250+ Common Last Names That Start With N

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Welcome to a journey through last names that start with N. Whether you’re intrigued by the Nelsons, curious about the Nortons, or fascinated by the Nakamuras, each name has its story. From the esteemed Napiers to the daring Nguyens, N-surnames are rich in culture and identity. Spanning English royalty to the streets of Tokyo, they reflect migration, conquest, and cultural exchange. With categories such as English, Italian, Irish, German, and Japanese, each section offers details about these names. Explore and discover the stories behind the last names with N that span the globe.

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Popular Last Names That Start With N

These are the most recognized N-last names globally and represent a diverse array of cultures and backgrounds. Take a look to know what makes these names top the charts.

1. Neal

Originating from the Irish name Niall, its meaning is debated, possibly stemming from Celtic roots denoting ‘fury’ or ‘heroism.’

2. Nelson

This surname, referring to ‘son of Neil,’ was initially used as a tribute to the renowned British admiral Horatio Nelson. According to SSA data, this N-last name peaked in popularity in 1900 and has consistently been in the top 1000 names in the US since then (1).

3. Newman

As an English counterpart of Neumann, this surname signifies a ‘newcomer’ or ‘new man’ from Middle High German roots.

4. Newton

Derived from English place names denoting a ‘new town,’ it was famously borne by the physicist Sir Isaac Newton.

5. Nichols

With Greek origins, this surname translates to ‘victory of the people,’ stemming from elements meaning ‘victory’ and ‘people.’

6. Nieminen

Rooted in Finnish, it refers to a ‘peninsula’ or ‘cape,’ with Niemi being a variant.

7. Noel

Whether from the French word for ‘Christmas’ or the given name Noël, it’s associated with the holiday season.

8. Norberg

A variant of Nordberg, this surname combines Swedish and Norwegian words for ‘north’ and ‘mountain,’ often serving as an ornamental name.

9. Novak

A Slavic surname meaning ‘new,’ it was initially bestowed upon newcomers to a village.

10. Novosel

Originating in Croatia, it signifies ‘the one who’s new to the village,’ derived from elements meaning ‘new’ and ‘village.’

Common Surnames Starting With N

Here’s a carefully curated list of the common last names that begin with N with their history and origin details.

11. Næss

Derived from the English and Norwegian words for ‘headland’ or ‘promontory,’ suggesting an ancestor lived in such a location.

12. Nagel

Originating from German and Dutch, it signifies ‘nail,’ indicating an ancestral occupation related to carpentry or metalworking.

13. Nagy

A Hungarian surname meaning ‘big’ or ‘great.’ It can also be an alternate transcription of Naaji, an Arabic name meaning ‘saved,’ which is particularly used in Egypt.

14. Nap

It is either derived from Greek, meaning ‘lion of the new city’, or from Middle English and Old German, signifying ‘to doze’ or ‘to slumber.’

15. Nash

Coming from Middle English, it refers to someone located ‘at the ash tree,’ with variations such as Ash and Tash.

16. Nauta

This Dutch surname translates to ‘boatman’ or ‘sailor’ from Latin, or possibly an Italian occupational name for a sailor or helmsman.

17. Naylor

An occupational surname from Northern England, indicating a maker of nails, originating from a guild of specialized makers in the 13th century.

18. Nelissen

Meaning ‘son of Cornelis,’ where Cornelis stems from the Latin word for ‘horn.’

19. Němec

It is the Czech term for ‘German,’ with Němeček being a variant.

20. Nemes

A surname of Hungarian origin that means ‘noble’ or ‘gentle.’

21. Német

A Hungarian surname meaning ‘German.’ Németh is a variant of this name.

22. Nguyen

A simplified form of the Vietnamese surname Nguyễn, derived from Ruan, a musical instrument similar to a lute.

23. Nielsen

Denoting ‘son of Niels,’ with Nelson and Nissen being alternative forms.

24. Niemeyer

A German surname indicating a newly arrived steward or tenant farmer, from Middle Low German words for ‘new’ and ‘farmer.’

25. Nieuwenhuis

Meaning ‘new house’ in Dutch, this name indicates either living in a new house or a village of the same name.

26. Nijboer

A Dutch surname meaning ‘new farmer’ or ‘new peasant.’

27. Nijland

A Dutch toponymic surname indicating ‘new land,’ possibly referring to newly recovered land or places.

28. Nikolić

A Serbian surname meaning ‘son of Nikola,’ derived from the Greek name meaning ‘victory of the people.’

