22 Cool Teen Birthday Party Themes And Ideas

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It could be tricky for parents to pick the perfect teenager birthday party themes as they wish to have an epic celebration. And, you should understand that they are growing up and their party should be unique, fun, interesting, and cool rather than just cakes and balloons.

We bring you a list of themes, including a murder mystery, movie night, and more. You can even order their favorite snacks and fruity drinks to double the joy. And a customized cake could be a showstopper.

20+ Teen Theme Party Ideas

Browse through our curated list of teen party themes and get started with your party preparations.

Party Themes For Teenage Girls

Here are some party themes for teenage girls that you may choose to make their day memorable. Some of these party themes may be relevant for boys too.

1. Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland party theme is ideal for teen girls as it involves lots of costumes and enchanting decorations. With this birthday party theme, you may add various games for the girls to enjoy, such as painting teapots and teacups, pinning the tail on the white rabbit, or building a pyramid of cards.

Include delightful snacks such as brownies, red velvet whoopie pies, cupcakes, roll-ups, cookies, cake pops, and sandwiches for your little princesses.

The dress code for this party may be a light blue dress with a blonde wig and a matching headband.

What you need for this theme:

  • Alice in Wonderland treat stand for cupcakes
  • Drink me pocket watch necklace
  • Teacups and teapots
  • Vintage keys
2. Barbie party

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Throw a fascinating Barbie-themed party for your little princess to celebrate in style. This party is all about cute outfits, bright colors, photos, and fashion. Let your fashionista rock the party with confidence, and host a fashion show for the cute barbies to walk the ramp. You can add games such as a barbie scavenger hunt where the girls have to find the accessories or add a Barbie-themed photo booth to click their best moments.

Add delicious foods such as heart-shaped sandwiches, strawberry ice-creams, pink lemonade, mini hotdogs, and pink frosting cupcakes.

A pink tutu dress with an award ribbon and sequin bow headband can be the special outfit for girls.

What you need for this theme:

  • Glamor girl birthday banner
  • Barbie wall decorating kit
  • Pink gold star garlands
3. Fairytale-themed party

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There are plenty of fairytales to pick a party theme from. Encourage your guests to come dressed in character costumes. Decorate the venue with enchanting colors and lights, and organize games and activities based on the fairytale theme.

Add menus from the stories themselves, such as pink fairy fizz, braided slices of bread, fruits cut out with a cookie cutter, glittered cookies, and donuts.

You can choose costumes from the characters of the fairytale theme of your party.

What you need for this theme:

  • LED string fairytale lights
  • Fairytale rainbow party paper cups
  • Silver fairytale carriage centerpiece
4. Candyland

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A candy-themed party is perfect for teens who are obsessed with chocolates, candies, and gumdrops. Host a delicious candy party and let your guests indulge themselves. Arrange tables for candy stations and fill them up with lots of candies. Also, include some interesting games for teens, such as making necklaces out of candies, hopscotch, or popping the candy balloons.

Have a candy land-themed menu with candy cupcakes, queen frosting ice cream, rainbow cake, and cotton candy.

For the dress code, girls can wear a lollipop candy land tutu dress or an orange candy dress.

What you need for this theme:

  • Party decoration background
  • Candy stickers
  • Party candy kit
5. Pajama party

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This is a relaxed party theme to let them unwind and let loose. Let your teens feel relaxed and comfortable and create memories with their friends. You may organize activities such as hide and seek, truth or dare, making a pillow fort, or a movie screening to keep them engaged and entertained.

Food items for the pajama party include pizza, popcorn, cookies, pastries, chips and dips, and marshmallow treats.

The dress code is simple—pajamas and robes.

What you need for this theme:

  • Unicorn onesie
  • Set of sleeping masks
  • Streamers and balloons
  • Pillows, throws, and blankets
6. Angels vs. devils

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Angels vs. devils is a perfect theme for the battle of opposites. Teen girls can wear costumes of angels and devils. You can add red lights and curtains for dramatic party decor. This party theme would not be complete without some fire flames.

The games and activities include a fancy-dress contest and hell or heaven game, which may be arranged in two separate rooms.

For the party food, have some devilish cupcakes, chocolate skull cake, sugar cookies, and crockpot cheese dip.

Have everyone wear costumes resembling angels, devils, ghosts, skeletons, and grim reapers.

