133 Most Fascinating Sudanese Names For Baby Boys And Girls

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Sudanese originally belonged to an ethnic group based in western Indonesia. However, Sudan, the largest country in Africa, is diverse, with a Muslim majority. If this land and culture interests you, our list of Sudanese names for baby boys and girls can be of your help. These names sound beautiful and have great meanings too. Usually, they reflect the Arabic culture that is unique and exquisite in every way possible. Also, most Sudanese like to be called by their first names. However, before calling them, you should add a courtesy title. For example, Uzatas for males and Uztaza for females. Read on to learn more about Sudanese names, and pick your favorite name for your baby.

Sudanese Boy Names:

1. Abdo:

Abdo is a short and sweet Arabic name, meaning ‘sensitive and kind’.

2. Abdul Baatin:

If you want a religious name for your boy, choose Abdul Baatin, which means ‘servant of the Unseen or servant of Allah’.

3. Abu Hanifa:

This is an impressive name with an equally impressive meaning – ‘father of the upright one’.

4. Abdul Wadood:

Abdul Wadood is another name with Abdul in it and means ‘servant of the loving’.

5. Abdul Kareem:

Abdul Kareem is an Arabic name that means ‘servant of the most generous’.

6. Amani:

Amani is a unique name that means ‘desires, aspirations, or wishes’. American football player Amani Toomer is a famous namesake.

7. Ameen:

Ameen means ‘honest, faithful, or trustworthy’. Amin is its other variant.

8. Asim:

Asim is a common and popular name and means ‘protector, guardian, or defender’. Its other variant is Azim.

9. Ateef:

Ateef, which can be shortened to Atif, means ‘kind’. Pakistani and Bollywood singer Atif Aslam is its famous namesake.

10. Ayman:

Pronounced as ‘eye-mun’, this name means ‘righteous, blessed, lucky’.

11. Aziz:

Aziz means ‘powerful, respected, or beloved’. Al-Aziz is one of Allah’s names and Aziz originates from Arabic. Azizi is its other variant.

12. Bachir:

Bachir means ‘who announces a good news or is well-educated’. Its other variants are Bashir and Bechir.

13. Bakhit:

Bakhit is an African name meaning ‘lucky or fortunate’. Its variants are Bakheet, Bakheit, and Bakht.

14. Bilal:

Bilal means ‘wetting or moistening’. Bilal was Prophet Muhammad’s companion.

15. Damian:

Damian is a Spanish name meaning ‘restrain’. Its variants are Damiano, Damyan, and Demian.

16. Dilek:

Dilek is a unisex name, but sounds better on boys. It means ‘wish’. Its other variants are Dillis, Dalys, and Delsy.

17. Douglas:

Douglas is a popular Scottish name that means ‘black water’. Its cool nicknames are Doug, Dougie, and Duggie. The famous namesake is American actor, Douglas Booth.

18. Eufrasia:

Eufrasia means ‘eloquence’. Its variants are Euphrasia and Euphrasie.

19. Faheem:

Faheem is a simple and nice name for boys, it means, ‘intelligent or judicious’.

20. Faiz:

This is a rare name for boys in Sudan but is a much loved one. It means ‘successful or victorious’.

21. Farid:

Farid, or Fareed, means ‘unique or precious’. Indian-American journalist and author Fareed Zakaria is a famous namesake. ‘Farida’ is the female version.

22. Faraj:

Faraj means, ‘remedy, cure, or improvement’. Farag and Faraz are its other variants.

23. Gabir:

Gabir is an unusual name for boys. It is a Hungarian name meaning ‘one who comforts’. Its other variants are Jabir and Gabr.

24. Giovanni:

Giovanni is an Italian name meaning ‘God is with us’. Its variants are Gavin, Givan, and Gyven.

25. Jaden:

Jaden is a Hebrew name meaning ‘Jehovah has heard’. Jayden, Jaiden, and Jatin can also be used.

26. Jamal:

Jamal, or Jamaal, is a popular name among Muslims and means ‘beauty’.

27. Kafeel:

Kafeel is an Arabic name, meaning ‘one who is responsible or one who can be trusted’.