29. Nilsen

A Norwegian surname meaning ‘son of Nils,’ where Nils is a form of Nicholas meaning ‘victory of the people.’

30. Niskanen

Finnish surname either from ‘neck’ or a nickname for a headstrong person.

31. Nixon

Meaning ‘son of Nick’ or ‘Nicholas,’ famously borne by American President Richard Nixon.

32. Noble

A nickname meaning ‘high-born’ or ‘distinguished,’ established in Ireland since the 13th century.

33. Nogues

A French and Catalan surname indicating ‘walnut tree’ in Occitan or Catalan.

34. Nolan

An Irish surname derived from ‘descendant of Nuallán,’ where Nuallán means ‘famous’ or ‘loud.’

35. Nordin

A Swedish toponymic surname, which signifies ‘north.’

36. Norman

Denoting someone from Scandinavia or Normandy, historically settled in England after the Norman Conquest.

37. Norris

Swedish for ‘wet nurse’ or ‘foster mother,’ from Old French and Latin origins.

38. Norton

English topographic surname from various towns in England meaning ‘north town.’

39. Nugent

English, Irish, and French surname derived from places in northern France, possibly meaning ‘new settlement.’

40. Nurmi

Finnish surname meaning ‘meadow’ or ‘field,’ and is associated with the athlete Paavo Nurmi.

41. Nyman

A Swedish surname, a cognate of Neumann, meaning ‘new man’ or ‘newcomer.’

English Last Names Beginning With N

From the common to the uncommon, English last names starting with N show us how English culture and language have changed over time.

42. Napper

An occupational name for a naperer describes the servant in charge of the linen used in a great house.

43. Nation

A version of Nathan probably changed through popular understanding and influenced by the English term ‘nation.’

44. Neagle

Originating from Ireland or Scotland, this name comes from the Gaelic name MacFhiodhbhuidhe, meaning ‘son of the dark or swarthy leader.’

45. Nears

French in origin, this name is derived from the word ‘Noir,’ which is the equivalent of the English word ‘Black.’

46. Nead

It could be a metonymic nickname for a ‘needy person,’ originating from Middle English ‘ne(e)d’ meaning ‘need.’

47. Neeve

An English surname of Norman origin, signifying ‘the nephew,’ and it denotes someone under the care of their uncle.

48. Nelms

Topographic surname for someone who lived close to or among a group of elm trees.

49. Nethersole

Associated with Nethersole Farm in Womenswold, Kent, the surname combines Middle English terms ‘nether’ meaning ‘lower’ and ‘sol’ meaning ‘dirty pond.’

50. Netherton

The surname comes from the Old English term ‘neothera,’ which means ‘lower,’ and ‘tun,’ meaning ‘enclosure’ or ‘settlement.’

51. Netley

Last names that start with N Netley

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Means ‘wet’ and ‘open woodland’ in Old English.

52. Nettles

Topographic name for someone who lived by a patch of overgrown nettles.

53. Newdigate

Originating from Newdigate in Surrey, England, the surname is a locative name combining ‘new,’ ‘wood,’ and ‘gate’ or ‘opening.’

54. Newey

A topographic surname referring to someone who resided at a ‘new enclosure.’

55. Newnham

Derived from multiple places in England, it is an English habitational surname.

56. Night

The name Knight means a tenant serving as a mounted soldier.

57. Nightingale

Possible from ‘nightegale,’ a Middle English term. It may also be from ‘nihtegale,’ an Old English term from the terms ‘niht’ meaning ‘night’ and galan meaning ‘to sing.’

protip_icon Did you know?
The surname Nightingale is derived from a nickname that was conferred to someone with a good voice.

58. Nix

An English surname indicating descent from a person named Nicholas, traditionally abbreviated to ‘Nick.’

59. Noah

Derived from the same biblical name meaning ‘rest, repose’ in Hebrew. In the Bible, the name Noah is linked to the verb ‘lenaxem,’ meaning ‘comfort’ or ‘console’ (2).

60. Noar

Thought to be derived from ‘shore’ or ‘cliff’ or used for someone who lived in the village of Nore in Surrey.

61. Norcott

Originating from Old English, is a combination of terms that mean ‘north’ with ‘cottage’ or ‘shelter.’

62. Norcross

The surname has roots in Norcross, a place close to Poulton-le-Fylde in Lancashire, indicating a familial connection to that area.

63. Norgrove

A surname derived from a place’s name that is derived from Middle English terms meaning ‘north’ and ‘grove.’

