163 Strong And Powerful Baby Boy Names With Meanings

While naming a baby, we consider the effects that name would have on the baby’s life. Thus, most parents of baby boys look for powerful, bold names for their children. So, here are a few powerful baby boy names to help you choose the right one. These epic boy names mean “power” itself or symbolize power in various languages and cultures. We have taken inspiration from nature, history, and more to bring this list of influential boy names that means strong. Our list also includes traditional and modern names to help you choose the right name for your baby. So, read on to know more.

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Strong Baby Boy Names

1. Aloysius

Aloysius is an old Occitan form of the popular name Louis, which derives from the Germanic title Hludwig. The name means famous in battle and represents a strong personality.

2. Amari

Amari is a multicultural name of various origins. According to Hebrew origin, it means promised by god, while in Yoruba of the Western-African culture, it means strength or courage. Additionally, the name also means to live long or long-lived in Arabic.

3. Amell

Power of an eagle

Amell is a German name, meaning ‘power of an eagle’. We don’t think it can get more forceful and powerful than this.

4. Amos

Amos is a unisex Hebrew name that translates as carried by God. The title is popularized by one of the twelve minor prophets, known for his wisdom, divine judgment, and powerful aura.

5. Ander

Ander is the Basque masculine form of the Greek name Andreas or the more famous Andrew in English. The name reflects the symbol of masculinity and carries the connotation of bravery and manliness.

6. Andreas

Andreas is the New Testament Greek variation of Andrew, meaning ‘strong and manly’. The most notable namesake is Andreas Feininger, the famous photographer. You can keep Andrew as a short form for Andreas.

7. Angus

The name Angus is moving rapidly from old Scottish name to hip American. It’s a plausible pick for parents with roots going back to Glasgow. The meaning of Angus is ‘one strength’.

protip_icon Did you know?
Eberado is another interesting baby boy name. This German name translates to ‘strong and brave.’

8. Anson

Anson is a masculine name derived from an English surname, son of Agnes. Saint Agnes was a virgin martyr persecuted by the Roman Emperor Diocletian and remains a brave symbol of Christianity. Hence, Anson also carries a similar aura of bravery and power.

9. Arlo

The name Arlo means ‘fortified hill’ in Old English. The name combines the Old English words ‘hoer,’ which means strong, and ‘hlaew,’ which means hill, despite its short length. Hence, Arlo reflects the attributes of strength and power.

10. Arnold

The name Arnold was introduced into the UK by the Normans in the form Arnaud. Arnold Schoenberg, the novelist, is a reputable namesake. It may come as a surprise to most of you, but the venerable St. Arnold was Greek by birth. And, who cannot but think of the Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger.

11. Arsenio

Arsenio is a Spanish name, meaning ‘virile and strong’. It was, for long, considered the exclusive property of Mr. Hall, but is now being adopted by others as well.

12. Arturo

Arturo is the Spanish and Italian variant of Arthur. The name Arthur comes from the Celtic words artos, which means ‘bear,’ and wiros, which means ‘man.’ It might also include the element rīxs, which stands for king.

13. Azai

Azai is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘strength’.

14. Azeil

Azeil is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘God is my power’. It was a common name in Israel throughout the middle ages.

protip_icon Did you know?
Jian is a name that means “strength” in Arabic, making it a perfect choice for your adorable yet rugged little boy.

15. Ballard

Ballard is a masculine name popular in many European cultures. According to the Old Norse origin, the name represents bold, brave, round-shaped and robust. In comparison, it means hard strong from the Ancient Germanic combination Balhard.

16. Barrett

Barrett is a German name, meaning ‘bear strength’. We loved the pleasing sound of this burly name. It also has literary associations with Elizabeth Barrett Browning. You can consider this name for your baby girl too!

17. Bernard

Yes, we all know that Bernard is the first name of the saint who lived in the Alps. But do you know what it means? It means ‘bear strength’. Over the years, this name has taken an intellectual image, losing most of the Alpine energy.

18. Boaz

Boaz is a Hebrew masculine name that denotes swiftness. Boaz means ‘by strength’ and respects a person’s strength. The name is referred to as a biblical figure in both the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Ruth and Jesus’s genealogy in the New Testament.

19. Carlo

According to its Germanic root Karl, Carlo is the Italian variant of the famous name Charles meaning ‘man’. The name has been synonymous with royalty due to its regal sounding and powerful nature.

