7 Easy Steps To Draw A Frog For Kids

How To Draw A Frog For Kids


There is no wonder creativity is a must for any kid; and when we talk about creativity, drawing is one of the few activities that come to our mind.

On that note, this post talks about how to draw a frog for kids in a step by step manner. To know more, keep reading!

Why Should Parents Teach Their Kids To Draw?

Drawing brings the best out of a kid. It enhances his creativity, personal expression, and the knowledge of colours and how to use them. Academics are important, but students have to develop the ability to perform other creative tasks like participating in fancy dress competitions, giving short speeches, and even putting their drawing skills on paper. Any form of art can help kids develop their special talent.

Drawing gives a sense of joy. In this age of computers and gadgets, it is important that kids spend a little time away from gadgets and do something that would stimulate and bring out their imagination. Studies show that making children draw enhances their self-esteem and self-confidence. Parents can safely store their kids’ drawing works and show them later; it would reflect their growth as an artist and also make an exciting memory. Conduct a drawing session with your kid every day and bring out their creative side.

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How To Draw A Frog For Kids?

  1. Draw two eyes, with each eye having a smaller circle inside it. Colour the inside circle for a highlighting effect.
  1. Now draw the letter “C” sideways on the top and connect it with a slightly curved line so as to create spectacles (do this for both the eyes).
  1. It’s now the time to draw the mouth (a frowny one) just below the eyes.
  1. Now comes the big part – drawing the body. Start by drawing the letter “U”, touching the eyes and almost reaching the mouth.
  1. Now, turn the frowny mouth into a circle-like shape inside the “U”.
  1. The feet of the frog must look like the number “3”.
  1. To add the finishing touches, draw a small “U” below the frowny mouth, and a number 7 for each frog leg.

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Your frog is ready! You can highlight all the important areas. Erase all the lines that are not required (1).

Once you finish teaching frog drawing for kids, tell them a few interesting facts about frogs.

  • They are born in water and are thus called amphibians. Their babies are called tadpoles.
  • They feed on insects like spiders and earthworms.
  • They are found in every continent except Antarctica.
  • The sound of a frog is known as “ribbit”.
  • They have strong legs that take them to long distances and help them swim.
  • Frogs can live in all kinds of climates.
  • Frogs shed their skin once a week and eat it.

Their lifespan depends on the species they belong to; a bullfrog is expected to live for about 30 years (2).

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It is a fact that kids are slowly moving to gadgets like gaming consoles and smartphones and losing the essence of using paper to put their thoughts forward. Before the invention of phones and cameras, kids used to draw far more often than they do now. Drawing holds a lot of importance, even if it is done by kids who are not very artistic.

So dear parents, put your drawing skills to work and teach this exciting way on how to draw a simple frog for kids. If you have your own version of frog drawings for kids, or want to add on to the facts about frogs, please do write to us! Do comment in the box below.

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