64. Northrop

Originally denotes one who came from a town of this name in England, meaning ‘north farm.’

65. Nutbeam

Originated either as a place name from Nutbane in Weyhill, or as a topographic surname from Middle English ‘note-beme,’ meaning ‘nut-tree hazel’ in Old English.

66. Nuttall

An English habitational name from some place named with Old English terms meaning ‘nut’ + ‘nook’ or ‘recess.’

67. Nutter

Means either ‘scribe, clerk’ or ‘person who keeps or tends oxen.’

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French Last Names Starting With N

French surnames beginning with N often reflect regional origins or occupations, tracing back to historical roots and cultural heritage.

68. Nadeaud

Possibly derived from the Occitan personal name Nadal or a variant of Nadon.

69. Naillon

Originating from Germanic roots, it comes from an inflected form of the personal name ‘Nail’, meaning ‘sufficient’ or ‘adequate’.

70. Naquin

An occupational name for a young lad or serving man, possibly derived from Old French term ‘naque’ meaning ‘mucus or snot’.

71. Narcisse

Greek in origin, it is derived from the Greek name ‘Narkissos,’ possibly meaning ‘sleep or numbness’.

72. Nard

Possibly a cognate of Nardi, derived from the given name Nardo, a diminutive of names ending in ‘-bardo.’

73. Nason

It is a nickname derived from a diminutive of the Old French word for ‘nose’.

74. Natalie

A variation of Natalia, meaning ‘birthday of the Lord’. This name also implies the spiritual meaning of ‘God’s Gift of Joy’ (3).

75. Nate

Latin in origin, this name comes from the personal name Donat, meaning ‘given’.

76. Nau

A metonymic occupational name for a boatman, derived from the Occitan word for ‘ship’ or ‘boat’.

77. Naude

Derived from Afrikaans, its meaning is unknown, possibly originating from the French name ‘Naudé.’

78. Neveu

A relationship name from Old French meaning ‘nephew’ or ‘grandson’ used to distinguish between bearers of the same personal name.

79. Noir

This name in French means ‘black’.

80. Noyer

Derived from the Portuguese and Galician term ‘nogueira,’ meaning ‘walnut tree’.

81. Nurse

Derived from Old French, is a variant of Norris. It originates from the Old French word ‘norice,’ which means ‘nurse.’

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German Last Names Starting With N

These surnames have varied affiliations, originating from toponymic roots or diminutives of given names. Some also reveal insights into medieval trades and landscapes, from nail makers to woodcutters.

82. Nagler

Derived from Middle High German, it means ‘nail,’ possibly indicating an ancestor’s occupation as a nail maker or carpenter.

83. Nantz

Originating from a Germanic compound name, it reflects a medieval meaning related to daring or courage.

84. Nast

A topographic name suggesting residence in a wooded area or an occupational name for a woodcutter.

85. Naue

Originating from Old Occitan, it means ‘new,’ possibly indicating a newcomer or someone associated with novelty.

86. Nauer

An altered form of a German surname indicating a ferryman, possibly suggesting an ancestral occupation.

87. Neander

Derived from ‘neander,’ meaning ‘new man,’ possibly describing a large, strong, and brave individual in medieval times.

88. Neff

Derived from Middle High German, meaning ‘nephew,’ it might indicate a close relation or a familiarity of a prominent person.

89. Neher

An occupational name for a tailor, derived from Middle Low German, indicating someone skilled in sewing or embroidery.

90. Neider

A variant of the name Nieder which likely indicates someone from a low-lying settlement, either habitational or topographic.

91. Neidhardt

Derived from a Germanic given name meaning ‘ambition, hatred’ and ‘hardy, brave, strong,’ possibly describing a characteristic or ancestral trait.

92. Neinstein

Meaning ‘nine stones’ in German, its origin or significance may vary based on family history or regional context.

93. Nestler

Derived from Middle High German, meaning ‘maker of string or thread,’ suggesting an ancestral occupation.

94. Nettesheim

Meaning ‘nice home,’ this name could indicate a location or the quality of an ancestral residence.

95. Netzel

A nickname indicating distress or suffering. It is derived from Middle High German.

96. Neufeld

Meaning ‘new field,’ it suggests a location or occupation related to agriculture.

97. Neuhaus

A topographical surname indicating residence in a new house or originating from various places named ‘Neuhaus.’