20. Conley

Conley is a beautiful name that means constant fire from the Old Irish Conláed. Also, as a variant of the Gaelic surname Ó Conghalaigh, it means fierce as a hound. The name has a long-standing history in Irish culture and is associated with many famous personalities due to its inherent meaning.

21. Connor

Connor is a charming Celtic masculine name of Irish or Scottish origin that anglicizes Conchobhar, which in Irish means ‘lover of wolves’ or ‘master of hounds.’ The name is also called a hunter, occasionally representing bravery and leadership qualities.

22. Darren

Darren in Irish means ‘little great one’ or ‘great’ in Gaelic. The American actor Darren McGavin popularized the name in the late 1950s.

23. Denzell

Denzel is a variation of Denzell. This old Cornish name got an entirely new identity via Denzel Washington. The actor was named after the doctor who delivered him. The name means ‘powerful’. The perfect name for a courageous individual.

24. Dima

Dima has both Russian and Greek roots. The meanings of the name range from mother earth to Demetrius from the Greek deity, known as the goddess of agriculture.

25. Donovan

Donovan is a popular masculine name derived from the Irish surnames O’Donnabhain or O’Donovan. Donn means brown, and dubhan means black. Therefore, the name means dark or brown-haired chieftain. The name, rooted in the aristocratic lineage of Ireland’s 10th century, has been traditionally associated with the ruling power.

26. Drud

Drud is an exquisite masculine name believed to have originated from the Old High German, meaning strength. The name has been synonymous with other attributes such as warrior or powerful person.

27. Edric

Edric is an English name, meaning ‘power and good fortune’.

28. Elissa

Elissa, also known as Dido, was the legendary founder and the first queen of Carthage, which is located in modern Tunisia. She symbolizes wisdom and leadership and remains a national symbol in Tunisian nationalism.

29. Emerson

Emerson has Germanic and Old English roots. It originates from the words Emars sunu, which translates to son of Emar or son of Emery, originally designated as a surname. The name is also referred to as brave or powerful in some translations.

30. Etan

Etan is the Hebrew form of the name Ethan. This name is very common in Israel. The meaning of Etan is ‘firm and powerful’.

31. Ethan

Ethan is one of our most favorite baby boy names. It means ‘firm and strong’, but sounds cheerful. With ties to Wales and England, it has a royal ring to it as well. This tenacious name got a boost through Tom Cruise’s character in the Mission Impossible series.

32. Ezekiel

Ezekiel, the name of an old Testament prophet, means ‘God strengthens’. You can shorten this name to Zeke, but it sounds more powerful in its full form. The name is rising steadily in popularity along with other Biblical names Ezra and Asher.

33. Gabriel

Gabriel was the archangel who heralded the news of Jesus Christ’s birth. It’s one of the favorite Biblical names and has been sitting in the top 25 name list for seven years. The meaning of Gabriel is ‘God is my strength’.

34. Garrett

Garrett is an Irish name, which was once in the top 100 list, but slipped in popularity. It’s an Irish variation of Gerard and means ‘spear strength’. Garrett also featured in the Twilight series. He was one of the vampires in Breaking Dawn.

35. Griffin

Griffin is the name of a mighty mythological creature with the half body of a lion and half of an eagle. The meaning of Griffin is ‘strong lord’.

36. Gunner

Gunner is a spelling variant of Gunnar belonging to Scandinavian origin and means a bold warrior in Old Norse. Gunnar is also a cognate of Gunther, and the husband of Brynhildr bore this title in Norse mythology.

37. Hagan

Hagan is a unique masculine name of Norse and Germanic origin and carries the connotation of a powerful element. The name is said to have its root in the Gaelic title Ó hAodhagáin, meaning ‘descendant of Aodhagán,’ which can be translated as Aodh, meaning ‘fire.’

38. Hamza

Hamza is an Arabic name from the root word hamuza, which means steadfast or strong. This name is highly revered in Islam due to its association with Hamza Ibn Abd Al-Muttalib, the uncle of Prophet Muhammad, who was a great warrior known for his strength and bravery.

39. Hason

Hason is a popular given name and a surname that means strong or hardy in Hebrew. This name is a Scottish alternative of Hasson derived from Hassan, an anglicized form of the Gaelic title Ó hÓsáin, which means descendant of Ósán or deer.

40. Imre

Imre is quite a familiar name in Hungary, but would take a bit of explaining in other regions. The meaning of Imre is ‘strength’. This name brings to mind an image of a muscular or brawny individual.