28. Kazim:

Kazim means ‘one who controls his anger or restrainer’, which is a great virtue. The other variant is Kazem and its cute nickname is Kaz.

29. Hafez:

Hafez is quite a stylish Persian name, and means ‘protector, preserver, or responsible caretaker’.

30. Habib:

Habib is a Hebrew name meaning ‘one who is loved or dearly loved’. The famous namesake is the popular Indian hair sylist, Jawed Habib.

31. Hashim:

Hashim is an Arabic name meaning ‘crusher or breaker’. Hashim is apparently the nickname of the great-grandfather of Prophet Muhammad.

32. Hugo:

Hugo is an English name that means ‘thinking mind or wise’. Its variants are Hugh, Huug, and Huig.

33. Ibrahim:

Ibrahim is a common first name across the world. It means ‘father of a multitude or many nations’. The nicknames include, Ibro and Ibz.

34. Irshad:

Irshad is one of the best Sudanese names for boys. It is an Arabic name meaning ‘one who guides or direction’.

35. Ismail:

Ismail is an Arabic name that means ‘God will hear’. The other variant is Esmail.

36. Mahmood:

Mahmood, or Mahmud, means ‘worthy of reverence or praiseworthy’.

37. Majeed:

Majeed means ‘glorious or illustrious’. It comes with Majid as a variant. Scottish Cricketer Majid Haq is a noted namesake.

38. Marley:

Marley is a super cool name that means ‘shapely clean’. The name has become quite popular after the release of the Amercian-comedy movie ‘Marley & Me’.

39. Manal:

Manal is an Arabic name that means ‘achievement’. Its variants are Melle, Milo, and Manuel.

40. Marwan:

Marwan, of African origin, is a unique name meaning ‘flint stone’.

41. Muneeb:

Muneeb is referred to in Quran as the one who returns to God and repents and is obedient to God.

42. Munir:

Munir is a lovely name to bestow upon your boy and means ‘luminous, bright, or shining’. The female version is ‘Munira’.

43. Mustafa:

Mustafa means ‘the chosen one’ in Arabic. The name comes with variants such as Mostafa and Mustapha.

44. Murtaza:

Murtaza is a Persian name, meaning ‘the generous or the giving’. Murtada is its other variant.

45. Nafis:

Nafis, or Nafees, means ‘precious or invaluable’. Its feminine version is ‘Nafisah’.

46. Namir:

If you are an animal lover, then this one is for you. Namir is a Hebrew name that means ‘swift cat, leopard, tiger, or panther’. Naeem is its other variant.

47. Nasif:

Nasif is an Arabic name meaning ‘most just or equitable’. The female version is Nasifa.

48. Nazeer:

Nazeer is an Arabic name meaning, ‘one who warns, kings attendant, observant, and radiant’. The name comes with variants such as Naseer, Nazir, and Nasir.

49. Omari:

Omari is an African name, meaning ‘God the highest or high born’. The other variants are Mari, Imani, and Omarr. The famous namesake is American R&B singer, Omari Ishmael Grandberry.

50. Omer:

Omer means ‘speaker, flourishing, or long-lived’. Omar and Umer are its others variant.

51. Raheem:

It’s an Arabic name that means ‘kind or compassionate’.

52. Rana:

Rana is a handsome and attractive name for boys with an impressive meaning – ‘attractive, eye catching, beautiful to gaze’. The famous namesake is Indian actor, Rana Dagubatti.

53. Rashad:

Rashad means ‘good guidance or wisdom’ and originates from Arabic.

54. Rahyan:

If you want a unique name for your boy, choose Rayhan. It means ‘fragrant herb or sweet, scented herb’.

55. Sadiq:

Sadiq is an Arabic name that means ‘honest, sincere, or one who is truthful’.

56. Samir:

Samir is a popular and common name for boys, meaning ‘pleasant companion’. The feminine versions are Sameera and Samira.

57. Suleyman:

Suleyman is an Arabic name meaning ‘peace’. It is also the name of a Prophet. Its variants are Sulaiman and Sulayman.

58. Syed:

Syed is a common Muslim name for boys, meaning ‘happy, noble one, and always in control’. Its variants are Sayid, Sajid, and Saud. The female version of Syed is Syeda.