98. Neukirch

This name comes from Middle High German, where ‘niuwe’ stands for ‘new’ and ‘kirch’ means ‘church.’

99. Nibbe

A nickname meaning ‘beak’ or a short form of a Germanic personal name, possibly indicating a characteristic or ancestry.

100. Nichter

Possibly meaning ‘negator’ or ‘sober,’ its origin suggests a profession or character trait.

101. Niehaus

last names that start with N Niehaus

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Either indicating a new house or derived from a farm named ‘Niehus,’ it reflects a habitational origin.

102. Nimtz

This name means ‘the people’s champion,’ suggesting a characteristic or ancestral role.

103. Nipper

Either a habitational name or a nickname indicating alertness or astuteness.

104. Nolden

Possibly derived from Nolde, a diminutive of Arnold or a toponymic surname. It means ‘noble one’ as a given name.

105. Noll

From a short form of various medieval personal names, indicating rule or leadership.

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Irish Last Names That Begin With N

Irish last names beginning with N showcase the majesty of Gaelic heritage. From ‘Nally’ to ‘Noonan,’ each name carries a story of ancestral lineage and cultural significance.

106. Nally

A variant of MacNally derived from the Irish word failgheach, meaning ‘poor man.’

107. Nary

An anglicized form of O Naraigh, a Gaelic surname, originating from the personal name Narach, which means modest.

108. Naughton

A shortened form of McNaughton, possibly stemming from a Celtic root indicating ‘damp.’

109. Navin

Originates from Gaelic surnames Mac Cnáimhín or Ó Cnáimhín, meaning ‘son of Cnámh’ or ‘descendant of Cnámh.’ The name Cnámh is a nickname meaning ‘bone.’

110. Nestor

Derived from the surname ‘Mac Girr an Adhastair,’ which means ‘short man of the halter.’

111. Nett

A variation of McNett that originates from the Gaelic name ‘Mac Naed,’ which translates to ‘son of Naed.’ The given name ‘Naed’ is believed to represent a champion or a hero.

112. Nevin

An anglicized form of Mac Naoimhín, meaning ‘little saint.’

113. Noonan

Anglicized from Irish Ó Nuanáin or Ó Nuadháin, meaning ‘descendant of Ionmhaineán’ or ‘descendant of Nuadhán,’ signifying ‘beloved, dear.’

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Italian Last Names Starting With N

From those derived from personal names to those associated with places, occupations, or physical characteristics, find below varied surnames from Italy beginning with the letter N.

114. Naldi

Derived from names like Arnaldo and Rinaldo. A variation is Rinals.

115. Nanni

A shortened form of the name Giovanni, ultimately from John, meaning ‘Yahweh is gracious.’

116. Nardi

Stemming from the given name Nardo, it is used as a diminutive form of names like Bernardo or Leonardo.

117. Nardone

Derived from the personal name Nardo with the augmentative suffix ‘-one,’ with Nardo being a diminutive of names ending in ‘-nardo.’

118. Nasato

A nickname for someone notable for their nose, originating from the Italian word ‘naso,’ meaning ‘nose.’

119. Nascimbene

A variation of Nascimbeni, originating from the medieval given name Nascimbene, meaning ‘born well’ in Medieval Italian.

120. Natale

From Natalia, a Late Latin name meaning ‘Christmas Day.’

121. Nave

Originating from various Italian places that are called Nave.

122. Nazario

Derived from the given name Nazario, which means ‘from Nazareth.’

protip_icon Pro tip
If you’re searching for names with similar meanings to ‘Nazario,’ consider exploring options like Nazarian or Nazaryan.

123. Necchi

Possibly originated from the Italian word ‘neccio,’ referring to a type of flatbread.

124. Negri

A nickname originating from Italian ‘negro,’ meaning ‘black,’ used to describe someone with dark hair or skin.

125. Nelli

Derived from the given name Nello, which is typically a shortened version of names ending in ‘nello.’

126. Nenci

A name meaning ‘son of Nencio,’ a Tuscan diminutive of the name Lorenzo, which is ultimately from the Roman name Laurentius, associated with the city of Laurentum in ancient Italy.

127. Nepi

Derived from the town of Nepi in central Italy.

128. Neri

Originating from the Italian word ‘nero,’ this name means ‘black.’ It is used typically to indicate a person with dark hair or complexion.

129. Nervetti

Possibly a nickname for an innkeeper, originating from the archaic Milanese term ‘nervètt,’ referring to a local meal made from a calf.

