Teddyy Changing Mats: Giving Every Mom The Guarantee Of Hygiene

The day I gave birth to my daughter, I became the mom, who always wanted to protect her kid, who always checked each and every product before using it — in short, the mom who always tried to do the best for her kid. And because of that, hygiene became a priority for me.

This was especially true when it came to changing diapers.  For the first few months of my baby’s life, I used “Bichonis”( in my language ), plastic mats given to me by my mother-in-law, which saved my mattress from getting wet when I would have to change her diaper. However, these mats couldn’t save my daughter from catching infections as they would often get wet and damp which would lead to my daughter developing allergic reactions and rashes. They also had an unpleasant, foul smell that wouldn’t go even after a couple of washes.

Therefore, putting my angel in contact with such a thing was troubling me a lot.  So  I  started looking for some good changing mats on the Internet and guess what? I came across Teddyy Changing Matsand decided to give it a try. Needless to say, this was one of the best and most useful things I had purchased for my daughter’s everyday routine. Want to know why? Read on.

When I got this product, I found that it was made from very soft and spongy material which seems to be perfectly suited for my daughter’s soft skin. I also noticed that it had a sort of anti-bacterial cover which could safeguard my daughter from infections and rashes.

Without wasting any time, I decided to use the mat as an extra protective layer for the mattress by placing it on her bed above the bedsheet to check the absorbent power of the mat.

And.. you won’t believe it.

Both baby & mattress were dry in the morning even when I had to get up and change her diaper a couple of times during the night! And the best part was in the morning, I could just throw away the used mat as they were disposable! So no more laundry load!

The next day, when I checked all the details of mat, I realized these mats are made with highly absorbent technology and they had a special criss-cross design that turns the liquid into gel and prevents from spilling by locking it inside. These features make these mats a completely hassle-free, hygienic product.

Over the next few days, I decided to use these mats in my everyday routine and was surprosed to find how handy they were. I used it in multiple ways such as while giving massage to the baby to prevent oil stains on the bedsheet, as an extra protective layer in the pram while out on a stroll. It worked great everywhere.

All these features made me satisfied that I was using the best product for my baby which was also convenient, easy-to-carry, and disposable.

Even today also I carry them in my diaper bag while traveling as it’s easy to change diapers somewhere between the route as well if it’s required. The fact that they are so lightweight also makes them a great addition to my diaper bag.

According to me, this product is a must-have and is definitely, a newborn essential as it makes the cleanliness and hygiene factor very easy. I would definitely recommend the changing mats from the brand Teddyy to all the new mothers, as it truly serves its purpose in the best possible manner. So go ahead ladies, give your babies the gift of comfort and hygiene by clicking here

By: Khushii Singla