41. Jelani

Jelani is a popular masculine name in Swahili that means powerful. The name is straightforward and conveys masculinity and strength.

42. Jerrick

Jerrick is a trendy baby boy name derived from Jericho. Jericho is the name of a city in Israel mentioned in the Old Testament and bears religious connotations. Jerrick, therefore, carries the aura of a blessed and robust personality.

43. Juda

Juda is an Arabic masculine name that carries the meaning of goodness and excellence, and it is derived from the root word Jada that means to be excellent. Hence, the name represents a strong personality with a focused attitude and determination to succeed.

44. Kano

Kano is a Japanese name, meaning ‘masculine power’ or ‘capability.’ It’s one of the most pleasing crossover names.

45. Kawan

This Korean name is well-known in other parts of the world as well. It means ‘strong’.

46. Ken

Ken is a famous masculine name with multiple origins and meanings to it. In Japanese, the name reflects a good state of health or intelligence. According to the Celtic tradition, it means handsome or someone born of fire, which is often a nickname for names like Kenneth, Kendrick, and Kenan.

47. Kenji

Kenji is a distinct Japanese masculine name representing good health, intelligence, and a strong mind and body. The name is an amalgam of two Japanese terms, Ken and Ji, which also means sharpen and two, respectively.

48. Kenzo

Kenzo is a popular Japanese name with several creative bearers, like Kenzo Takada, the prize-winning architect, Kenzo Okada, the painter and Kenzo, the fashion designer. Even Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou chose this name for their son. The meaning of Kenzo is ‘strong and healthy’.

49. Kwan

Kwan is a Korean name that translates into a building, hall, or clan of martial artists with a standard style and master. Kwan also refers to the initial martial arts school opened in Korea for Taekwondo.

50.  Leonardo

Here’s a perfect name for your little cub. Meaning ‘brave lion’, the name is strong and ferocious with a sweet vibe.

51. Liam

Liam is an Irish title derived from the Old German name Wilhelm, which means protector or strong-willed warrior. In its anglicized form, William reflects the meaning of a guardian.

52. Malin

Even though this name is not used much, it has loads of personality to it. It’s an English name, meaning ‘strong, little warrior’.

53. Maoz

Maoz is a symbolic name given to boys born during the Jewish rededication of the Holy Temple, called Hanukkah. The song Maoz Tzur is sung at that time. The meaning of Maoz in Hebrew is ‘strength’.

54. Marcel

Marcel originates from the ancient Roman forename Marcus, meaning belonging to Mars or the Roman god of war. Due to its association with Roman mythology, the name has since come to represent the qualities of a brave warrior with focus and determination to succeed.

55. Maynard

Maynard is a German name, meaning ‘brave, hardy and strong’. But do not pronounce the name as May-nerd. You will be killing a charming name.

56. Osiris

Osiris is the name of the Egyptian mythological god who dies and takes rebirth every year. The meaning of Osiris is ‘strong eyesight’.

57. Oswald

The meaning of Oswald is ‘divine power’. Apart from its association with the adorable cartoon character, Oswald also has literary connections. It was mentioned in Shakespeare’s King Lear and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

58. Oz

Oz is a Hebrew name, denoting power and strength. It’s the short form of Ozni, who was Jacob’s grandson in the Bible. With other ‘O’ names like Osmond, Osgood and Ozias gaining popularity, this potent name would also make a viable choice.

59. Phoenix

Phoenix may be a mythological bird, but its story definitely makes it worth keeping it as your child’s name. A bird born from its own ashes, Phoenix is a symbol of renewal and never giving up. It can be an apt name for a resilient child.

60. Quadir

Quadir is the African American variant of the Arabic name Qadir. The title carries the meaning of capable, powerful and mighty in Arabic. Also, Al-Qadir is one of the 99 names of Allah according to Islam.

61. Quillon

Quillon is a Latin name, meaning ‘strong’ or ‘crossing swords’. The name looks beautiful when written, but its pronunciation is not very appealing. It’s pronounced as Kill-on, which may lead the little one to go astray. You can go with Killian, but it has an entirely different meaning.

62. Ragnar

Ragnar is the modern Scandinavian form of the Viking name Ragnarr carrying the meaning of advice/counsel and army/warrior. Further, the title is also the cognate of the English title Rayner.

