Sugar Pregnancy Test: Procedure, Result And Accuracy

Sugar Pregnancy Test Procedure, Result And Accuracy

Have you been trying to have a baby? But cannot wait to know the result of the pregnancy test? When you are eager to know if you are pregnant or not, even before you miss the periods, there are several DIY pregnancy tests you can try.

One such method is the sugar pregnancy test. Here, Momjunction tells you about the sugar pregnancy test, how to do it and what you will require for carrying out the test.

What Is A Sugar Pregnancy Test?

It is a DIY method for confirming pregnancy using sugar, which is a common household ingredient, and urine. It helps in determining the presence of the pregnancy hormone called hCG.

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Does The Homemade Sugar Pregnancy Test Work?

Yes, although there is no scientific evidence backing the reliability of this method. Sugar dissolves in water, and the same principle is used for the sugar pregnancy test. When hCG in the urine contacts with the sugar, it prevents dissolution of sugar. Instead, it causes the formation of sugar lumps.

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What Do You Require For A Sugar Pregnancy Test?

You need the following things for a DIY pregnancy test using sugar:

  • Pure white sugar crystals
  • A dry, sterilized bowl
  • Fresh, first urine of the day

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The Sugar Pregnancy Test Procedure

Follow the steps as explained below to carry out the test:

  • Take the dry sterilized bowl and add a few spoons of sugar crystals in it.
  • In another bowl collect the first urine of the day.
  • Pour the urine into the sugar bowl.
  • Leave it for a few minutes.
  • Observe how the sugar reacts with the urine.

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Interpreting The Sugar pregnancy Test Results

The sugar pregnancy test result can be:

Positive: If you add urine sample to the sugar and it forms sugar clumps in a few minutes, then it indicates a positive outcome.

Negative pregnancy test: If the sugar gets dissolved in urine, it indicates the absence of hCG hormone, thereby indicating a negative result.

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When Should You Do The Test?

The hCG hormone is the key factor for confirming pregnancy. It takes around two weeks for the hCG level to increase in the urine after implantation (1) Its concentration remains high in the first urine of the day (2). Later, it gets diluted with various constituents that may interfere with the test result. So it is suggested to take the test with the first urine sample of the day.

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What Is The Accuracy Of Sugar Pregnancy Test?

The DIY pregnancy tests may not be 100% perfect. It may yield the wrong result due to various factors such as hygiene levels, environmental factors, time of the test, the concentration of impurities in the ingredients used and the bowl used. So, it is always recommended to get a pregnancy test done using the kit, 1-2 weeks after you have missed the periods (2). Though the sugar pregnancy test is cost-effective, there is no scientific evidence to prove its efficiency.

If you feel that you might be pregnant, then sugar pregnancy test can be a way to confirm it at home. However, its efficiency is incomparable to store-bought pregnancy kits.

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Have you tried the sugar pregnancy test? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.


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