100 Modern And Stylish Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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When it comes to choosing baby names, many parents prefer to select ones that don’t sound dated or old-fashioned. Names, just like fashion trends, can undergo big changes over time. Having a name that is too old-fashioned may not sit well with children when they grow up.

If you’re searching for modern and stylish baby boy names, we know exactly what you’re looking for. After all, all parents would like to be considered modern parents who know what is cool.

Modern names tend to be short and easy to remember, and they need not always have deep meanings. Take, for example, the name Zed. It exudes an edgy, modern air that your child will appreciate when they are older. In this post, we have rounded up some uber cool, modern names for you to choose from.

Stylish Names For Boys With Meanings

1. Abbot:

Abbot means father

Abbot may be linked to the church, but it’s also one of the most stylish classic names. It’s vintage without being out of date and means ‘father’.

2. Adair:

This all-time favorite name with Scottish roots is linked with the name Edgar. Adair boasts of a bold statement and even has the power to surprise. It means ‘fortunate and powerful’.

3. Adriel:

This unique Hebrew name, meaning ‘the flock of God’, is a special Biblical moniker for religious parents.

4. Arlo:

This moniker, meaning ‘fortified hill’, is a cool modern boy name with a perfect amount of edge. Best of all, it’s easy to spell and pronounce. You can use Arlo as a short form.

5. Axel:

This heavy metal rock name is originally a Scandinavian form of the Biblical name Absalom, meaning ‘father of peace’. It’s been growing in popularity along with almost all the sassy names with an ‘x’.

6. Bellamy:

Bellamy, one of the most attractive baby boy names, has a charm which cannot be overlooked. This name means ‘fine friend’.

7. Brady:

Brady, meaning ‘large chested’, started gaining traction for boys when it was chosen by Miranda for her son in “Sex and the City”.

8. Brice:

This rare moniker, derived from an old Scottish surname, is all set to take off. It’s modern, sleek, and will even make grandpa Bruce elated. Brice means ‘speckled’.

9. Bronx:

The popularity of this stylish name should be accredited to Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, who put this name on the map after choosing it for their son.

10. Bruin:

Bruin would be a perfect name for an animal lover or sports fan. This name of English origin means ‘brown or bear’.

11. Cashel:

This stylish name, with a tough feeling, sounds a lot like cash, which maximizes its appeal. Cashel means ‘stone fort’.

12. Collier:

This occupational name has evolved into much more than that. It has shed its coal mine look and has taken a direction towards fashion and style. Collier means ‘coal miner’.

13. Connor:

If you’re a lover of dogs, you may like this Irish name meaning ‘lover of hounds’. It’s been in the top 50 baby boy name list for over a decade.

14. Cordero:

Spanish baby names sound extremely attractive because of their association with the Mediterranean lifestyle. This rare name means ‘lamb’.

15. Cormac:

This Irish name, meaning ‘charioteer’, is seriously underutilized. It’s upbeat and is related to “Harry Potter” too.

16. Cortez:

The exotic -x ending of this name makes this Spanish name sassier. Cortez means ‘courteous’.

17. Cullen:

Using a traditional last name as a first name is totally in trend. These names get a new lease of life when used as first. One such name is Cullen, which means ‘handsome or good looking’.

18. Dashiell:

This dashing name was picked by A-listed celebs such as Cate Blanchett, Jason Priestly, and Milla Jovovich. The meaning of Dashiell is unknown.

19. Dax:

It isn’t just the ‘x’ ending that makes Dax cool. This sci-fi vibe emanating from its appearance in “Star Trek Deep Space Nine” series makes it cooler. Dax is the name of a town in France.

20. Dax:

This moniker, which is essentially a French place name, has the all-consuming power of the ‘x’ ending.

21. Deon:

Deon is the Greek alternative to Dion, which is a short form of the Dionysus. This unique and cute modern boy name belongs to the Greek mythological god of wine.

American comedian, actor, and screenwriter Deon Cole, popular for his role in the sitcom Black-ish, is a famous namesake.

22. Dermot:

This appealing and undiscovered Irish mythological name is an Anglicization of Diarmaid and means ‘free from envy’. This edgy name has been borne by several kings and saints as well.

23. Donovan:

Donovan is a stylish boy name that means dark

If you want to pay homage to a relative named Donald, but without using the exact name, choose its stylish cousin Donovan, which means ‘dark’.

24. Dov:

This Hebrew name, meaning ‘bear’, has a gentle image, which is modern and fresh. We think it’s an excellent name if you have Jewish roots.

25. Eliseo:

Eliseo, a variation of the Biblical name Elisha, provides a fresh spin to traditional Biblical names. It means ‘God is my salvation’.