63. Ralph

Ralph is a popular masculine name with a deep history and unique meaning. The Scandinavian origins come from the Old Norse name Ráðúlfr, which means wolf counsel. It was brought to pre-Middle Ages England and changed into the name Raedwulf in Old English.

64. Randy

Randy is a nickname of the common English name Randall, meaning a shield or wolf. It originates from the Old Norse Rannúlfr, giving it a connotation of courage, protection, and bravery. This name is also used as an affectionate alternative to the name Randolph.

65. Rayne

Rayne is an English and French given name and surname derived from the Germanic title. The title carries the meaning of advice and counsel and projects an image of wisdom, leadership, and strength to lead the people.

66. Ross

Ross is a typical Gaelic and English toponym derived from various regions in the area and means headland. The title was made famous by the name of a Scottish highland clan whose chief was designated as The Earl of Ross.

67. Ryker

Ryker is a Danish name, which means ‘superior strength’. This name is rising in popularity for its trendy ‘Ry’ beginning and its two-syllable rhythm. In the past decade, the name rocketed from #30 to #151.

68. Swithun

Also spelled as Swithin, Swithun is an English name, meaning ‘quick, strength’. It’s associated with St. Swithin’s Day, who was a famous weather predictor. The name would surely make a unique pick.

69. Takio

Here’s another well used Japanese name, meaning ‘strong as bamboo’. It is best suited for a child with an unyielding personality.

70. Thor

Your son may not have the looks of the Asgard resident, but giving him a name meaning ‘thunderous’, would give him strength beyond his wildest dreams. He may grow up to become as valiant and heroic as the Asgardians.

71. Uzziah

Uzziah is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘Jehovah is my friend’. This is one of the most unusual and unique Biblical names. It was the name of the long-reigning queen of Judea. It’s sure to appeal to parents looking for a unique Old Testament name.

72. Valentine

Valentine is an attractive Shakespearean name with romantic associations. But it was also borne by the third-century martyr, St. Valentine, whose birthday is celebrated as the modern Valentine’s Day. The meaning of Valentine is ‘strong’.

73. Valerio

This name comes from the English word ‘valor’, meaning ‘strength’. The final ‘o’ in this name is adding a macho touch to it.

74. Zale

Zale has a catchy sound and an appealing meaning. This Greek name means ‘sea strength’.

Names Of Powerful Men

From brilliant entrepreneurs, politicians, investors to presidents, here’s our list of indomitable, powerful men with equally strong names.

1. Abraham

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the US and had the vision to unite the nation. He worked towards his goal relentlessly until his assassination in 1865.

2. Akbar

Akbar was the third Mughal invader in India, renowned for his visionary leadership. He is remembered for his administrative improvements and cultural patronage, cultivating an affluent and peaceful empire. His legacy as one of India’s most powerful leaders was shaped by his inclusive policies, which included the construction of a centralized administration and the blending of many ethnicities.

3. Albert

Albert Einstein was a physicist who formulated the theory of relativity. Did you know that Einstein could not speak until he was four years old?

4. Alexander

The strong male name Alexander belongs to one of the most popular historical figures of all time, Alexander the Great. In the year 2015, this name ranked 11th in terms of popularity.

5. Aristotle

Aristotle contributed in every field of human knowledge. He started off as nothing but ended up being the basis of all science for more than 2,000 years. Aristotle is one of the most regal names of all time.

6. Asoka

Alexander was not the only king who was conferred the title ‘The Great’. Asoka, the Indian emperor, was so deeply moved by the death and destruction in the Kalinga War that he renounced kingship and adopted Buddhism.

7. Attila

Atilla the Hun was the ruler of the Hunnic Empire in the fifth century. He was a strong and feared leader because of his military prowess and ruthless strategy. As one of the most feared conquerors of his day, Attila made a lasting impression on history with his kingdom that spanned Central Asia to Europe.

8. Austin

There could be no name more compelling for your son than Austin, which means ‘great and magnificent’. This powerful name has been borne by several notable figures across history, for example Stephen F Austin, the American empresario.

9. Barack

US President Barack Obama has introduced Obamacare medical insurance, ended the Iraq War and signed an Arms treaty with Russia. He’s indeed one of the most powerful people of our generation.

10. Basshar

Syrian President Basshar Al-Assad has been strong and firm at his position despite all the difficulties in the country. He’s indeed one of the most powerful leaders of this time.

11. Bill

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is the wealthiest person in the world. Apart from building a reputation as a serious thinker, Bill is also a philanthropist.

