Tenali Rama Story: The Cursed Man

There was a rumor in the city of Vijayanagara that Ramayya, an old man who lived in the outskirts of the city, has been cursed and that if anyone looked at his face, they would lose their appetite. This rumor reached king Sri Krishnadevaraya, and he decided to find out if it was true.

The next day, the king ordered his guards to bring Ramayya to a room next to his private chambers so that he could see his face the first thing in the morning.

So, the king looked at Ramayya’s face the next morning.

As soon as the king sat for breakfast, he saw a fly in one of the dishes served for him. He ordered the cooks to prepare a fresh breakfast. By the time the cooks brought in the freshly made breakfast, the king had lost his appetite.

The king believed that it was all because he saw Ramayya’s face in the morning. He became angry and ordered the guards to behead  Ramayya.

Ramayya’s wife heard this and sought help from Tenali Rama. Rama listened to her story and agreed to help.

The next morning, Tenali Rama visited Ramayya and whispered something in his ear.

As Ramayya was about to get hanged, he shouted, “Stop it! I have one last wish.” The executioner asked what it was, and Ramayya said, “I have a note which needs to be given to the king before I am hanged.” 

The guards took the note and handed it to the king. The note contained words that were whispered by Tenali Rama. It read- “If one loses appetite by looking at Ramayya’s face, then by seeing the king’s face, the first thing in the morning, one would lose his life. So, who is more cursed? Ramayya or the king?

After reading the note, the king realized his mistake and ordered the guards to set Ramayya free. 

Moral of the story 

Do not blindly believe in what people say.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did Tenali Rama help the cursed man?

Tenali Rama helped the cursed man by advising him to request one last wish before the execution and enabling King Krishnadevaraya to introspect and reverse his judgment of error.

2. What was the challenge that Tenali Rama faced in helping the cursed man?

Tenali Rama faced a massive challenge as Ramayya was facing execution the next day, and he needed to convince King Krishnadevaraya not to believe in blind rumors.

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