26. Ellery:

This rhythmic, three syllable name, has absolutely nothing to do with Ellison, except, perhaps, the –Ell prefix. Ellery means ‘island with elder trees’.

27. Emilio:

This moniker, inspired by the Florentine fashion designer Emilio Pucci, is one of our favorite stylish baby boys in the list. This sophisticated and energetic name means ‘rival’.

28. Euan:

The rare and almost unheard name entered the US radar all because of Euan Abercrombie in “Harry Potter”. The name Euan means ‘born of the yew tree’.

29. Finn:

Thanks to “Glee” Irish name Finn, meaning ‘fair-haired’, is more popular than ever. A famous bearer of this name with enormous charm and energy is Finn MacCool.

30. Fintan:

The ‘tan’ suffix at the end of this name makes it a modern name. This spectacular Irish name means ‘white fire’.

31. Francisco:

Since place name is getting hotter by each passing day, why not pick one for your son too? Francisco is the Latin form of Francis and means ‘free man’.

32. Frey:

This mythological name, stemming from Scandinavia, has a perfect combination of strength and looks. It means ‘the exalted one’.

33. Garrett:

Garett is a stylish variation of the stodgy, old-fashioned name, Gerald. It means spear strength’.

34. Giancarlo:

This famous moniker from Italy is a combination Gian (John) and Carlo (Charles). We recommend it to parents who want to give swag to their son’s name.

35. Gibson:

It’s quite surprising that a name as macho as Gibson used to be a popular name for girls in the 20th century. Gibson is originally an English surname, meaning ‘Gilbert’s son’.

36. Griffin:

This stylish mythological name, meaning ‘strong lord’, will get luggage full of Welsh history for your boy.

37. Hart:

Hart technically means ‘stag’, but since it sounds like heart, it makes it both softer and stylish. If you’re a lover of poetry, you’ll recall this name via Hart Crane.

38. Hartigan:

This uber stylish name from Ireland is ideal for art enthusiasts. It means ‘descendant of the legendary King of England’.

39. Horatio:

Any name ending with –io has to be stylish and popular. Meaning ‘timekeeper’, Horatio combines panache and freshness effortlessly.

40. Ignacio:

Dozens of saints have carried this Latin name throughout the century. And it even comes with nickname option Iggy. Ignacio means ‘fire’.

41. Jax:

This modern invented name can either be a variant of Jack or a nickname for Jackson. Whatever it may be, this name has been in the top 200 names for four years now.

42. Jaxton:

Do you know what makes Jaxton special and of course, stylish? The ‘x’ in its middle, which is adds a layer of mystery to it.

43. Jupiter:

Parents who love looking up in the sky can consider Jupiter as a naming option. This planet name can even inspire your son to become an astronaut. Jupiter means ‘father’.

44. Kacper:

This Polish form of Casper most certainly ticks all the right boxes. And believe us, it’s way more popular than you can even imagine. Kacper means ‘treasurer’.

45. Kael:

Kael is an uncommon name of Gaelic origin, probably meaning ‘slender’. The uncertainty behind the etymology creates an enigmatic aura around this name.

46. Kason:

This attractive moniker is perfect if you want your son to have the finest qualities in life. This modern invented name is a combination of Case and Jason.

47. Kazuo:

This Japanese name will definitely intrigue all our readers out there. It means ‘first son’, symbolizes a harmonious man.

48. Kiernan:

This rare Irish name, meaning ‘dark one’, has a rich heritage and history along with style. And since style is all about finding undiscovered things, Kiernan is sure to leave its marks in the US.

49. Killian:

Killian is a stylish boy name that means church

Killian, meaning ‘church’, has become more popular than ever. One of its spelling variations is Cillian.

50. Kit:

All thanks to Kit Harrington for making this name stylish again, this moniker is a diminutive of Christopher and means ‘follower of Christ’.

51. Kyler:

Kyler is both a safe and stylish naming option for your son. In America, Kyler is believed to be a combination of Kyle and Tyler, but in the Netherlands, it means ‘archer’.

52. Lachlan:

This Scottish gem of a name, pronounced as “Locklin”, is one of the least common names you’ll hear. The musical tone of this name will make other boys go green with envy.

53. Lapo:

There’s an ongoing trend of getting hold of a classic name and elevating to an entirely new height? The same has been done with Jacopo, a form of Jacob. Lapo is the short form of Jacopo and means ‘supplanter’.

54. Lathan:

Lathan is a hidden gem as we rarely get to see any Lathans these days. It’s a form of Hebrew name Lathan, meaning ‘God has given’.

55. Leofric:

If you simply adore Leonardo, but can’t stand the fact that it’s too common, you can consider Leofric, its variation, meaning ‘lion’.

