19 Best Kids' Swimming Pools To Buy In 2022


Portable swimming pools are great fun, and installing them in your backyard won’t cost you much. The best swimming pools for kids are easy to set up, even in small spaces. You can also pack and store them without hassle when they are not in use. These pools are all the rage during summers, and you shouldn’t miss out on the fun they provide. In this post, we have rounded up some of the best portable swimming pools, along with their descriptions, to make your selection easier.

19 Best Portable Swimming Pools For Kids

1. Best With Safety Features: Intex Mini Frame Pool

Step2 Play & Shade Pool Courtesy of STEP2

This pool is ideal for getting your children comfortable in the water, so they are more confident at learning to swim in a bigger pool. The pool comes with a dimension of 48 x 48 x 12 inches. Take a look at this video for more information about the product.


  • Holds up to 89 gallons of water
  • Horizontal beams maintain shape and stability
  • Foam padding on the beams ensures children’s safety
  • Available in different colors


  • Frames may not be rust-proof
  • Instructions for assembly may not be clear

2. Best Shaded: Step2 Play & Shade Pool

Step2 brings you this tiny pool with an umbrella to let your children stay cool even in the hot sun. Its small size makes it easy to place anywhere outdoors. The pool comes with a dimension of 40 x 40 x 50 inches. This video has more information about the product.


  • Comes with two molded-in seats
  • Includes an attached umbrella for sun protection
  • Funnel cups offer more play options
  • Molded designs on the floor of the pool for better traction


  • No drainage plug or hole to empty the pool
  • May seem small
Quick Tip: Protect your child’s sensitive skin from the harsh UV rays with a child-friendly, water-resistant, and hypoallergenic sunscreen—preferably one with an SPF of 30 or more.

3. Best For Three-Four Children: Bestway Steel Pro Rectangular Swimming Pool

It looks like a swimming pool but is a smaller version of it. This tiny pool allows three to four children to have a blissful time in the water. The pool measures 87 x 59 x 17 inches and is available in different sizes as well. You may check this video for a better understanding of this product.


  • Two PVC layers with a polyester mesh within for durable use
  • Corrosion-proof steel frame for durability
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Flow control drain allows easy drainage of water after use
  • Available in four dimensions


  • Base of the pool seems fragile
  • May experience leakage around tubing

4. Best For Family Outings: Intex Metal Frame Pool With Cartridge Filter Pump

This massive above-ground kiddie pool makes a good choice for a family outing. Its huge and sturdy metal frame lets your children safely wade and splash around in the water. The pool measures 144 x 144 x 30 inches.


  • Holds up to 1718 gallons of water
  • Rust-resistant steel frame makes the pool strong and durable
  • Laminated sidewalls keep the frame legs firmly in place
  • Has a ground-fault circuit interrupter for safety
  • Drain plug connects to a garden hose for convenient drainage of water


  • Small pump
  • Material might be slightly thin
Quick Tip: Pool time becomes more enjoyable when you have company. A large pool, like this one, can let your child and their pals look forward to the afternoons in summer.

5. Best Circular: Intex Deep Sea Blue Snapset Swimming Pool

This big pool can easily accommodate a family of four. The circular shape makes it an ideal pool to place on the lawn. It measures 7.1 x 6.9 x 19.2 inches.


  • Holds up to 539 gallons of water
  • Non-slip inner center ensures safe play
  • Requires no air inflation
  • Includes repair patch


  • May leak from the seams
  • Sides may not be sturdy enough

6. Best Three-Ring Design: Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool

Looking for a basic pool for children? This inflatable pool in classic blue color can be what you are looking for. The pool measures 45 x 45 x 10 inches.


  • Three-ringed pool sidewall is ideal for small children
  • Comes with a repair patch
  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Suitable for use in the backyard


  • Base may not be cushiony enough
  • Inflated pool may not stand straight

7. Best Extra-Padded: Intex Ocean Inflatable Play Center

It is not just a pool, but an entire water kingdom for children. This brightly-colored pool is easy to set up and safe to use. The play center comes with a dimension of 17.8 x 14.21 x 5.12 inches.


  • Comes with an inflatable slide and palm tree
  • Package contains an inflatable turtle, whale, and rings
  • Extra padding on the landing mat ensures safe play
  • Control valve allows a smooth flow of water
  • Includes repair patch


  • May not be easy to inflate
  • Sliding board may not be sturdy
Quick Tip: Invest in a floatation device, such as a trendy vest or jacket, to make your child’s time in the water safer. You could also get one for their furry friend and let them take part in the fun.


