle Ages, you will command your troops as a warlord and have fun slaying enemies to become the ruler of all times. You could experience a war-like scenario with advanced graphics and multiple modes and features by playing it online with many players.

Conqueror's Blade SteamGame To Play With Friends

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10. Divinity: Original Sin II

If you and your friends enjoy the Dungeons and Dragons-style game, this game is ideal, allowing a solo game or playing with up to four players. Each player could design their sorcerer and fight in a fascinating world where people hunt them down for possessing strong magical powers. It is adventurous, thrilling and allows you to solve quests, talk to your fellow team members, and proceed in the game as per the plot. Each combat is unique and could last for hours.

Each sorcerer will compete to become a god, and in doing so, you would have a competitive, enjoyable gaming experience. The beautiful sets, graphics, and well-designed world would allow you to have a great experience.

Divinity Original Sin II SteamGame To Play With Friends

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11. Warframe

If you love sci-fi shooters, you will enjoy Warframe, as it is one of the most popular games in this genre. It offers a multiplayer experience in a futuristic world that is designed with fascinating characteristics.

Players get to design their characters based on pre-existing models with unique features and abilities. They offer several weapons and set up a party of up to four friends. You could play this game with adventures, challenges, and advanced sci-fi features that leave you on the edge of your seat and racing for more.

Warframe SteamGame To Play With Friends

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12. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a well-designed game with a smooth operation. The movements and shooting are easy, and it features a ping system to find anything. Based on the plot of Overwatch, this game has a hero system, and you get rewarded for choosing the main character while a new challenge is posed if you are playing as a different character.

There are several dense maps, and you must navigate well to reach out to your teammates and allies. While it is not a co-op game in the traditional sense, it does allow players to form a team and work together to eliminate other teams. The battles are intense, and the smooth operations of this game make it immensely fun and easy to play.

Apex Legends SteamGame To Play With Friends

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If you want to explore beyond board games, trivia, quizzes, and cards, there are several steam games out there. However, finding the right one to play with your friends, which you would particularly enjoy, could be a lengthy and confusing process. Therefore, we have listed the best fun steam games to play with friends that depict various themes, simulation scenarios, modes, and features, allowing you and your party a splendid gaming night.

13. Rain World

Rain World is a game you should explore if you want a surreal gaming experience. Players take on the role of a cat that navigates a dystopian, industrial environment, evading deadly predators and the continuous rain. Surviving in the harsh rain world is difficult, and having a friend join you via online multiplayer mode can provide an excellent chance to team up against lurking predators.
Rain World is a fun cooperative adventure for you and your friends, with a captivating underlying narrative and the possibility to acquire extra characters via downloadable content.

Rain World

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14. Bread & Fred

Your friendships will be put to the test in Bread & Fred’s delightful and energetic physics-based climbing and platforming adventure. This wonderful cooperative adventure can be completed solo or with another player through online multiplayer mode. In this adventure, each player plays one of the endearingly named penguins tied by a rope. Players must cooperate to overcome challenging jumps and platforms as they climb a huge mountain by swinging together and gaining momentum.
Bread & Fred features a range of fascinating mini-games, an evolving narrative to explore, and a plethora of outfits waiting to be unlocked in addition to the main ascent. This game promises infinite entertainment for duos while challenging their abilities and teamwork.

Bread & Fred

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15. Cuphead

Cuphead is one of the most intriguing, challenging, and artistically distinct side-scrolling games released in the last decade. It’s an excellent pick for anyone looking for something unique and visually attractive to enjoy remotely. Players are engaged in a lively, hand-drawn adventure with the characters Cuphead and Mugman as they face several extremely difficult bosses. Those who enjoy the severe difficulty of side-scrolling platformers or the nostalgic appeal of old cartoons will certainly discover Cuphead to be a true gem.

Cuphead’s drop-in multiplayer format adds to its appeal, making it a smooth and accessible adventure that players can easily jump into and enjoy.


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16. Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts provides a casually zany gameplay experience, encouraging players to join a riotous and amusing journey in which they play through a chaotic struggle to emerge victorious. The game features shaky and extreme physics, frequently forcing players to wrestle to stay on their feet, particularly when their rivals are yanking their gelatinous forms and attempting to blast them with various projectiles.

In addition to the intense fighting, multiple levels in Gang Beasts include some puzzle-solving, and players can even participate in select areas. Gang Beasts is a wonderful pick for remote play due to its engaging activities and antics.

Gang Beasts

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17. Wizard Of Legend

While Steam has an outstanding selection of AAA titles for high-intensity remote play, Indie games are an intriguing option. In reality, several Indie treasures provide just as much, if not more, fun than their big-budget equivalents.

Take Wizard of Legend, for instance. This top-down roguelike dungeon-crawling adventure is jam-packed with spell combos and unlockable goodies, ensuring each game feels unique. Due to the fast-paced nature of each attempt, it’s an immensely enjoyable experience that can be savored in small intervals. Bringing a companion along adds to the fun.

