11 Simple Steps To Soothe Nose Bleeding In Babies

Nose Bleeding In Babies

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What should I do if my child’s nose starts bleeding? Do infants suffer from this regularly? What is the reason behind it?

Do you often find yourself asking these questions? If you are worried and looking for a solution, you have come to the right place. Read on to know more about nose bleeding in babies – what are its causes, how can you soothe your baby and when to call a doctor for further treatment.

What Is Nose Bleed?

A nose bleed, much as you may think otherwise, is a very common incidence in babies. In medical terms, it is known as epistaxis.

In most cases the bleeding will happen in one nostril. If your baby is having the nose bleed at the front part of the nose it will be easier for you to stop. In case the nose bleed is happening deeper in the nose, towards the back, it will be a little difficult to stop immediately.

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What Can Cause Nose Bleeding In Babies?

A nose bleed can happen due to various reasons in your baby. Here are some of the most common reasons of bleeding nose in baby:

  • If your baby has been picking his nose.
  • If your baby has scratched the insides of his nose unknowingly.
  • If your baby has inserted a foreign object inside his nose.
  • If your baby is in a place where the air is very dry.
  • If your baby has been vigorously rubbing his nose.
  • If your baby has been in the sun for a long time.

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How Can I Soothe My Baby Bleeding Nose At Home?

You can treat it at home if the nose bleed is not too much and is not causing much discomfort to your baby. Here are a few things you can do to help your baby during a nose bleed:

1. Be calm. Do not panic.

2. Let your baby know that everything is fine. Tell your baby you will take care of the bleeding.

3. Make sure that your baby is not getting scared. Ensure your baby’s is breathing properly and is not gasping.

4. Hold your baby upright. Let your baby’s head lean forward and take support against your chest. This will prevent the blood from collecting in your baby’s throat.

5. Hold a towel under your baby’s nose to avoid any spills and to absorb any blood.

6. Slowly apply constant pressure using your thumb and forefinger to the soft part of your baby’s nose.

7. Do this for about five to ten minutes or until the bleeding stops.

8. In the meanwhile, help your baby to breathe through the mouth.

9. If the bleeding is still persistent you need to take your baby to the nearest medical facility. In such a situation, make sure you continue to apply gentle pressure on the soft part of your baby’s nose.

10. Once the doctor has examined your baby and there is no bleeding you need to ensure your baby does not rub the nose. This needs to be taken care of for quite a few days to allow the blood vessels in the nose to heal completely.

11. After you have taken care of your baby’s nose bleed you need to wash your hands with soap and water.

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When Should I Rush My Baby To The Doctor In Case Of A Nose Bleed?

If you have tried the above mentioned steps and nothing seems to work, you should immediately take your baby to the nearest medical emergency facility. You also need to keep a lookout for the following signs. In case your baby shows any of the following symptoms in addition the nose bleed, you should take your baby to the doctor right away:

  • If your baby has a high fever over 100 degree C.
  • If the nose bleed happens often.
  • If your baby is bleeding through both the nostrils.
  • If your baby is having trouble in breathing.
  • If your baby is crying a lot.
  • If your baby has been bleeding for more than ten minutes.

As a parent it is normal to panic at the sight of blood on your baby. But remember that in order to care for your baby, you first need to be calm and focused yourself. Soothe your baby and do the mentioned care steps.

If you have tried it all and nothing works make sure you are headed out to the doctor.

Moms, if you have helped your baby during a nose bleed do share your experiences here by commenting below.

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