56. Levi:

This Hebrew name, meaning ‘joined or attached’, is one of the lighter and energetic Biblical names. The vowel ending and its association with Levi Strauss jeans adds gravitas to this name.

57. Liam:

Liam, a diminutive of William, has been vying for the top spot for a few years. It’s currently at the second spot. Liam means ‘helmet protection’.

Actors Liam Hemsworth, Liam Neeson, and singer Liam Payne are some popular bearers of this name.

58. Maddox:

Maddox, meaning ‘son of Madoc’, was once obscure, but came into the spotlight after Angelina Jolie picked it for her son.

59. Milo:

Milo, meaning ‘soldier or merciful’, combines the strength of the Greek Olympic wrestler, Milo of Croton, and the WW2 RAF Milo Radulovich, from the movie “Good Night, and Good Luck”.

60. Monte:

This mesmerizing diminutive of Montgomery, meaning ‘manpower’, has a perfect amount of charm. Its association with the Duffle coats makes it even more stylish.

61. Niall:

Niall means cloud

Even if people think you named your son after One Direction, do not let it get you down. Niall is the Irish form of Neil and means ‘cloud’.

62. Nolan:

This rising Irish surname now turned into the first name falls along the lines of Ronan and Conan. It’s a cheerful and friendly name, meaning ‘champion’.

63. Otto:

This stylish, but sincere name, meaning ‘wealth’, is perfect for parents who want their sons to be a judge or lawyer when they grow up.

64. Ozias:

Ozias is one of the few Biblical names that doesn’t sound old fashioned at all. And Oz and Ozzie will make its cool short forms. Ozias means ‘Strength from the Lord’.

65. Phelan:

This unusual Irish name can be found in several pagan stories and tales. Meaning ‘wolf’, Phelan will lend an image of a fighter to your son.

66. Phoenix:

Phoenix combines two popular trends – bird and place. Moreover, it ends with the hippest letter ‘x’. The meaning of this Greek name is ‘dark red’.

67. Quinn:

This engaging Irish name, meaning ‘chief leader or intelligence’, is on the rise for both male and female, but we prefer it for the boys.

68. Quirin:

This chic moniker is associated with the Quirin stone, which, when placed on a person’s head revealed his thoughts. Isn’t that cool?

69. Ricardo:

This chic name derives from Richard, an English name, meaning ‘brave power’. It’s one of the top ten names of Italy and is loved by Americans too.

70. Roald:

Roald is an interesting Norwegian name, meaning ‘ruler’. The most notable bearer of this name is Roald Dahl, the author of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

71. Roan:

Spelling variations can give rise to supremely stylish names. Take the case of Roan, for instance, which is a form of Rowan, meaning ‘red head’.

72. Rocco:

Rocco, meaning ‘rest’, shares the quirky and stylish appeal of similar names such as Hugo and Bruno.

73. Roderick:

Roderick, meaning ‘famous ruler’, may be an old timey and aristocratic name, but there’s no denying that it has a high style quotient.

74. Rooney:

This bouncy surname of Irish origin would make a stylish first name. Its association with Mickey Rooney gives it glamor and class. Rooney means ‘descendent of the champion’.

75. Seamus:

“Harry Potter” gave a serious lift to this Irish form of James, meaning ‘supplanter’.

76. Shane:

Shane, meaning ‘God is gracious’, is a name with loads of western swagger.

77. Sloan:

This Celtic name, meaning ‘raider’, conjures images of a stylish young man dressed in a gray suit.

78. Stefano:

If you’re fashion conscious and don’t want to use the common name Steve, go for its variation Stephano, which means ‘crown’.

79. Sterling:

This English name, associated with a British currency, signifies not just style, but also stability. It means ‘of the highest quality’.

80. Thaddeus:

Aramaic may be a dead language, but its names are still very much in use. Thaddeus is a famous Aramaic name, meaning ‘the gift of God’.

81. Thelonious:

If you’ve watched television series “100”, you must have heard the name Thelonious. Thelonious is a Latin name Tillman, meaning ‘one who plows the earth’.

82. Timber:

Timber is a name that means wood

Keeping up with the popularity of nature names, even we’ve included a cool, ‘natural’ moniker for our readers. The name Timber means ‘wood’.

83. Tor:

If short baby names appeal to you, go for Tor. This three letter Norse name comes from the name Thor, meaning ‘thunder’.

84. Uhtred:

This Saxon name, meaning ‘the time just before dawn’, isn’t just stylish, but also rare. It is a perfect historical name for a modern baby boy.

85. Urban:

Urban isn’t a brand new moniker, but it isn’t heard much on boys. So we think it will make a modern unique boy name for your baby. Urban means ‘of the city’.

