9 Sure Things Second Times Mommies Do

9 Sure Things Second Times Mommies Do

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Are you a second-time mom? We bet you have gained some expertise at mommyhood by now. This time you vowed to do things a bit differently than before. You also decided not to repeat the mistakes that you made with your first child. Expecting some more perfection is what’s on your agenda now. But just like every second-time mother, there will be a few misses:

1. Calling The Other Child’s Name:

You are always confusing the names of both your children. In the early days, you might be calling your younger one with the name of the elder one. As days pass by you, tend to get the name right. You always thought you wouldn’t do it when you saw your other friends do it with their children. But being in the shoes of a second-time mommy alone teaches you that uttering the right names is just another challenge, but you get away with it because your kids too are used to it. They know whom you intend to call out for.

2. Baby Bag Was Thing Of The Past:

With your first baby, you were extra careful about stepping out of the house. Making your baby’s bag first would be a priority and would take away your time in preparations for a casual outing too. It would include everything from your baby food, diapers, burp cloths, blankets, spare clothes, to several other things – most of which you never used. So, with the second one, you go a bit slow to the extent that you will be willing to shop on the go if there is a need for anything.

3. Rotating Clothes:

You would have saved your first baby’s clothes because you never wanted to part with them if he/she outgrew them. But with your second baby, you know how to put them to good use!

4. Mess Is Normal:

With your first baby, you were not adept at attending to chores, caring for the baby, and then sorting out the mess at home. By the time you have your second baby, you now know how to sort it all out, but you don’t. A messy home is a norm. That’s your bottom line.

5. Allowing Strangers To Touch Your Baby:

With the first baby, you were utterly wary of a stranger touching him or her. With the second, you are not really inviting them, but for the help that you need in managing with the two of them, you are okay with it.

6. Losing Patience:

With your first baby, you were more patient. There was no such thing as screaming your lungs out. With the second around, you never knew whence you became a vamp!

7. Hand-Sanitizer:

It’s been long forgotten. The refills in the car are a thing of the past. You never know when your kids can get the dirt on them and simply dig into their favorite sausage. Nor would you want to run after them to dish the bottles out.

8. Sleeping Like A Dog? Don’t Even Imagine It:

You had this with the first baby. Then the second baby. And it seems never-ending. As they grow up, they will be all over you, and you would find it mighty hard to get a wink!

9. Shopping For Two:

Yes, you want your babies to have the best of everything. But shopping for one and ask them to share it with the other is not a welcome advice. Each of them would have their set of toys, even if they were totally identical.

Second-time mommyhood might be a bit more challenging, but it’s fun and worth being a mom again.

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