Wizard Of Legend

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18. Overcooked 2

Consider picking up Overcooked 2 if you are seeking something new and exciting. This charming and amusing cooperative cooking game is a joy to play in the same room or remotely with family and friends. Its simple yet difficult-to-master gameplay lends itself wonderfully to streaming. Its single-screen style makes tracking the action from a distance much easier.

In Overcooked 2, players must work together to produce difficult dishes as the game quickly degenerates into a whirlwind of culinary chaos. It’s a cooperative experience that can only be won with seamless teamwork.

Overcooked 2

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19. Earth Defense Force 5

The Earth Defense Force series lets players take on the role of elite soldiers defending Earth from giant insects, awful aliens, and colossal machines in a dystopian future. With over 100 missions and many weapons and classes, players may customize their combat style and interact with friends in online multiplayer modes.

The game features huge fights, destructible surroundings, and an absurdly entertaining narrative. Those who love action-packed games will enjoy its high-octane adventure with hours of wild fun.

Earth Defense Force 5

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20. Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is an immensely popular title that has constantly led Steam’s rankings since its early access debut, a tribute to its outstanding design.

Sea of Thieves includes a plethora of activities, such as ship management, powerful sea combat, and exploring several islands for treasure as part of a pirate crew. The game has seen substantial enhancements in both looks and gameplay, assuring that it will not disappoint any fans of the pirate life, giving an immersive and intriguing experience on the high seas.

Sea Of Thieves

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21. Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia’s eerie and frightening environment is guaranteed to fascinate those looking for a spine-tingling cooperative adventure with friends. A team of four players must make their way through a haunted house while using various equipment to gather proof of ghostly activity. Phasmophobia is a paranormal enthusiast’s dream come true, providing an immersive experience that has captured most players even in its early access stage.


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22. Among Us

Among Us is one of the most popular games available on Steam. This sudden rise can be credited to tremendous good exposure from streamers.

The game is centered around a bunch of colorful crew members who must work together to fulfill tasks aboard a spacecraft as hidden impostors plan to eliminate everyone. Players engage in intense debates, allegations, and votes to identify the impostors and expel them into space. Among Us has become a social gaming phenomenon, promoting teamwork, paranoia, and laughter in every aspect.

Among Us

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23. Rust

In this game, players begin with nothing but their wits and rock in a post-apocalyptic environment, tasked with surviving the harsh woods and hostile interactions with other players. Survival in this harsh environment requires resource gathering, base construction, and battle.

The game’s realism extends to the necessity for water, food, and shelter and dealing with the continual threat of wildlife and competing tribes. Rust’s open-world sandbox provides a dynamic, player-driven experience in which trust is brittle, alliances are formed and broken, and every choice might make the difference between in-game life and death.


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24. Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight breaks the mold with its unique blend of monsters and survivors. Although it features complexity and technical obstacles, it is nevertheless playable for casual players.

In this game, one player becomes a relentless killer, while the other four become survivors attempting to outsmart and escape their pursuer. It is a compelling and asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, pushing the players to their limits through intense events that increase the tension.

Dead By Daylight

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25. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

If you find sandbox survival games too relaxing, there are adrenaline-pumping alternatives like Rainbow Six Siege. Two teams of different operators compete in furious rounds in this high-stakes game, each with their skills and strengths. One team is in charge of attacking, while the other is defending a specified zone.

Playing with others amplifies the thrill and competition, making it an even more exciting and engaging adventure for those looking for a true taste of cooperation in a tactical shooter field.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

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26. PAYDAY 2

This game achieves the ideal blend of fun and mayhem by allowing players to take on the roles of smart criminals going on daring bank and store heists.

The chance to team up with friends adds to the thrill. Teaming up with a squad of up to four players increases the fun factor, and the game provides rich character modification choices to personalize the criminal experience. PAYDAY 2 provides a robust, cooperative gameplay experience that keeps gamers returning for more adrenaline-pumping criminal exploits.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some popular Steam games for LAN parties?

Popular LAN party Steam games include Counter-Strike, Rocket League, Minecraft, and Dota 2.

2. What are some popular battle royale games on Steam to play with friends?

PUBG, Rust, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Cuisine Royale, and Hyper Scape are some common battle royale games that one can play on Steam.

3. How can I organize a gaming tournament with friends on Steam?

You may organize a gaming tournament on Steam with friends by scheduling the matches, creating the teams beforehand, setting the rules, and deciding on the game before picking a day when all are available to play.

Infographic: Best Fun Steam Games To Play With Friends

The Steam application has a plethora of games to enjoy alone or with your buddies. Many games come with multiplayer options, or you can play them simultaneously, syncing the level and stage of the games for maximum competitive fun. The following infographic presents a list of exciting video games on Steam to enjoy with your friends.

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Key Pointers

  • Terraria, Raft, and The World Of Warships are some of the best steam games to play with friends.
  • Steam games such as rocket league let you customize your car and play with your friends in competitive mode.
  • Garry’s Mod is a physics-based sandbox game that lets you experiment in the physical world and features various modes.

Get the ultimate gaming experience with your friends on Steam. Check out our video for the top 10 games to enjoy remotely with your friends on Steam! Don’t miss out on the thrill!

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