86. Wilfred:

Wilfred, meaning ‘desires peace’, has a peaceful yet stylish aura. It comes with ready-made nicknames such as Will or Fred.

87. Wren:

This bird name is not like the usual Robin or Lark. But the quality it holds is same, if not superior. The name Wren is loved by musically inclined parents too, as this bird is renowned for its complex sound.

88. Xan:

Xan, meaning ‘defender of mankind’, has cropped up as a hot nickname for Alexander. And it stands pretty well on its own too.

89. Xanthos:

Xanthos is an alternative name of Apollo and means ‘golden haired’. This name with a noble sound can even be shortened to Xan. Its spelling variation is Xanthus.

90. Xavier:

Since ‘X’ is the coolest alphabet right now, why not pick the same for naming your son as well? Xavier, meaning ‘new house’, is one of the most popular ‘X’ names of all time.

91. Xeno:

Current generation parents are highly attracted to this name because of its initial. And it sounds cool too. The only catch is that Xeno sounds quite a lot like Xenu, a character mentioned in the Scientology doctrines. So the name can get misconstrued. Xeno means ‘foreign’.

92. Xerxes:

This moniker has been around since the first century, but got a major boost following the popularity of the film “300”, in which Xerxes was the primary villain. Meaning ‘monarch’, Xerxes would be a perfect name to honor your Persian heritage.

93. Ximenes:

This is the first time we’re hearing about Ximenes, the Spanish version of Simon and can’t stop raving about how stylish its sounds. Ximenes means ‘the listener’.

94. Xolani:

If you’re open to using names from the rich African culture, go for the uber chic name Xolani, which stems from the Zulu word ‘uxolo’ meaning ‘peace’.

95. Zander:

Zander, as well as its spelling variation Xander, is on this rise of Social Security Administration list. They are featured extensively in the television series and movies too. Zander is the short form of Alexander and means ‘defender of mankind’.

96. Zane:

Zane, meaning ‘God is gracious’, is in perfect tune with the stylish names of today. And the cowboy image makes it even more appealing.

97. Zeke:

Zeke is the cool and rare diminutive of Ezekiel and means ‘God strengthens’. It has risen slowly, but steadily in the US popularity charts.

98. Zenon:

With a somewhat surprise rise in mythological names, Zenon, a form of Zeus and a relative of Zeno, deserves a second look. Zenon means ‘friendly’.

99. Zephyr:

Parents looking for a light and breezy name should take a look at Zephyr, a Greek mythological name, meaning ‘west wind’. It’s elaborate for Zephyrus.

100. Zorion:

Zorion may seem a combination of Zorro and Orion, but it’s a legit Basque name with a positive etymology, ‘happiness’.

With any of these names, your son will be a trendsetter even before he’s out of his diapers.

Weighing Your Options While Choosing Stylish Baby Boy Names

With the plethora of sources and options available in searching a baby name, hunting for a name actually becomes a joyful experience in itself. To help you get started, here we have put down some tips to help you choose a stylish boy name for your baby.

1. By origin:

Many of our families and friends have a list of names in their minds and thus share them with you, but you may want to select the best baby name based on your own criteria:

  • Giving your baby an identity associated with your culture and family heritage.
  • If you, as parents are religious, you may want to name your baby after a Biblical figure, a saint, Islamic figures, or any religion that you follow.

2. Popularity or uniqueness:

Just like many others, you may also be looking for a unique and stylish name for your baby. The names may be from books, epics, movies or actors. Just make sure that you choose a name which is easy in terms of spelling and pronunciation.

3. Stylish celebrity or pop culture inspired names:

As parents, you may want to name your baby after your favorite celebrity. Celebrities may vary from movie stars, politicians, musicians, sports stars, to singers. The name given by you would last a lifetime, so being careful is the key while choosing any celebrity names. Give a name to your son that makes you feel proud as well as suits your little one when he grows older. Take your time, be patient and choose a beautiful yet stylish name for boys, which you and your partner will truly love.

Naming your child is an enjoyable process. Most parents choose their child’s names based on their family heritage, uniqueness, or inspiration. The changing times have also changed parents’ choices of names. If they have to name their son, many of them will look for trendy and stylish boy names that are easy to remember. Names such as Lapo, Monte, Quinn, and many others provided here are short and unique. Your boy will love them as they grow up. So, go through the list and have fun choosing the perfect name.

Infographic: Stylish Names For Boys With Meanings

While you are on the hunt for the perfect name for your baby boy, why not take time to look at the following infographic, which contains a list of stylish yet meaningful names for boys? We are sure you can pick up a few options for the final list of names you like. So, read on and save it for future reference too.

chic and meaningful names for a baby boy [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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