48 Cute And Romantic Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend

There is no specific day or time for surprises in a relationship. So if you are looking for ways to make your girl feel special, we have some ideas on how to surprise your girlfriend.

Relationships need these moments to keep the spark alive. Be it the initial days, “honeymoon,” or “soon-to-be-married” phase, girls love surprises. It could be anything like a sweet voice note, cooking a delicious meal, or baking her favorite dessert.

These are the moments that you both may cherish forever. We have listed some adorable and popular ideas to surprise your girlfriend in this post.

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48 Cute And Romantic Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend

We have compiled a list of some of the cutest and most romantic ways to surprise your girlfriend. Pick the one that you find the most suitable for your girlfriend.

1. Sing to her

Surprise your girlfriend with a song

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It might sound right out of a movie, but she will appreciate it. Don’t worry about the tune, as the intent counts. Find a song that means a lot to her and serenade her with it. Bonus points if you can play an instrument!

2. Dedicate a song to her

It is a classic surprise idea that will not fail. Call a local radio station that she listens to and ask them to play her favorite song with a shout-out. You could even plan to be around her when it happens for maximum effect.

3. Write her a love letter

How long has it been since you last wrote your girlfriend a love letter? Something as typical as a long romantic letter sealed with a kiss? Astonish her with this classic gesture that most women adore. You don’t need to be poetic, be honest about your feelings, and pour your heart out.

A blogger recounts how he pleasantly surprised his girlfriend by documenting the history of their relationship. He shares, “In my case, I wrote it plainly in a new book and it still worked like magic. But I would recommend you do better. You can add pictures of some moments in the relationship with a brief funny explanation of it (i).”

4. Pack a surprise picnic

If the weather is pleasant and you have a nice spot in mind, you should grab some snacks and drinks and go on a picnic with her. It’ll be spontaneous and romantic at the same time.

5. Leave cute notes around for her

If you have access to her bag or workspace for a few seconds when she’s not around, you could leave her some cute notes to brighten her day. Hide them near her laptop or lunchbox.

6. Send her postcards when you’re traveling

While there are more effective ways to keep in touch, sending your girlfriend a postcard has a much more personal touch to it. Beautiful postcards are lovely keepsakes and decorations that she can keep with her.

7. Gift her comfort wear

You may usually give her fancy or formal clothes, which is completely normal. But as her boyfriend, you can also give her something she’ll adore and feel comfortable in, such as comfort wear or even pajamas.

8. Buy her lingerie

You could also surprise your girlfriend by buying her lingerie. These are beautifully gift-wrapped and will also add some spice to your intimate time.

9. Make a change that she has asked or hinted at

Whether it’s an outfit she wants you to try or something as simple as a new hairstyle—listen to her when she’s making these recommendations. One day, act on it and charm and surprise her on a big date.

10. Leave her favorite treat for her

Surprise her with treats

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It could be a dessert from her favorite bakery or something you made yourself. Regardless, leave it somewhere she’ll find or in her fridge with a romantic note.

protip_icon Quick tip
Go camping with her, toast marshmallows around the bonfire, and spend a romantic evening gazing at the stars.

11. Display some PDA if she likes it

If she doesn’t mind public displays of affection and you usually don’t do it, you could surprise her by kissing or hugging her in public places. She’ll know you’re doing it for her, and she’ll appreciate you going outside your comfort zone.

12. Build something for her

Not everyone is good with their hands, but it’s the effort that counts. You could make a pot, paper-mache piece, or paint something on a canvas. If that seems too difficult, you could try something like origami.

13. Plan a lunch date

Maybe she’s not looking forward to what’s for lunch, or she’s been craving something for a while. Irrespective of the reason, you can spontaneously decide to take her out for lunch at a place she enjoys.

14. Set up a treasure hunt for her

A treasure hunt could delight her. Leave clues all over her house, leading to a surprise gift at the end. You can pick something extravagant or simple—the fun part lies in the hunt.

15. Dedicate some valuable time to her

You might have a holiday, but she has to go to the office, or you might have weekend plans with your buddies, while she has family commitments. Surprise her by spending this time with her by dropping your plans to show her you value being around her.

16. Do something she’s mentioned for a while

It could be a beachside picnic or a road trip to a nearby landmark—if she wanted to go to a place, you could surprise her by planning for it. She’ll know that you listen and care for her.

17. Plan a short trip together

If she’s free on any of the weekends, take her on a short holiday. She will be pleasantly surprised and appreciate it.

18. Sing her praises in front of your family and friends

It may not come up immediately, but it could eventually happen when you all hang out together. When your friends or family pay her a compliment or mention an anecdote about her, she will be pleasantly surprised to hear them.

