150 Sweet And Short Indian Baby Girl Names, With Meanings

Keeping a short and sweet name for your little princess can have a lot of advantages. Short Indian girl names are easy to remember and pronounce. They also serve pretty well if you do not want your baby’s name to be misspelled in the official document or get misinterpreted while calling out. On the other side, long names are equally good, but they could end up becoming short and meaningless versions of the original names. This is not the same with short names, as they retain the essence of the original name intact. Our post with a list of short Indian names for your baby girl can help you pick the best.

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Short Indian Baby Girl Names, With Meanings

1. Aara

Aara, also spelled as Ara, is a Hindu and a Muslim Indian name. It refers to someone who brings light. It also means an ornament or decoration.

2. Aashi

Aashi is a short Indian baby girl name meaning cheerful

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This cute baby girl’s name means cheerful, smiling, delightful, happy, blessed, and joyful.

3. Abi

This Hindu name for a girl child means “My father.” It’s a very endearing name to give to your angel.

protip_icon Trivia
In Turkish, Abi is a term of respect and endearment for an older brother.

4. Abha

The Hindu name Abha has multiple meanings. In Sanskrit, this female name means light or splendor. In Hindi, the name means “lustrous beauty.”

5. Ada

This Muslim Indian name means “beauty.” Another variation of this name is Adah, meaning adornment, and is used by Hindus as well.

6. Adra

Adra is a name given mainly to Muslim girl babies. It means “more knowledge.”

7. Ahd

Ahd is a short and sweet two-letter Muslim name which means “knowledge” or “pledge.”

8. Ahi

This Indian female name is found primarily among Hindus. Ahi refers to the conjunction of heaven and Earth. It refers to the clouds, sun, and water.

9. Ahou

Ahou is a Muslim name meaning “Deer.” The name also refers to darkness in some cases.

10. Ain

Another name with Muslim Indian origins, Ain is a short name meaning “eye.” It also means “precious,” a perfect name for your precious one.

11. Aish

The name Aish is perfect for a girl-child as it means joy or delight. Aish is considered a blessing from God and means pleasure.

12. Aja

This two-letter Indian girl’s name means “unborn.” It refers to someone who is eternal and can exist on their own; self-existent.

13. Ama

Ama is a short Mulsim name meaning “aspiration.”

14. Amba

Amba is another name for Goddess Parvati. In Sanskrit, the word means “mother.”

15. Ami

Ami is a short Hindu name meaning “nectar.” It makes for a good name for your sweet little girl.

16. Ana

This short Muslim name refers to someone who is playful and dearly wanted, just like your baby girl.

17. Ani

Ani is a Hindu name meaning glass. It is good for a girl-child who is delicate as glass. It is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “supreme.”

18. Anshu

This Hindu girl name has multiple meanings. Anshu means a “ray of light” or the “sun.” It also refers to speed, splendor, and sunbeam.

19. Anu

Anu is a Hindu girl name derived from the Sanskrit language. It signifies something “minute and fine” or an “atom.” Anu also means angel, divine, or subtle.

20. Anvi

Anvi is the Goddess of the forest or one who loves nature. It is also the name of Goddess Mahalaxmi.

21. Aru

This short Hindu name means “sun.” Aru can also be a short-form of many Indian names, such as Arushi or Arunima.

22. Asa

Asa, also spelled as Asha, is a name filled with “hope.” It also means like or similar to something to someone.

23. Asti

A Hindu name by origin, Asti means “eminence” or “existence.” It also denotes the ashes left behind after a body is burned after its death.

24. Ava

Ava is a short Indian name meaning “voice” or “to call.” It is short and sweet and sounds very endearing for a girl-child.

25. Awa

This Hindu girl’s name denotes a “beautiful angel.” Awa also means “night.” Another meaning of this name is “river.”

26. Aza

The shadows that are caused at high noon are called Aza. It is a beautiful short name for an Indian girl-child.

27. Badr

Badr is an Indian-Muslim name for a girl and means “full moon.”

28. Bani

It refers to the Earth as well as Goddess Saraswati. It is also used to refer to a maiden.

29. Bavi

Bavi is a Hindu name given to a girl-child. It indicates one “who is devoted to Lord Shiva.”