12. Brad

Brad Pitt is a renowned American actor and producer who has mesmerized audiences with his performances showcasing his acting range in movies like ‘Thelma & Louise’ to his acclaimed turns in films like ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.’

13. Brian

Brian is one of the most famous Irish imports baby boy names. The name entered the United States popularity list in the year 1925 and remained in the Top 100 list for 60 years. Its claim to fame is Brian Boru, the most famous Irish warrior king. The meaning of Brian is “virtuous, strong and honorable’.

14. Bruce

Bruce Lee was a famous Hong Kong-American martial artist, actor, and cultural icon.  He founded Jeet Kune Do and revolutionized martial arts with innovative fighting techniques that influenced modern mixed martial arts.

15. Charles

Charles Darwin was an English biologist and naturalist who was born in 1809. His seminal work “On the Origin of Species” proposed the hypothesis of evolution through natural selection, upending accepted wisdom, and igniting important intellectual conflicts. Darwin made significant discoveries in evolutionary biology that continue to influence how we perceive life’s diversity and the forces that give it rise.

16. Clint

Clint Eastwood is a famous American actor and director who has contributed massively to the film industry. Eastwood has starred in and directed several great films, such as ‘Dirty Harry’ and ‘Unforgiven,’ and is renowned for his gruff charisma and fierce on-screen presence.

17. Confucius

Confucius was a Chinese teacher and philosopher known for his teachings and knowledge collected in the Analects. Chinese culture has been profoundly influenced by Confucius’ philosophy, which helped shape societal norms and moral tenets that still guide people today.

18. Creed

Creed is an English masculine name or a surname, which means a set of religious beliefs or moral principles one adheres to. Apollo Creed and Adonis Creed from the Rocky movie franchise are fictional characters known for their sheer grit, strength, and determination.

19. Cristiano

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese soccer icon widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. He is known for setting numerous records and for his stints with Manchester United and Real Madrid.

20. David

British Prime Minister David Cameroon is another powerful leader of this generation.

21. Dirk

Dirk is the name of the current gen of the super powerful Ziff publishing family. This name received some fame from the 50s to 80s along with its cousin Kirk but is not heard much now. So, it’s sure to make a unique name for your son.

22. Dwayne

Dwayne Johnson, better known by his stage name “The Rock,” has made a spectacular leap from the world of professional wrestling to the top of Hollywood. Johnson has established himself as a leading character actor in action-packed blockbusters because of his endearing charm and commanding physicality.

23. Eli

People of Los Angeles must be aware of Eli Borad, the art world titan. This name has been shooting in popularity and entered the top 100 list for the first time this year.

24. Elon

Elon Musk is a renowned entrepreneur and business mogul who has significantly impacted various sectors ranging from electric automobiles to social media and space exploration. He is known for pushing the limits of innovation as the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

25. Fidel

Fidel Castro was one of the most powerful faces of the Cuban revolution. He went on to become the prime minister and president of Cuba.

26. Floyd

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was the undefeated boxing champion, regarded as one of the finest defensive boxers ever. He is noted for winning 15 major world championships in different weight categories. As a global icon, he is renowned for his flamboyant lifestyle, exceptional agility, and technical proficiency.

27. Forest/Forrest

Forrest is one of the most modern of all the powerful and strong appellations. This green, woodsy name has a strong yet distinctive image. The most distinguished and powerful bearer of this name is newsman Forest Sawyer.

28. Francis

This spiritual leader to 1.2 billion people in the world deserves a place in this list. The Pope is loved not just by the Catholics, but by people of all races and religions.

29. Frank

American singer and actor Frank Sinatra is regarded as one of the finest entertainers of the 20th century and one of the world’s best-selling musical artists. Sinatra rose to prominence due to his silky voice, perfect phrasing, and endearing stage persona.

30. Franklin

The 32nd US president Franklin Roosevelt managed to keep the spirits of the country alive even during the recession and World War II. His fireside chats with the influential people of other countries kept the country going even at the most fragile times. The name Franklin has an air of loyalty and bravery.

31. Freddie

Freddie Mercury was the iconic lead singer of the rock band Queen. He was known for his captivating stage presence, flamboyant personality, and wide vocal range, mesmerizing listeners worldwide with timeless classics like ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘We Are The Champions.’

