80 Stylish Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings

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So you have a little princess on the way, and are looking for a baby name. Of course, you wouldn’t want a ubiquitous or typical name that always leads the charts of Social Security Administration baby name list. You must be looking for a name that’s sophisticated, desirable, cool, and glamorous, just like the stylish models parading on the ramp.

To make the task of the trendy parents a tad easier, MomJunction has compiled a list of 80 stylish girl names that are in vogue.

Stylish Baby Girl Names With Meanings:

1. Abra:

There’s no doubt Abrianna is a charming name, but its Latin variation Abra sounds a tad more pleasing to the ears. Abra means ‘father of multitudes’ (it’s the feminine version of Abraham).

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2. Adele:

‘L’ is one of those letters that lend a stylish touch to any name, whether it’s at the beginning, middle or end. This diminutive of Adelaide rose in popularity via British singer Adele. It means ‘noble’.

3. Adeline:

Modern parents are loving this charming alternative to Madeline. It’s sprightly, sweet and comes with the cute nickname options Addie or Addy. Adeline means ‘noble’.

4. Aida:

If you are a fan of “Parenthood”, you’d know what we are talking about. Those who don’t, Aida was the name Jasmine and Crosby used for their baby girl. It means ‘happy’ because there’s no greater happiness than bringing a baby into the world.

5. Aislinn:

This name, meaning ‘dream’ has a lot going for it lately, especially in the United States. Its namesake is Aislinn Paul, the Canadian actress renowned for her role in the movie “Degrassi: The Next Generation”.

6. Alessia:

Alessia is the twist to names Alyssa or Alexa, and we must say, it sounds much better than the original. It’s lovely and unique, but not too unique to make it difficult to call out.

7. Alexis:

This trendy unisex name, stemming from the Greek word, meaning ‘helper’, will translate well from childhood to adulthood. It’s also the name of the third-century comic poet.

8. Amalia:

It’s hard to believe that a name as classy and as tender as Amalia means ‘work’. If you’re wondering about the nickname, Mia could be the perfect one.

9. Antonietta:

Antonietta may be a bit traditional, but you have to agree that this name sounds trendy even today. It would be a strong name for a strong and brave little girl. This female version of Antonio means ‘flower’.

10. Bellamy:

This moniker is a fresh take on the Bella series of names. We feel that Bellamy will rise through the ranks in the coming years. Bellamy means ‘fine friend’.

11. Bessie:

This jazzy name will honor the famous American Jazz musician Bessie Smith, and Bessie Love, the American silent film actress. Bessie is a diminutive of Elizabeth and means ‘pledged to God’.

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12. Calliope:

It’s the name of the Greek muse of epic poetry and means ‘beautiful voice’. And it’s also the name of a musical instrument used in the merry-go-round. Calliope is bold, creative, and is tied with Calliope Thorn, the American actress.

13. Camille:

This name may be unisex in France, but history suggests that this name is well suited for girls. Its namesakes are Camille Paglia, the feminist and Camille Claudel, the French sculptor. And it’s also tied to the stunning Victoria Secret model, Camille Rowe.

14. Carmella:

Carmella is soft, sweet, and dripping with trendiness and means ‘garden’.

15. Cassia:

Cassia is a Biblical name that has its origin in the tree bush bearing yellow flowers. It’s mostly used as a last name, but you can use it in the middle as well. It shares its glamorous quotient with Valeria Mazza, an Argentinean model.

16. Chloe:

Ranked third in France, Chloe is certainly very attractive and sounds cute and sassy even after years of usage. It’s also one of the popular luxury brands in France and the name of the American actress, designer, and model, Chloe Sevigny. Could it get any more stylish?

17. Claire:

A perfect example of the diminutive being more popular than the original, this simple, strong, and luminous diminutive of Clarissa owes its popularity to Claire Catherine Danes, the American actress actor.

18. Clara:

Clara, deriving from the Latin word Clarus, is a name with strength and character. Meaning ‘clear or bright’, this name will ensure that your daughter follows a clear and definite path in her life.

