9 Cool Sunglasses For Teens To Buy In 2023

Sunglasses are essential for any beach day. You probably quickly reach for your sunglasses whenever you step into the sun. This post gives you a list of the best sunglasses for teens to keep their eyes protected from the sun while being stylish and comfortable. Also, the stylish pair of sunglasses will win them brownie points amongst their friends. Finally, a nice pair of sunglasses can keep your eyes cool.

Raluca Oita, a fashion designer and co-founder of Georgette’s Patterns, says, “Sunglasses are not only functional, protecting the eyes against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, but also fashionable and can help enhance and complement any outfit.”

So here are our favorite picks of cool sunglasses for teens.

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9 Best Sunglasses For Teens

1. Best Polarized: Vatter TR90 Polarized Sport Sunglasses

Price at the time of publication: $13.98

These sunglasses have a sporty style and a unique design to protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, especially when the teen is active. They are constructed from soft silicone and unbreakable, bendable frame materials. This review video helps you know more about this pair of sunglasses.


  • Ergonomically designed black sunglasses
  • Includes removable strap
  • Polarized lens material
  • Lightweight frame
  • Super toughness and wear resistance


  • Size may not be suitable for older teens
protip_icon Quick tip
You can also use sunglasses to protect your eyes from the wind. In windy weather, sand or dust particles can fall into your eyes and irritate them, especially on the beach.

2. Best Retro-Style: Feisedy Clout Goggles Kurt Cobain Sunglasses

FEISEDY Clout Goggles Kurt Cobain Sunglasses Image: Feisedy
Why It's Worth Buying: More than 6,988 independent reviewers on Amazon have acknowledged the product's durability and functionality.
Price at the time of publication: $12.98

These retro, oval style sunglasses from Feisedy make a great fashion accessory for everyday wear. They are the perfect choice for outdoor activities like traveling and driving, and provide UVA and UVB protection. You may check more about this product from this video.


  • Resin frame
  • High-quality frame material
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Comes with a case and a soft lint-free cloth for keeping the glasses safe and clean


  • Non-polarized

3. Best For Parties And Sports: Edge I-Wear Neon Party Sunglasses

Price at the time of publication: $13.99

The sporty style sunglasses from Edge I-Wear are ideal for parties and sports. They come in a pack of assorted colors so that you can pick one that matches the color of your outfit. These pairs of sunglasses are quite sturdy and are perfect if you want something for a group of teens.


  • CPSIA certified lead (Pb) content free
  • Sturdy
  • 100% Ultraviolet ray protection
  • High-quality frame
  • Wide variety of color combinations


  • Non-polarized, darker sunglass lenses
protip_icon Point to consider
Apart from wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes, you should also wear a hat and avoid looking directly at the sun.

4. Best For Filtering Intense Light: Pro Acme Small Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

 Pro Acme Small Polarized Aviator Sunglasses Image: Pro. Acne
Why It's Worth Buying: The product boasts 1,110 reviews on Amazon, and many buyers have said they would purchase the product again.
Price at the time of publication: $13.99

These classic aviators from Pro Acme come in different colored lenses to amp your style statement.  The pair of quality sunglasses efficiently block the UV and HEV light to enhance your visual experience. This pair of sunglasses also filter the intense light, thereby reducing the glare.


  • Durable
  • Metal frame
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Clear adjustable soft nose pads
  • Wide variety of color combinations


  • Mostly suits small faces

5. Best For High-Impact Activities: Optix 55 REVO Sunglasses for Teens

Price at the time of publication: $12.55

Let your eyes relax under the shade of these fashionable sunglasses from Optix 55 on a hot, sunny day! The sunglasses safeguard your eyes from the harmful UV rays, without compromising your looks. They are perfect to wear at the beach, by the pool, and during other outdoor activities.


  • Mirrored REVO Lenses
  • Suitable for high-impact activities
  • Reduces glare, making vision appear clearer and better
  • Sunglasses case included


  • Non-polarized
protip_icon Quick fact
UV levels are three times greater in summer than in winter, and 20% of cataract cases can be attributed to UV rays (1).

6. Best Scratch-Resistant: Coasion Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Price at the time of publication: $15.99

These aviator-style protective sunglasses offer a great visual experience by managing the UV and HEV light (high-energy visible light) with their polarized lenses. Also, the pack includes a protective leather case, microfiber cleaning cloth, mini screwdriver, user manual, and tag.