8. Best With A High Sidewall: Intex Swim Center Inflatable Pool

Although big in size, this inflatable pool is relatively easy to install. The pool can provide several hours of fun to children. It measures 103 x 63 x 18 inches.


  • Holds up to 151 gallons of water
  • Dual air chambers and double valve intake ensures safe play
  • Package contains repair patch and shelf box
  • High sidewall makes it safe for the child to play


  • May not be easy to inflate
  • May not be easy to drain

9. Best Brightly-Colored: Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center

Your children have quite likely not seen a pool more tempting than this one. The brightly-colored, candy-themed inflatable pool is a paradise for children. It measures 116 x 75 x 51 inches.


  • Comes with a water sprayer
  • Includes two large inflatable lollipops and six colorful balls
  • Extra padding on landing mat for safe play
  • Drain plug ensures easy clearing of water after use
  • Package contains a repair patch


  • Might be a bit bulky
  • May not be easy to clean


10. Best With Bench And Backrest: Intex Family Lounge Pool

If a public pool is not your child’s favorite place, then this family pool might become their favorite one. They can spend a lovely summer day splashing water in the backyard. The lounge pool measures 20 x 20 x 6 inches.


  • Holds up to 169 gallons of water
  • Made of rugged 13-gauge vinyl for a long life
  • Easy inflation and deflation with combo air valves
  • Built-in bench and backrest allows a parent to sit within the pool
  • Two cup holders on the sidewall


  • May not be leak-proof
  • May not be durable enough


11. XFlated Kiddie Pool Inflatable Pool

This pool comes in three exciting design schemes, namely watermelon, ice cream, and hamburger. Children are sure to be excited to own one of these as they go beyond the usual blue color. This pool measures 45 x 45 x 10.5 inches.


  • Three separate valves for three sidewall rings ensure added durability
  • Includes repair patch in case of puncture or tear
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be used as a ball pit or sandbox


  • Air pressure doesn’t stay long
  • May not be sturdy enough


12. Intex Crystal Blue Pool

Here’s a compact circular swimming pool that is easy to carry anywhere. The blue pool measures 10.63 x 9.06 x 2.95 inches.


  • Holds up to 89 gallons of water
  • Includes repair patch
  • Sidewalls and floor are made from durable vinyl
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • May not be easy to inflate
  • May not be stable enough


13. Intex Swim Center Clearview Aquarium

This pool offers a great combination of simple design, effective functionality, and unlimited fun in the water. The aquarium measures 62.6 x 62.6 x 19.69 inches.


  • Made of 12 gauge clear vinyl and PVC for a strong and sturdy build
  • Wide side walls for comfortable play
  • Colorful illustrations of fish and sea life on the outer walls make it attractive
  • Includes repair patch and drain plug


  • May be deep for tiny tots
  • Bottom might be slightly thin


14. Intex Mandarin Swim Center Family Pool

Bring home this rectangular pool and have lots of fun splashing around water on a summer afternoon with your family. The pool measures 90 x 58 x 18 inches.


  • Made of durable 13-gauge vinyl
  • Comes in bright orange and has a two-ring design
  • Repair patch included to resolve accidental damage
  • Drain plug helps clear water from the pool


  • May experience leakage
  • Liner might be slightly flimsy


15. Jasonwell Inflatable Kids Kiddie Pool

The round-shaped pool by Jasonwell is fun not just for children but also the whole family. This inflatable kiddie pool can become the center of attention during your next summer party. The pool measures 80.7 x 18.5 inches.


  • Has a capacity for two adults and three to five children
  • Made of three-layered and laminated PVC
  • Anti-scratch and durable material
  • Repair-patch included
  • Lead-free composition


  • Should be placed only on flat surfaces only
  • May not be easy to drain


16. Hamdol Inflatable Swimming Pool

Hamdol brings you the best inflatable swimming pool with a sprinkler. It has an adorable elephant head that sprays the water from its nostril, thus giving your child a fun showering experience. The swimming pool is 99 x 72 x 22 inches.


  • Made of PVC with a thickness of 0.4mm
  • Has an exhaust valve and four air chambers
  • Can be used as a ball pit, toy pool, and much more
  • Easy to inflate and deflate


  • May not be leak-proof
  • Drain plug might seem sharp


17. Oeves Store Inflatable Swimming Pool

Make your children enjoy the coolness of water with this kiddie pool by Oeves. This rectangular-shaped swimming pool with a canopy is fun for children above three years of age. The pool measures 95 x 56 x 22 inches.