19. Take care of her when she’s unwell

While this goes beyond saying, you should go the extra mile to take care of her. Take some time off work, order or cook some comfort food, and give company to your girlfriend as she recovers. Show her that she is your top priority at that moment.

20. Experience the sunset with her

Watch the sunset with her

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If your partner likes to watch the sunrise and sunset, it would be lovely to plan it for her. Take her out to the right spot to watch the sunset. Pack some snacks and maybe drinks to make it a relaxing affair.

21. Make a scrapbook of your memories together

Over the course of your relationship, you may have many pictures together or photos of her. Take the best of them and make her a good, old-fashioned scrapbook.

22. Recreate your first date

You don’t need an anniversary or a special day to plan it. Surprise her by recreating the first date—take her to a sequel of a movie you watched on the first date or to the restaurant you’d gone on your first date. She will appreciate that you remembered the little details and took the effort to recreate them.

23. Run an errand for her

You could run an errand for her if you know she’s running short on some kitchen or bathroom supplies and restock them for her. It could be repairing something around the house or cleaning out a dusty attic—there’s likely some chore she’s been dreading doing and putting off. If you come to know of something like this, you could surprise her by doing it for her. Step in during these times and help her out with these things and she’ll appreciate your efforts.

24. Make her a mixtape

In the age of online music streaming services, cassettes and CDs have become rare. And so, making a mixtape for her would be special. If you could doodle a nice cover for it or write down the track with a personalized note, it will make her treasure it for a long time.

25. Gift her a map

Gift her a personalized map that has markers for everywhere you’ve been together. If you think she’ll frame or keep it, you could even add a sort of bucket list of places you plan to visit together in the future.

26. Give her a massage

Everyone enjoys a quick massage from time to time. Go the extra mile and give her the full spa experience. Get some essential oils, put on some calming music, and give her a soothing massage the way she likes it.

protip_icon Quick tip
If your budget allows, take her jewelry shopping. Marilyn Monroe said it decades ago, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

27. Request a celebrity to give her a shout-out

In the age of social media, we can reach out to almost anyone regardless of how famous they are. You could try to get a celebrity or musician she likes and ask them to give a shout-out to her. The gesture will surely tantalize her.

28. Personalize a gift for her

A lot of companies offer customization options these days. So when you buy her something useful such as headphones, a fancy pen, or even reusable chopsticks, you can get them engraved with her name or initials.

29. Write her a poem

Poems have a sense of immersion that letters cannot hope to match because they are much more expressive on your part. Write her a poem from the bottom of your heart and find her touched at the gesture.

30. Name a star after her

These days it is possible to get a newly discovered star named for a person! What could be more special than having a star named after you by an official registry of astronomical bodies?

31. Surprise her at work

Ask her how her workday is looking and then drop in to visit her if there isn’t a lot of work on her plate or if it’s a relatively light workday for her when she can leave early. She will appreciate you taking the time to get to know her schedule and taking time off work yourself to surprise her.

32. Pack her a lunch she enjoys

During a busy day at work, it can be immeasurably pleasing to have your favorite lunch. You can prepare or order a special meal for her; regardless, it’ll make her day.

33. Set the mood

Surprise her when she comes home by setting the mood for some romance. You could play some gentle music, light some scented candles, and even set up some snacks or a drink. Or better still, you can cook her a meal as well. You don’t need to be a master chef for this; make her favorite dish to the best of your ability and mesmerize her at the end of a long day.

If she’s staying the night, you could whip up breakfast for her for the next morning. It’s amazing enough to wake up to a cup of well-brewed coffee. This way, she’ll have a perfect start to a new day.

34. Adopt an animal in her name

Surprise her with an adopted puppy

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If your girlfriend is an animal lover and wants to have a pet, she will appreciate it if you adopt an animal in her name. She’ll be happy and surprised by such an unexpected gift.

35. Donate to a cause she cares about

You could donate to a cause that is close to her heart. Since most activist sites mention a list of donors, you could startle her with her name on a list of donors for a cause she cares for.

36. Plan a reunion with her old friends

You could surprise her even more by planning a reunion with friends she hasn’t met in a long time. She will not only enjoy the reunion but also respect that you listen to her and know her friend circles well enough.

37. Get her a treasured childhood gift

If you know your girlfriend well enough or ask the right questions, you can find out what items or experiences she used to treasure and miss from her childhood. If you can leave her in awe with a gift such as a classic toy or tickets to a play or movie she used to like as a child, it will trigger a wave of nostalgia in her and be a huge surprise.

38. Gift her a self-help book

There are self-help books available for most problems and issues. If she’s mentioned feeling stressed out or depressed about a specific issue, you could surprise her by giving her a self-help book to show that you care about her and want to help out.