59. Umar:

Umar is derived from Arabic word ‘Umr’ meaning ‘life’. Umar means ‘populous or flourishing’. The famous bearer of this name is Persian poet Umar Khayyam.

60. Wajih:

Wajih is an African name meaning ‘distinguished, eminent, or notable’.

61. Yaqub:

Yakub means ‘successor or heir’. The name has been referred to as one of the prophets of the Quran.

62. Zahid:

Zahid is an uncommon yet stylish name. It means ‘pious or devout’ in Arabic.

63. Zahir:

Zahir means ‘shining or flourishing’. It is one of the names of Allah. The other variants are Zaher, Zaahir, and Zaahire. ‘Zahira’ is the female version.

64. Zareb:

Zareb is an African-Sudanese name that means ‘protector against enemies’. Its variants are Zarreb, Zarede, and Zareh.

65. Zayd:

Zayd means ‘to increase or in abundance’. Zaid, Ziyad, and Zeyad are its variants.

Sudanese Girl Names:

66. Aamira:

Aamira is a sweet and beautiful name meaning ‘full of life, abundant, or prosperous’. It’s a female version of ‘Amir’. The nicknames include, Amy, Mimi, and Mira.

67. Aarifa:

Aarifa means ‘intelligent, well-educated or woman who recognizes Islam’.

68. Aarya:

Aarya means ‘prayer or respectable’. Aryan, Arnav, and Arya are its variants. The nicknames include Arry, Ari, and Ary.

69. Akifa:

Akifa is a sweet and short name that means ‘devoted to, dedicated to, or worshipping in isolation’.

70. Alia:

Alia means beautiful. Its variants are Aliyah and Ella. Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is the famous namesake.

71. Aliyah:

Aliyah is an Arabic name, meaning ‘heavens, to ascend, lofty, and sublime’. The variants are Aliya, Aliyyah, and Aliyya.

72. Amal:

Amal means, ‘hope or aspiration’. Emil is its variant. The famous namesake is George Clooney’s wife Amal Clooney..

73. Amina:

Amina is a popular name that means, ‘truthful, trustworthy, or faithful’.

74. Anita:

Anita is a Spanish name meaning ‘grace’. The nicknames include Ani, Nita, and Nini. The famous namesake is American singer Anita Baker.

75. Atifa:

Atifa is a Muslim baby girl name meaning ‘affection, kindness, or sympathy’.

76. Ayeesha:

Ayeesha is a pleasant name for girls, it means, ‘alive or she who lives’. Its variants include, Ayesha and Aisha. The noted namesakes are American actress Aisha Tyler and Indian actress Ayesha Takia.

77. Bae:

Bae is probably the shortest name and is Korean for ‘inspiration’.

78. Faheema:

Faheema is a sweet name that means ‘intelligent or wise’. Faheema has Fahima and Fehime for variants.

79. Faizah:

Faizah means ‘successful or victorious’. Its variants are Fayza and Faiza.

80. Fatimah:

Fatimah is a lovely name meaning ‘to abstain’. She was the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.

81. Fazilah:

Fazilah means ‘excellent or praiseworthy’. The variants are Fazila, Fazeela, and Fadila.

82. Fiza:

Fiza is a sweet and short name meaning ‘breeze or nature’ and comes with ‘Faiza’ as a variant.

83. Hanifah:

Hanifah is perfect for religiously inclined parents. This African name means ‘upholder of Islam’ and comes with Haneefah and Hanfa as variants.

84. Hasifa:

Hasifa means ‘judicious, wise, or prudent’. Hasiba is its variant.

85. Hiba:

Hiba can just be the perfect name for your girl. It is an Arabic name meaning ‘gift’. Its other variants are Hibba, Hibbah, and Heba.

86. Hinata:

Hinata is a Japenes name, meaning ‘sunny place, move towards the sun, sunshine or flower’.

87. Inaya:

Inaya means ‘concern or solicitude’. Inayah is a spelling variation.

88. Ivana:

Ivana means ‘God is gracious or gift from God’. The sweet nicknames are Iva, Ivy, and Ana.