19. Clementine:

This moniker is as sweet as the fruit it’s named after. Clementine returned to the Social Security Administration top 100 list after almost half a century. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer used this chic name for her daughter.

20. Coco:

This name came to eminence as the nickname of Coco Chanel, the legendary French designer. (Her given name is Gabrielle). This name then went on to become a favorite with the stars, Courtney Cox being one of the firsts.

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21. Concetta:

This name is downright adorable. And going by the records, there are chances that your little girl would be the only Concetta in her school. The meaning of this name is ‘pure’.

22. Cosima:

Cosima is the Italian feminine variation of Cosmo, originating from the Greek word ‘kosmos’. This exotic, upper-class name is associated with Cosima Rose Alexandra Windsor, daughter of Alexander Windsor, Earl of Ulster.

23. Daleyza:

This modern invented name is one of the fastest rising female names in the United States. It rose to over 3000 places to land on the top 1000 list. Credit goes to the cute daughter of Larry Hernandez.

24. Delaney:

Delaney has been a famous Irish surname for decades. Along with the feminine feel, Delaney also has a buoyant enthusiasm. It means ‘dark challenger’.

25. Drusilla:

This English baby name, meaning ‘fruitful’ appeared for the first time in the Bible and was later adopted by the English speakers in the 17th century. It returned to the trend list after being featured in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

26. Eliza:

This variation sounds much chic than the original.

27. Emmanuelle:

Emmanuelle Alt, the namesake, is the epitome of sophistication and chic. As an editor-in-chief of Vogue, she dressed the same ways for years of her service, yet people worshiped her for her effortless style. And the name is cool and classic, just like Alt.

28. Evalina:

Names starting with ‘Ev’ are hot right now, but Evalina stands out from the rest. This beautiful name means ‘wished for child’. Quite an apt meaning, isn’t it?

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29. Everly:

Emily and Eva have stopped climbing the charts now, but Everly is on the rise. It has an upbeat and crisp vibe while being elegant at the same time. It’s tied with Wendy Everly, the main character in Amanda Hocking’s “Trylle Trilogy”.

30. Fannie:

If you like, the name Stephanie, you’re sure to love its variations as well. And we feel it has a lot more charm than the original. Fannie means ‘garland’.

31. Florence:

Florence is a stylish girl baby name with modern beauty and rich history. This name is primarily associated with Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. So your child’s name will come attached with this incredible legacy.

32. Frances:

This stylish name , which had once gone into obscurity, is now making a comeback thanks to Frances Louise McDormand, the American actress and Saint Frances of Rome, to an extent. This name means ‘free man of France’.

33. Gianna:

This stunning Latin feminization of John took a giant leap last year and landed in the 95th spot. Its association with Kobe Bryant’s daughter further popularized this name. Gianna means ‘Lord is gracious’.

34. Gioia:

Can you guess the correct pronunciation of this name? We bet most of you would fail. Gioia is pronounced as ‘Joya’ and means ‘joy’. Now what better name than your little bundle of joy?

35. Glenna:

This Irish name honors its male cousin, Glen. If you want something bold, you can pick Glenn. This name is identified with Glenna Jean, a leading designer, and manufacturer.

36. Guthrie:

This stylish Scottish name has a windswept aura to it. Some Guthries associated with this name include, Janet Guthrie, a retired race car driver and Abigail Guthrie, a New Zealand tennis player. Guthrie means ‘windy place’.

37. Ilaria:

Ilaria would make an exciting and fresh alternative to Hilary. It means ‘cheerful’.

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38. Ines:

This super stylish girl name originates from a Greek word, meaning ‘pure or chaste’. It shares its association with Ines de la Fressange, the author of the women-oriented book “Parisian Chic”. And we even feel it sounds less dowdy than other old-timey names.

39. Jacqueline:

This French feminine version of Jacob has a royal ring to it because it is the name of the former first lady of the United States. And we predict that it will remain in use for many more years to come.

40. Jeanne:

If you want a strong and stylish name for your daughter, Jeanne should be your pick. Joan of Arc, one of the most iconic heroines of all time, is called Jeanne d’Arc in some places. And it will also stand the test of time.