130. Nervi

Originating from the name of the town in northwestern Italy named Nervi, in Liguria

131. Nespoli

Derived from towns like Nespoli and Nespoledo, originating from the Italian word ‘nespola,’ meaning ‘medlar (tree).’

132. Nicastro

Originating from the town of Nicastro in Calabria located in southern Italy.

133. Nicchi

From ‘nicchio,’ an Italian word, meaning ‘shell,’ possibly a nickname for people associated with the sea.

134. Nicodemo

Derived from the given name Nicodemo, meaning ‘victory of the people.’

135. Nicolosi

From the town of Nicolosi in Sicily, named after Saint Nicholas.

136. Nicosia

Originating from the town of Nicosia in Sicily.

137. Nicotera

From the town of Nicotera in Calabria.

138. Nieddu

Originating from Sardinian ‘nieddu,’ meaning ‘black,’ derived from Latin ‘niger.’

139. Nisi

Meaning ‘son of Niso,’ an Italian form of the mythological name Nisus.

140. Nizzola

From the town of Nizzola near Modena, Italy.

141. Nocito

From Latin term ‘nucetum’ which means ‘walnut orchard.’ This name is used either to describe where someone lives or as a job-related name for someone who worked in that place.

142. Nolfi

An Italian surname derived from the Germanic name Arnulf, composed of the terms ‘arn’ which means ‘eagle’ and ‘wolf’ which means ‘wolf.’

143. Noschese

Originating from the town of Nusco in Southern Italy’s Campania region.

144. Notaro

Occupational surname indicating a clerk, derived from Latin ‘notarius.’

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Hispanic Last Names That Start With N

These surnames feature a blend of Spanish, Basque, and other influences. From Nafarrate to Norzagaray, these surnames offer glimpses into diverse cultural narratives within the Hispanic world.

145. Nafarrate

This surname originates from Nafarrate in the Álava/Araba province of Spain and is associated with the Basque region.

146. Naranjo

Topographic surname indicating residence near an orange grove.

147. Narcizo

Last names that Start WIth N Narcizo

Image: Momjunction Design Team

Derived from the personal name Narciso, ultimately from the Greek word for ‘narcissus’, a flower’s name.

148. Narea

Short form of ‘Henares,’ a surname derived from a tributary of the river Jarama.

149. Naredo

Habitational surname from a place called Navedo in Cantabria and Asturias.

150. Necoechea

Castilianized Basque surname referring to a house named after the personal name Eneko.

151. Neito

Spanish nickname for someone descended from a respected elder, derived from the Spanish term ‘nieto’ meaning ‘grandson.’

152. Nerio

Derived from the given name meaning ‘water.’

153. Nieves

Meaning ‘snows’ in Spanish, derived from the title of the Virgin Mary ‘Our Lady of the Snows.’

154. Niz

Surname derived from the city of Nice in France, often accompanied by ‘De-‘ meaning ‘of’ or ‘from.’

155. Norzagaray

Castilianized surname indicating familial origin within a specific house in Aiara municipality, Spain.

Spanish Last Names Starting With N

These names come from Spain and often tell us about a person’s family or where they’re from, like Navarrete or Nieto, showing a bit of Spanish history and culture.

156. Narváez

Derived from a central Spanish town.

157. Nasim

Meaning ‘breeze’ in Arabic, this name is found among Arabic, Bengali, and Urdu speakers.

158. Natividad

Originating from Latin, it means ‘birth’ or ‘nativity.’

159. Navarrete

Signifying ‘dun mountain pass’ or ‘the pass of the Navarrans,’ and is possibly from a Spanish town named Navarrete.

160. Navarro

Originating from northern Spain, possibly of Basque origin, from the term ‘nabar’ meaning ‘brown.’

161. Nieto

Derived from a Spanish nickname meaning ‘grandson.’

162. Niño

Derived from the Spanish word for ‘child’ or ‘boy.’ This name is often given to the first-born son.

163. Noguera

A variation of Nogueira, originating from Portuguese and Galician, meaning ‘walnut tree.’

164. Nóvoa

Originating from the historical Galician jurisdictional area Terra de Nóvoa, located in Ourense province.

165. Nuñez

The Spanish version of Nunes, derived from Latin roots signifying ‘ninth’ or ‘grandfather.’

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Mexican Last Names That Start With N

Mexican last names starting with N often reflect diverse origins, from Spanish to indigenous languages like Tarascan and Mayan, and offer insights into ancestral origins and cultural significance.

