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Tamil, one of the ancient languages, has a long list of traditional names for both girls and boys. In this post, we bring to you a list of beautiful Tamil baby names for girls and boys. When a baby is being expected, we often don’t know what the gender is going to be, and hence, to make your work a little easier, we bring you a list of names for girls and a list of names for boys. These names have rich cultural connotations and sound pleasing. So read on to see which name suits your taste best.

Naming Tradition In Tamilians

A naming ceremony among Tamilians is called the ‘Thottil’ ceremony. The family, close relatives, and friends gather two weeks post the baby’s birth to name the baby. All of them say the baby’s name to the newborn three times each. That is followed by the ritual of father writing the name of the baby on a platter of rice.

Tamil Baby Girl Names

1. Aadarshini:

Aadarshini means ‘idealistic’. They may say that the world is too cruel to be idealistic these days, but life is all about looking at the positives! So, go for this beautiful name if you too are an optimist.

2. Aadhya:

Aadhya means ‘First power’. It is a beautiful and powerful name for your little girl.

3. Aahna:

Looking for a modern Tamil baby name that is unique yet meaningful? Try Aahna. It means ‘exist’.

4. Aamaal:

Aamaal means ‘hopes’. It is the perfect Tamil modern baby name for your daughter. Isn’t her very existence a symbol of hope and faith?

5. Aamani:

Aamani is a traditional name with a beautiful meaning. It means ‘good wish’ and also means ‘spring season’.

6. Abilasha:

Having a daughter has been your desire for long? Then this name can be perfect for your girl. Abilasha means ‘wish or desire’.

7. Adya:

If you believe in keeping things simple, this name will appeal to you. Adya is a short and simple name. But it has a strong meaning – ‘first or unparalleled’.

8. Anasuya:

Some names have the good old charm, and Anasuya is one of them. It means ‘non-jealous’.

9. Arpana:

Here’s a classic name that still holds weight! Arpana means ‘offering’. It is a great name for religious and spiritual families.

10. Akshara:

Akshara is a very popular name, not just in Tamil Nadu but all over South India. It means ‘letter or alphabet’. Most Tamil families prioritize education in their lives. That is why this name holds relevance in the region.

11. Alaka:

Not all names need to be profound and deep! Some names are lighthearted. Take Alaka for example. It sounds nice, is easy to spell, and means ‘a girl with lovely hair.’

12. Banhi:

Fire is considered holy and special by most Indians. The Tamil culture too worships fire. What better name than Banhi, which means ‘fire’, to honor this age-old culture?

Did you know?
Fire is one of the principal Vedic deities worshiped by Hindus. Fire is a fundamental part of Hinduism’s Vedic traditions, serving as a mediator between the worshiper and various gods.

13. Bhairavi:

Some names remain popular, no matter how old they are. Bhairavi is a good example. It is another name for ‘Goddess Durga’ and symbolizes strength, purity, and fearlessness.

14. Bhavika:

Looking for a modern baby girl name in Tamil? Look no further! Bhavika is an artistic name and means ‘well-meaning or righteous or cheerful expression’.

15. Bhanumati:

There is something about baby girls, isn’t it? They bring brightness into our lives like never before. Bhanumati means ‘bright or shining’.

16. Bhanupriya:

A very common name, Bhanupriya means ‘beloved of the Sun’. If you want to stay true to your culture and want to give your daughter a classic Tamil name, Bhanupriya will be a good bet.

17. Cavery:

For Tamilians, the river Cavery holds a special relevance. It is the most important source of water for Tamil Nadu. Cavery is also a nature-inspired name.

18. Chitra:

Chitra is a popular and common name in India. This versatile name means ‘drawing or picture, a star – nakshatra, or name of a river’.

19. Chellam:

It is but normal to treat your little one like a princess. She is, after all, the ruler of your heart and soul! Name her Chellam, which means ‘pampered’.

20. Daevi:

Daevi means ‘goddess or deity’. It is a powerful yet feminine and spiritual name for girls of the 21st century.

21. Dipti:

Dipti is another common name that knows no regional boundaries. It means ‘brightness or ray of light.’

22. Dharuna:

If you want a profound-sounding name, then Dharuna is the one. Itmeans ‘supporting’.

23. Driti:

Driti is a short and sweet name meaning ‘courage’.

24. Dwani:

The Tamil culture is popular for its music and arts. That is why the name Dwani is an homage to Tamil music. It means ‘nice voice or sound’.

25. Deesha:

Deesha (also spelt as Disha) is a popular Indian name that is common among Tamilians too. It means ‘direction’.

26. Devika:

Some Tamil names for girl baby are so wonderful that they never really fall out of favor! Devika is a pretty name, and is easy to spell and pronounce. It means ‘like an angel, little goddess, mother of Krishna, minor deity’.