30. Bela

The name has multiple meanings in various languages. Bela refers to “a sacred wood apple tree.” It also signifies the “evening time.” A vine is also called Bela.

31. Bini

This name means “modest.” Bini is a cute short name given to a Hindu girl-child.

32. Chann

The Hindu name from the Indian subcontinent refers to a beloved and beautiful person. In Marathi, this word means “lovely.”

33. Charu

This Hindu name originally means “attractive” or “beautiful.” It’s also another word for “saffron.” The name also refers to multiple other traits such as honesty and courage.

34. Chhab

Chhab is a Sikh name and refers to brilliance, beauty, form, and splendor. It makes for a unique short name for your baby girl.

35. Dani

For a family which is God-loving and deeply religious, Dani is a spiritual name meaning “God is my judge.”

36. Daya

Daya means kindness, mercy, and goodness. It means to do a favor. It is a nice choice of name if you want your daughter to grow up to be a compassionate human being.

37. Dea/Dia

Dea is a Hindu girl name meaning kindness. It is also another name for a Goddess. It also refers to a lamp.

38. Dhun

This Hindu name has a musical ring to it and rightly so since Dhun means “tune” in Hindi.

39. Dil

Dil is a name used by the Muslim community in India. It means “mind” or “heart.” Dil can also be a short form of other names, such as Dilshaad.

40. Diti

This Hindu girl’s name signifies splendor. Diti means “radiance” or “brilliance.” It is a symbol of beauty.

41. Diza

Diza can be a Hindu as well as a Muslim name. It depicts happiness. It is a sophisticated name for your daughter.

42. Dua

Dua is a Muslim Indian name meaning “prayer.” It is a short and sweet name for your daughter.

43. Edha

A beautiful Hindu girl name, Edha finds its origin in the Hindi language. The name means “sacred.” Edha also means strength, wealth, and happiness.

44. Eka

Eka in Bengali means alone or matchless. It depicts uniqueness. Eka is also another name for Goddess Durga.

45. Ela

Ela is a short Indian baby girl name meaning moonlight

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Ela is a short Hindu name meaning “Earth.” Ela is also another name for a Cardamom tree. It refers to a few other trees, such as the Turpentine and the Terebinth tree. Ela also means moonlight.

46. Eva

Eva is another name for “life.” It also signifies the “living one.” It is also a variant of the name Eve, which comes from the Bible.

47. Fahm

This short Muslim Indian name signifies intelligence. A girl named Fahm is known for her intellect.

48. Fiza

This beautifully short Muslim name has a beautiful ring to it. Fiza refers to nature. It also means a breeze. The name has a few more connotations, such as pure and silver.

49. Gaya

Gaya is a Sanskrit name that refers to someone “wise.” Gaya also signifies something that has been acquired or conquered. It is also a famous Buddhist pilgrimage place in India.

50. Gati

Gati means speed. The name denotes the gait and path of a person. This name for a girl-child prays for obedience, success, and discipline.

51. Gina

Gina is a short and sweet Indian name meaning “silvery.”

52. Gini

Gini means “gold.” According to the Hindi language, a gold coin was referred to as gini.

53. Giti

Giti comes from the word Geet, which means a song. Giti is another word for the “world” or the “universe.” It is a short Muslim Indian name.

54. Gul

Gul is a single syllable Hindu name. The word means a flower, mostly a red rose. It also refers to someone who is precious and with good fortune.

55. Hafa

This Muslim name is another word for “gentle rain.” It’s a sweet name for a gentle and delicate little baby girl. This name is not very common. The name is also popular in the Arabic dialect.

56. Harini

This unique Hindu name comes from Sanskrit and means “deer.”

57. Hasi

Hasi means “laughter.” It’s a lovely name for a girl-child whose life you want to fill up with joy and laughter.

58. Hea

This short Hindu name means “grace.” It is also a popular Korean name.

59. Hir

Hir, also spelled as Heer, is a powerful Indian name used by Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs. Hir refers to a “diamond.” It also denotes power.

60. Hur/Hoor

This short Indian Muslim means “grace.” The name also refers to someone beautiful or someone with a fairy-like elegance.

61. Iba

This short and sweet Indian name means “pride” or a “sense of pride.”