What you need for this theme:

  • Angel feather wings
  • Angel and devil cupcakes
  • Red devil costumes
  • Devil’s cape
7. Hawaiian luau

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Are your teens fascinated by Hawaii? Bring Hawaii to them. Make this theme lively by arranging plenty of pineapples, hula skirts, and tiki torches. Play Hawaiian music and keep everyone entertained by organizing unique games such as pass the coconut, hula hoop, pineapple bowling, or aloha bingo.

There are many Hawaiian Luau party food options that are sure to be a hit. Include grilled pineapple meatball skewers, fruit kebabs, aloha burgers, grilled ham, and bacon-wrapped pineapple bites.

For the outfit, try floral dresses, sarong sets, or boho-style outfits.

What you need for this theme:

  • Pineapple party cups
  • Hawaiian party cups
  • Aloha door cover
8. Winter wonderland

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Hosting a winter party? Try the winter wonderland theme. Get white balloons and fake snow to create a winter theme, and arrange a snowman for your teen girls to play pin the nose on the snowman. You may also conduct a snowball relay for them.

For the party food, add some cranberry stuffed chicken, roasted mushrooms, meatballs, smoked salmon, garlic mashed potatoes, and, of course, tasty desserts.

A full-length gown for the party outfit with a silver necklace, tiara, and bracelet would be ideal.

What you need for this theme:

  • Scene setter
  • Artificial snow
  • Winter wonderland decorations
9. Baking party

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Here is another delicious party idea for your teen girls. From cookies to cupcakes and pastries, this party theme would be a blast. Try this “yummylicious” theme and invite your teens to participate in the games and activities such as baking, scavenger hunt, kitchen mystery bags, or cupcake decoration.

When it comes to the menu, the options are endless. You may add cupcakes, pastries, marshmallows, donuts, or other baked items.

The dress code includes aprons that can be customized according to the teens’ choice.

What you need for this theme:

  • Aprons
  • Baking ingredients
  • Baking table
10. Spa party

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Want to pamper your adorable teens? Well, nothing could be better than a spa party. Make the party a lot more interesting by organizing interesting activities such as a spa scavenger hunt, spa bingo, spin the nail paint, or pin the cucumbers.

Include a variety of sweet, sugary, salty, and juicy desserts, cookies, candies, marshmallows, cupcakes, and chocolates.

The dress code for a spa party can be something cozy and comfy.

What you need for this theme:

  • Manicure and pedicure set
  • Spa party favors
  • Robes
11. Craft party

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If your teen is into crafts, look no further. This party idea along with DIY crafting options would be the best bet. Let them try making handmade gifts—jewelry, scrunchies, painting, or anything they like. Crayon scavenger hunt, pass the picture, or musical murals could be fun to play.

While your teens are engaged in activities, arrange their favorite snacks and desserts such as cakes, donuts, macarons, popsicles, and pancakes.

What you need for his theme:

  • Supply box
  • Art jar
  • 3D pen

Party Themes For Teenage Boys

Picking a teenaged party theme for boys may seem challenging. But fret not! Keep reading to organize a rocking party for them to enjoy with their friends. Some of these party themes can be chosen for girls too.

12. Movie themed party

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Is your teen a movie buff? A movie night party can be organized both indoors and outdoors. Make the night special with an amazing collection of movies. You may also add some games and activities such as bingo, piñata, or dumb charade.

A movie night is incomplete without snacks. Arrange some popcorn, nuggets, pizzas, cookies, and candies for the movie night.

The dress code should be simple and comfy.

What you need for this theme:

  • Movie CDs
  • Snacks
  • Comfy cushions and cozy seats
13. Video game party

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Surprise your teens with their favorite video games at their party. Decorate the venue using elements from your child’s favorite video game. You may also include fortnite or trivia games for extra entertainment.

Add cookies, cupcakes, pastries, burgers, donuts, sandwiches or cold drinks to the menu.

What you need for this theme:

  • A video game set up
  • Video game party decorations
  • Gaming chairs, bean bags, or loungers
14. Ancient Greece – Toga party

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This is an easy and fun party theme for teen boys. Get a white sheet and wrap it around your boy. Add some accessories, leaf crown, and gladiator sandals. For entertainment, have some games such as tug of war, statue game, or chariot race.

Snacks for the toga theme include fruits, cheese, vegetables, bread, and dry fruits. You may also try roasted lamb, Greek spinach pie, or Greek salad.

The dress code for a toga-themed party requires a white sheet wrapped around the body and fastened upon the shoulder.