39. Give her some hair care

Depending on what she wants, you can help her take care of her hair with a warm oil massage or conditioning. She’ll be surprised when you give her a massage after a hectic day. To enchant her further, you can even wash, blow-dry, or comb her hair for the full salon experience.

40. Set up the room for her

Everyone prefers some things to be in order when they go to bed. It could be leaving the air conditioner on or warming the electric blanket before bedtime. You could even decorate the room with candles and flowers and give a sweet surprise that will blow away her mind.

41. Leave her cheesy voice messages

When she’s at work or having a tough day, you can drop her some cheesy, romantic voice messages. Whenever she gets some free time, she can listen to them and be pleasantly surprised no matter what sort of day she’s having.

42. Take her on a hot air balloon ride

It is an extremely romantic experience that some people even use to propose.  Even if you’re not popping the big question, it will be a thrilling and romantic surprise that will bedazzle her.

43. Accompany her on occasions where she doesn’t want to be alone

Sometimes you don’t want to be alone on a particular occasion or event. It could be a family gathering, a work party, or a Christmas party hosted by a close friend. Give her the company all of a sudden, and she’ll be surprised that you made her day.

44. Have a rooftop date

When the weather is pleasant or on a full moon night, set up a rooftop date and surprise her. Order in or cook the meal and have some drinks handy. With some candles and good music, it’ll be a lovely surprise for her.

45. Take her to an outdoor movie screening

Outdoor movies and drive-ins are different from the theater. Tell her you’re going to the mall and surprise her by taking her to a favorite actor’s movie screening.

46. Take her horse riding

Surprise your girlfriend and take her horse riding

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Whether she’s a seasoned rider or has never done it before, horse riding together can be fun and romantic. The experience out of the blue, will flabbergast her.

47. Buy her art or music from an indie artist she likes

If your girlfriend loves an independent artist’s work, you can enthrall her by buying her some of their art or music for the house. She will be pleasantly surprised that you not only know her tastes but that you also support an independent artist.

48. Remember even the smallest dates

Everyone has certain dates that mean a lot to them—their first trip abroad, their first date, or their first kiss. Remember these dates for her and then plan something special around them. Even if it’s not something big, she’ll appreciate that you remembered.

If you are looking for ways to make your girl feel special, these ideas about how to surprise your girlfriend will come in handy. You know her likes and favorites, use them and stun her on a day she may never expect it. Whether it’s been a long time into your relationship or a few days, these thoughtful ways are best for either and will show her that you are the person for her. So pick one from the list to captivate and excite your girlfriend.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I surprise my long-distance girlfriend?

You can pay her a surprise visit to the place she is living and plan the entire day for her or send her surprise flowers or chocolates at her workplace. You can also bombard her phone with random love songs and messages to make her day.

2. What should I keep in mind when planning a surprise for my girlfriend?

When planning to surprise your girl, ensure that she is not too occupied by work or studies. Also, gauge her mood before surprising her because doing the right thing at the right time will increase the romantic quotient in your relationship.

3. How can I surprise my girlfriend on her birthday?

Arrange a party according to her preferences. You can either invite her family and friends or arrange a small dinner date for her. You can ask her friends and family to record a video message and send it across for her birthday. Or, if she likes the outdoors, you can take her on an impromptu trip to the place of her choice.

4. How can I surprise my girlfriend with a personalized gift?

If there is something she has been wanting to buy but has been putting off, you can buy it for her. You can leave it in her car or send it to her workplace or place it by the bedside, so she sees it first thing in the morning.

If you are looking for ways to make your girl feel special, these ideas about how to surprise your girlfriend will come in handy. You know her likes and favorites, use them and surprise her on a day she may never expect it. Whether it’s been a long time into your relationship or a few days, these thoughtful ways are best for either and will show her that you are the person for her. So pick one from the list to make your girlfriend happy and keep the romance going.

Infographic: How To Woo Her When At Home?

Being at home with your girl does not mean you cannot pamper her or treat her with amazing surprises. Take some clues from this infographic to surprise your sweetheart and sweep her off her feet at home.

ways to surprise your girlfriend (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • If you want to surprise your girlfriend, small gestures like singing a song or writing a love letter can do wonders.
  • Planning a lunch date and spending some quality time with her are excellent ways to express your love for her.
  • Paying a surprise visit to a place or gathering where you know she doesn’t want to be alone is sure to please her.

Surprise your girl with sweet gestures and make her day special! Learn 19 easy tricks to make her feel loved and appreciated. These cute and romantic tricks are easy to set up yet create a deep impact.

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