62. Ida

This short and sweet Hindu name for a girl-child has originated from the Hindi language and has strong connotations. Ida refers to multiple things, such as happiness, prosperity, goodness, and knowledge. It also refers to hard work and diligence.

63. Ifza

The Muslim name Ifza has Arabic origins. It means “protective angel” or the “protector of angels.”

64. Iha

Iha is a short name used by Hindus and Muslims. The name signifies the Earth.

65. Ina

This popular Hindu name signifies the sun. It also refers to a strong woman, a mother, or a ruler.

66. Inu

The name is an ideal short name for your daughter. Inu is a Hindu name and means “attractive.”

67. Ipsa

This unique, beautiful name means “desire.” It comes from India.

68. Ira

The name Ira finds its origins in Hinduism. It is a Sanskrit word meaning “the devoted one.” It also refers to a woman who is tender and noble. Ira is also another name for Saraswati, the Goddess of art, education, and literature.

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Most Indian baby girl names, irrespective of the religion, end with either an ‘a’ or an ‘I.’

69. Ishi

Ishi is another name for Goddess Durga. This small Hindu name also means “salvation.”

70. Izz

Izz is a Muslim Indian name. The name refers to someone who “stands tall” or is “prestigious.”

71. Jigi

An alternate name for Goddess Lakshmi, this Hindu name means “to conquer.”

72. Jheel

Jheel means “the silent lake.” The name is also used to refer to someone with a calm temperament.

73. Jiya

Jiya is a Hindu name meaning “heart.” The name is also used to refer to someone who is dearest or a sweetheart. The alternative spelling of the name is Gia.

74. Jui/Juhi

Juhi is a Hindu name meaning jasmine flower

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Jui is a Hindu girl name and refers to the jasmine flower. The name is popular in parts of Northern and Eastern India.

75. Kas

This short female Indian Muslim name means “glass.” The name is also said to have Dutch and Greek origins, meaning “pure” or “treasurer.”

76. Kaur

This Sikh name is used for unmarried girls. It means “princess” and is perfect for a daughter.

77. Kajol

This popular sweet baby girl name means kohl or kajal that makes your eyes beautiful.

78. Kaira

Kaira means unique and peaceful. This could be the perfect baby girl name for your little one.

79. Kiah

Kiah is an Indian Muslim girl name signifying a “new beginning.” The name also has roots in African and Welsh origins, meaning a “person of Earth.”

80. Kimi

This Hindu name signifies a new beginning. The name also signifies someone noble and righteous.

81. Kuhu

This is a Hindi-Bengali name. Kuhu refers to the sweet sound of a bird, usually a koel.

82. Kunj

If you are a lover of nature, this could be the perfect name for your daughter. A kunj is a group of overgrown trees and creepers, and it has an Indian origin.

83. Lail/ Laila

Lail refers to a girl-child born at night. It signifies “dark beauty.” A variant of this name is Laila, meaning sweetheart. This name is of Arabic origin.

84. Laya

Laya is a Hindu name referring to a “musical rhythm.” This name could be a favorite with music lovers and songwriters.

85. Lira

Lira is a Hindu name of Indian origin, and it means “love.” Lira was also a devotee of Goddess Kali.

86. Lopa

A two-syllable Hindu girl name Lopa refers to the “wife of a sage.” The word also means a “weaver”. It is a popular name amongst Bengalis, Oriyas, and North-Eastern Indians.

87. Mahi

Mahi is a Sanskrit word meaning the “great Earth” or “river.” The name also signifies “the great one” or “Earth-Goddess.”

88. Medha

Medha is another name for Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of art, literature, and education. This Hindu name means “intellect.

89. Mira

Mira or Meera originates from the Sanskrit meaning “sea” or “ocean.” The name belonged to a 16th century Hindu princess who devoted her life to Lord Krishna. Mira also means “limit” or “boundary.”

90. Moon

Moon is a Hindu name used by Bengalis, Punjabis, and Oriyas. It refers to a celestial object or a bright light in the night sky.

91. Musn

This elegant-sounding name conveys the meaning of “clouds” or “rain.” This Muslim name is a beautiful choice for a baby girl.

92. Naaz

Naaz is a graceful name for a baby girl. This Muslim Indian short name means “pride.” It refers to someone elegant, youthful, and gentle.