  • Has a drain pipe
  • Three individual air chambers prevent water leakage
  • Made of eco-friendly PVC of 0.42mm thickness
  • Durable and stable structure


  • May notice sagged sides
  • Can be filled only up to a few inches


18. Dolphin Inflatable Kiddie Pools

This pool can be used not just for swimming but also as a splash pad. In addition, the pool has an in-built sprinkler system to make the sessions more fun. The non-slip pad ensures the child’s safety. This pool measures 67 x 44 x 7 inches.


  • Made of PVC
  • Has a dolphin design
  • Adjustable spray pressure
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • Available only in a single color
  • May not be easy to install


19. Salipt Inflatable Pool

Plan a family pool time with this large-sized inflatable swimming pool by Salipt. It has three individual air chambers and a free-flowing valve to add thickness to the pool and prevent air or water leakages. The dimensions are 118 x 72 x 22 inches.


  • Has two valves for drainage
  • Made of 0.4mm thick PVC
  • Lead- and BPA-free
  • Stable and wear-resistant


  • May not be easy to drain water
  • May not be easy to inflate


What To Look For In A Portable Swimming Pool For Kids?

Below are some essential features that are good to consider before buying portable swimming pools for children.

  1. Durability: Kids swimming pools are mostly made from high-density polyethylene or hard plastic and rubber so it can retain its shape and last longer. However, these portable pools are often subjected to sun’s heat, rough handling by children, and water weight. If it is made of sturdy material and is stitched with double seams, then it is likely to last long. Also, give preference to portable swimming pools that come with repair patches.
  1. Inflation and deflation: Inflating and deflating the pool should be an easy process. Portable children swimming pools are usually inflated using an electric or a manual pump. These pumps are often purchased separately. So, you need to check for the pump first before investing in a portable pool. The deflation should also be simple and quick. It should also preferably have a drain plug for smooth drainage of water from the pool.
  1. Size: Portable pools are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can decide the size depending on the space you have and the number of children that will play in it. The depth of the pool is decided by the age of the kids playing in it. If your kids are new to playing with the water, then avoid buying deeper pools.

Even though portable swimming pools for kids are shallow, it must only be used under adult supervision. The presence of an adult doubles the safety and also the fun.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose is experienced in reviewing kids’ products, gifts, and toys. Her vast experience in this field provides readers with in-depth knowledge about the product they wish to buy. She compiled a list of the best swimming pools for kids that are easy to install in a backyard or even in a small space. Also, she explained the features of all the products and a buying guide to help you choose the right product. She even answered some important questions related to the swimming pools.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I keep a kiddie pool clean?

Kiddie pools are easy to maintain. Here is how you can keep them clean:

  • Add chlorine to the water if your children are not allergic to it.
  • When dry, inflate and use a vacuum cleaner.
  • Ensure your children enter the pool clean.
  • Keep removing any floating debris with a mesh.
  • Keep the pool covered when not in use.

2. How long can I leave water in a kiddie pool?

If the water is not chlorinated, you’d have to drain it every alternate day. Water in pools that have chlorine can be changed once every two weeks.

3. How do I store a kiddie pool?

For damage-free storage of an inflatable pool, follow these steps:

  • Clean and deflate the pool as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Ensure all the trapped air is drawn out
  • Get a plastic, rubber, or cardboard box larger than the size of the deflated pool. Check that it has no sharp edges.
  • Place the deflated pool in the box.
  • Keep the valves open for storage.

4. Can I put Epsom salt in my kiddie pool?

Using Epsom salt in a kiddie pool might not be a good idea. Epsom salt has bigger crystals than regular salt; therefore, it needs warm water to properly dissolve. Hence, epsom salt in cool water can be harsh and abrasive for the skin and also for the pool.

5. How long can I leave my kid in a kiddie pool?

It is recommended not to leave your child in a kiddie pool for more than two hours. However, you can get your child out of the pool if they feel exhausted and cold.

6. How do I keep my child safe in a kiddie pool?

There are a few tips to ensure the safety of your child in a kiddie pool:

  • Install water barriers
  • Use floating tubes for smaller children
  • Always use clean kiddie pool
  • Be attentive

One of the greatest and simplest ways to transform your home into a space for fun and relaxation is to set up an inflatable swimming pool in the backyard. The options for the best swimming pools for kids listed above are suitable for a variety of age groups and rather ideal for infants who are just learning to swim. They also have super-cute designs that will delight your kids and look fabulous in your home. Before buying, consider the size, dimensions, durability, safety aspects, and affordability of the pool so that you can have a great time bonding with your little one.

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