89. Joyce:

Joyce means ‘experienced in battle, merry, or joyous’. Its variant is Joycelyn.

90. Kazima:

Kazima means ‘one who controls anger’. Kazimah is its spelling variations.

91. Lamya:

Lamya is an Arabic name that means ‘having beautiful, dark lips’.

92. Leila:

Leila is a Persian name that means ‘night or dark beauty’. Its namesake is Australian Journalist Leila McKinnon.

93. Lisa:

Lisa is a Hebrew name meaning ‘pledged to God’. The namesake is popular Indian model and actress Lisa Haydon.

94. Marcelina:

Marcelina means ‘dedicated to Mars’. Its other variants are Marcelyn, Marceline, and Marcelline. Celina can be a cute nickname option.

95. Margarita:

Margarita means ‘pearl’. It’s Spanish variant is Margaret which means ‘daisy’. Its nicknames are Maggie, Mago, Margo, and Rita.

96. Mariam:

Mariam is a short form of Mariamme and Arabic form of Mary. Its variants are Maryam and Mary, mother of Jesus.

97. Munirah:

Munirah is a sweet sounding name that means ‘luminous, illuminating, or brilliant’. Munira is a common variant.

98. Nadia:

Nadia is a Slavic-originated name meaning ‘hope’. Nicknames for Nadia include Nadie, Nads, and Nady.

99. Nadima:

Nadima is a Muslim girl name that means, ‘entertainer or companion’.

100. Nafisa:

Nafisa is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning – ‘she who is charitable’.

101. Nasrin:

This Persian name that sounds truly elegant means ‘wild rose’. Its variants include Nesrin and Nazrin.

102. Raqiya:

Raqiya is an Arabic name meaning ‘ascending or progressing’.

103. Rayan:

Rayan means ‘land that is lush and rich in water’. According to Islamic tradition Rayan refers to the heaven gates through which only those who observe fast during the month of Ramadan can enter.

104. Reshma:

Reshma is an Indian name meaning ‘soft or shining like silk’. Resh is its catchy nickname.

105. Rita:

Rita is a short name for Margarita. The famous namesake is American poet Rita Dove.

106. Roxana:

Roxana sounds like a rockstar name. This Persian name means ‘morning’ and Roksana and Roshanak can be used as variants.

107. Sabrina:

Sabrina means ‘legendary princess’. Its variants are Sabreen and Sabrin. The nicknames are Bree, Sabs, Rina, and Nina. The famous namesake is Italian Ballerina Sabrina Brazzo.

108. Saiesha:

Saiesha means ‘meaningful life or truth of life’. Sayesha is its variant.

109. Sandra:

Sandra is quite a catchy name. It is a short for Alexandra or Cassandra. Its famous nickname is Sandy. The popular namesake is American actress Sandra Bullock.

110. Samar:

Samar is a beautiful girl name meaning, ‘evening conversation’. The other variants, which are equally beautiful, are Samara, Samera, and Samra.

111. Sami:

Sami is a Hebrew name that means ‘praised, high, lofty, or exalted’. It is a shorter version of Samantha and Sammy can be considered for a nickname.

112. Samiya:

Samiya means ‘elevated status or lofty’. The variants include Samiyah and Saniya.

113. Samiah:

Pronounced as sa-Mee-ya, this Arabic name means ‘forgiveness or forgiver’. Its variants include Samiya and Samiah.

114. Sanjana:

Sanjana is a popular name meaning ‘soft, meek, gentle, or uniter’. Its nicknames are Sanju, Sanj, and San.

115. Shada:

Shada is a beautiful name meaning, ‘singing among the birds or pelican’. Its variants include Shadah, Shadda, and Shadia.

116. Shamma:

Shamma means ‘flame, lamp, or candle’. The other variants are Shammah, Samah, and Saimah.

117. Shirley:

Shirley is a lovely name that means ‘bright meadow’. Nicknames options include Shirlee and Sherley. American actress Shirley Jones is a famous namesake.

118. Tabitha:

Tabitha means ‘gazelle’. Its variant is ‘Tabatha’ and nicknames include Tabby and Tibby.

