31 Fun And Exquisite Summer Baby Names For Girls And Boys

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Summer denotes warmth, brightness, joy, and excitement. It is ideal for growth, development, bonding, and relaxing. So, if your baby is arriving in summer, we have compiled some beautiful summer baby names for girls and boys to help you choose the right one. Also, since summer is the favorite season of most children, these names would be appreciated by your baby when they grow up. These names are fun and refreshing, like the season, making them trendy. So, check out the list below to know more.

Summer Baby Names For Girls:

1. Summer:

Let’s start with the obvious. Summer is a lovely and fairly unique baby girl name. It ranks 173 on the Social Security Administration list. This unique and pretty name would make a perfect moniker for your warm weather little girl.

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2. Alexandria:

Alexandria is the short form for Alexandrite, the birthstone of June. The name currently ranks #221. Or you can use the classic moniker Alexandra, which has been one of the top 100 baby names for two decades and shows no signs of fading.

3. June:

This name would make a perfect ode to one of the summery months of the year. June is a cute English name for baby girls. The name is inspired by the Roman Goddess Juno, the queen of the heavens. June could also be a short form of Juniper.

4. Oceana:

There’s something cool, carefree and fun about the beach. So if you want your child to carry the same attitude, give her a beachy name, something like Oceana. Besides evoking the feel of summer, Oceana also has a unique sound and feminity, which have made it popular off late.

5. America:

Vacation is another name for summer. So it would make a fitting idea to consider destination names for your bundle of joy. Plus, place names as first names are becoming increasingly popular. Some are even considering America, London and India. So we see no reason you cannot opt for America for your daughter’s name.

6. Suma:

Suma is a beautiful English name, meaning ‘born in summer.’ Could it get any more apt? We love this name because it is short, sweet and has a breezy, summery feel to it, which exactly most of the parents look for in their baby’s name.

7. Virginia:

If your little one comes towards the end of summer, you may end up with a Virgo, making the name Virginia particularly apt. Did you know that the state name Virginia was named after the virgin queen, Queen Elizabeth?

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8. Brooklyn:

Brooklyn is an English name, meaning ‘water.’ We love the name for its wide-open and clear feel

9. Tallulah:

Want a unique summer girl name for your darling daughter? Then you must opt for Tallulah. It’s a Native American name, meaning ‘leaping water.’

10. Jasmine:

This one’s for the Aladdin fans out there! Jasmine is one of the classic summer scents so that this name will work on several levels. This name burst into popularity following the release of Disney’s ‘Aladdin’, featuring Princess Jasmine. Martin Lawrence, Michael Jordon, Nigel Barker, all of them have daughters named Jasmine.

11. Daisy:

This floral moniker comes from an Old English word, meaning ‘day’s eye.’ Elegant, tasteful and strong, Daisy maintains a sophisticated aura despite its popularity. You can even choose Daisy as a pet name for Margaret.

12. Adena:

This lovely name is the feminine form of Aiden, meaning ‘fire.’ The name would make a fitting tribute to the heat of summer or the sun.

13. Pearl:

Pearl, as most of you must be knowing, is the birthstone of June, making it an excellent choice for girls born in the same month. And the subtle connection with this warm month makes it a creative and fun choice.

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14. Genevieve:

If you and your spouse are huge fans of the sea and beach, consider naming your future Princess Genevieve. Meaning ‘white wave,’ this name wonderfully conjures the image of a bright, summer day by the water. This name has a regal ring to it, which makes it sound incredibly appealing.

15. Kyra:

Kyra is an Egyptian/Persian name, meaning ‘sun.’ In some languages, the name means ‘throne,’ giving it a royal and strong feel. You are free to use its spelling variation Kiera or Keira.

16. Ruby:

Ruby is the birthstone for July, the month when summer is at its peak. As a baby name, Ruby is sassy, sultry and vibrant. And if we are not wrong, it has far outshone the other gem names. The name has always been a huge hit across the English-speaking nations. Currently, it is at the 11th spot in New Zealand, 16th spot in Ireland and 10th spot in Australia.

Summer Inspired Baby Names For Boys:

17. Somerset:

Somerset is an English name, meaning ‘from the summer settlers.’ It’s a stately name with a nice ring to it. The name will particularly go well with people who have a deep love for Somerset. Or you can keep it as a middle name.

18. Cain:

We are absolutely smitten by this name. Cain is a Welsh name, meaning ‘clear water,’ ‘possessed’ or ‘spear.’ But we will consider the first one when it comes to giving it to a summer baby.

19. August:

August, the last month of summer, will make a macho name for your baby boy. Even Mariska Hargitay bestowed this name to her baby boy a few days back. Or you can go for Augustus, which means ‘great’ or ‘magnificent.’ Gus would make a perfect nickname for this moniker.

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20. River:

When you are a fan of River Phoenix or want a good, summer inspired name for your child, River would make an apt name. The name evokes feelings of both strength and calmness.

21. Julian:

If your child was born in the hot month of July, use Julian as the name. This name reminds us of a bright sunny day by the river or bay.

22. Leo:

Most of the summer babies come under the Leo sun sign. So why not use it as a name for your summer born baby? There are plenty of variations of Leo, including Leonard, Leonardo, Leopold and Leonidas.

23. Eden:

Eden is the name of a place in Bible closely related to Paradise. The name means ‘a place of pleasure and delight.’ We love this offbeat name for its serene sound. And summer turns the world into Paradise, isn’t it?

24. Beckett:

This old school name has an air of sophistication, all thanks to its association with Irish playwright Samuel Beckett. The meaning of Beckett is ‘bee cottage’, which is a fun link with the summer season.

25. Dax:

Dax is certainly not one of those names that you get to hear every day, and that’s what makes it so appealing. It has a dual reference. Apart from meaning ‘water’ in some languages, Dax is also the name of a town in France. And if you still require a bit more convincing, it has a trendy x-ending, which gives it a charming sound.

26. Kai:

Kai is a very strong moniker with several cultural references. But its Navajo and Hawaiian meanings tie it to summer. In Navajo, Kai means ‘willow tree’ and in Hawaiian language, it means ‘sea.’

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27. Theros:

Theros is a Greek name, meaning ‘summer.’ This fierce name connotes a powerful and fiery personality.

28. Cyrus:

Cyrus is a Persian name, meaning ‘the sun.’ The name has been very popular with the Iranian community because of the powerful Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian empire. It feels much more modern and friendlier now. The most popular bearer of this name is Cyrus Broacha, the ‘Bakra’ guy. And Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes chose this name for their child.

29. Birch:

This name brings to mind the strong, tall and graceful white barked tree with leaves that turn yellow during summer. The most notable bearer of this name is Birch Evans, the former, high-ranking Democratic Senator. The name is rarely used these days, so it will make a unique name for your child.

30. Pacifico:

Pacifico, the Spanish variation of the Pacific, bring the mind the gigantic Pacific Ocean. Besides being an adventurous place name, it has a bonus of its association with tranquility.

31. Sky:

The nature name Sky was first legitimized by Sky Masterson from the film “Guys and Dolls’, played by Marlon Brando. It feels less hippy-ish than Starlight and Rainbow, making it an appealing middle name choice. You can also spell it a Skye.

Whether you are a fan of this season or your baby is born in this sweltering months, summer inspired baby names would make a perfect label for your little one. Just make sure that the name you choose does not put your baby in the line of fire of teasing.

What is your most favorite summer baby name? Did any name on this list inspire you to go with a summery name for your little one? Share your choice with us by commenting below!

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