27. Dhanvi:

Most Hindu families consider their daughter a symbol of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Name your little princess Dhanvi, which is another name of ‘Goddess Lakshmi’.

28. Dhivja:

If you want to give your daughter a name that is unique but not too exotic, opt for Dhivja. It means ‘heavenly or brilliant’.

29. Eila:

Eila, pronounced as ‘Ila’, is short, stylish, and sweet. It means ‘The Earth or cardamom tree’.

30. Ezhil:

Ezhil means ‘beautiful.’ This amazing name is still uncommon. So grab it while you still can.

31. Elakya:

If you interested in literature and looking to give your daughter a literature-inspired name, then try Elakya. It means ‘literature’.

32. Eswari:

Looking for a classic Tamil name, that is also religious? Go for Eswari, which means ‘Goddess Parvati’.

33. Eyalisai:

Here’s another melodious name for your little girl. Eyalisai means ‘music’.

34. Gita:

Gita is a very popular name in India. Gita refers to the ‘Bhagwat Gita’, which complies Hindu wisdom of ages.

35. Gitika:

Some names break free of regional boundaries and find takers all over India. Gitika is no longer just a Tamil name! But it remains a great option for parents looking for a pretty name for their little girls. The name means ‘small song’.

36. Gautami:

Gautami is a beautiful name of the river Godavari.

37. Gayathri:

Also spelled Gayatri, the name has become a pan-India name. It has several meanings, including ‘good character, precious angel, goddess Durga, or chant of salvation’.

38. Gitanjali:

One of the biggest divine gifts we have today is music. Gitanjali means ‘an offering of songs’.

39. Girija:

Girija is a charming traditional name and is the name of Goddess Parvati.

40. Haniya:

Haniya means ‘pleased’. It also refers to ‘happy or resting place’. With some many different meanings, Haniya is a winner of a name in our books.

41. Harita:

A very common South Indian, Tamil Hindu baby name, Harita means ‘green, nature’s friend, or nature’s beloved’.

42. Hima:

Hima is a beautiful and trendy name. It means ‘snow’. Consider this name if you want something that is inspired by nature.

43. Hita:

You sure want your little girl to be loved by everyone, don’t you? Then choose Hita, which means, ‘who wants good for everyone or is lovable’.

44. Himaja:

The world, according to Hindu mythology, was created by the union of the masculine and the feminine powers. Himaja means ‘Goddess Parvati’ who symbolizes the feminine creator of the cosmos.

45. Iyla:

Tamil is a treasure trove of short and easy names. Iyla is one such short, sweet, and meaningful name that stands for ‘moonlight’.

46. Iniya:

Iniya means ‘sweet’. The perfect name for your sweet little darling!

47. Ishva:

Gift your daughter the knowledge of spirituality by name her Ishva. This heart-touching name means ‘spiritual teacher’.

48. Iyalisai:

Another great name for musical families – Iyalisai means ‘music’.

49. Jaya:

Jaya means ‘victorious’. As it is a short name, Jaya is often combined with another middle names.

50. Jayantika:

One of the many names of goddess Durga, Jayantika is a powerful name for your daughter.

Quick fact
Durga is an incarnation of the Hindu Goddess Parvati. Goddess Durga has 108 names and countless avatars.

51. Janhavi:

Janhavi is a traditional name that sounds modern. Janhavi means ‘Ganga the river’. You can also spell it as Janvi.

52. Jyotibala:

A classic, old-fashioned name, Jyotibala means ‘splendor’.

53. Kolam:

Looking for a feminine name for your daughter? Kolam means ‘soft’. It is an angelic name for your darling, baby girl.

54. Kriti:

Kriti means ‘a work of art or winner’. These amazing meanings give this name an edge over others.

53. Kayalvizhi:

Kayalvizhi means, ‘one who has eyes like a Kayal fish’. Kayal can be used as its nickname.

55. Laya:

Laya means ‘rhythm’. It is a musical name, but you don’t have to be a musician to appreciate this beautiful name!

56. Lalitha:

Another common yet beautiful name, Lalitha means ‘Goddess Durga’, and symbolizes strength and purity.

57. Madhi:

There are some names that you fall in love with instantly. Madhi is one of them. It means ‘moon or brilliant’.

58. Maivizhi:

This name can make your girl all the more beautiful. Maivizhi means ‘one who has beautiful eyes with Mai (or Kaajal) applied’.

59. Mithra:

Here’s another interesting name for your daughter. Mithra means ‘friend’.

60. Namya:

Namya as a name is not overtly religious but does hold a touch of spirituality. Namya means ‘to be bowed to’.

61. Niravi:

Niravi means ‘bliss’. It is an exotic name but not too complicated.

62. Prajina:

Prajina is another jewel from the Tamil language. It means ‘wisdom’.