119. Tahani:

Tahani means ‘congratulations or best wishes’. Its variants are Tahanee, Tehani, Tahan, and Tihani.

120. Talia:

Talia is a Hebrew name meaning ‘morning dew’. Its other variant is ‘Taliyah’.

121. Tiffany:

Tiffany is a popular English name meaning ‘appearance of God’. Its other variants are Tevnin, Tavon, and Tipene.

122. Tonia:

Tonia is a Latin name that means ‘the invaluable’. Tom, Tim, and Tony are its cute nicknames.

123. Yaya:

Yaya has its origins in Greek, and means ‘woman’. The famous namesake is African-American actress and model Yaya Dacosta.

124. Yalda:

Yalda is a unique Arabic name meaning ‘longest night of the year’.

125. Yuliana:

Yuliana is a variant of Juliana that means ‘youthful’. The other variants are Uliana, Ulyana, and Yulianna. The nicknames are Yuli, Yuyu, and Lia.

126. Yusra:

Yusra in Arabic means ‘prosperous or good fortune’. Its male version is ‘Yusur’.

127. Wahiba:

Wahiba is a smart and unique name meaning ‘donor or generous giver’.

128. Wathiqa:

Wathiqa is a unique and adorable Sudanese name for girls. It means ‘confident or positive’.

129. Wiraj:

Wiraj is an unusual unisex name. It means ‘biggest in universe, splendor, or ruler’.

130. Zahiya:

A lovely bright name for your little girl would be ‘Zahiya’. It means ‘beautiful or bright faced’.

131. Zarifa:

Zarifa is a stylish name meaning ‘successful or moves with grace’.

132. Zarina:

Zarina sounds like a royal name. It is Persian for ‘a golden vessel’.

133. Zina:

Zina is a Greek name meaning ‘shining or hospitable’. Its variants are Zena, Xenia, and Zihna.

Sudanese Last Names:

The last names in Sudanese culture are taken from their ancestors. We list the most common and popular Sudanese surnames below:

  1. Abbas: Abbas is originally derived from Latin. It’s a Latin spelling of its Cyrillic origin ‘Abbac’.
  1. Abdallah: It means ‘servant of the God’ in Arabic.
  1. Agar: It means ‘son of Agar or Ager’ and this surname has been popular for many centuries.
  1. Alhassan: It originates from Bahraini and Ghanaian.
  1. Calhoun: This one is Irish-Sudanese originated. As per the Irish tradition, the offspring of this family was a younger son of the king of Ireland, ‘Conach’. Calhoun is the modified version of ‘Colquhoun’.
  1. Cham: It means, ‘gaze or view’. It has its origins in Chinese, Jewish, Haitian, and Sudanese.
  1. Dandekar: This surname has an Indian origin.
  1. Durka: This surname comes from Hungary.
  1. Gagarin: Gagarin is a Latin word and the surname is originally Russian.
  1. Garda: Thisoriginated from Jewish culture.
  1. Gosh: This originated from Hungary.
  1. Hussein: Thishas its origins in Jewish culture.
  1. Mansur: This is a Jewish-origin surname.
  1. Mubarak: This one is Bahraini originated.
  1. Muhammad: Muhammad is a popular surname in Sudan. The famous namesake is Ahmad bin Muhammad, an evangelist who was on a mission to purify Islam.
  1. Rayan: This one originated from Sudan.
  1. Salim: This is aJewish-origin surname.
  1. Zarouq: This one is Sudanese originated.

A few other common Sudanese surnames are Ahmed, Akol, Almadina, Bashir, Bakr, Ibrahim, Mukhtar, Mustafa, Qasim, IPasha, Rahman, Nordenstam, Tahir, Wardi, Yousif, and Zakrra.

The country of Sudan is known for its rich history. If you want a unique name for your baby with beautiful meanings, these Sudanese names are for you. You may have heard of a few of these names due to their Spanish, Italian, Scottish, Arabic, and Hebrew origins. These names would be a worthy title for your baby with their classic and stylish spellings and pronunciation. Now that you have read out the list, sit with your partner and decide which name you both feel would be the best for your little one.

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