32. George

Besides George Washington, the first president of the US, several other Georges have contributed to power and significance. King George III was one of the most influential kings of Ireland and the UK. Then, there is George Harrison, the famous singer and musician. George Clooney is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood.

33. Gordon

This strong Scottish surname may have been overtaken by Jordon, but Gordon sounds like having a better chance of being powerful. We have two most famous references here: British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and famous chef Gordon Ramsay.

34. Guevara

You must have guessed whom we are referring to here. Ernesto Che Guevara, the Argentinian revolutionary was one of the main men of the Cuban Revolution. He was also a trained doctor and a leader in guerilla warfare.

35. Harvey

Harvey Milk was the first gay politician to be elected to the office. He stood vehemently for love, courage, and bravery and fought for the rights of those who had no voice or chose not to speak. He was also instrumental in passing a gay rights ordinance in the 1970s. Coincidentally, the name means ‘battle worthy’.

36. Hassan

Hassan Rouhani is the recently elected President of Iran. He has been in politics since 1989.

37. Henry

There have been several King Henrys over the years. It is common among the politicians too. The name was an inspiration for one of Shakespeare’s plays. Now that’s one powerful name.

38. Imhotep

Imhotep was a well-known architect, doctor, and scribe in Ancient Egypt. As the first known genius, he created the Step Pyramid of Djoser, revolutionizing pyramid building. Imhotep’s diverse abilities and long reputation still awe and impress people today.

39. Isaac

Sir Isaac Newton was the inventor of differential and integral calculus. He’s arguably the single most influential thinker in the history of humankind.

40. Jacob

Jacob Zuma was elected as the president of South Africa in 2009. As a name, Jacob continues to rise in popularity.

41. Jeff

Jeff Bezos is the American founder of the e-commerce giant Amazon. Amazon has developed into a global behemoth, providing a wide range of goods and services under his direction.

42. Joe

Joe Biden is one of the most famous contemporary personalities on the most influential person list. He is an American politician and the 46th president of the United States.

43. John

John F. Kennedy, John Adams, Pope John Paul II, John Quincy Adam have all been famous. John has been a dominant name throughout the centuries. It was even more popular during the Biblical times, when not one or two, but 12 of Jesus’ apostles were named John.

44. Jordan

Michael Jordan is a former basketball legend and businessman recognized mainly as the best player in the history of the NBA. Jordan, renowned for his unmatched tenacity, athleticism, and clutch performances, guided the Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles in the 1990s.

45. Joseph

This moniker has been borne by several powerful men in history, including Joseph II, the first Austrian dominion ruler from House of Lorraine. He’s considered one of the most selfless and enlightened rulers of his time. Joseph means ‘may Jehovah add or increase’.

46. Julius

Julius Caesar was a Roman military genius and ruler, to say the least. He played a critical role in the rise of the Roman Empire.

47. Justin

Justin Bieber is a global pop star from Canada who achieved stardom as a teenager.  He is known for several hit songs highlighting a high smooth vocal range and catchy music.

48. Karl

Karl Marx was a German philosopher, economist, and political theorist born in 1818. His magnum opus ‘The Communist Manifesto’ and ‘Das Kapital,’ served as the basis for contemporary communism and socialist thought.

49. Larry

Larry Page is the self-made billionaire and CEO of Alphabet, the publicly traded company, which includes Google, Google X Lab, Nest, Calico and Fiber.

50. LeBron

LeBron James is an American sports icon who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. Often regarded as one of the greatest players ever, he has won numerous awards and set various records in the game’s history.

51. Leonidas

The Spartan king Leonidas I was a renowned leader and man of courage who led his 300 Spartans in a heroic battle against the vast Persian army at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BCE. He has been remembered throughout history as a model of bravery and tenacity because of his sacrifice and unshakable dedication to upholding Greece’s independence.

52. Lionel

Lionel Messi is an Argentine soccer maestro hailed widely as the greatest ever player of all time. He is renowned for his dribbling skills, excellent ball country, and passing range. He enjoyed some of the best moments of his career with the Argentina National Team and Barcelona FC.

53. Louis

Louis was made popular by the famous king of France, Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King. His absolute monarchy and the concentration of authority were characteristics of his reign. As one of the most powerful kings in history, his accomplishments include the building of the lavish Palace of Versailles and his endeavors to make France the leading European power.