166. Najar

Possibly a habitational name from Najar Alicante or an occupational name of Arabic origin that is used to refer to a carpenter.

167. Nambo

Derived from Tarascan, meaning ‘nobody’.

168. Ñáñez

Likely a cognate of Ibáñez, meaning ‘son of Ibán,’ with Ibán originating from John, meaning ‘Yahweh is gracious.’

169. Navia

Habitational name comes from places called Navia in Galicia and Asturias.

170. Niebla

Topographic name for someone living in a foggy place or habitational name from Niebla in Huelva province.

171. Noh

Mayan nickname or ornamental name meaning ‘big’ or ‘chief thing’, or referring to an irregularly shaped gourd.

172. Nuncio

Derived from the word ‘nuncio’, meaning messenger or envoy, possibly alluding to the Angel Gabriel.

173. Nungaray

A variant of Mungaray, possibly Castilianized from Basque Munagarai, referring to a house named with ‘hill’ + ‘high’ or ‘barn granary’.

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Asian Surnames That Start With N

These surnames range from those rooted in Persian, Sanskrit, and Arabic origins to those denoting familial ties, professions, and geographic origins across various Asian cultures.

174. Nacar

A Turkish surname derived from the name Najjar, meaning ‘carpenter’ in Arabic

175. Naderi

A Persian surname derived from the given name Nader, meaning ‘rare’ in Arabic.

176. Nagarajan

An Indian surname that is a combination of ‘naga’ meaning ‘cobra’ and ‘raja or rajan’, meaning ‘king.’

177. Nahar

An Indian origin name meaning ‘day’ that is derived from Arabic.

178. Nai

An Indian surname meaning ‘barber’ or from Japanese meaning ‘name, famous.’

179. Naidu

Means ‘chief’ in Telugu, ultimately from Sanskrit meaning ‘guide, leader.’

180. Nair

The origin is disputed, possibly from the Sanskrit meaning ‘snake’ or ‘serpent.’

181. Nóng

A Chinese or Vietnamese surname meaning ‘farming’ or ‘agriculture.’

182. Nam

A Korean surname meaning ‘south’ in Sino-Korean.

183. Namdar

Means ‘famous, celebrated’ in Persian.

184. Namgung

A compound Korean surname meaning ‘south palace’ or ‘south house.’

185. Nanda

An Indian surname that comes from the given name Nanda meaning ‘joy’ in Sanskrit.

186. Nandedkar

An Indian surname that means ‘one from Nanded,’ a city in Maharashtra, India.

187. Naqvi

Meaning ‘pure or clean’ in Arabic, this name is associated with a Shi’ite clan.

188. Narak

Means ‘cute, lovely, pretty’ in Thai.

189. Narayan

An Indian surname that comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘protector of all men.’

190. Naskar

An Indian and Bengali surname meaning ‘army, legion, soldier.’

191. Nasution

An Indonesian surname possibly meaning ‘the magic one’ in Mandailing.

192. Nath

An Indian surname derived from Sanskrit meaning ‘lord,’ ‘owner,’ or ‘protector.’

193. Naveed

Means ‘good news’ in Persian, this name comes from the given name Navid.

194. Nawab

Comes from a title traditionally used by Muslim officials in South Asia.

195. Nawaz

A Persian surname meaning ‘caress,’ ‘cherish,’ or ‘soothe.’

196. Naz

From the Persian term ‘naz’ meaning ‘comfort, luxury, affection.’

197. Nazarian

An Armenian surname ultimately derived from a Latin name meaning ‘from Nazareth.’

198. Nazeri

From the Persian term ‘nâzer’ meaning ‘watcher, observer.’

199. Nepal

A Nepalese surname denoting origin from a village named Nepa.

200. Netanyahu

A Jewish surname meaning ‘Yahweh has given’ in Hebrew.

201. Nilsiam

From Thai ‘nin’ meaning ‘very deep black’ and ‘Sayam’ meaning ‘Siam.’

202. Nimr

An Arabic surname meaning ‘leopard’ or ‘tiger.’

203. Ning

Possibly derived from the Chinese meaning ‘peaceful’ or referring to an ancient county.

204. Niohuru

Last names that start with N Niohuru

Image: Momjunction Design Team

A Manchu and Chinese surname meaning ‘wolf’ in Manchu.

205. Nishant

An Indian surname meaning ‘dawn’ or ‘end of night’ in Sanskrit.

206. Niu

A Chinese surname meaning ‘cow,’ ‘ox,’ or ‘bull.’