What you need for this theme:

  • Toga party costume
  • Greek hair crown
  • Personalized cards
15. All over the world

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This is a super creative party theme that allows teens to explore various cultures around the globe. Celebrate it with a variety of food and dresses. Engage your teens in games and activities such as international bingo, memory matching game, or passing the parcel.

You may include all possible food items from across the globe.

Again, the dress code is not limited here. Encourage your teens to wear outfits depicting various nationalities.

What you need for this theme:

  • World music
  • Flags and banners
  • World map
16. Hippies vs hipsters

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Here is another fun party idea for teen boys. They can come dressed as hippies and hipsters. Transform the room into a hippie hangout spot. Add some fun and entertainment by including games such as pin the peace sign on hippie, shake your hippies, or what’s your hipster percentage.

For the party food menu, add veggie burgers, fondue, granola, zucchini bread, chips, peace sign cookies, and flower power cakes.

What you need for this theme:

  • Hipster photo booth props
  • Hipster-themed party napkins
  • Hippie bandana and glasses set
17. Murder mystery

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Set up an adventurous and suspense party theme for your teens where they could solve a murder mystery. Assign them a character and let them do the rest. You can add thrilling games such as murder on the dance floor and the spy who killed me.

Give a mysterious touch to the food items by serving mystery meat, killer kebabs, guilty party dip, convicted cocktail, death by chocolate cake, and suspect steak.

The dress code must match the theme. Therefore, teens can wear dresses that suit the character they play.

What you need for this theme:

  • Dead body napkins
  • Dead body silhouettes
  • Murder party game kits
  • Or anything mysterious
18. Neon jungle

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Let your teen go crazy with neon colors. You may incorporate these colors into your decorations, including neon lights, streamers, and paint. To make this party a lot more fun, add a few games such as breakdance contest and glowing ring toss.

You can bring magic to your food table as well. Include tantalizing treats such as glow-in-the-dark cupcakes, jelly, glowing beverages, and sundaes.

While selecting outfits, try glow party outfits that are white or fluorescent green, pink, orange and yellow. Also, add some glowing accessories and neon body paints.

What you need for this theme:

  • Neon party balloons
  • Neon party gloves
  • Printed bandanas
  • Neon clothes
19. Superheroes

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Who does not like superheroes? Center your party themed around the life of a superhero. This idea is not just appealing to all ages but inspiring as well. They can play games inspired by Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, and more.

Try superhero fruit snacks, superhero fruit sticks, Captain American fruit trays, superhero Oreo cookies, Spider-Man cupcakes, or Thor hammer snacks.

The dress code for this themed party would be superhero costumes and accessories.

What you need for this theme:

  • Superhero word cut-outs
  • Superhero costumes
  • Superhero bracelets
20. Treasure hunt party

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This is an exciting party theme for teens who enjoy treasure hunt. They can hunt for clues and hidden treasure. Place the items in some secret spots and give out some tricky clues.

Some easy snack ideas for this theme include fudge rocks, veggie vines, treasure cupcakes, and gummy gem rings.

What you need for this theme:

  • Diamond gems
  • Money bags
  • Treasure map
21. Karaoke party

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If your teen enjoys music, this is a fun party theme for them. It includes singing and dancing. Make it more challenging by adding activities such as blind auditions, musical chairs, and name that tune.

Include mouthwatering snacks such as taco cups, firecracker chicken meatballs, cheeseburger egg rolls, pizzas, and spinach dip bites.

Invite your teens and guests in their rock n roll costumes and rock the party!

What you need for this theme:

  • Home karaoke system
  • Karaoke songs
  • Disco lights
  • Dance floor
22. Foam party

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If you have a spacious lawn, then try this party theme. Although it gets quite messy, it is a lot of fun. Let your teens enjoy in the foam.

Food items such as soda pop, pop rocks, or popcorn can be a great match for the party.

The dress code can be shirt and shorts or swimwear.

What you need for this theme:

  • Foam
  • Water guns
  • LED flashlight sticks

Planning a birthday party for your teen is a tedious task as there are many things to plan. With the help of this post on teenage birthday party themes, you will be able to plan a party with the help of the ideas easily. You could choose any idea based on the liking and choices of your child and plan the party accordingly. But remember to ask for your little one’s opinions because it is their party and they have some preferences. Invite their friends over and let them have a gala time.

Key Pointers

  • Alice in wonderland, Candyland, spa party, etc., are some interesting birthday party themes for girls.
  • Video party games, hippies Vs. hipsters, treasure hunts, etc., are some unique birthday party ideas for boys.
  • Planning a theme, decor, food, invitee list, etc., could become easy with these party ideas.

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