54. Ludwig

Ludwig van Beethoven was a famous composer of the late Classical and early Romantic periods. His iconic Symphony No. 5 and ethereal Symphony No. 9 are only two examples of his symphonies that continue to enthrall listeners with their emotional depth and technical proficiency. Despite the hearing loss, Beethoven’s creativity revolutionized musical composition and raised the art form to new heights.

55. Mario

Mario Draghi is the president of the European Central Bank. He had fought the economic stagnation of Europe last year with a course of quantitative easing.

56. Mark

Mark Zuckerberg is the co-founder and CEO of Facebook, which has completely changed social media and networking on a global scale. With the development of the largest social networking site in the world, Zuckerberg has significantly influenced how we share and exchange information.

57. Martin

Martin Luther King Junior, one of the most influential and powerful men in world history, has a name that can’t be beaten. Not just the namesake, but the meaning of the word is also strong, as it means ‘warlike’.

58. Meiji

Emperor Meiji was a prominent ruler of Japan who significantly impacted its history. The Meiji Restoration, Japan’s rapid phase of modernization and westernization, took place while he was in power. The reforms and leadership of Emperor Meiji helped Japan become a modern industrialized nation and put it on the route to considerable political, social, and economic advancement.

59. Michelangelo

The Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo is regarded as one of history’s finest sculptors and painters. His creations, including the well-known sculpture “David” and the ceiling frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, displayed his extraordinary talent, command of anatomy, and capacity to convey human emotion. The works of Michelangelo fascinate and enthrall viewers even today, solidifying his status as a symbol of supreme artistic achievement.

60. Mike

Mike Tyson, or Iron Mike, was one of the fiercest and most dominant boxers and the former undisputed heavyweight champion. Tyson, well-known for his destructive strength and unrelenting aggression, won the first heavyweight championship at 20.

61. Mohandas

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Mahatma Gandhi, led India against the rule of the British in India.

62. Muhammad

Muhammad was the founder of Islam, who was responsible for uniting Arabia into a single political-religious entity. Today, his name is synonymous with the messenger of the god, which is prevalent within Muslim communities.

63. Napoleon

From the infamous French leader Napoleon Bonaparte to the not-so historically important, yet culturally significant Napoleon Dynamite, this name has made its way across all cultures in the last 300 years. It was also the nickname of George B. McClellan and Douglas MacArthur.

64. Narendra

Narendra Modi, India’s current Prime Minister, is the second most followed politician on Twitter after Barack Obama. Do we need to say anything more about his popularity?

65. Nelson

Nelson Mandela was the first, democratically elected president of South Africa and the leader of the Anti-Apartheid movement.

66. Nikola

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American electrical engineer and pioneering inventor who made ground-breaking advances in the field of electricity. He made numerous discoveries and inventions, such as alternating current (AC) power systems, which were the basis for contemporary electrical power transmission, wireless communication, and renewable energy.

67. Peter

This religious-sounding name was brought into the limelight by the visionary Russian monarch Peter the Great, who ruled from 1682 to 1725. He also brought about enormous changes and modernization in his country. Additionally, he modernized the military, expanded the country’s borders, encouraged developments in culture and education, and turned the country into a significant player in Europe.

68. Plato

Plato was an eminent ancient Greek philosopher and a pupil of Socrates. Plato’s philosophical ideas have profoundly influenced Western philosophy, education, and political theory.

69. Ramesses

One of ancient Egypt’s most powerful pharaohs, Ramesses II, also known as Ramesses the Great,  was one the greatest and most powerful pharaohs in Egyptian history. His impressive military operations and expansive construction endeavors, including the majestic Abu Simbel and Ramesseum temples, left a lasting impression.

70. Richard

Richard Branson is a British business magnate and entrepreneur who founded the Virgin Group. He is also a commercial cosmonaut and a global figure for his humanitarian works and contribution to the retail, music, and transport industry.

71. Ronald

This name carries weight as it was the moniker of the 40th president of the US, Ronald Wilson Reagan. Reagan served as the governor of California before his presidency.

72. Rupert

If you are looking for an entrepreneur’s name, you must definitely consider Rupert as Rupert Murdoch is a media baron and a multi-billionaire. Rupert is the German form of Robert. It may sound a bit stodgy, but has a sophisticated charm.

73. Saladin

Saladin was a prominent Kurdish Muslim ruler who rose to power as the Sultan of Egypt and Syria in the 12th century. He was well-known for his bravery and military prowess and defeated the Crusaders and took back Jerusalem in 1187. He has become a legendary character in the history of the Middle East due to his reputation as a shrewd tactician, a just ruler, and the personification of Islamic virtues.