63. Rithya:

Your daughter is one in a million. So, give her a name that will do justice to her uniqueness. Name her Rithya, which means ‘lucky’.

64. Sayuri:

Here’s a feminine name for a pretty little girl – Sayuri, which means ‘flower’ in Tamil.

65. Oviya:

If you are artistically inclined, you should choose Oviya. It is not only beautiful but meaningful too. It means ‘beautiful art’.

66. Venba:

If you belong to a family of poets, this name will surely appeal to you as Venba is a form of classical Tamil poetry.

67. Urmika:

If you want a unique name for your girl, choose Urmika. It means ‘small wave’. Urmi is its sweet nickname.

68. Vainavi:

Your daughter is nothing less than gold. You can give the name Vainavi, which literally means ‘gold’.

69. Vennila:

Your girl is as beautiful as the moon and Vennila can be the perfect choice to name her. It means ‘the bright white moon’.

70. Yaazhini:

Yaazhini is a name based on Yaazh, the ancient Tamil music instrument.

Tamil Baby Boy Names

71. Aabhat:

Here’s an unusual Tamil baby name for a baby boy. Aabhat means ‘shining’. If you are looking for an interesting and meaningful Tamil name, this one is for you.

72. Aadavan:

The Sun is the giver of life! So name your son ‘Aadavan’, which stands for sun.

73. Aahan:

Your little boy’s birth has brought with it a myriad of new adventures. It is the beginning of a new life. Name him Aahan, which means ‘dawn’.

74. Advait:

You want your boy’s name to stand out from the rest, then name him Advait, which means ‘unique’.

75. Arnish:

Arnish – what a melodious and beautiful name! Arnish means ‘lord of the sea’.

76. Arnoh:

Little babies are untouched by the harsh realities of life. Name your innocent child Arnoh, which means ‘unblemished’.

77. Aroush:

The sun rises and chases away all the darkness from the world. Just like the sun, your baby boy makes everything better in your life. The name Aroush reflects this feeling of love and attachment. It means ‘first ray of sun’.

78. Ajai:

Ajai means ‘invincible’.

79. Akil:

Here’s another popular name that you can shortlist. Akil (also written as Akhil) means ‘fire’.

80. Balan:

Short and sweet ‘Balan’ can be a good choice for your boy. Balan means ‘vibrant’, and Bala can be a cute nickname.

81. Bhadra:

No matter how old they are, some names never run out of style, and Bhadra is one of them. Bhadra means ‘auspicious’.

82. Chandra:

Here’s another classic name, this time for your little boy! Chandira means ‘moon.’ If you believe in breaking stereotypes, you can even use this name for your baby girl too!

83. Charan:

Charan means ‘feet or a humble person’. It is a common name that refuses to let go of its popularity!

84. Chaitan:

Chaitan is an old-fashioned name, but its meaning fits right in with the new-age, spiritual revolution. The name means ‘consciousness’.

85. Deva:

Are you scouting for a name that reflects your faith in God? Try Deva. It means ‘deity’ in Tamil. It is a short name but with a weighty meaning.

86. Dhir:

Here’s another short name with a powerful meaning. Dhir means ‘wise’. Wisdom and health are the greatest gifts you can give to your child!

87. Dabir:

Dabir means ‘teacher or writer’. If you are artistically or academically inclined, Dabir will be the perfect name for the latest addition to your family.

88. Daiwik:

Have you considered Daiwik? It is a name that is yet to catch people’s fancy and is up for grabs! It means ‘by the grace of God’.

89. Deeraj:

Also written as Dheeraj, the name means ‘patience’. It is the one virtue that you’ll need in abundance as you walk the parenting journey!

90. Devesh:

Devesh is a very versatile name. Not just Hindus, but Christians can use this name as well. The name means ‘God of gods’ and refers to both Lord Shiva and Jesus Christ.

91. Deepesh:

Deepesh is a popular name, meaning ‘lord of light’.

92. Desikan:

Here’s another unique name from the treasure trove that of Tamil language! Desikan means ‘national boy’. It also refers to Lord Krishna.

93. Dhanush:

Made nationally popular by the popular Tamil actor Dhanush, the name means ‘bow’.

94. Deivigan:

This unique and wonderful name means ‘divine’. It is a great choice for families with artistic leanings.

95. Duraivel:

This Tamil name means ‘Lord Murugan’, who is is extensively worshiped in South India.

96. Eegan:

Now here’s a name that is as unique as a name can get! Eegan means ‘benevolent, charitable, endowed’.

97. Eashan:

Eashan is a good Hindu Tamil baby name starting with the E? It symbolizes both ‘Lord Shiva’ and ‘Lord Vishnu’.

98. Eniyan:

Here’s another unique Tamil name that means ‘young’.

99. Evyavan:

Evyavan refers to Lord Vishnu and means ‘granter of all wishes’.