93. Nain

This name is used by Hindus and Muslims in India. Nain means “eye” and is also a derivation of the name Naina. The name has Sanskrit origin.

94. Najm

Najm is a Muslim girl name inspired by the name of a star. Najm refers to the stars and planets of the universe, and is a powerful name to give to your daughter.

95. Nama

The name means “grace.” It refers to a gift or a favor. The name could also be a derivative of Namah, which means to pray with grace.

96. Neeve

Neeve or Neev is a Hindu name for a girl-child. In Hindi, the name means “foundation.” This is also a unisex name.

97. Netra

This Hindu name literally means “eye.” The name could also refer to someone with a keen intuition or a leader.

98. Nia

Nia is a name derived from Neha, which means “love” or “dewdrop.” The name is quite popular in India.

99. Niru

The word Niru means “strength.” It makes for a unique Indian baby girl name.

100. Noor

Noor is a Muslim name meaning “angel” or “light.” This name is often used as an endearment or pet name for your precious one.

101. Nouf

Nouf refers to “the highest point on a mountain.” The name is popular among Muslims. It is a nice name for a baby girl who aims for the top.

102. Oja

This short double Hindu name means “vitality.” It is a unique name since it is uncommon.

103. Omi

Omi is a derivative of Om, which is a Hindu name. Om signifies the “sound of the Universe” and is used for meditation.

104. Pal

A Hindu unisex name, Pal means a “moment.” Pal also means “guardian” or “King.” The name is also used as a surname.

105. Pari

Pari means angel or fairy

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Pari is an angelic name, literally meaning “angel.” The name also means “fairy” or “princess.” It is also an endearment used by Indian parents for their baby girls.

106. Pavi

This meaningful baby girl name means “compassionate,” “pure,” or “passionate.”

107. Pehr

Pehr is a smart, sophisticated name for a Hindu girl-child. Pehr means a “phase or time of the day”.

108. Pia

Pia is a short and sweet Hindu name used across states in India. Pia, alternately spelled as Piya, means “beloved.”

109. Preet

Preet is a unisex name meaning “love.” It is popular among Hindus and Sikhs.

110. Puvi

Puvi is a Hindu girl’s name inspired by the “Earth.”

111. Rai

Rai is another name for Goddess Radha. The name is found in Sanskrit, Urdu, and Bengali scriptures. As a title, it is found to be a title of nobility and royalty in the Indian subcontinent.

112. Rea

This Hindu girl’s name is another name for Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Rea, or alternately spelled as Rhea, Riya, or Reeya, means rich. It also refers to grace or a gem.

113. Reem

Reem is an Indian Muslim name referring to an antelope or a white gazelle.

114. Ruhi

The name refers to someone spiritual. The name likely comes from “rooh,” which is the Urdu word for “spirit” or “soul.”

115. Saanjh

Saanjh is a North Indian, Sikh, and Muslim name from the Indian subcontinent. Saanjh means “evening.”

116. Saar

This is a Sikh name from the Indian subcontinent. Saar is a “form of God,” and also means “effective.”

117. Sach

Sach means “the truth” or “contentment” and has its origins in Hindi. Sach can also be a variation of the name Sachi.

118. Saee

Saee is a Hindu name given to a girl-child. It is short and sweet and refers to a “female friend.” Alternately, the name also means a “flower.”

119. Saj

This Indian Sikh name refers to “one who worships God.” Saj is a short and pretty name, which also signifies tranquility.

120. Sakh

Sakh is a Sikh name used as a name for an Indian girl-child. The name signifies the “morning Sun.”

121. Sama

This Muslim name of Indian origin refers to someone who is a good listener. It is also another word for “sky.”

122. Saon

Saon is a Hindu girl’s name. It means “rain,” and likely comes Sawan, which refers to the Monsoon in Hindi.

123. Shal

Shal is a Hindu girl name meaning a “spear” or “weapon.” The name also means a “mountain.”

124. Shya

Shya is a Hindu name meaning “future.” It is also believed to be another name for Lord Krishna.

125. Sia

It is another name for Goddess Sita. It also refers to white moonlight and a beautiful woman.

126. Simi

This name means “limit” and has its origin in Hindi. Simi is a short and cute name, which is easy to spell.

