The Story Of ‘Dove And Hunter’ For Your Kids

Storytelling plays a crucial part in developing your child’s overall personality. You can try this Dove And Hunter story for kids to teach them some important virtues and boost their creativity. By telling stories to your children, you can definitely instill qualities such as wisdom, courage, honesty, compassion, forgiveness etc. It not only helps improve listening skills but also enhances creativity, making kids more imaginative and open to ideas.

Now you must be wondering how to get the story that can keep your kid engaged! Don’t worry; we are here to help you with an interesting story for your little one – The Dove and the Hunter.

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The Dove And Hunter Story

Panchatantra is one of the oldest fable books for children. It has a collection of stories that are the ultimate guide for parents to teach their children about the moral values in human life.

Our pick from the Panchatantra collection is The Hunter and the Dove Story. The story goes like this:

  • Once upon a time, there was a big banyan tree just outside a village. Birds used to build their nest on it and travelers used to stop by to relax under its cool shade.
  • One day, a fowler happened to come to the tree and seeing the different types of birds, he set up a trap by scattering grains at various places near the tree. He also laid down a net below the tree.
  • A crow watched the fowler set the trap and warned the other birds about it. But then a flock of doves came to the banyan tree and started feeding on grains. They got trapped in the net. The doves were all very worried as they thought that their end was near.
  • It was then, the King of the doves, who was very wise, thought of a plan. He told all the doves to fly up, taking the net with them, in order to find a way out to escape from the net.
  • Grabbing a part of the net in their beaks, they flew upwards and escaped to which the fowler was left amazed. He started chasing the doves, but the doves flew away quickly so the fowler had to give up chasing them.
  • After flying far away from the fowler, the King dove told his subjects to fly to a place nearby where his friend mouse lives, since he can free them from the net.

After reaching the mouse’s hole, the King requested the mouse to release them from the net. The mouse started nibbling the net near the King. But the King told the mouse to free others first, stating that a King is nothing without his subjects.

The mouse appreciated his nobleness and freed the subjects by nibbling the net with his sharp teeth, and finally the King too. The doves thanked the mouse and flew away.

Moral Of The Story

Like many other Panchatantra stories, this dove and hunter story too has something to teach your kid, which is – Unity is strength.

  • Being united can help anyone to face adversity in an effective manner. The doves here decided to unite and escape from the net by flying higher.
  • In the well-known fable, we also witness the power of trustworthy friendships. Through his friendship with the mouse, he was able to enlist the tiny creature’s help in freeing the doves from the hunter’s trap.Just as the King’s friendship with the mouse led to the freedom of the doves, our own connections and relationships can help us overcome obstacles and achieve our goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Dove and Hunter story help children understand the importance of being resourceful?

When most doves had accepted their fate of dying soon, the King did not give up and devised a way to save himself and his subjects. It was his quick and clever thinking that upturned the situation for them.

2. How does the Dove and Hunter story help children understand the importance of thinking before acting?

Other birds in the village refrained from feeding on the grains owing to the crows’ warning.Had the doves paid attention to their behavior, they would have avoided eating the grains. But instead, they jumped right into it without sparing a thought and got trapped, emphasizing the need for thinking before acting.

3. How does the Dove and Hunter story relate to real-life situations?

In real life, we, too, fall for schemes and propositions that are too good to be true. These ideas offer significant returns in exchange for small investments. We do not anticipate why someone would favor us without any hidden intention and, out of greed, put in our money only to learn that we were trapped in a fraud.

The ‘Dove and Hunter’ story for kids is yet another example of an interesting and engaging moral story to narrate to your children at bedtime. As they sink into their beds, this story can be a perfect ending to their energetic day. The dove and hunter story for kids is not only interesting but also teaches the value of strength in unity and the importance of humbleness and kindness. So, narrate it to your children and let them learn these valuable lessons in a fun and engaging way.

Key Pointers

  • Panchatantra, an ancient story collection, guides parents in instilling moral values in their children.
  • A Fowler sets a trap for birds. Despite a crow’s warning, a flock of doves falls into the trap.
  • Through the clever actions of the King dove, children learn the importance of resourcefulness in problem-solving.
  • The King Dove’s friendship with the mouse illustrates the significance of trustworthy relationships in overcoming obstacles.
  • The power of unity as the doves unite to overcome the hunter’s trap teaches children the importance of solidarity in challenging situations.
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