207. Niyazov

This surname originates from the Persian word ‘niyâz’, meaning ‘desire, wish, gift,’ and is prevalent across various Central Asian countries.

208. Noorzai

Noorzai signifies ‘son of light’ in Pashto, blending the Arabic term ‘nūr’ for ‘light, illumination’ with the Pashto term ‘zoy’ meaning ‘son (of)’.

209. Norouzi

Derived from Persian ‘nowruz,’ this pertains to the Iranian New Year, celebrated during the spring equinox.

210. Novikov

A prevalent Russian surname originating from a term denoting a teenager serving in the military.

211. Nozadze

A Georgian surname with an unknown meaning.

212. Nukhao

In Thai, Nukhao translates to ‘white mouse,’ providing an interesting and distinctive surname.

213. Nur

A Turkish surname meaning ‘light.’

214. Nurasylov

This name means ‘son of Nurasyl,’ combining Kazakh ‘nur’ for ‘light’ with ‘asyl’ meaning ‘precious, noble.’

215. Nurgaliev

A Kazakh surname believed to be derived from names meaning ‘Light of Ali.’

216. Nursultanov

A Kazakh surname, that signifies ‘son of Nursultan,’ merging ‘nur’ for ‘light’ with ‘sultan)’ for ‘sultan or king.’

217. Nurzhanov

Originating from the Kazakh term ‘nur’ for ‘light’ and ‘zhan’ for ‘soul,’ Nurzhanov denotes ‘son of Nurzhan.’

Japanese Last Names That Start With N

These surnames showcase the intricacies of the Japanese language and culture, with each name carrying meanings rooted in nature, geography, or family history.

218. Naeshiro

The meaning of Naeshiro is ‘Seedling Substitute’.

219. Nagai

From Japanese ‘naga’ meaning ‘long’ or ‘eternity’ and ‘i’ meaning ‘well, mine shaft, pit’.

220. Nagami

‘Naga’ means ‘chief’ or ‘long’ and ‘mi’ means ‘view’ or ‘perspective.’

221. Nagamori

‘Naga’ means ‘long’ or ‘chief’ and ‘mori’ means ‘forest.’

222. Nagano

From Japanese ‘naga’ meaning ‘long’ or meaning ‘eternity’ and ‘no’ meaning ‘field, wilderness.’

223. Nagasawa

Derived from ‘naga,’ meaning ‘long,’ and ‘sawa,’ which means ‘marsh.’

224. Nagase

‘Naga’ means ‘chief’ or ‘long’ and ‘se’ means ‘current’ or ‘ripple.’

225. Nagatani

‘Naga’ means ‘chief’ or ‘long’ and ‘tani’ means ‘valley.’

226. Nakabayashi

Originates from Japanese with ‘naka’ signifying ‘middle,’ and ‘hayashi,’ referring to ‘forest.’

227. Nakada

‘Naka’ means ‘middle’ and ‘ta’ means ‘field.’

228. Nakagawa

Derived from Japanese, combining ‘naka’ for ‘middle,’ and ‘kawa,’ which translates to ‘river’ or ‘stream.’

229. Nakahara

Originating from Japanese, with ‘naka’ meaning ‘middle,’ and ‘hara’ representing ‘field’ or ‘plain.’

230. Nakai

A Japanese name formed from ‘naka,’ indicating ‘middle,’ and ‘i,’ which signifies ‘well,’ ‘mine shaft,’ or ‘pit.’

231. Nakajima

Originating from Japanese, Nakajima combines ‘naka,’ meaning ‘middle,’ with ‘shima,’ referring to ‘island.’

232. Nakamine

From Japanese ‘naka’ meaning ‘middle’ and ‘mine’ meaning ‘peak, summit’.

233. Nakamoto

From Japanese ‘naka’ meaning ‘middle’ and ‘moto’ meaning ‘base, root, origin’.

234. Nakamura

Derived from Japanese, combining ‘naka’ for ‘middle,’ and ‘mura,’ meaning ‘town’ or ‘village.’

235. Nakanishi

From Japanese ‘naka’ meaning ‘middle’ or meaning ‘relationship, terms’ and ‘nishi’ meaning ‘west’.

236. Nakano

Of Japanese origin, composed of ‘naka’ meaning ‘middle,’ and ‘no,’ signifying ‘field’ or ‘wilderness.’

237. Nakao

From Japanese ‘naka’ meaning ‘middle’ and ‘o’ meaning ‘tail, end’.