  • Metal frame with premium acetate tips
  • Scratch-resistant lens material
  • Glare protection
  • Adjustable silicone soft nose pads


  • Suitable for people with small faces

7. Best Beach Accessory: Optix 55 Sunglasses for Teens

These fashionable sunglasses from Optix 55 are specially designed for teens. They safeguard the eyes by offering 100% protection from UV light, while the lenses help neutralize the glare. This stylish pair of sunglasses make excellent beach accessories.


  • Smoked lens color neutralizes glare
  • Objects appear clearer & brighter
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Good for high-impact activities


  • Non-polarized
  • Plastic frame

8. Best For Fashion Statement: Coasion Vintage Round Flip Up Sunglasses for Juniors

Price at the time of publication: $15.95

The round, vintage flip-up and retro-styled sunglasses from Coasion make a fashion statement that appeals to most teens. The double-layer lens design of these prescription sport sunglasses lets you use it as plain seeing glasses or sunglasses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.


  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Affordable sunglasses
  • Durable pair of prescription sunglasses
  • Lens color are available in 11 different variants


  • Non-polarized lenses

9. Best And Trendy Sports Eyewear: Khan Half Frame Sport Sunglasses 3.8

Price at the time of publication: $84

These sports sunglasses come in different-colored lenses for protecting the eyes. They are trendy and have an exquisite look that puts it on par with the mainstream designer wear.

Item Weight: 1 Ounces


  • Complies with US and European UV protection standards
  • Filters out 100% of harmful UV radiation
  • Durable
  • UV400 rated


  • Non-polarized

How To Choose The Right Sunglasses For Teens?

The plethora of designs, current trends, and types of sunglasses available today can make it difficult to pick the right pair of shades for teens. So here is a checklist that will make the task easy.

  1. 100% UV protection: Check the label to see if the sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and meet the UV protection standards.
  1. Bigger sunglasses: Look for one that covers a larger area around the eyes and offer superior sun protection, so that the rays of the sun cannot reach the eyes from the sides.
  1. Color of the lenses: Darker sunglass lenses are preferred to lighter tones as they can increase the contrast and enhance clarity. That said, lens color in milder shades can work well if it is not too sunny or you only need the glasses for protection from dust.
  1. Size and design: Look for a design that suits your facial features and fits you well. You don’t want the glasses to be too big or too small, and you should ideally pick glasses that highlight your favorite features.
  1. Polarized sunglasses: Go for polarized glasses, which offer better UVA and UVB protection, when compared to the standard UVA and UVB lenses.
  2. Additional features: Compare features like the warranty policy, if the lens can be replaced with prescription lenses, and whether the sunglasses come with a protective pouch or case before making your decision.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Poulami Nag is an established writer and researcher adept at reviewing clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Here, she has compiled a list of the best sunglasses for teens. The options she has listed here are ergonomically designed, durable, and lightweight. Moreover, they are comfortable to wear and are chic. Poulami has also listed the pros and cons of each product to help you pick the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best tint percentage for sunglasses?

Sunglasses should be tinted between 60-80% to provide enough protection for the outdoors.

2. How to clean sunglasses?

The ideal way to clean sunglasses is to use a small amount of gentle cleanser, and then rinse them off with lukewarm water and pat them dry with a lint-free cloth made of microfiber.

The Bottom Line

Teens may wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harsh sun rays. Comfort and style go hand in hand when it comes to eyewear. Always opt for the best sunglasses that provide the highest protection against ultraviolet rays. For example, you could choose the Vatter TR90 Polarized Sport Sunglasses with polarized lens material or the Feisedy Clout Goggles Kurt Cobain Sunglasses, which offer UVA and UVB protection. The size and design should be able to shield the area around the eye as well so that sunlight doesn’t enter from the sides. However, you might not want to dismiss its appearance. Therefore, consider your teen’s preferences in style and color selection before buying one.

Infographic: How To Clean Sunglasses?

Sunglasses enhance our vision and style and protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. However, maintaining clean sunglasses is essential for optimal performance, preventing smudges, dirt, and debris from obstructing our view. Refer to the infographic below to learn how to efficiently clean your sunglasses for a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Tips For Cleaning Sunglasses (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version


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