74. Salman

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was anointed the king of Saudi Arabia last year following the death of his brother, King Abdullah.

75. Socrates

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates is considered one of the founders of the Western school of philosophy. He was well-known for using the Socratic questioning approach to encourage his pupils’ critical thinking and introspection. Socrates’ theories and teachings, centering on knowledge, ethics, and the examined life, have significantly impacted philosophy and are still relevant today.

76. Solomon

King Solomon is a renowned biblical figure known for his wisdom and wealth and ruled the ancient kingdom of Israel. His rule was characterized by wealth, building initiatives like the First Temple in Jerusalem, and eminent decisions that showed his intelligence. Even today, traditions from history and religion continue to honor Solomon as a wise and great king.

77. Stephen

Stephen King is a renowned American writer, predominantly in horror and suspense. His notable works have become classic staples of modern horror stories and movies like ‘The Shining,’ ‘It,’ and ‘Carrie.’

78. Steve

Steve Jobs was the visionary co-founder of Apple Inc. He is remembered today for revolutionizing technological development by introducing consumer electronics like the iPhone, Ipad, and Mac computer.

79. Sun

Sun Tzu is an ancient Chinese military strategist and author of the famous work ‘The Art of War.’ His tenets on leadership, strategy, and the art of war have stood the test of time and have been used in conflict and many facets of life and business.

80. Theodore

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th US president, was the amalgamation of a politician, explorer, author and historian. He was also the youngest person to serve as a President of the country.

81. Thomas

Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States and the primary author of the Declaration of Independence. As a significant figure in American history, Jefferson was a prominent supporter of individual liberties, religious freedom, and democracy. His crucial role in forming the institutions and values of the developing country lives on in history as his lasting legacy.

82. Tom

Tom Brady is an American football quarterback who has made a name for himself as one of the finest players in NFL history. Brady has won many Super Bowl wins, broken numerous records, and displayed unmatched success throughout his career.

83. Vladimir

Russian President Vladimir Putin left behind Barack Obama this year to win the title of the most powerful leader.

84. Wallac

Wallace Stevens was a famous American modernist poet who won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1955. His poetry is well known for its vivid language and intellectual exploration of existential and philosophical issues that blended the abstract with reality.

85. Warren

Warren Buffet is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. His biggest ever deal happened last year in August when he paid $37bn to industrial and aerospace parts maker Castparts.

86. William

There have been so many strong and powerful bearers of William over the years that it is difficult to select one. We’ve had William Shakespeare, William Henry Harrison, and William McKinley, who made a high impact on society.

87. Winston

The most crucial time for a leader to show his real worth is in the face of adversity, and Winston Churchill shone brightly at the task. He was one of the ablest leaders and the prime minister of the UK during World War II.

88. Wolfgang

The Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is hailed as one of the finest musical prodigies in history. His prolific oeuvre, which ranges from operas to symphonies, demonstrates an unrivaled command of melody and harmony. The charming Symphony No. 40 and the enchanting opera ‘The Marriage of Figaro,’ two of Mozart’s ageless works, continue to delight listeners worldwide, solidifying his standing as a musical great.

89. Xi

Xi Jinping, the Prime Minister of China, holds three crucial offices required for being the paramount leader of China. In fact, he’s called the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I consider when choosing a powerful name for my son?

When choosing a powerful baby boy name, parents must ensure the name has a good meaning and sounds appealing. You must also learn the name’s roots and history. Check how popular the chosen name is before deciding on keeping it.

2. Can I combine two powerful names to create a unique name for my son?

You may combine two powerful names for your baby. However, ensure the names blend well together.

3. Are there any powerful names that have positive connotations associated with them?

There are many names with positive connotations, and the easy way to check this is through adequate research about the name.

A person’s name may indicate several attributes and their potency. Your child would love to have a solid and influential name. With a host of online options, it could be difficult for you to make the right choice. To help you choose, we have compiled this list of powerful baby boy names to name your little one. Your son is sure to be the most outstanding boy among his peers with any of these names. So go ahead and choose the best name for your little guy.

Infographic: Strong Baby Boy Names

Want your little prince to have a strong physical presence and aura? Then why not give them a name that means strength and allows them to take inspiration from it? In the following infographic, we put together such names. So, choose the one you like most for your son!

names for your boy that signify strength (infographic)

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