238. Nakashima

A variant of Nakajima, Nakashima has its roots in Japanese, with ‘naka’ for ‘middle’ and ‘shima’ for ‘island.’

239. Nakata

From Japanese ‘naka’ meaning ‘middle’ and ‘ta’ meaning ‘field, rice paddy’.

240. Nakatani

From Japanese ‘naka’ meaning ‘middle’ and ‘tani’ meaning ‘valley’.

241. Nishida

From Japanese ‘nishi’ meaning ‘west’ and ‘ta’ meaning ‘field, rice paddy’.

242. Nishiguchi

Nishiguchi is derived from ‘nishi’ meaning ‘west’ and ‘kuchi’ meaning ‘mouth’ or ‘entrance.’

243. Nishikawa

Nishikawa has Japanese origins, with ‘nishi’ meaning ‘west’ and ‘kawa’ representing ‘river’ or ‘stream.’

244. Nishimiya

From Japanese ‘nishi’ meaning ‘west’ and ‘miya’ meaning ‘temple, shrine, palace’.

245. Nishimoto

From Japanese ‘nishi’ meaning ‘west’ and ‘moto’ meaning ‘base, root, origin’.

246. Nishimura

From Japanese, combining ‘nishi’ for ‘west’ and ‘mura’ signifying ‘town’ or ‘village.’

247. Nishio

From Japanese, ‘nishi’ meaning ‘west’ and ‘o’ meaning ‘tail, end’.

248. Nishitani

The name Nishitani is of Japanese origin, with ‘nishi’ meaning ‘west,’ and ‘tani’ referring to ‘valley.’

249. Nishiyama

Last names that start with N Nishiyama

Image: Momjunction Design Team

Originates from Japanese, combining ‘nishi’ for ‘west,’ and ‘yama’ signifying ‘mountain’ or ‘hill.’

250. Noda

Combination of the kanji characters meaning ‘no, ‘area, field, hidden part of a structure; wild, rustic’ and ‘ta, ‘rice paddy, field’.

251. Nohara

Derived from the Japanese term ‘no’ meaning ‘field or wilderness’ and ‘hara’ meaning ‘field or plain’.

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Japanese names commonly have two homonyms since these surnames have two or three Chinese characters. Around 90% of surnames use 300 Chinese characters, with approximately 3500 characters used overall (4).

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the pronunciation of last names that start with N vary across different languages?

The pronunciation of last names starting with N may vary across different languages due to linguistic differences and accent variations. For example, the last name Nguyen is pronounced differently in Vietnamese (as NGWEEN or NGWEENG) compared to English ( WIN).

2. Do last names that start with N often have variations in different regions or countries?

Due to historical, cultural, and linguistic influences, last names that start with an N may have variations. For example, Nelson is a common surname in English-speaking countries like the United States. However, variations might exist in pronunciation or spelling. Nelson may be spelled as Nilsenor, Nielsen, or Nilsson in some Scandinavian countries.

3. How common are compound last names that start with N?

Compound last names that start with N are relatively uncommon compared to single-word last names. However, they do exist in various cultures around the world. One example is the Korean compound surname Namgung. The surname Namgung is a compound name derived from Sino-Korean characters. The first character, ‘nam,’ means ‘south,’ while the second character, ‘gung,’ means ‘palace or house.’ Namgung is considered one of the most common compound surnames in Korea.

4. Are there famous individuals with last names that start with N?

There are many notable personalities with last names that start with N. Just to name a couple, there’s Sir Isaac Newton, the English scientist who came up with the laws of motion and gravity, and Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher known for his critical views on religion and culture.

In conclusion, each of these last names, starting with N, has its special story. ⁤⁤Whether it’s from English roots, Italian heritage, or Asian background, these surnames hold reminders of our ancestors’ adventures, customs, and identities. ⁤⁤They link us to our history, making us feel like we belong and have a shared family tree. ⁤⁤So, whether your last name is Newton, Nguyen, or Napolitano, let it always be a symbol of who you are, and sport it with pride.

Key Pointers

  • N-surnames such as Newton or Nixon carry associations with notable figures, such as Sir Isaac Newton or former US President Richard Nixon, providing a connection to different moments of the past.
  • Occupational surnames such as Naylor, Nauta, or Napper shed light on ancestral professions, ranging from nail makers to sailors.
  • From the Turkish origin name Nacar to Japanese names like Naeshiro, each surname reflects the traditions of different communities.


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