41. Jirina:

Thanks to the super talented Georgia Caine, the name Georgia is now more popular than ever. But if you want something unusual, uncommon, and chic, you can go for its Czech version, Jirina. This name means ‘farmer’.

42. Julianne:

This stylish name has remained popular all these years, even in its short form Julie. One of the prime reasons for its popularity is its association with Julianne Moore, the American actress.

43. Juliette:

This French variation of Julie, meaning ‘youthful’ has seen a spike in popularity in the United States. Besides its lovely sound, this moniker shares an association with the glamorous beauty, Juliette Binoche, and American actress Juliette Lewis.

44. Justina:

Its cousin Justine might be familiar, but Justina sounds more stylish and unique. It’s sophisticated, sleek, and user-friendly. The meaning of Justina is ‘righteous’.

45. Livia:

Livia may sound like a short form of Olivia, but it has been used as a distinctive name since ancient Roman times, when it was associated with Livia Drusilla, Emperor Augustus’ wife. And it’s a literary favorite as well, having featured in a number of plays since the 16th century.

46. Luca:

Did you know that Luca is used for girls in Hungary and Croatia? Of late, tons of celebrities have used the name Luca for their daughters, including actress Jennie Garth. And if it could work for the star kids, it would be your shining star too. Luca means ‘man from Lucania’.

47. Lucia:

There’s a reason this name holds the top spot in Spain, and that reason is its modish sound. Meaning ‘light’, Lucia hasn’t been able to make a strong hold in America. So grab it right away!

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48. Luisetta:

Luisetta is certainly different, in both looks and sound and that’s what makes us love this name. It’s the Spanish form of Louisa and currently ranks within 500 in Spain. Another plus point is that you can shorten it to the super cute Lou.

49. Luz:

If you want your daughter to stand out with a distinctive name, we’ve got the perfect one you. Luz refers to the Virgin Mary in the Hispanic community. Meaning light, this name is tied to Spanish pop singer and Columbian shot putter.

50. Maeve:

We’re sold! This name looks good and sounds great. This smooth name just rolls off the tongue and you don’t have to worry about people pronouncing this name incorrectly.

51. Mahala:

This dainty name is used in a wide range of countries, including Iran, America, Roman, and South Africa. It’s a Balkan word, meaning ‘neighborhood’. Its namesake is Mahala Fisk Pillsbury, First Lady of Minnesota.

52. Marcella:

Marcella is a romantic Italian name with a rich sound to it. It was the name of the world’s most beautiful woman in Don Quixote. Marcella means ‘hammer or young warrior’. Remember, its correct pronunciation is Mar-chell-ah.

53. Margaux:

You must beknowing this name as Margot, but don’t you think its French spelling is chicer? And it looks really pretty on paper. This variation was made popular via Margaux Hemingway, the American fashion model, and actor.

54. Mariella:

Names ending with ‘ella’ are gaining extremely popularity with parents all over the world. Annabella and Isabella are used to the point of being abused. If you want something fresh, pick Mariella, which means ‘wished for a child’.

55. Marissa:

Marissa is a beautiful, feminine name that you can consider as an alternative to Melissa. You can also consider its streamlined variation, Maris. Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo is its namesake. It means ‘of the sea’.

56. Mattea:

Do you have a son named Matthew? Then you can pick Mattea for your daughter. This pretty variation of Matthew was chosen by Mira Sorvina for her baby girl. It means ‘gift of God’.

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57. Maxima:

This name was made famous via Maxima Chan-Zuckerberg, the daughter of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan. It’s a Hellenized adjective of a Latin word, meaning ‘greatest’. You can use the earthy and stylish Max as the nickname for Maxima.

58. Mercy:

If you want to pay an ode to Kanye West song, you can pick the name Mercy. Currently, Mercy is on an upswing, seeing a huge growth over the last decade.

59. Monte:

You can never really go wrong with a name like Monte. It has an old-school charm to it, which will appeal to parents with a classy taste. Monte was once restricted to boys, but slid to the female territory after featuring in “The Fosters”. Monte means ‘pointy hill’.