100. Ezhilarasan:

If you don’t mind a complicated name, consider Ezhilarasan. The name means ‘prettiest king’ and is fit for the prince of your home and soul!

101. Falgun:

Falgun is a month in the Hindu calendar. The month is named after a star. So, if your son was born in this month, you can name him Falgun.

102. Giri:

Giri means ‘mountain’. It is a very common name in India. So, if you are looking for a short but classic name, Giri is the name for you.

103. Gayan:

If music is what drives your world, Gayan is what you should name your son! This lovely name means ‘song or sky’ in Tamil.

104. Guhan:

Lord Kartikeya or Murugan has many followers in Tamil culture. If you are one of them, you should consider Guhan, another name for Lord Murugan, as a name for your son.

105. Genivan:

This name means a ‘truthful person’.

106. Gursaanj:

If you consider God as your friend, then this name will speak to you. Gursaanj means ‘partnership with God’.

107. Hanish:

Are you a devotee of Lord Shiva? Then name your son ‘Hanish’, which is another name for Lord Shiva.

108. Hardik:

This is a name to express your heartfelt love and happiness for your little boy. Hardik means ‘heartfelt’.

109. Harshavardhan:

This is a lengthy name but has a great meaning. It means ‘one who increases joy’. Harsh can be its stylish nickname.

110. Hemant:

If your boy is born in winter, then consider this name. Hemant is the most beautiful season of the year (part of winter).

111. Ijay:

‘I’ is a difficult letter when it comes to Indian names. But you are in luck because we have an amazing name for you. Ijay is another name for Lord Vishnu.

112. Ilaiyaraja:

Who wouldn’t want to be named after the musical maestro of the music industry? Ilaiyaraja means ‘prince’.

113. Ilesh:

Another beautiful and Tamil name for your son, Ilesh means ‘lord of the Earth’.

114. Iniyan:

A beautiful name that is not religious but holds the Tamil culture afloat! Iniyan means ‘sweet’.

115. Jagan:

Jagan means ‘universe’. A very common name in Tamil Nadu and neighboring Andhra Pradesh, Jagan still holds forte!

116. Jairaj:

Jairaj is a name that signifies victory and it can be the perfect name to set your son on the path of success. It means ‘Lord of victory’.

117. Kasi:

Kasi means ‘shining’.

118. Karun:

Teach your son to be a good human being. A beautiful soul who cares for the world – now that’s somebody the world needs. Karun means ‘compassionate’.

119. Lalit:

Lalit is a common name and means ‘beautiful’. The name also refers to Lord Vishnu.

120. Likhith:

Also spelled Likhit, the name means ‘written’. It also a name used to refer to Lord Vishnu, making it perfect for religious families.

121. Mahit:

This name may not sound from the Tamil language. mahit means ‘son of Earth or honored’. It is an interesting choice that is pretty universal.

122. Maniyan:

Maniyan means ‘gem’. Your son is your treasure. So give him a name that reminds him all the time just how precious he is.

123. Narun:

Narun means ‘leader of men’. Set your son on the path to leadership with this amazing name.

124. Nirush:

The Mahabharata holds the wisdom of ages and can teach us so much. Connect your son with this amazing piece of literature with the name Nirush. The name refers to a king from Mahabharata.

125. Puvanan:

Puvanan means ‘flowered sky’!

126. Rithul:

Rithul means ‘truth seeking’. It is an honorable name for the upright man your son will grow up to become.

127. Saswin:

Saswin means ‘creative thinker’. If you want your son to be an out-of-the-box thinker, then Saswin will be the perfect fit.

128. Taraknath:

Most Tamil names are named after deities and Gods. Taraknath is ‘Lord Shiva’.

129. Thaman:

Thaman is one of the popular Tamil names. It is a name of a God.

130. Ulagan:

If you want your son to be worldly wise, choose Ulagan. It means ‘worldly’.

131. Ulhas:

Little ones bring a lot of joy in life, don’t they? Ulhas is the name to signify your happiness, as it means ‘delight or joy’.

132. Uthaman:

Being truthful is a virtue all of us want our kids to imbibe. You can begin that by naming your child Uthaman, which means ‘truthful’.

133. Vaishnav:

This is the perfect name for the followers of Vishnu.

134. Vayun:

If you are looking for an energetic name, then choose Vayun, it means ‘lively’.

135. Vasu:

There’s a good old charm associated with this name. Vasu is the name of an ancient king.

With a huge indulgence and reference to deities, nature, and music, Tamil names are full of life! So go ahead and pick your favorite name and let us know of it in the comments section below.

Infographic: Tamil Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Tamil names reflect their rich culture, history, arts, and their ways of life. The following infographic presents names inspired by Tamil culture that will appeal to you. So, scroll through and pick one for your little one. Share this list with others too!

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