127. Sneh

Sneh is a short and sweet Indian name meaning “love.” Sneh is a variation of Sneha, which means “affection.’ It is a popular Hindu name.

128. Soor

Soor, also spelled as Sur, is a musical short Sikh name. It refers to a tune or musical note. Soor in Punjabi also denotes the “sun”.

129. Srik

The name signifies someone who is owner or lover of wealth. The name is unique and uncommon.

130. Sukh

Sukh means “happiness” and also signifies joy and auspicious blessings. It is a Sikh name also used by Hindus.

131. Tara

Tara comes from Sanskrit and symbolizes the light of the soul. It also means “star.”

132. Taif

Taif can be used as a male or female name. As a male name, this word means “protector.” As a female name, the word means “vision.”

133. Tarz

Tarz is a beautiful Muslim as well as a Hindu name. This name means “music” or “rhythm.”

134. Taya

Taya means “perfectly formed,” and is a unique name for your adorable daughter.

135. Tiya

Tiya is a cute, loving name meaning a “bird.” It is a popular name among Bengalis. The name also means “gift of God.”

136. Uma

Uma is another name for Goddess Parvati. It is a given name used in many Indian cultures. It also refers to eternal knowledge, splendor, and fame. Uma also signifies the light and tranquility of the night.

137. Ura

This Hindu name from the Indian subcontinent is short and simple. It means “the heart.”

138. Urvi

Urvi is a female name of Indian origin. It means “Earth.” The name also refers to someone intelligent and graceful.

139. Urmi

Urmi can be a powerful name for your baby girl. The name means “waves.”

140. Vajra

Vajra is a powerful Hindu name meaning “thunderbolt.” It is also another name for Goddess Durga.

141. Veda

Veda is a beautiful Hindu name inspired by the Indian Vedas, one of the oldest scriptures in the world. The name makes for a unique and spiritual name for your baby girl.

142. Yaja

Yaja is a variation of the term Yajna or Yagya, which refers to a religious ritual. The name is traditional and has its origin in Sanskrit.

143. Yara

Yara means a small colorful butterfly

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This beautiful short name means “little Butterfly” with multi-colored wings. It is a unique short name for a baby girl.

144. Yana

This short Hindu name has a beautiful, spiritual meaning. Yana refers to someone who is “God-gifted” or “precious to God.”

145. Yati

Yati is another name for Goddess Durga. It symbolizes someone who strives with pertinent purpose. It refers to someone who reduces ignorance and helps people gain divine wisdom.

146. Yema

Yema is a unisex Hindu name and means “our joy.” It is an appropriate name for your daughter as she brings joy to your life.

147. Yumn

Yumn is a beautiful Muslim Indian name meaning “good fortune” or “success.” It is a blessing to name your daughter Yumn.

148. Zaaei

This feminine name is found in many regions of India. Zaaei is the name of a flower.

149. Zaib

Zaib is an Urdu name meaning “beauty” or “adornment.” It is a decorative name for a baby girl, full of sophistication and elegance.

150. Zara

This sweet little name means “princess,” and it is the perfect name for your little one.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What factors should one consider when choosing a short Indian baby name?

When choosing a short name for a baby, parents must ensure that they have researched the name and know its meaning, how it sounds, its history, culture, and popularity before deciding on keeping the name.

2. What are some cultural considerations when choosing a short Indian baby name?

India is an ethnically diverse country whose laws are unique to each culture and region. Hence, parents must ensure that the name they choose for their baby has no negative cultural implications.

You have a lot of points to consider before naming your baby girl. Your baby’s name must ideally be short, easy to spell and recall while perfectly reflecting her persona. With a host of short Indian girl names available online, you could be perplexed to pick the right one for your little princess. To help you out, we have listed 150 short, sweet, distinctive, and diverse baby girl names with meanings. So go ahead and select the prettiest name for your cute little angel.

Infographic: Indian Baby Girl Names Inspired By Natural Elements

Indian history is rich, and it is reflected in the naming traditions. If you wish to give an Indian name to your baby that reflects the stunning beauty of nature, we suggest some popular nature-inspired names in the infographic below.

trendy indian girl names based on natural elements (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Short Indian baby girl names indicate some of the most coveted virtues in a girl. Watch this video and get inspired by names starting with various letters.

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