60. Naomi:

Naomi is a triple threat of vowel sounds, which gives it a sense of determination when you call it loud. Most importantly, its association with the stylish supermodel Naomi Campbell enhances its appeal. This Hebrew name means ‘pleasant’.

61. Nerine:

Nerine is a Greek mythological name, meaning ‘sea nymphs’. Its most famous namesake would be Nerine Kidd, American actress/model, and wife of actor William Shatner.

62. Olivia:

Olivia, meaning ‘olive tree’, would make a sturdy alternative to commonplace Olive. It has a superb balance of femininity and strength. And it would make a fitting tribute to Olivia Mary de Havilland, one of the finest actors in the history of cinema.

63. Orlanda:

Orlanda, the intriguing feminine version of Orlando is on the verge of becoming a favorite with the Americans. This name means ‘famous throughout the land’.

64. Ovidia:

This upscale and cool stylish name for girls would appeal greatly to parents who want a name that’s a combination of spunk and class. Mexicans would relate this name to the film “Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe”.

65. Pepper:

After Sage, Cinnamon, and Saffron, parents are now opting for Pepper. We feel it’s the spiciest off all the spice names. After all, it’s the moniker of Iron Man’s beloved.

66. Percy:

This aristocratic name is enjoying a widespread popularity in England. Yes, it is a traditional baby boy name, but would make a cute name for girls as well.

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67. Phile:

This short and cute name originates from the Greek word Philon and means ‘loving or lover’. The ‘e’ ending of this name makes it even more dynamic and edgy.

68. Prima:

Prima is an Italian name, meaning ‘firstborn child’. This name is ideal for a girl with strong leadership qualities and with a sense of independence. You can opt for any of its variations – Priminia, Pryma, Preema, or Preama.

69. Quentin:

This stylish female variation of the Roman name Quintus has been borne by several famous people. It is not just popular in French but also hip in the US. Its namesake is Dame Quentin Bryce, the first female Governor-General of Australia.

70. Rochelle:

This short and smart name has retained its effortlessly stylish image even after years of usage. The meaning of Rochelle is ‘little rock.

71. Rosetta:

An ideal pick for floral moniker loving mommas, Rosetta is the Italian version of Rosa or Rose and means ‘little rose’. You can call your daughter Rosie for the nickname.

72. Siena:

There’s something supremely likable about this name. It exudes gentleness, probably because of its association with the town in Tuscany.

73. Stella:

This name has seen a huge surge in popularity in the last few years. It ranked 265 in the year 2000 and jumped to the 13th spot 2010. This name has a fine balance of sass and refinement. It also has a talented namesake in Stella McCartney, the British designer.

74. Titiana:

This lovely name is related to the Roman name Titius and means ‘giant’. The popularity of this name has boosted worldwide, thanks to the international models bearing this name. You can use equally trendy Tanya for the nickname.

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75. Tristan:

If you’re fond of robust baby girl names, Tristan is your perfect match. Even though this moniker was a make figure in “Le Morte d’ Arthur”, it’s used more for girls now. Tristan means noise in the Celtic language.

76. Valencia:

Valencia is an appealing Spanish place name with a rich history. It reached its highest #633 in the year 1969, but the name still sounds fresh to the ears. It has also featured in “Slaughterhouse Five” and “Out of My Mind”.

77. Valeria:

Valeria is the female version of Valerius and means ‘brave’. This name is used predominantly in Russia, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and of course, America.

78. Varina:

Originating in the ancient Roman language, Varina means ‘various or versatile’. This polished name, with a vintage quality, also featured in the film “Spartacus”.

79. Vida:

Sophisticated and sleek, Vida would make a great alternative to names like Viva and Vida. It also carries a literary association in “The Darkest Minds”, Alexandra Bracken’s novel. Vida means ‘life’.

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80. Violetta:

Violetta is anything but drab. We’d suggest you this name if you’ve set your heart on a flower name, but want thing unconventional. Violette means ‘purple’.

All these stylish names for girls have rich connotations and a rhythmic quality. So which one would you pick for your daughter? Let us know in the comment section below.

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